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Optimal Control of 1D Non linear Schrödinger equation

Constanza Sánchez De La Vega
This talk is concerned with the optimal control of a 1D cubic nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation that describes the propagation of optical pulses. We consider the noise on an optical transmission systems as a control variable and study the existence of a minimum norm control such that the pulse is degraded at the end of the transmission (integral restriction on the state). We also give first order necessary conditions for an optimal solution.

Boundary Control of Optimal Mixing in Stokes and Navier-Stokes Flows

Weiwei Hu
We discuss the problem of optimal mixing of an inhomogeneous distribution of a scalar field via an active control of the flow velocity, governed by Stokes or Navier-Stokes equations, in a two dimensional open bounded and connected domain. The problem is motivated by mixing the fluids within a cavity or vessel by moving the walls or stirring at the boundaries. It is natural to consider the velocity field that is induced by a control input...


Hiroyuki Mishima
An oral physiology class presentation at Ngadasaki University School of Dentisry.

Kick Starting our DevOps Transition with Chef Compliance

Gary Bright
We set out to solve the following business problems; reduce the time on task for audit work within the regulatory space, reduce unplanned work, project rework and unplanned outages. In this session I will cover why we kick started our DevOps transition using Chef Compliance and InSpec rather than diving straight into automate.

Supplementary_Movie 3 c28_r25.avi

Mikhail Kandel
Time-lapse growth of a representative portion of a neuron culture before and after application of our halo removal method (FOV 3, SLIM, 20x/0.3NA objective).

Lotus-leaf to rose-petal effect by tuning plasma pulsation

Muzammil Iqbal
Audio slide presentation of recent article "Duty cycle dependent chemical structure and wettability of RF pulsed plasma copolymers of acrylic acid and octafluorocyclobutane” published in Applied Surface Science. for more Details Visit https://doi.org/10.1016/j.apsusc.2017.11.261 Personal Site https://dcimzz.wixsite.com/polymer ResearchGate https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Muzammil_Iqbal2 Highlights C4F8-co-AA polymers were deposited using pulsed wave RF plasma polymerization. Plasma pulsation regulates the chemical structure and surface wettability. Emergence of hydrophilic contents leads to surface heterogeneity causing water adhesion. Tunable water adhesiveness from repulsive to...

MOESM2 of Rapid HIV disease progression following superinfection in an HLA-B*27:05/B*57:01-positive transmission recipient

Jacqui Brener, Astrid Gall, Jacob Hurst, Rebecca Batorsky, Nora Lavandier, Fabian Chen, Anne Edwards, Chrissy Bolton, Reena Dsouza, Todd Allen, Oliver Pybus, Paul Kellam, Philippa Matthews & Philip Goulder
Additional file 2: Fig. 1. Phylogenetic analysis of clonal HIV sequences from RI088. Maximum likelihood phylogenetic tree of 1091bp alignment of clonal DNA sequences across the Gag p17 and p24 genes. RI088 sequences are shown in colour (0.6 years in purple, 1.2 years in pink, 1.4 years in green, 3.4 years in orange, 10.8 years in blue, 11.3 years in red). 143 B B clade reference sequences from the US and UK collected between 2003...

Orchestration of Services with Juju

Marco Ceppi

Contributing to Foreman

Daniel Lobato

Consul first steps

Marc Cluet

Introduction to Using GNU Radio

Tom Rondeau

Profiling PHP applications

Bastian Hofmann

New Wave PHP

Lorna Mitchell

Dependency Management with Composer: PHP Reinvented

Nils Adermann

Perl 5.22

Ricardo Signes

Automatic Multicast Tunneling & Upipe: A Proof of Concept

Christophe Massiot

Producing media content for the browsers using GPAC

Romain Bouqueau

Daala Video Codec

Nathan Egge

Improving LibreOffice quality

Markus Mohrhard


Ireneusz Grulkowski, Silvestre Manzanera, Lukasz Cwiklinski, Franciszek Sobczuk, Karol Karnowski & Pablo Artal
Enhanced 3-D visualization of anterior vitreous opacifications

Bezout Equations for Stable Rational Matrix Functions: The Least Squares Solution and Description of all Solutions

Rien Kaashoek
This talk concerns the corona type Bezout equation $G(z)X(z)=I_p$, $z$ in $BD$. The function $G$ is the given function and $X$ is the unknown. Both functions are stable rational matrix functions, $G$ is of size $p\times q$ and $X$ of size $q\times p$, and $I_p$ stands for the $p\times p$ identity matrix. Here \emph{stable} means that the poles of the rational matrix functions involved are all outside the closed unit disc, and hence the entries...

Hadamard Matrices with Few Distinct Types

Behruz Tayfeh-Rezaie
The notion of type of quadruples of rows is proven to be useful in the classification of Hadamard matrices. We investigate Hadamard matrices with few distinct types. Apparently, Hadamard matrices with few distinct types are very rare and have nice combinatorial properties. We show that there exists no Hadamard matrix of order larger than $12$ whose quadruples of rows are all of the same type. We then focus on Hadamard metrics with two distinct types....

Movie S1 from Unique perceptuomotor control of stone hammers in wild monkeys

, , Patrícia Izar, Elisabetta Visalberghi & Dorothy Munkenbeck Fragaszy
A representative bearded capuchin monkey, Teimoso (body mass = 3.6 kg), is striking an intact piaçava nut with a 1.01 kg hammer.

Movie S2 from Unique perceptuomotor control of stone hammers in wild monkeys

, , Patrícia Izar, Elisabetta Visalberghi & Dorothy Munkenbeck Fragaszy
A representative bearded capuchin monkey, Teimoso (body mass = 3.6 kg), is striking an intact piaçava nut with a 1.48 kg hammer.

Additional file 1: Figure S1. of Deciphering the Environmental Impacts on Rice Quality for Different Rice Cultivated Areas

, Lian Wu, Xin Geng, , , & Quan Xu
The dynamic analysis of the correlation of light factors to quality traits. The correlation efficiency of light factors (solar radiation, Lux meter, and light hours) to (a) protein content, (b) amylose content, (c), alkali consumption (d) grain length, (e) brown rice ratio, and (f) head rice ratio. Figure S2. The dynamic analysis of the correlation of humidity factors to quality traits. The correlation efficiency of humidity factors (day average humidity and night average humidity) to...

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