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A video describing the principle and advantages of the proposed optical frequency comb generation scheme

Additional file 10: Figure S5. of Effects of gut-derived endotoxin on anxiety-like and repetitive behaviors in male and female mice

Christopher Fields, , Alexandra Castillo-Ruiz, Remus Osan, Andrew Gewirtz & Geert De Vries
Meta-analysis of resting time in WT males of Experiments 1 and 2. Legend: Forest plot of difference in resting time between male WT subjects gavaged with saline or LPS, measured from Experiment 1 (top green bar) and Experiment 2 (bottom green bar). The result of the meta-analysis is indicated by the red diamond. The width of the green bars and the red diamond indicate the range of the 95% confidence intervals for each, with the...

Subjective assessment of ram semen wave motion in drops

Xavier Druart, Pierre Degond, Ingrid David, Jerome Fehrenbach, Philippa Kohnke, Xavier Descombes & Eric Debreuve
A drop of 5 µl of raw semen was deposited on a pre-warmed glass slide and observed using a phase contrast microscope (10x magnification) equipped with a controlled heating stage (37 °C). The focus was on the edge of the drop to visualize wave motion, the motion of black waves and whirlpools on a grey background. The speed of motion of these whirlpools was used as a subjective criterion to assess the wave motion on...

Called It Off

Eric Pressberg

Recent Performance of the Northern Levantine Circulation Model (NLEV), Sea Level Calibration and Applications

Ali Aydogdu, Ersin Tutsak & Emin Ozsoy
Northern Levantine Operational System is presented in GODAE Oceanview COSS-TT meeting in Lecce in Feb 2013

Numerical simulations of the Turkish Straits System for the 2008-2013 period

Ali Aydogdu, Emin Ozsoy, , Nadia Pinardi, & Alicia Karspeck
Talk given at EGU 2017 OS 2.2 session in Apr 2017

MTOR signaling is essential for the development of thymic epithelial cells and the induction of central immune tolerance

, , , Rong Luan, Ning Na, Lina Sun, Yang Zhao, , Qian Zhang, Juan Li, & Yong Zhao
Thymic epithelial cells (TECs) are critical for the establishment and maintenance of appropriate microenvironment for the positive and negative selection of thymocytes and the induction of central immune tolerance. Yet, little about the molecular regulatory network on TEC development and function is understood. Here, we demonstrate that MTOR (mechanistic target of rapamycin [serine/threonine kinase]) is essential for proper development and functional maturation of TECs. Pharmacological inhibition of MTOR activity by rapamycin (RPM) causes severe thymic...

Shotton CitationIDs PIDapalooza 24-01-18 QUALIFIED.pptx

David Shotton
Citation relationships are normally treated simply as the links between citing and cited entities. In this presentation, given at PIDapalooza2018 in Gerona, Spain on 24 January 2018, I give an alternative richer view, which is to regard citations as data entities in their own right. This permits us to endow the citations with PROPERTIES has start date has duration has type has persistent identifier etc.I propose and describe the Open Citation Identifier (OCI), a new...

Save your Crash Dummies! A Test-Driven Infrastructure Solution

Christoph Hartmann
With infrastructure and application automation we have gained the tools to change systems in the blink of an eye. However, with increasing size, complexity, and time, these components will inevitably challenge your expectations. This uncertainty will ultimately slow you down. This talk will introduce the workflow to gain back trust. We will cover the foundation of effective infrastructure tests and failure domains for isolation. Moreover, we will look into the management of divergent environments, from...

Meeting the Iron Needs of Young Children

Andrew M. Prentice
No Abstract

Lotus-leaf to rose-petal effect by tuning plasma pulsation

Muzammil Iqbal
Audio slide presentation of recent article "Duty cycle dependent chemical structure and wettability of RF pulsed plasma copolymers of acrylic acid and octafluorocyclobutane” published in Applied Surface Science. for more Details Visit https://doi.org/10.1016/j.apsusc.2017.11.261 Personal Site https://dcimzz.wixsite.com/polymer ResearchGate https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Muzammil_Iqbal2 Highlights C4F8-co-AA polymers were deposited using pulsed wave RF plasma polymerization. Plasma pulsation regulates the chemical structure and surface wettability. Emergence of hydrophilic contents leads to surface heterogeneity causing water adhesion. Tunable water adhesiveness from repulsive to...

Ejercicio oposición a Catedrático de Universidad

Fernando T. Maestre
Presentación utilizada durante mi ejercicio de oposición a Catedrático de Universidad realizada el 22/12/2017 en la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos que consta de tres partes: historial académico e investigador, proyecto docente y proyecto de investigación. El proyecto docente corresponde a la asignatura de Ecología, tal como se imparte en el Grado en Biología de la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Roman Lyariev, Rabbit and Fox Hunting

Darina Gedeeva, Bamba Ubushieva & Andrei Babaev
A rabbit’s trail is called malik. Rabbits try to mix their trails up in order to confuse and keep predators away from their burrows. Rabbits are nocturnal animals. It is easy to detect a rabbit with binoculars even if it is as far away as 300 meters. Rabbits have light grey or brown skin which stand out in the snow. Therefore, it is relative easy to hunt them. Foxes are predators that hunt rabbits. Usually...

Roman Lyariev, About Knives

Darina Gedeeva, Bamba Ubushieva & Andrei Babaev
Roman demonstrates and explains some of his hunting knives, including: -a knife made of a soft metal, -a foldable knife made of a hard metal and with a wooden handle, -a small foldable knife used for skinning animals, -a Swiss-style knife with a screwdriver, etc. He also shows diamond knife sharpeners and lanyards which are useful during hunting to dry clothes or to set up a tent. Most of these items have been given to...

Sanj Khoyt, About the Khoshud Dialect

Anton Churyumov & Baasanjav Terbish
Sanj mentions several works on the Khoshud dialect and the Kalmyk language by scholars such as Vladimirtsov, Pavlov and Kichikov. In Mongolia and Russia, the Khoshud dialect is not different from the Torghut one. In Kalmykia the Khoshud dialect has the following peculiarities. Khoshud names are usually made from two words (Dordzhi-Garya, Tseren-Ubush, Ulyumdzhi-Garya, etc.) Many names also have double consonants (Akka, Badda, Gagga, etc.) Names with –ara is also what distinguishes Khoshud names from...

Sanj Khoyt, About the Origin of the Zaisangud Group

Anton Churyumov & Baasanjav Terbish
Sanj says that in 2003 an article was published about the genetic origin of the Mongols. The authors of the article compared blood samples collected from various groups. It turned out that one particular gene was widespread, which coincided with the territory that was conquered by Chingis Khan. The article concluded that this gene must be belonging to the descendant of Chingis Khan. The rulers of the Khoshud tribe, Sanj carries on, are descendants of...

A Legend About the Iron Bird

Bair Kovaeva, Andrei Babaev & Valery Zumaev
Once upon a time there lived a powerful khan. In order to defeat his arch- enemy, the khan ordered his subjects to create a bloodthirsty, giant bird out of metal and the blood of innocent boys and girls. After destroying the enemy’s land, the bird that fed on human flesh set its sights on the land and the people who created it.

Oleg Mandzhiev, Strange Legends About a Monk and a Kalmyk Her?

Elvira Churyumova & Anton Churyumov
A legend about a Tibetan monk from the dark side. It is said that in Tibet a fight between light and darkness, between good and evil has been raging for a long time. In the 18th century a monk from the dark side descended from mountainous Tibet and set off in the direction of Kalmykia. Requests from as far as Buryatia reached Kalmykia pleading to stop the dark monk. When the monk entered the territory...

Grigoriy Kukareka, A Legend About the Single Poplar Tree

Darina Gedeeva, Bamba Ubushieva & Danara Shipeeva
There is one single poplar tree 20 kilometers west of Elista. The tree is unusual. When you cut its branch, you can see a 5-pointed star shape across the cut. The tree was planted by the lama Purdash who brought its seed from Tibet. The seed was planted in 1846. Near the tree there is a hill from which one can see Elbrus Mountain on a clear day. The distance between the Mountain and the...

Alena Lidzhieva, A fairy Tale

Karu Dovurkaev & Anton Churyumov
Once upon a time a Buddhist monk set out on a journey to a distant settlement. The road was long and the weather smoggy. As he had been travelling longer than it usually took to get there, the monk began to think that he must have got lost in the smog. Finally, he arrived at a camp full of people that he did not recognize. On his horse, the lama looked through the window of...

Bembya Fedorov, The Great Khan and His Friends

Anton Churyumov & Altana Okonova
Once upon a time there lived a khan. His name was Naran Arslan meaning ‘a solar lion’. He had three dear friends – his younger brother, a yellow elephant that could fly, and a horse that could talk. Every day before sunset the khan had a custom of paying a visit to his friends. He lovingly twisted his younger brother’s left moustache, tapped the left blade of the elephant and combed the horse’s mane. One...


Thomas DiLazaro
Rotating raw point cloud of a 6-foot ladder.


Thomas DiLazaro
Single scan point cloud.


Thomas DiLazaro
3D point cloud of a room with various objects. Maximum depth is 5.6m, 9.6 cubic meters shown.

Visualization 2.MP4

Zhi-Chao Luo
Simulated spatio-spectral dynamics of soliton buildup

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