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Pollen Representation of Vegetation Pattern in Woodrat Middens

Danielle Marie Reed
Pollen in fossil packrat middens is often used to infer past vegetation composition. But we know very little about what the pollen data means in terms of vegetation and its variability. To address this question, we compared pollen samples from modern or active woodrat middens with the composition of surrounding vegetation within a 50 m radius. Pollen samples all had substantial pollen from plants growing more than 50 m away. All pollen samples were dominated...

Preface to Set Apart Stories

Sarah Maddy & Nell Hanley
William Wordsworth wrote Preface to Lyrical Ballads as an introduction to a compilation of poems that he and Samuel Taylor Coleridge had written. In this Preface, Wordsworth creates the purpose of the poet, i.e. his purpose in writing poetry. He establishes himself as a writer with a purpose, a confident writer who can stand by a certain set of ideals and convictions. I wish to do the same. In my Honors Thesis, I am creating...

Holistic Methods to Overcome Dental Anxiety

Sarah Wimpenny
The goal of this research project is to examine the effectiveness of holistic methods used by dentists in order to lessen anxiety in patients. This research project investigates the origin of dental fears and anxiety and different ways to treat it. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of these methods, six dentists were interviewed about the methods that they use regularly in their practice and the importance of using those methods. As demonstrated by the...

Underprepared College Student Cohort: Study of Differences in Academic Integration and Social Integration in Synergy Supportive Learning Environment

Kim Dickinson, Andrew Linck & Nicole Wardell
Using Tinto's theory of student departure or persistence and how it correlates with social integration and academic integration to predict student success in a supportive learning community. The project is analyzing how academic integration and social integration are factors of the four different selection cohorts of the Synergy Program. The Synergy Program creates a learning community to help underprepared at risk college student's increase their chance for success. In addition the researchers will analyze the...

Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass Using Concentrated Solar Radiation

Emily Beagle
Concerns about climate change and rising petroleum fuel prices have sparked the need for research in alternative energy sources. Pyrolysis is a high temperature reaction (300-700°C) that occurs in the absence of oxygen and reduces biomass to char, gases and bio-oil Fast pyrolysis occurs at high heating rates and results in a high yield of bio-oil. This produce bio-oil has the potential to be used as an alternative transportation fuel source. The use of concentrated...

GnRH Agonists Alter Body Composition After Long-Term Exposure

Grace Shearrer
GnRH agonists are a common non-surgical treatment for prostate cancer, as well as a male contraception method. The GnRH agonists effectively shut down the reproductive axis in many male mammals. In 2007, approximately 600,000 men used GnRH therapy for prostate cancer treatment. GnRH therapy (ADT) is accompanied with various side effects, including hot flashes, and most recently an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. The risk of cardiovascular disease does not appear to be androgen dependent,...

Arsenic Removal from Groundwater Wells by Means of Cupric Oxide Nanoparticles

Hannah King
Arsenic is a trace element that occurs in groundwater naturally as well as through anthropogenic activities. It occurs mainly as arsenite and arsenate in water. Levels of arsenic that exceed 10 ppb (parts per billion) in groundwater can be harmful to human's health if consumed. Twenty-one groundwater samples from Goshen County were collected and analyzed for arsenic levels. Five liters of each groundwater sample, which exceeded 10 ppb, were passed (1-liter per hour flow rate)...

Soil microbial community physiology is altered by snow depth

, Colin Tucker & Elise Pendall
Land in temperate ecosystems, such as sagebrush steppe in Wyoming, is covered by snow during winter. Soil biogeochemical processes that lead to emissions of greenhouse gases are partly dependent on the depth and duration of snow cover. Hence, we conducted an experiment evaluating the role of snow depth on soil microbial emissions of carbon dioxide. We used highway snow fences located at three sites in sagebrush steppe in Southeast Wyoming to create areas of deeper...

Bayesian Smart News Feed Reader

Tyler Bjornestad & Rodney Weakly
The Bayesian Smart News Feed Reader project is our solution to enhance the experience of the individual in retrieving pertinent and relevant information sources of Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds for news items. Rather than simply adding news feeds directly into a standard RSS feed reader the individual will load their preferred feeds into our "Smart" Feed reader. By using the "Smart" feed reader the individual will have the opportunity to categorize and rate each...

Optimizing Micropropagation of Cold-hardy Grapevine Cultivars

Daniel Bergey, , Lacey Lyn Fisher, Jeremiah Vardiman &
Grapevine bacterial and viral diseases are transmitted through infected propagation material. Micropropagation is utilized for production of disease-free stock vines. The goal of this study was to study proliferation and regeneration rates of cold-hardy grapevine cultivars. Shoot tips of 'Bronx Seedless' 'Himrod' and 'Interlaken' were obtained from greenhouse-grown grapevines. Explants were surface-sterilized by a brief rinse in 70% alcohol, agitated in a 25% commercial bleach solution for 3 min and then rinsed in distilled water....

Evaluation of Magnetic Nano-adsorbents for Selectively Removing Metals of Value from Reverse Osmosis Reject Streams

Leah V. Birgen
Currently, membrane processes are the most widely used technology for removing dissolved constituents from water (i.e., desalination); however, membrane processes are hindered by a variety of challenges, such as membrane fouling and the generation of a concentrated reject stream. Engineered nano-adsorbents, such as functionalized magnetic nanoparticles, are a possible new technology for selectively removing/recovering dissolved metals of value (e.g., Au3+, Li+, Ag3+) from liquid streams like reverse osmosis (RO) concentrate streams, whose recovery could offset...

Shaft Twist Inspection Tool

Ashley Bucsek, Alex Lindenstein, Anna Ohlschwager & Steven Sundberg
Since its design, the U.S. Army has reinforced a specific combat vehicle with additional armor, nearly doubling its original weight. With the added load, the vehicle's differential components can fail, and a particular splined shaft is the weak link. To maintain these vehicles, the Army periodically disassembles and rebuilds them, at which time they inspect this splined shaft. The shaft is rejected for reinstallation if it has any signs of plastic twist deformation. Currently the...

Analysis of Solutions of 2nd Order Stochastic Parabolic Equations

Erik Schmidt
Using a computational method to solve parabolic differential equations is a feat that can be done with relative simplicity. However, when the stochasticity, i.e. the randomness of coefficients, is introduced into the equation, things become more complicated. The goal in solving a stochastic differential equation is different from the goal in solving a deterministic equation. In solving a stochastic equation we try to determine the expectation or the variance of the set of "possible" solutions...

Fire in Hell's Kitchen: A Look at Fire History in Northern Wisconsin

John J. LeValley
Lake sediments containing charcoal fragments are useful tools in reconstructing fire histories. Sediment cores, were obtained from Hell's Kitchen Lake (3 ha), in north-central Wisconsin (46° 11.4 N; 89° 42.1W), spanning approximately the last 5000 years. This study was undertaken to investigate fire history in Northern Wisconsin and determine if paleo fire histories from Hell's Kitchen Lake correspond with climatic and ecological shifts. To do this, the sediment cores were sampled continuously at 1 cm...

Use of DigesterGas in Combined Heat and Power Cycle

Wade Daniels, Eric DeMillard, Charles Johnson & Jarrod McCarrel
The Dry Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) is a facility that processes raw sewage from Cheyenne, Wyoming. This facility uses anaerobic digestion as the method for stabilizing the sludge, prior to drying and disposal. Heating of the sludge is necessary for the anaerobic digestion process and is achieved by the use of a hot water bath heat exchanger. A portion of the digester gas produced by the facility, along with purchased natural gas, is...

Corporate Social Responsibility in International Business Operations

Kaitlyn Jordan
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an issue that has become very popular among the business world. CSR is known as the concern of, and reply to, issues beyond legal, technical, and economic requirements of the organization. This requires that a firm be held accountable for any of its actions that affect its stakeholders. A corporation's stakeholders are considered all people, communities, and environments that are affected by an organization's actions and objectives. The purpose of...

Interview with Richard Wales

Richard Wales
Interview with Richard Wales

Industrial Demand Management System

This project is a system based on a coal strip mine that monitors power usage in order to reduce peak demand of the facility and thereby save money and reduce overall stress on the power grid. The system has two components: the first is the system as it relates to the coal mine in question and all the information that is necessary to implement this system at the coal mine. The second component is a...

Look at College Student's Nutritional Knowledge, A

Anna D'Hooge
Universities require all students to take the same basic courses, such as math, English, etc., so that upon graduation, students will be well-rounded for their future lives. One of the required courses is a physical education course that teaches students how to take care of their health, but this does not include information about nutrition. Nutrition is the foundation to living a healthy life, but it too often gets looked over. Since there is a...

Phenotypic Evolution of Circadian Rhythms in Arabidopsis thaliana

Stephanie Wakefield
Circadian rhythms are internal, repeating rhythms that can be set by environmental inputs such as temperature and light; because the diurnal cycle on earth is close to 24 hours, circadian cycles close to 24 hours are thought to be adaptive. I tested whether circadian rhythms evolved in the manner predicted, such that genotypes with period lengths greater than or less than 24 hours are at a selective disadvantage. I assayed 80 genotypes in total: 40...

Synthesis and Evaluation of anti-Nonspecific Binding Coating in Microfluidic Devices for ELISA Bioassays

Melissa J. Gelwicks
A common ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immunosorbant Assay) method for detection of biomolecules utilizes antibody coatings on surfaces that bind specific antigens. An enzyme-antibody conjugate that also binds to the antigen is then added, followed by a substrate that is converted by the enzyme to a detectable product. The sensitivity and reliability of these assays may be significantly reduced by the phenomenon of non-specific binding (NSB), in which the enzyme-antibody conjugate binds not only to the...

Synthesis and Evaluation of anti-Nonspecific Binding Coating in Microfluidic Devices for ELISA Bioassays

Melissa J. Gelwicks
A common ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immunosorbant Assay) method for detection of biomolecules utilizes antibody coatings on surfaces that bind specific antigens. An enzyme-antibody conjugate that also binds to the antigen is then added, followed by a substrate that is converted by the enzyme to a detectable product. The sensitivity and reliability of these assays may be significantly reduced by the phenomenon of non-specific binding (NSB), in which the enzyme-antibody conjugate binds not only to the...

Optimizing Fecal Sample Preparation to Determine Presence of Chronic Wasting Disease in White Tail Deer

Aya Murakami
Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is a prion disease that affects cervids (deer, elk, and moose). A prion disease is characterized by the accumulation of a misfolded isoform of the prion protein and is invariably fatal to the host. Currently, diagnosis of CWD can be done only with post mortem testing of animal tissues or recto-anal mucosa associated lymphoid tissue (RAMALT) analysis, by the direct detection of prion protein. The purpose of this project is to...

Step Toward Flexible Dosing: Chemical Stability of Clopidogrel in Various Aqueous Media, A

Jennifer Steiner
Clopidogrel is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of conditions such as coronary syndromes, stroke, arterial disease and coronary stent treatment. The objective of this study was to evaluate the decomposition of three compounded oral clopidogrel mixtures, prepared by combining crushed clopidogrel tablets with apple juice, sugar free (SF) syrup, and sterile water, USP, using High Performance Liquid chromatography (HPLC). All drug mixtures were stored at refrigerator and...

Keynote: OER Motivation - Beyond Cost Savings

Brittany Dudek
Keynote: OER Motivation - Beyond Cost Savings

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