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U.S. Army JAG School Oral History Interview Conducted With Colonel (Ret.) Howard S. Levie

Thomas Dougall
Biography Colonel Howard S. Levie was born in Wolverine, Michigan on December 19, 1907. As a young child he grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and New York City attending public schools in both cities. He attended Speyer Experimental Junior High School, the first junior high school in the United States and graduated from DeWitt Clinton High School, which would later cite him as a Distinguished Alumnus. He earned an A.B. degree from Cornell University in...

U.S. Army JAG School Oral History Interview Conducted With Major General (USA Ret.) Harold E. Parker

Robert C. McFetridge & Harry L. Williams, Jr.
Harold E. Parker was born in Canton, New York, on 25 March 1918. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from Cornell University in 1938 and was commissioned as a second lieutenant, Field Artillery, in the Army Reserves. Soon after graduation he married his high school sweetheart, Jane (Burnham) Parker, and they moved to New York City. General Parker held a variety of jobs in New York, from selling insurance to working for...

#Alt-Academy 01: Alternative Academic Careers for Humanities Scholars

Bethany Nowviskie
A 2014 e-book compilation of the 24 essays published by 32 authors in the 2011 release of the open-access website #Alt-Academy, an edited collection on the subject of academic careers beyond the traditional professoriate.

U.S. Army JAG School Oral History Interview Conducted With Colonel Elizabeth R. Smith, Jr. (USA Ret.)

Linda S. Burgan
Biographical Sketch Colonel Smith was born in Ravenna, Kentucky on December 27, 1926 and grew up in Irvine, Kentucky. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Kentucky in 1950. Colonel Smith was admitted to the Kentucky State Bar after her graduation and she practiced law in Irvine, Kentucky, for a short period of time until she entered the Women's Army Corps in 1951. Colonel Smith entered the Army as a second...

U.S. Army JAG School Oral History Interview Conducted with Colonel Charles A. White, United States Army (Retired)

Daniel Derner & Kevin Shriner
Colonel Charles A. White, Jr. was born in Newport News, Virginia on January 27, 1939 as the only child. He graduated Matthews High School in 1958 as class salutatorian. He went on to attend the College of William and Mary and received his Bachelor of Arts degree as well as being commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant Armor Officer in the U.S. Army in 1961. As part of William & Mary's six year law program, he began...

Misreading the Bengal Delta

Camelia Dewan
Perilously close to sea level and vulnerable to floods, erosion, and cyclones, Bangladesh is one of the top recipients of development aid earmarked for climate change adaptation. Yet, to what extent do adaptation projects address local needs and concerns? Combining environmental history and ethnographic fieldwork with development professionals, rural farmers, and landless women, Misreading the Bengal Delta critiques development narratives of Bangladesh as a “climate change victim.” It examines how development actors repackage colonial-era modernizing...

New Lives in Anand

Sanderien Verstappen
In 2002 widespread communal violence tore apart hundreds of towns and villages in rural parts of Gujarat, India. In the aftermath, many Muslims living in Hindu-majority villages sought safety in the small town of Anand, some relocating with the financial assistance of their relatives overseas. Following such dramatic displacement and disorientation, Anand emerged as a site of opportunity and hope. For its residents and transnational visitors, Anand’s Muslim area is not just a site of...

Der unsichtbare Dienst. Geschichte des diplomatischen Protokolls der Schweiz 1946–1990

Jonas Hirschi
Quaderni di Dodis 18

Anders lernen, arbeiten und leben. Für eine Transformation von Pädagogik und Gesellschaft

Die Zunahme der durch die »Neue Steuerung« des Bildungssystems produzierten emotionalen und sozialen Problematiken in Schule und Gesellschaft ist evident. Die Antwort darauf liegt jedoch nicht in einer präziseren sonderpädagogischen Diagnostik, Förderung und Intervention, sondern im Umbau von Schule, Universität und Gesellschaft. Joachim Bröcher plädiert für eine selbstgestaltete Bildungspflicht, ein bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen, die Gründung von selbstbestimmten Community-Projekten (in denen gearbeitet, gelernt und gelebt wird) sowie eine handlungsorientierte, philosophische Pädagogik. Die »Kontrollgesellschaft« (Gilles Deleuze) verwandelt sich...

Milites Baroli: Signori e poteri a Barletta tra XII e XIII secolo

[Italiano]: I Milites Baroli censiti nel Catalogus Baronum costituiscono il punto di partenza di questa indagine sulla formazione, le caratteristiche e l’evoluzione dei poteri signorili nella Valle dell’Ofanto e nella città di Barletta tra età normanna e primo angioina, con particolare attenzione all’élite militare e politica territoriale e alle sue relazioni con i sovrani del Regno. Per essi a lungo i casati locali organizzarono e controllarono il territorio ofantino, favorendo il sinecismo esercitato da Barletta...

Tra insegnamento e ricerca. Entre enseignement et recherche: La storia della Rivoluzione francese. L’histoire de la Révolution française

Anna Maria Rao
That is the place of the French Revolution in teaching history? What are the ideological trends and pedagogic messages that are used in school textbooks? Are these textbooks simple "national autobiographies" or the faithful reflection of historical research on the topic? The contributions collected in this volume seek to answer some of these questions, taking into account different countries, from France to Russia, from the United States to China. In a time like ours, where...

Il Palazzo dell'Università: Casa comune della cultura giuridica

Francesca Galgano & Raffaele Basile
[Italiano]:L’idea di una Mostra-Convegno sull’insediamento e sulla vicenda storica, didattica e scientifica della Facoltà di Giurisprudenza dell’Ateneo fridericiano nasce dall’esigenza di avviare un’opportuna messa a fuoco sulla rilevanza assunta da tale istituzione nello sviluppo delle conoscenze e della pratica giuridica nel Mezzogiorno d’Italia (e non solo). Movendo dagli indirizzi di saluto del Rettore e dei Consigli nazionali forense e del Notariato, e da una suggestiva riflessione del Direttore del Dipartimento, il volume reca nella prima...

Gli strumenti della cooperazione in rete: Dal catalogo elettronico ai sistemi della ricerca interdisciplinare

Paul Gabriele Weston
Such terms as “metadata”, “web strategies”, “interoperability” are commonly used whenever the perspectives of cultural heritage memories on the web are investigated. The risk that well-established methods of preserving and publishing the output of intellectual and artistic activities could hinder data exchange procedures as well as making the creation of multidisciplinary discovery systems required for carrying out reasearch – even in the humanities – is under assessment. The earliest projects adopted the same electronic format...

Dei gratia rex Sicilie: Scene d’incoronazione divina nell’iconografia regia normanna

Mirko Vagnoni
Following Percy Ernst Schramm’s studies on Staatssymbolik, historians have in general considered medieval royal portraits as images mirroring medieval notions of power and political ideology that can legitimate power and strengthen admiration of the king. This interpretation has also had a crucial impact on the analysis of monarchic ideologies and sacral kingship during the Middle Ages. However, the research prompted in Germany on the social praxis of Memoria has opened up new perspectives, by creating...

La Società Napoletana di Storia Patria e la costruzione della Nazione

Antonella Venezia
The Neapolitan Society of Homeland History was created in 1875 through the will of some Neapolitan politicians and scholars, who borrowed its structure from previously established historical societies. Like the other Italian institutions, the Neapolitan association was also primarily interested in the publication of sources, the defense of autonomy, and the attempt to reconcile the smaller and the larger nation. The objective was twofold: to reinforce the ties between the local people and the Savoy...

Poteri, relazioni, guerra nel regno di Ferrante d’Aragona

Francesco Senatore & Francesco Storti
This volume collects a series of studies revolving around the edition of Milanese and Florentine diplomatic correspondence from Naples in the Aragonese age, particularly in the years of Ferrante d'Aragona (1458-94). They range from the history of war and territory to prosopography, from the reconstruction of relation networks in courts to international politics, from feudal geography to the conflicts between monarchy and aristocracy. This results in an important increase in our knowledge of the Kingdom...

Il Matri-Archivio del Mediterraneo: Grafie e Materie

[Italiano]: Il volume Matri-Archivio del Mediterraneo. Greafie e Materie è il risultato di una giornata di studi organizzata in occasione del lancio della piattaforma digitale M.A.M. nel 2015 presso l’Università degli Studi di Napoli “L’Orientale” (http://www.matriarchiviomediterraneo.org). Tra il 2013-2015 l’Unità di ricerca coordinata dalla Prof.ssa Silvana Carotenuto, e costituita da Beatrice Ferrara, Celeste Ianniciello, Annalisa Piccirillo, Manuela Esposito e Roberta Colavecchio (afferenti al Dipartimento di Scienze Umane e Sociali – UNIOR) ha condotto il progetto...

Vivere la guerra: percorsi biografici e ruoli di genere tra Risorgimento e primo conflitto mondiale

Laura Guidi
Through the various essays that compose it, the volume gives voice to subjective experiences and perceptions of men and women involved in military conflicts between the Risorgimento period and the Great War: historical phases characterized by deep elements of continuity regarding the symbolic construction of national identity, but also by equally strong watersheds. The comparison between different contexts is valuable in investigating the relationship between gender, nation, and war. Starting from a stereotype that is...

Disrupting Historicity, Reclaiming the Future

Silvana CAROTENUTO, Francesca Maria Gabrielli & Renata Jambresic Kirin
[Italiano]:Questo volume è il risultato della stretta collaborazione tra l' Università di Napoli "L'Orientale" e gli studiosi che organizzano e partecipano a Dubrovnik, in Croazia, al corso post-laurea Feminisms in a Transnational Perspective. I contributi qui presentati impiegano diversi approcci concettuali alla teoria, alla storia, alla cultura e ai testi, e alla vita delle donne, alle loro esperienze e lasciti, per offrire re-visioni del passato e prospettive del futuro come un atto di responsabilità femminista./...

Materiali per il secondo volume della Introduzione alle scienze dello spirito: Scritti inediti 1880-1893

Giovanni Ciriello & Wilhelm Dilthey
As is well-known to the scholars of European philosophical thinking between the eighteenth and twentieth centuries, the great and ambitious plan of diltheyan criticism of the reason of history condensed in a pond-pink Introduction to the Human Sciences appeared in 1883 only the first volume especially the first two Books. The volume, which we present here, encloses in chronological order the various drafts which, as early as 1880, Dilthey made the work of the second...

Razza, sangue e suolo: utopie della razza e progetti eugenetici nel ruralismo nazista

Andrea D'Onofrio
The "racial and biological regeneration" of the German people was one of the ideological foundations of the Third Reich. The ideas of ​​an organic improvement and of a racial selection of peoples originated in the utopias of eugenics and racism that were developed in the second half of the nineteenth century in Germany and Europe. Eugenics laws were already in place since the early twentieth century in the United States, and later in Switzerland and...

GRETL 2019. Proceedings of the International Conference on the Gnu Regression, Econometrics and Time-series Library

Francesca DI IORIO
This book collects the papers presented at the 6th Gretl Conference, which took place at the Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche, University of Naples, on 13th-14th of June, 2019.The papers (which had been selected through a refereeing process) contain theoretical topics on computational problems as well as empirical applications using the program, and cover a wide range of topics in statistics and applied econometrics, among which Generalized Dynamic Factor Models, Propensity Score Matching, Bayesian Model Averaging,...

Criminalità e sicurezza a Napoli: Secondo Rapporto

Giacomo Di Gennaro & Riccardo Marselli
In this second report on crime and security in Naples are addressed questions such as the determinants of a high propensity to illegal behavior although crime appears very risky, the appearance of youth-gangs and their peculiarities with respect to similar experiences in other countries, the correlation between social and economic vulnerability and the diffusion of an illegal credit market, the relationship between households’ overindebtedness and their consumption behavior, the diffusion of an usury market where...

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