11 Works

Practising democracy in the newsroom: Comparing practices of news processing, conflict resolution, and hiring

Josef Tappel, Joaquim Fidalgo & Achilleas Karadimitriou

Ethical codes of conduct in journalism: Demands for a digitalising mediascape

Joaquim Fidalgo, Barbara Thomass, Christian Ruggiero, Mauro Bomba, Simone Sallusti & Torbjörn von Krogh

Commercial influence in newsrooms: Comparing strategies to resist pressure from owners and advertisers

Tales Tomaz, Joaquim Fidalgo, John Grönvall & Josef Trappel

Cuidados paliativos, conforto e espiritualidade

Marisa Lourenço, Paula Encarnação & Maria José Lumini Landeiro

Dyeing of cotton with madder using (bio)mordants: effects on fastness and UV protection properties

Cátia Alves, Marta Fernandes, Rui Rodrigues & Andrea Zille

Public service media: Exploring the influence of strong public service media on democracy

Barbara Thomass, Joaquim Fidalgo, John Grönvall, Achilleas Karadimitriou & Lars Nord

Antiviral properties of flame retardant bacterial nanocellulose modified with mordenite

Liliana Melro, Rui Fernandes, Joaquim Jorge Peixoto, Jorge Padrão, Andrea Zille, Inês Pinheiro, Alice Ribeiro, Verónica Bouça, Fernando Dourado & Miguel Gama

Sustainable and multifunctional natural fiber-based electric wire sheaths for smart textiles

Behnaz Mehravani, Jorge Padrão, Rui Fernandes, Talita Nicolau, Cátia Alves, Joaquim Jorge Peixoto, Ana Ribeiro, Helder Carvalho & Andrea Zille

Bacterial inhibition via carboxymethyl cellulose-containing electrospun mats loaded with nisin z peptide for potential chronic wound care

Tânia Tavares, Carla Silva, Joana Antunes & Helena Felgueiras

Development of a plasma activated multifunctional polyester fabric using zinc oxide nanoparticles and citronella oil microcapsules

Behnaz Mehravani, Talita Nicolau, Ana Ribeiro, Jorge Padrão, Andrea Zille, Joana Filipa Parente, Vânia Sousa & Carlos Jose Tavares

Halochromic properties of a 5-aminoimidazole-4-carboxamidrazone and its application to wool

Ana Ribeiro, Andrea Zille, Daniela Dantas, Alice Dias, Renata Silva, Fernando Remiao, Eugénia Pinto & Fátima Cerqueira

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