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Volte e cupole in muratura: un approccio basato sull’equilibrio

Elena De Chiara
2016 - 2017

Thin coatings of biomaterials for hard tissue applications

Mariangela Curcio
2016 - 2017

Control issues in photovoltaic power converters

Massimiliano De Cristofaro
2014 - 2015

La rilevanza giuridica delle unioni omosessuali nell’antica Roma

Carlo De Cristofaro
2016 - 2017

Le clausole claims-made nel contratto di assicurazione

Alessia Annunziata
2015 - 2016

Fuzzy models for group decision making and applications to e-learning and recommender systems

Nicola Capuano
2016 - 2017

Round and computational efficiency of two-party protocols

Michele Ciampi
2016 - 2017

Modeling salami drying with different approaches and validation during industrial ripening

Giovanni Cascone
2016 - 2017

Delayed-Input and Non-Malleable Cryptographic Protocols

Luisa Siniscalchi
2016 - 2017

Chemical and biological study of natural substances active on the central nervous system

Lucia Caputo
2016 - 2017

Relaxed functional dependencies: definition, discovery and applications

Loredana Caruccio
2016 - 2017

Caratterizzazione del comportamento statico e dinamico delle strutture monumentali

Francesco Sicignano
2016 - 2017

Connell Rainforest Plot Network: South-east and Northern Queensland data packages,1963-2018

Peter Green
This collection incorporates data for two long-term forest dynamic plots established in 1963 by Professor Joseph H. Connell (University of California, Santa Barbara) One plot in tropical rainforest in Davies Creek is in Dinden National Park (1.7 ha, 25 km southwest of Cairns) and the other is in subtropical rainforest near O'Reilly's Guest House in Lamington National Park (2 ha, 65 km south of Brisbane).

Mallee Plot Netork: Murray Darling Basin data packages, 1994-2018

David Keith, Chris Simpson, Katy Wilkins, Mark Tozer & Renee Woodward
Aim: Improve understanding of the mechanisms that influence vegetation change, including fire, grazing regimes and climatic variation, and the ability of the ecosystem to sustain its characteristic biota. Key research questions: 1. How do survivorship and fecundity of different plant species vary with time since fire? 2. Do different herbivore species have contrasting effects on standing vegetation? Surveys: - Surveys of vegetation and fauna have been undertaken systematically in relation to fire and herbivore exclusions...

Upland Health Swamps Plot Network: Middleton Creek, Freycinet National Park, Tasmania data packages, 1965-2018

David Keith, Christopher Simpson, Katy Wilkins, Mark Tozer, Richard Woodward & Tony Mason
This data package comprises data that were used to produce the graph and conclusions found in figure 7.56 on page 263 of Lindenmayer et. al 2014, Biodiversity and Environmental Change: Monitoring Challenges and Directions. These data show the spread of Cinnamon Water Mould (Phytophthera cinnamomi) across 5 transects in Freycinet National Park, Tasmania. The transects sample different methods of treatment that are designed to alieviate the spread of the disease.

Fe/K-ratios and pollen analysis of ODP Site 202-1239, supplement to: Grimmer, Friederike; Dupont, Lydie M; Lamy, Frank; Jung, Gerlinde; González, Catalina; Wefer, Gerold (2018): Early Pliocene vegetation and hydrology changes in western equatorial South America. Climate of the Past, 14(11), 1739-1754

Friederike Grimmer, Lydie M Dupont, Frank Lamy, Gerlinde Jung, Catalina González & Gerold Wefer
Vegetation and climate change in nortwestern South America were studied using pollen analysis in combination with XRF scanning on marine sediments of ODP Site 1239 from the East Equatorial Pacific comprising the interval between 4.7 and 4.2 Ma. The study site is sensitive to latitudinal shifts of the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) shifts insofar as a southward (northward) shift would result in increased (decreased) precipitation over Ecuador. The presented pollen record (46 samples) comprises representatives...

Desert Ecology Plot Network data packages, 1990-2018

Glenda Wardle, Chris Dickman, Aaron Greenville & Bobby Tamayo
The Desert Ecology Plot Network aims to quantify inter-relationships between the frequency and intensity of increased climate extremes and their effect on the species dynamics. The plot network is also conducting research on how complex predator-prey interactions regulate vertebrate diversity in arid Australia.

Upland Health Swamps Plot Network: Dharawal National Park, Sydney Basin, NSW, Australia, 1983-2018

Keith David
This dataset contains spatial information for plots established in the Dharawal National Park. Sampling of soil is stratified along the soil moisture gradient and across the range of structural variability in the vegetation. Thus three categories of soil moisture and three categories of vegetation structure (based on the height and form of shrubs) are sampled in a factorial design at 60 sites in upland swamps scattered throughout the study area (Keith and Myerscough 1993). Each...

Upland Health Swamps Plot Network: Royal National Park, Sydney Basin data packages 1965 - 2018

David Keith, Chris Simpson, Katy Wilkins, Mark Tozer, Dick Williams & Tanya Mason
Aim: Improve understanding of the roles of climate and fire regimes in the dynamics and persistence of upland swamps and their biodiversity. Key research questions: 1. What structural and compositional changes are occurring in upland swamps? 2. What is the nature of co-variation and feedback between vegetation and soil properties? 3. What are the effects of alternative fire regimes and how can responses be characterised by trends in functional groups of species? Surveys: Vegetation and...

Desert Uplands Plot Network: Northern Desert Uplands of Queensland data packages

Daniel Metcalfe, Chris Pavey & Eric Vanderduys
Aim: Assess bird diversity across a range of variation in woody vegetation structure. Key research questions: 1. How does intensity of mechanical disturbance affect bird diversity and abundance? 2. How do populations recover after cessation of such disturbance? 3. What are the size and directions of the natural population fluctuations, and how do they compare with human-induced disturbance? Surveys: Birds and vegetation structure are surveyed.

The effects of roots on the hydro-mecanical behavior of unsaturated pyroclastic soils

Vittoria Capobianco
2016 - 2017

Transport phnomena in food processes assisted by electromagnetic heating, in the radio frequencies

Tesfaye Faye Bedane
2016 - 2017

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