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Increased diaphragm echodensity correlates with postoperative pulmonary complications in patients after major abdominal surgery: a prospective observational study

Xin Fu, Zhen Wang, Luping Wang, Guangxuan Lv, Yisong Cheng, Bo Wang, Zhongwei Zhang, Xiaodong Jin, Yan Kang, Yongfang Zhou & Qin Wu
Abstract Background Associated with increased morbidity and mortality, postoperative pulmonary complications (PPCs) often occur after major abdominal surgery. Diaphragmatic dysfunction is suggested to play an important role in the development of PPCs and diaphragm echodensity can be used as an indicator of diaphragm function. This study aimed to determine whether diaphragm echodensity could predict the occurrence of PPCs in patients after major abdominal surgery. Methods Diaphragm ultrasound images of patients after major abdominal surgery were...

Growth with Commensal Streptococci Alters Streptococcus mutans Behaviors

M. Rose, N. Wilson, E. Williams, H. Letner, R. Bettinger, A. Bouchendouka, J. Batagower & J.R. Kaspar
As oral bacteria grow and persist within biofilms attached to the tooth’s surface, they interact with other species to form synergistic or antagonistic exchanges that govern homeostasis for the overall population. One example are the interactions between the cariogenic species Streptococcus mutans and oral commensal streptococci. Previously, we showed that the cell–cell signaling pathways of S. mutans were inhibited during coculture with other oral streptococci species, leading us to posit that the S. mutans transcriptome...

Impact of a digital health literacy intervention and risk predictors for multimorbidity among poor women of reproductive years: Results of a randomized-controlled trial

Sara Rizvi Jafree, Anam Muzammil, Syeda Khadija Burhan, Nadia Bukhari & Florian Fischer
ObjectiveThe objective of this study was to deliver an intervention to improve health awareness for infection prevention, hygiene, and sanitation to assess its impact. Furthermore, it aimed to identify the risk of multimorbidity in women of reproductive years from low socio-economic background.MethodsA randomized control trial was conducted in Pakistan among women aged 15–45 years. Overall, 820 women participated in the baseline survey; 388 women were part of the control group and 360 of the intervention...

Extracellular matrix stiffness mediates radiosensitivity in a 3D nasopharyngeal carcinoma model

Yanhua Fang, Shanshan Liang, Jianong Gao, Zhe Wang, Cheng Li, Ruoyu Wang & Weiting Yu
Abstract Purpose Radiotherapy is one of the essential treatment modalities for nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC), however, radioresistance still poses challenges. Three-dimensional (3D) tumor culture models mimic the in vivo growth conditions of cells more accurately than 2D models. This study is to compare the tumor biological behaviors of NPC cells in 2D, On-Surface 3D and Embedded 3D systems, and to investigate the correlation between radioresistance and extracellular matrix (ECM) stiffness. Methods The morphology and radioresistance of...

Mobilisation of critically ill patients receiving norepinephrine: a retrospective cohort study

Maximilian Lindholz, Clara M. Schellenberg, Julius J. Grunow, Simone Kagerbauer, Annette Milnik, Daniel Zickler, Stefan Angermair, Anett Reißhauer, Martin Witzenrath, Mario Menk, Sebastian Boie, Felix Balzer & Stefan J. Schaller
Abstract Background Mobilisation and exercise intervention in general are safe and feasible in critically ill patients. For patients requiring catecholamines, however, doses of norepinephrine safe for mobilisation in the intensive care unit (ICU) are not defined. This study aimed to describe mobilisation practice in our hospital and identify doses of norepinephrine that allowed a safe mobilisation. Methods We conducted a retrospective single-centre cohort study of 16 ICUs at a university hospital in Germany with patients...

Unambiguous spectral characterization on triplet energy transfer from quantum dots mediated by hole transfer competing with other carrier dynamics

Lei Wang, Gaoyuan Yang, Boyu Zhang, Xin Zhang, Dezheng Liu, Ying Liang & Guijie Liang
Triplet generation by QDs-sensitized molecules emerges great potential in many applications. However, the mechanism of triplet energy transfer (TET) is still fuzzy especially due to complicated energy level alignment of QDs and molecules or trap states in QDs. Here, CdSe QDs and 5-tetracene carboxylic acid (TCA) molecules are selected as the triplet donor and acceptor, respectively, to form a TET system. By tuning the band gap of CdSe, the CdSe-TCA complex is exactly designed to...

The medical profession transformed by artificial intelligence: Qualitative study

Lina Mosch, Daniel Fürstenau, Jenny Brandt, Jasper Wagnitz, Sophie AI Klopfenstein, Akira-Sebastian Poncette & Felix Balzer
BackgroundHealthcaare delivery will change through the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI). Physicians are likely to be among the professions most affected, though to what extent is not yet clear.ObjectiveWe analyzed physicians’ and AI experts’ stances towards AI-induced changes. This concerned (1) physicians’ tasks, (2) job replacement risk, and (3) implications for the ways of working, including human–AI interaction, changes in job profiles, and hierarchical and cross-professional collaboration patterns.MethodsWe adopted an exploratory, qualitative research approach,...

The medical profession transformed by artificial intelligence: Qualitative study

Lina Mosch, Daniel Fürstenau, Jenny Brandt, Jasper Wagnitz, Sophie AI Klopfenstein, Akira-Sebastian Poncette & Felix Balzer
BackgroundHealthcaare delivery will change through the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI). Physicians are likely to be among the professions most affected, though to what extent is not yet clear.ObjectiveWe analyzed physicians’ and AI experts’ stances towards AI-induced changes. This concerned (1) physicians’ tasks, (2) job replacement risk, and (3) implications for the ways of working, including human–AI interaction, changes in job profiles, and hierarchical and cross-professional collaboration patterns.MethodsWe adopted an exploratory, qualitative research approach,...

Gender differences in juvenile systemic sclerosis patients: Results from the international juvenile scleroderma inception cohort

Ivan Foeldvari, Jens Klotsche, Ozgur Kasapcopur, Amra Adrovic, Maria Teresa Terreri, Ana Paula Sakamoto, Valda Stanevicha, Jordi Anton, Brian M Feldman, Flavio Sztajnbok, Raju Khubchandani, Ekaterina Alexeeva, Maria Katsicas, Sujata Sawhney, Vanessa Smith, Simone Appenzeller, Tadej Avcin, Mikhail Kostik, Thomas Lehman, Edoardo Marrani, Dieneke Schonenberg-Meinema, Walter-Alberto Sifuentes-Giraldo, Natalia Vasquez-Canizares, Mahesh Janarthanan, Monika Moll … & Kathryn S Torok
Objective:To compare organ involvement and disease severity between male and female patients with juvenile onset systemic sclerosis.Methods:Demographics, organ involvement, laboratory evaluation, patient-reported outcomes and physician assessment variables were compared between male and female juvenile onset systemic sclerosis patients enrolled in the prospective international juvenile systemic sclerosis cohort at their baseline visit and after 12 months.Results:One hundred and seventy-five juvenile onset systemic sclerosis patients were evaluated, 142 females and 33 males. Race, age of onset, disease...

Bortezomib induces cellular senescence in A549 lung cancer cells by stimulating telomere shortening

Lei Wang, Hang Yin, Shiren Huang, Sini Huang, Congcong Huang, Zhao Zhang & Hui Liu
Bortezomib (BTZ) is a first-generation proteasome inhibitor with anti-tumor properties for multiple myeloma and mantle cell lymphoma. Increasing evidence has shown that BTZ exhibits toxic effects on diverse tumor cells, including non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) cells. However, the mechanism has not been fully evaluated. Here, we examined the regulatory effect of BTZ on cellular senescence, a potent tumor suppressive mechanism, in NSCLC cell lines. SA-β-gal staining assay showed that BTZ caused a significant increase...

Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol goal attainment in patients with clinical evidence of familial hypercholesterolemia and elevated Lp(a)

Andrea Schwarz, Ilja Demuth, Ulf Landmesser, Arash Haghikia, Maximilian König & Elisabeth Steinhagen-Thiessen
Abstract Background Although potent lipid-lowering therapies are available, patients commonly fall short of recommended low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) levels. The aim of this study was to examine the relationship between familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) and elevated lipoprotein(a) [Lp(a)] and LDL-C goal attainment, as well as the prevalence and severity of coronary artery disease (CAD). Moreover, we characterized patients failing to meet recommended LDL-C goals. Methods We performed a cross-sectional analysis in a cohort of patients undergoing...

Integrated Analysis of Transcriptome Changes in Osteoarthritis: Gene Expression, Pathways and Alternative Splicing

Congming Li, Pengli Wei, Lei Wang, Qiang Wang, Hong Wang & Yangjun Zhang
ObjectiveOsteoarthritis (OA) is the most prevalent joint disease characterized by the degeneration of articular cartilage and the remodeling of its underlying bones, resulting in pain and loss of function in the knees and hips. As far as we know, no curative treatments are available except for the joint replacement. The precise molecular mechanisms which are involved in the degradation of cartilage matrix and development of osteoarthritis are still unclear.DesignBy analyzing RNA-seq data, we found the...

The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning monitoring to safely administer a fluid-restrictive goal-directed treatment protocol to minimize the risk of transfusion during major spine surgery of a Jehovah’s Witness: a case report

Sara Denn, Emmanuel Schneck, Fidaa Jablawi, Michael Bender, Götz Schmidt, Marit Habicher, Eberhard Uhl & Michael Sander
Abstract Background The Hypotension Prediction Index (HPI) displays an innovative monitoring tool which predicts intraoperative hypotension before its onset. Case presentation We report the case of an 84-year-old Caucasian woman undergoing major spinal surgery with no possibility for the transfer of blood products given her status as a Jehovah’s Witness. The hemodynamic treatment algorithm we employed was based on HPI and resulted in a high degree of hemodynamic stability during the surgical procedure. Further, the...

Planning preclinical confirmatory multicenter trials to strengthen translation from basic to clinical research – a multi-stakeholder workshop report

Natascha Ingrid Drude, Lorena Martinez-Gamboa, Meggie Danziger, Anja Collazo, Silke Kniffert, Janine Wiebach, Gustav Nilsonne, Frank Konietschke, Sophie K. Piper, Samuel Pawel, Charlotte Micheloud, Leonhard Held, Florian Frommlet, Daniel Segelcke, Esther M. Pogatzki-Zahn, Bernhard Voelkl, Tim Friede, Edgar Brunner, Astrid Dempfle, Bernhard Haller, Marie Juliane Jung, Lars Björn Riecken, Hans-Georg Kuhn, Matthias Tenbusch, Lina Maria Serna Higuita … & Ulf Toelch
Abstract Clinical translation from bench to bedside often remains challenging even despite promising preclinical evidence. Among many drivers like biological complexity or poorly understood disease pathology, preclinical evidence often lacks desired robustness. Reasons include low sample sizes, selective reporting, publication bias, and consequently inflated effect sizes. In this context, there is growing consensus that confirmatory multicenter studies -by weeding out false positives- represent an important step in strengthening and generating preclinical evidence before moving on...

A correlation map of genome-wide DNA methylation patterns between paired human brain and buccal samples

Yasmine Sommerer, Olena Ohlei, Valerija Dobricic, Derek H. Oakley, Tanja Wesse, Sanaz Sedghpour Sabet, Ilja Demuth, Andre Franke, Bradley T. Hyman, Christina M. Lill & Lars Bertram
Abstract Epigenome-wide association studies (EWAS) assessing the link between DNA methylation (DNAm) and phenotypes related to structural brain measures, cognitive function, and neurodegenerative diseases are becoming increasingly more popular. Due to the inaccessibility of brain tissue in humans, several studies use peripheral tissues such as blood, buccal swabs, and saliva as surrogates. To aid the functional interpretation of EWAS findings in such settings, there is a need to assess the correlation of DNAm variability across...

Changes in Sports Activity After Periacetabular Osteotomy: A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

Vincent J. Leopold, Adrian Szarek, Christian Hipfl, Matthias Pumberger, Carsten Perka, Sebastian Hardt & Jannis Löchel
Background:Patients undergoing periacetabular osteotomy (PAO) for symptomatic developmental dysplasia of the hip are usually young and active with high functional demands. Those who participate in sports seek surgical therapy to resume or maintain sports activities. There is little evidence regarding the postoperative level of activity and the extent to which sports activity changes after PAO both qualitatively and quantitatively.Purpose:The aim of this study was to determine the change in activity level as measured using the...

Harmonic error observation of permanent magnet synchronous motor and its angle lag compensation method

Lei Wang, Yukun Han & Guoxu Zhao
During the permanent magnet synchronous motor operation, the inherent back-EMF output voltage harmonics of the permanent magnet synchronous motor shows the high harmonic noise signal, which is not conducive to the high precision control system. The harmonic error compensation method based on feedforward compensation is adopted to solve this problem and improve the system response characteristics and control accuracy. Firstly, in this paper, the torque harmonic error of a 12-pole 18-slot permanent magnet synchronous motor...

Characterization of key aroma compounds and regulation mechanism of aroma formation in local Binzi (Malus pumila × Malus asiatica) fruit

Qinghua Wang, Fan Gao, Xuexue Chen, Wenjiang Wu, Lei Wang, Jiangli Shi, Yun Huang, Yuanyue Shen, Guoliang Wu & Jiaxuan Guo
Abstract Background Volatile components are important secondary metabolites essential to fruit aroma quality, thus, in the past decades many studies have been extensively performed in clarifying fruit aroma formation. However, aroma components and biosynthesis in the fruit of Binzi (Malus pumila × Malus asiatica), an old local species with attractive aroma remain unknown. Results We investigated two Binzi cultivars, ‘Xiangbinzi’ (here named high-fragrant Binzi, ‘HFBZ’) and ‘Hulabin’ (here named low-fragrant Binzi, ‘LFBZ’) by monitoring the...

Association of sex steroid hormones and new bone formation rate after iliac onlay grafting: a prospective clinical pilot study

Victoria Constanze Landwehr, Tobias Fretwurst, Julia Heinen, Kirstin Vach, Katja Nelson, Susanne Nahles & Gerhard Iglhaut
Abstract Purpose The present prospective study evaluates the association between new bone formation rate in the iliac onlay graft and sex steroid hormone serum levels. Methods A total of 15 partially or completely edentulous postmenopausal females and 9 males with less than 5 mm height of the remaining alveolar bone underwent iliac onlay grafting followed by dental implant placement using a two-stage approach. Sex hormone binding globulin and 17β-estradiol serum levels were investigated by electrochemiluminescence...

Integrated analysis to identify the AC005154.6/hsa-miR-29c-3p/CCNL2 axis as a novel prognostic biomarker associated with immune infiltration in prostate cancer

Qinyu Li, Bingliang Chen, Guoda Song, Kai Zeng, Xin Chen, Jianping Miao, Xianglin Yuan, Jihong Liu, Zhihua Wang & Bo Liu
Abstract Background Prostate cancer (PCa) is currently the major malignancy in men. It is becoming increasingly clear that competitive endogenous RNA (ceRNA) regulation networks are important in a wide variety of cancers. Nevertheless, there is still much to learn about the biological functions of the ceRNA network in prostate cancer. Methods The ceRNA network was constructed using the "GDCRNATools" package. Based on survival analysis, we obtained AC005154.6/hsa-miR-29c-3p/CCNL2 for further analysis. The prognostic model based on...

Distribution properties of ultraviolet absorbents in different species of biodegradable plastics

Zhenzhen Yao, Bingru Li & Cheng Li
Ultraviolet absorbents (UVAs) in the environment have been of increasing concern because of their potential toxicity. However, data on UVAs in the biodegradable plastics are still limited. In this work, we determined the concentrations of 13 UVAs in 6 different types of biodegradable plastic products from Beijing, China, by an ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography with mass spectrometry and found the total concentrations in the range of 37.21–1,138,526 ng g−1. These target UVAs, BP (benzophenone), BP-3, BP-12,...

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