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Clinical First-Trimester Prediction Models for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Qi-Fang Huang, Yin-Chu Hu, Chong-Kun Wang, Jing Huang, Mei-Di Shen & Li-Hua Ren
BackgroundGestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is a common pregnancy complication that negatively impacts the health of both the mother and child. Early prediction of the risk of GDM may permit prompt and effective interventions. This systematic review and meta-analysis aimed to summarize the study characteristics, methodological quality, and model performance of first-trimester prediction model studies for GDM.MethodsFive electronic databases, one clinical trial register, and gray literature were searched from the inception date to March 19, 2022....

Alpha-ketoglutarate ameliorates abdominal aortic aneurysm via inhibiting PXDN/HOCL/ERK signaling pathways

Junjun Liu, Mingyuan Liu, Jiaxuan Feng, Hongqiao Zhu, Jianlie Wu, Heng Zhang, Shun Xiao, Zaiping Jing, Jian Zhou, Haitao Niu & Mingjin Guo
Abstract Abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) represents the serious vascular degenerative disorder, which causes high incidence and mortality. Alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG), a crucial metabolite in the tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle, has been reported to exert significant actions on the oxidative stress and inflammation. However, its role in AAA still remains elusive. Herein, we examined the effects of AKG on the formation of AAA. The study established an elastase-induced mouse abdominal aortic aneurysms model as well as a...

Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm dispersion by the mouse antimicrobial peptide CRAMP

Yang Zhang, Peng Cheng, Shiyuan Wang, Xiaofen Li, Lianci Peng, Rendong Fang, Jing Xiong, Hui Li, Cui Mei, Jiye Gao, Zhenhui Song, Dengfeng Xu, Lizhi Fu, Chenghong Li, Xueqing Wu, Yuzhang He & Hongwei Chen
Abstract Pseudomonas aeruginosa (P. aeruginosa) is a known bacterium that produces biofilms and causes severe infection. Furthermore, P. aeruginosa biofilms are extremely difficult to eradicate, leading to the development of chronic and antibiotic-resistant infections. Our previous study showed that a cathelicidin-related antimicrobial peptide (CRAMP) inhibits the formation of P. aeruginosa biofilms and markedly reduces the biomass of preformed biofilms, while the mechanism of eradicating bacterial biofilms remains elusive. Therefore, in this study, the potential mechanism...

Association between triglyceride glucose index and atherosclerotic plaques and Burden: findings from a community-based study

Mengxing Wang, Lerong Mei, Aoming Jin, Xueli Cai, Jing Jing, Suying Wang, Xia Meng, Shan Li, Tiemin Wei, Yongjun Wang & Yuesong Pan
Abstract Background Insulin resistance is an important cause of cardiovascular events and cerebral infarction development. We aimed to investigate the association of the triglyceride glucose (TyG) index with atherosclerotic burden and plaques in coronary, intra- and extracranial arteries in participants with non-diabetes, and compared the results with that of the homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance (HOMA-IR). Methods Participants without diabetes in the PolyvasculaR Evaluation for Cognitive Impairment and vaScular Events (PRECISE) study were included....

Intracellular mRNA phase separation induced by cationic polymers for tumor immunotherapy

Zhen Xing, Jing Xue, Xindian Ma, Congwei Han, Zhenzhen Wang, Shunhuang Luo, Chunming Wang, Lei Dong & Junfeng Zhang
Abstract The formation of biomolecular condensates via liquid‒liquid phase separation (LLPS) is an advantageous strategy for cells to organize their subcellular compartments for diverse functions. Recent findings suggest that RNA or RNA-related LLPS techniques have potential for the development of new cellular regulation strategies. However, manipulating RNA LLPS in living cells has great challenges. Herein, we report that cationic polymers (CPs) have strong RNA LLPS-inducing activity. By introducing CPs into living cells or RNA solutions,...

CCHCR1-astrin interaction promotes centriole duplication through recruitment of CEP72

Zhenguang Ying, Kaifang Wang, Junfeng Wu, Mingyu Wang, Jing Yang, Xia Wang, Guowei Zhou, Haibin Chen, Hongwu Xu, Stephen Cho Wing Sze, Feng Gao, Chunman Li & Ou Sha
Abstract Background The centrosome is one of the most important non-membranous organelles regulating microtubule organization and progression of cell mitosis. The coiled-coil alpha-helical rod protein 1 (CCHCR1, also known as HCR) gene is considered to be a psoriasis susceptibility gene, and the protein is suggested to be localized to the P-bodies and centrosomes in mammalian cells. However, the exact cellular function of HCR and its potential regulatory role in the centrosomes remain unexplored. Results We...

FOXD1-dependent RalA-ANXA2-Src complex promotes CTC formation in breast cancer

Yufei Long, Tuotuo Chong, Xiaoming Lyu, Lujia Chen, Xiaomin Luo, Oluwasijibomi Damola Faleti, Simin Deng, Fei Wang, Mingliang He, Zhipeng Qian, Hongli Zhao, Wenyan Zhou, Xia Guo, Ceshi Chen & Xin Li
Abstract Background Early metastasis is a key factor contributing to poor breast cancer (BC) prognosis. Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are regarded as the precursor cells of metastasis, which are ultimately responsible for the main cause of death in BC. However, to date molecular mechanisms underlying CTC formation in BC have been insufficiently defined. Methods RNA-seq was carried out in primary tissues from early-stage BC patients (with CTCs≥5 and CTCs = 0, respectively) and the validation...

Comparison of different correction formulas and measurement methods for the accurate determination of intraocular pressure after SMILE and FS-LASIK surgery

Zhiqing Yang, Na Miao, Lixiang Wang & Ke Ma
Abstract Background To compare the accuracy of non-contact tonometry, Pentacam, and corneal visualization Scheimpflug technology (Corvis ST) for the measurement of intraocular pressure (IOP) after small incision lenticule extraction (SMILE) or femtosecond laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (FS-LASIK) surgery. Methods A total of 49 patients (98 eyes) undergoing FS-LASIK or SMILE surgery at West China Hospital, Sichuan University from January to March 2021 were enrolled in this prospective, comparative, self-controlled study. IOP values were measured with...

Association between frequency of dairy product consumption and hypertension: a cross-sectional study in Zhejiang Province, China

Hao Wang, Lingli Chen, Yuan Cao, Kaixu Xie, Chunmei Wang, Pei Pei, Yu Guo, Fiona Bragg, Min Yu, Zhengming Chen & Liming Li
Abstract Background Hypertension, a well-known risk factor, contributes to millions of deaths from cardiovascular and renal diseases worldwide. However, evidence on the association between frequency of dairy product consumption and hypertension is inconsistent. Methods The data for the present study are from the Tongxiang baseline dataset of the China Kadoorie Biobank prospective study. A total of 53,916 participants aged 30–79 years were included in the final analysis. Multivariable logistic regression was utilized to evaluate the...

Prescribing Trends of Oral Anticoagulants from 2010 to 2020 in Shanghai, China: A Retrospective Study

Chi Zhang, Jia Wang, Ya Yang, Er-Li Ma, Hou-Wen Lin, Bing-Long Liu & Zhi-Chun Gu
AimNon-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulants (NOACs) were developed as an alternative to warfarin to prevent thromboembolism in patients with atrial fibrillation (AF), prosthetic heart valves, venous thromboembolism (VTE), or other thrombotic disorders. The aim of this study is to explore the trends in prescribing OACs, including warfarin and NOACs, in Shanghai, China.MethodsPrescription data of OACs were retrospectively collected from Rx Analysis System from 2010 to 2020 in Shanghai, China. Comparisons were made on the trends...

Prescribing Trends of Oral Anticoagulants from 2010 to 2020 in Shanghai, China: A Retrospective Study

Chi Zhang, Jia Wang, Ya Yang, Er-Li Ma, Hou-Wen Lin, Bing-Long Liu & Zhi-Chun Gu
AimNon-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulants (NOACs) were developed as an alternative to warfarin to prevent thromboembolism in patients with atrial fibrillation (AF), prosthetic heart valves, venous thromboembolism (VTE), or other thrombotic disorders. The aim of this study is to explore the trends in prescribing OACs, including warfarin and NOACs, in Shanghai, China.MethodsPrescription data of OACs were retrospectively collected from Rx Analysis System from 2010 to 2020 in Shanghai, China. Comparisons were made on the trends...

Dietary supplementation of Macleaya cordata extract and Bacillus in combination improve laying performance by regulating reproductive hormones, intestinal microbiota and barrier function of laying hens

Fei Wang, Peng Zou, Shujie Xu, Qi Wang, Yuanhao Zhou, Xiang Li, Li Tang, Baikui Wang, Qian Jin, Dongyou Yu & Weifen Li
Abstract Background This study aimed to investigate whether the combination of Macleaya cordata extract (MCE) and Bacillus could improve the laying performance and health of laying hens better. Methods A total of 360 29-week-old Jingbai laying hens were randomly divided into 4 treatments: control group (basal diet), MCE group (basal diet + MCE), Probiotics Bacillus Compound (PBC) group (basal diet + compound Bacillus), MCE + PBC group (basal diet + MCE + compound Bacillus). The...

Risk factors and outcomes of postoperative stroke in surgical treatment for giant intracranial aneurysms

Hao Wang, Junlin Lu, Xin Chen & Qiang Hao
Abstract Background Giant intracranial aneurysms (GIAs) are challenges for surgical treatment. Risk factors of postoperative stroke remain unclear. This study aims to investigate the predictors of postoperative stroke in GIAs and the impact of stroke on outcomes. Methods We performed a retrospective medical record review of patients with GIAs who received microsurgery at our institution between 2011 and 2018. Multivariate logistic regression analyses were carried out to identify risk factors for postoperative stroke. The clinical...

Establishment and application of a CRISPR-Cas12a-based RPA-LFS and fluorescence for the detection of Trichomonas vaginalis

Shan Li, Xiaocen Wang, Yanhui Yu, Songgao Cao, Juan Liu, Panpan Zhao, Jianhua Li, Xichen Zhang, Xin Li, Nan Zhang, Min Sun, Lili Cao & Pengtao Gong
Abstract Background Infection with Trichomonas vaginalis can lead to cervicitis, urethritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, prostatitis and perinatal complications and increased risk of HIV transmission. Here, we used an RPA-based CRISPR-Cas12a assay system in combination with a lateral flow strip (LFS) (referred to as RPA-CRISPR-Cas12a) to establish a highly sensitive and field-ready assay and evaluated its ability to detect clinical samples. Methods We developed a one-pot CRISPR-Cas12a combined with RPA-based field detection technology for T. vaginalis,...

Exploring AI-2-mediated interspecies communications within rumen microbial communities

Xiaozhen Liu, Qinmeng Liu, Sihuai Sun, Hengxi Sun, Yao Wang, Xihui Shen & Lei Zhang
Abstract Background The rumen is an ecosystem with a complex microbial microflora in which microbes initiate biofilm formation by attaching to plant surfaces for plant degradation and are capable of converting feed to nutrients and energy via microbial processes. Quorum sensing (QS) is a cell-to-cell communication mechanism that allows microbes to synchronize the expression of multiple genes in the group to perform social behaviors such as chemotaxis and biofilm formation using self-synthesized QS signaling molecules....

Using a mixed method to identify communication skills training priorities for Chinese general practitioners in diabetes care

Mi Yao, Gang Yuan, Kai Lin, Lijuan Liu, Hao Tang, Jieying Xie, Xinxin Ji, Rongxin Wang, Binkai Li, Jiajia Hao, Huichang Qiu, Dongying Zhang, Hai Li, Shamil Haroon, Dawn Jackson, Wei Chen, Kar Keung Cheng & Richard Lehman
Abstract Background In China diabetes care is gradually shifting from secondary to primary care with great infrastructure investment and GP training. However, most GPs in China lack communication skills training, which is a huge obstacle in communication with their patients in primary care. In this study we seek to identify training priorities that is evidence-based, appropriate for the context of primary care in China, and that meet the real needs of both GPs and people...

Identification and validation of a fatty acid metabolism-related lncRNA signature as a predictor for prognosis and immunotherapy in patients with liver cancer

Erbao Chen, Jing Yi, Jing Jiang, Zhilin Zou, Yuqian Mo, Qingqi Ren, Zewei Lin, Yi Lu, Jian Zhang & Jikui Liu
Abstract Background Fatty acid (FA) metabolism is considered the emerging cause of tumor development and metastasis, driving poor prognosis. Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) are closely related to cancer progression and play important roles in FA metabolism. Thus, the discovery of FA metabolism-related lncRNA signatures to predict outcome and immunotherapy response is critical in improving the survival of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Methods FA metabolism scores and a FA metabolism-related lncRNA signature were constructed using...

Supplementary material from \"Transcriptome analysis and mining of genes related to shade tolerance in foxtail millet (Setaria italica (L.) P. Beauv.)\"

Dan Liu, Yanjiao Cui, Zilong Zhao, Jing Zhang, Suying Li & Zhengli Liu
A stereo interplanting system with foxtail millet beneath chestnut trees is an effective planting method to raise the utilization of land in chestnut orchards, increase yields and improve quality of chestnut nuts. Consequently, exploration of genes involved in shade tolerance response in foxtail millet and breeding shade-tolerant varieties have become urgent issues. In this study, RNA-seq of leaf samples from two shade-tolerant varieties and three shade-intolerant varieties of foxtail millet at the booting stage was...

Theoretical analysis of 60-W solar-pumped single crystal fiber laser

Pengfei Xiang, Lanling Lan, Yan Liu, Hongfei Qi, Yulong Tang & xiuhua ma
In order to improve the output power of solar-pumped single-crystal fiber (SCF) lasers, a novel solar concentrating system is proposed, which consists of a parabolic mirror, a 3D-CPC, and a hollow-core reflector. By ray tracing with TracePro, influence of the fiber’s diameter and the hollow reflector’s shape on the solar absorption efficiency is theoretically investigated. A typical Nd:YAG SCF with a core-diameter of 1 mm, length of 150 mm and doping concentration of 1 at.%...

Sex differences in clinical cognitive impairment with Lewy bodies: a Chinese multicenter study

Jinghuan Gan, Zhichao Chen, Zhihong Shi, Xudong Li, Shuai Liu, Yiming Liu, Hongcan Zhu, Lu Shen, Guili Zhang, Yong You, Qihao Guo, Nan Zhang, Yang Lv, Baozhi Gang, Junliang Yuan & Yong Ji
Abstract Background Research on sex ratios of Lewy body dementia is controversial, established in small samples, and rarely focused on prodromal stage. The objective is to investigate the clinical sex ratios (men/women) and their associations with clinical features among individuals with mild cognitive impairment with Lewy bodies (MCI-LB), dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB), Parkinson’s disease with mild cognitive impairment (PD-MCI), and Parkinson’s disease with dementia (PDD) in China. Methods We conducted a multicenter cohort study,...

Factors influencing and long-term effects of manual myotomy phenomenon during physiotherapy for congenital muscular torticollis

Zhenhui Zhao, Hansheng Deng, Xin Qiu, Gen Tang, Huijia Zheng, Fang Yang, Futang Gao, Zhengyu Wu, Yuanheng Li, Shuaidan Zeng, Jiaxin Zhao, Yiyuan Sun, Ziheng Zhou, Yu Tang, Zhiwen Cui, Weiqing Li, Xiaodi Chen, Ting Cai, Xian Liu, Shicheng Li, Qisong Yang, Shengping Tang & Zhu Xiong
Abstract Purpose To investigate the factors influencing and long-term effects of manual myotomy (MM) occurring during physiotherapy for congenital muscular torticollis (CMT). Methods We retrospectively collected the clinical data of children with CMT receiving physiotherapy between 2008 and 2018. The children were divided into manual myotomy (MM) and non-manual myotomy (NMM) groups according to whether MM occurred during treatment. We assessed physiotherapy outcomes in children with CMT using craniofacial asymmetry parameters and the Cheng–Tang rating...

The diversity and evolutionary relationships of ticks and tick-borne bacteria collected in China

JunHua Tian, Xin Hou, MiHong Ge, HongBin Xu, Bin Yu, Jing Liu, RenFu Shao, Edward C. Holmes, ChaoLiang Lei & Mang Shi
Abstract Background Ticks (order Ixodida) are ectoparasites, vectors and reservoirs of many infectious agents affecting humans and domestic animals. However, the lack of information on tick genomic diversity leaves significant gaps in the understanding of the evolution of ticks and associated bacteria. Results We collected > 20,000 contemporary and historical (up to 60 years of preservation) tick samples representing a wide range of tick biodiversity across diverse geographic regions in China. Metagenomic sequencing was performed...

Lensless imaging through thin scattering layers under broadband illumination

Wei Li, Bingjian Wang, Tengfei Wu, Feihu Xu & Xiaopeng Shao
Lensless scattering imaging is a prospective approach to microscopy in which a high-resolution image of an object is reconstructed from one or more measured speckle patterns, providing a solution in situations where the use of imaging optics is not possible. However, current lensless scattering imaging methods are typically limited by the need for a light source with a narrowband spectrum. Here, we propose two general approaches that enable single-shot lensless scattering imaging under broadband illumination...

Combination of oral STING agonist MSA-2 and anti-TGF-β/PD-L1 bispecific antibody YM101: a novel immune cocktail therapy for non-inflamed tumors

Ming Yi, Mengke Niu, Yuze Wu, Hong Ge, Dechao Jiao, Shuangli Zhu, Jing Zhang, Yongxiang Yan, Pengfei Zhou, Qian Chu & Kongming Wu
Abstract Background Non-inflamed tumors, including immune-excluded and immune-desert tumors, are commonly resistant to anti-PD-1/PD-L1 (α-PD-1/PD-L1) therapy. Our previous study reported the potent antitumor activity of anti-TGF-β/PD-L1 bispecific antibody YM101 in immune-excluded tumors. However, YM101 had limited antitumor activity in immune-desert models. MSA-2 is a novel oral stimulator of interferon genes (STING) agonist, which activates the innate immune system and may synergize with YM101 in overcoming immunotherapy resistance. Methods The dose-dependent effect of MSA-2 on STING...

LncRNA PCED1B-AS1 knockdown inhibits osteosarcoma via methylation-mediated miR-10a downregulation

Bing Wang, Li Yao, Yuefu Dong, Jian Liu & Jian Wu
Abstract Background LncRNA PCED1B-AS1 (PCED1B-AS1) promotes glioma. This study aimed to investigate its role in osteosarcoma (OS). Methods The study included 60 OS patients. Accumulation of miR-10a and PCED1B-AS1 in tissues from OS patients and cell lines was determined by RT-qPCR. Cell transfections were performed for interaction analysis. Participation of PCED1B-AS1 siRNA silencing and miR-10a overexpression in proliferation, invasion, and migration of U2OS and MG-63 cells was analyzed by cell proliferation assay and Transwell assay....

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