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Single-shot quantitative phase imaging with phase modulation of a liquid crystal spatial light modulator (LC-SLM) under white light illumination

Chen Fan, Hong Zhao, Zixin Zhao, Junxiang Li, Yijun Du, xingyu yang & Lu Zhang
We propose a novel single-shot quantitative phase imaging (QPI) technique with phase modulation of liquid crystal spatial light modulator (LC-SLM) under white light illumination. By studying the phase modulation characteristics of LC-SLM under white light illumination, images captured with different wavelengths are equivalent to that captured in different defocus distances when loading a Fresnel lens pattern on LC-SLM. As a result, a color camera can simultaneously acquire intensity image at different defocus distances. Finally, the...

Potential novel biomarkers in small intestine for obesity/obesity resistance revealed by multi-omics analysis

Yueshan Pang, Yali Zheng, Ni Yang, Meng Zan, Lu Zhang & WeiJun Ding
Abstract Background Although obesity is caused by different factors, individual susceptibility to obesity differs among people under the same circumstances. The microbiota in the caecum or fresh faeces and metabolites in blood or urine contribute to obesity resistance; however, the microbiota or metabolites in the small intestine have not been extensively studied. Methods To investigate the relationship between the microbiota or metabolites in the small intestine and susceptibility to obesity, eighty-eight male C57BL/6 mice were...

Comparison of Open-Access, Trough-Only Online Calculators Versus Trapezoidal Method for Calculation of Vancomycin Area Under the Curve (AUC)

Elizabeth Keil, Rebekah H. Wrenn, Connor R. Deri, Cara N. Slaton, Jenny Shroba, Alice Parish, Alaattin Erkanli & Justin Spivey
Background:Vancomycin area-under-the-curve (AUC) monitoring is associated with reduced nephrotoxicity but may increase cost and workload for personnel compared to trough monitoring.Objective:The purpose of this study was to compare the accuracy of vancomycin AUC calculated by open-access, online, trough-only calculators to AUCs calculated by the trapezoidal method (TM) using peak and trough concentrations.Methods:This retrospective, multi-center study included adults ≥18 years old with stable renal function who received vancomycin with steady-state peak and trough concentrations. Areas under...

Association of physical activity and air pollution exposure with the risk of type 2 diabetes: a large population-based prospective cohort study

Zhi-Hao Li, Wen-Fang Zhong, Xi-Ru Zhang, Vincent CH Chung, Wei-Qi Song, Qing Chen, Xiao-Meng Wang, Qing-Mei Huang, Dong Shen, Pei-Dong Zhang, Dan Liu, Yu-Jie Zhang, Pei-Liang Chen, Xin Cheng, Hai-Lian Yang, Miao-Chun Cai, Xiang Gao, Virginia Byers Kraus & Chen Mao
Abstract Background The interplay between physical activity (PA) and air pollution in relation to type 2 diabetes (T2D) remains largely unknown. Based on a large population-based cohort study, this study aimed to examine whether the benefits of PA with respect to the risk of T2D are moderated by exposure to air pollution. Methods UK Biobank participants (n = 359,153) without diabetes at baseline were included. Information on PA was obtained using the International Physical Activity...

Low barrier medication for opioid use disorder at a federally qualified health center: a retrospective cohort study

Jamie Carter, Zhen Li, Hillary Chen, Melissa Greiner, Christopher Bush, Debanjan Bhattacharya, Stephanie Poley, Nidhi Sachdeva, Jane Carolyn Crowder & Jacob Feigal
Abstract Background Medication for opioid use disorder (MOUD) reduces mortality, but few patients access MOUD. At a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), we implemented a low barrier model of MOUD, including same-day MOUD initiation and a harm reduction philosophy. Objective To investigate whether low barrier MOUD improved retention in care compared to traditional treatment. Design and participants Retrospective cohort study of patients with at least one visit seeking MOUD at the FQHC during a historical...

Smoking-mediated nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs) for predicting outcomes for head and neck squamous cell carcinomas

Yujie Shen, Qiang Huang, Mengyou Ji, Chi-Yao Hsueh & Liang Zhou
Abstract Background As a human tumor disease, head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) is associated with a high mortality rate worldwide. Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs) are transmembrane receptor proteins and exert their biological effects following activation by nicotine. We aimed to construct a prognostic signature based on the expression of nAChRs among smokers with HNSCC. Methods The transcriptome profile of nAChRs was obtained from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA). Following the integration of survival...

Rare lysosomal disease registries: lessons learned over three decades of real-world evidence

P. K. Mistry, P. Kishnani, C. Wanner, D. Dong, J. Bender, J. L. Batista & J. Foster
Abstract Lysosomal storage disorders (LSD) are rare diseases, caused by inherited deficiencies of lysosomal enzymes/transporters, that affect 1 in 7000 to 1 in 8000 newborns. Individuals with LSDs face long diagnostic journeys during which debilitating and life-threatening events can occur. Clinical trials and classical descriptions of LSDs typically focus on common manifestations, which are not representative of the vast phenotypic heterogeneity encountered in real-world experience. Additionally, recognizing that there was a limited understanding of the...

Circular RNAs to predict clinical outcome after cardiac arrest

Francesca M. Stefanizzi, Lu Zhang, Antonio Salgado-Somoza, Josef Dankiewicz, Pascal Stammet, Christian Hassager, Matthew P. Wise, Hans Friberg, Tobias Cronberg, Alexander Hundt, Jesper Kjaergaard, Niklas Nielsen & Yvan Devaux
Abstract Background Cardiac arrest (CA) represents the third leading cause of death worldwide. Among patients resuscitated and admitted to hospital, death and severe neurological sequelae are frequent but difficult to predict. Blood biomarkers offer clinicians the potential to improve prognostication. Previous studies suggest that circulating non-coding RNAs constitute a reservoir of novel biomarkers. Therefore, this study aims to identify circulating circular RNAs (circRNAs) associated with clinical outcome after CA. Results Whole blood samples obtained 48...

The diversity and evolutionary relationships of ticks and tick-borne bacteria collected in China

JunHua Tian, Xin Hou, MiHong Ge, HongBin Xu, Bin Yu, Jing Liu, RenFu Shao, Edward C. Holmes, ChaoLiang Lei & Mang Shi
Abstract Background Ticks (order Ixodida) are ectoparasites, vectors and reservoirs of many infectious agents affecting humans and domestic animals. However, the lack of information on tick genomic diversity leaves significant gaps in the understanding of the evolution of ticks and associated bacteria. Results We collected > 20,000 contemporary and historical (up to 60 years of preservation) tick samples representing a wide range of tick biodiversity across diverse geographic regions in China. Metagenomic sequencing was performed...

How health systems facilitate patient-centered care and care coordination: a case series analysis to identify best practices

Kaitlyn Simpson, Wilson Nham, Josh Thariath, Hannah Schafer, Margaret Greenwood-Eriksen, Michael D. Fetters, David Serlin, Timothy Peterson & Mahshid Abir
Abstract Large- and small-scale transformation of healthcare delivery toward improved patient experience through promotion of patient-centered and coordinated care continues to be at the forefront of health system efforts in the United States. As part of a Quality Improvement (QI) project at a large, midwestern health system, a case series of high-performing organizations was explored with the goal of identifying best practices in patient-centered care and/or care coordination (PCC/CC). Identification of best practices was done...

Electronic Consumer-to-Consumer Interaction (eCCI) Post a Service Failure: The Psychological Power of Need for Approval

Wei Wei, Lu Zhang, Bobbie Rathjens & Sean McGinley
The prevalence of eCCI (electronic customer-to-customer interaction) is rapidly growing as customers increasingly employ online tools to reach fellow customers and voice their opinions, especially after service failures. Adopting a quasi-experimental design, this research examines the impact of eCCI on restaurant customers, considering their need for approval. A total of 201 responses were obtained for the main experiment (Study 1). Results indicated that people with a lower need for approval reported greater social media engagement,...

3D flexible compositing resonant cavity system for high-performance SERS sensing

Weihao Liu, Yaru Li, Zhen Li, Xuejian Du, Shuqi Xie, Cong liu, Shouzhen Jiang & Zhong Li
Arrayed resonant cavity with outstanding optical trapping ability have received increasing attention in surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS). Here, a three-dimensional (3D) composite AgNPs-Al2O3/Au/inverted patterned sapphire substrate PMMA (IPSSPMMA) flexible resonant cavity system is theoretically and experimentally investigated as a flexible SERS sensor. With the help of an effective plasma coupling (localized surface plasmons (LSPs) and surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs)), as shown by the Finite Element Method, a resonant cavity between IPSSPMMA and a particle-film nanostructure...

Snapshot temporal compressive light-sheet fluorescence microscopy via deep denoising and total variation priors

Meiqin Wang, Liang zhou, Jinhu Hu, Huiqun Cao, Danying Lin, Bin Yu & Junle Qu
We present a snapshot temporal compressive light-sheet fluorescence microscopy system to capture high-speed microscopic scenes with a low-speed camera. A deep denoising network and total variation denoiser are incorporated into a plug-and-play framework to reconstruct 20 high-speed video frames from a short-time measurement. Specifically, we can observe 1,000-frames per second (fps) microscopic scenes when camera works at 50 fps to capture the measurement. The proposed method can potentially be applied to observe cell and tissue...

Adaptive Bayesian neural networks nonlinear equalizer in a 300-Gbit/s PAM8 transmission for IM/DD OAM mode division multiplexing

Sitong Zhou, Xinyu Liu, Ran Gao, ziyun jiang, Han Zhang & Xiangjun Xin
The strong stochastic nonlinear impairment induced by random mode coupling appears to be a long-standing performance-limiting problem in the orbital angular momentum (OAM) mode division multiplexing (MDM) of intensity modulation direct detection (IM/DD) transmission systems. In this letter, we propose a Bayesian Neural Networks (BNN) nonlinear equalizer for an OAM-MDM IM/DD transmission with three modes. Unlike conventional Volterra and convolutional neural network (CNN) equalizers with fixed weight coefficients, the weights and biases of the BNN...

Impact of socioeconomic factors and health determinants on preterm birth in Brazil: a register-based study

Luciano de Andrade, Arthi S. Kozhumam, Thiago Augusto Hernandes Rocha, Dante Grapiuna de Almeida, Núbia Cristina da Silva, Rejane Christine de Souza Queiroz, Miyoko Massago, Sharla Rent, Luiz Augusto Facchini, Antônio Augusto Moura da Silva, Catherine Ann Staton, João Ricardo Nickenig Vissoci & Erika Barbara Abreu Fonseca Thomaz
Abstract Background More than 15 million children are born preterm annually. While preterm survival rates have increased in high-income countries. Low- and middle-income countries, like Brazil, continue to battle high neonatal mortality rates due to a lack of adequate postnatal care. Globally, neonatal mortality is higher for preterm infants compared to those born at term. Our study aims to map and analyze the spatial, socioeconomic, and health coverage determinants related to preterm birth in Brazil...

Pathways to ovarian cancer diagnosis: a qualitative study

Katherine A. Lawson-Michod, Melissa H. Watt, Laurie Grieshober, Sarah E. Green, Lea Karabegovic, Samantha Derzon, Makelle Owens, Rachel D. McCarty, Jennifer A. Doherty & Mollie E. Barnard
Abstract Background Ovarian cancer is often diagnosed at a late stage, when survival is poor. Qualitative narratives of patients’ pathways to ovarian cancer diagnoses may identify opportunities for earlier cancer detection and, consequently, earlier stage at diagnosis. Methods We conducted semi-structured interviews of ovarian cancer patients and survivors (n = 14) and healthcare providers (n = 11) between 10/2019 and 10/2021. Interviews focused on the time leading up to an ovarian cancer diagnosis. Thematic analysis...

Screening and brief intervention for alcohol use disorder risk in three middle-income countries

Mallie J. Paschall, Christopher L. Ringwalt, Deborah A. Fisher, Joel W. Grube, Tom Achoki & Ted R. Miller
Abstract Background This study examined the prevalence of screening and brief intervention (SBI) for alcohol use disorder (AUD) risk in samples of adult drinkers in three middle-income countries (Brazil, China, South Africa), and the extent to which meeting criteria for AUD risk was associated with SBI. Methods Cross-sectional survey data were collected from adult samples in two cities in each country in 2018. Survey measures included past-year alcohol use, the CAGE assessment for AUD risk,...

Response of soil respiration to changes in soil temperature and water table level in drained and restored peatlands of the southeastern United States

E. E. Swails, M. Ardón, K. W. Krauss, A. L. Peralta, R. E. Emanuel, A. M. Helton, J. L. Morse, L. Gutenberg, N. Cormier, D. Shoch, S. Settlemyer, E. Soderholm, B. P. Boutin, C. Peoples & S. Ward
Abstract Background Extensive drainage of peatlands in the southeastern United States coastal plain for the purposes of agriculture and timber harvesting has led to large releases of soil carbon as carbon dioxide (CO2) due to enhanced peat decomposition. Growth in mechanisms that provide financial incentives for reducing emissions from land use and land-use change could increase funding for hydrological restoration that reduces peat CO2 emissions from these ecosystems. Measuring soil respiration and physical drivers across...

Response of soil respiration to changes in soil temperature and water table level in drained and restored peatlands of the southeastern United States

E. E. Swails, M. Ardón, K. W. Krauss, A. L. Peralta, R. E. Emanuel, A. M. Helton, J. L. Morse, L. Gutenberg, N. Cormier, D. Shoch, S. Settlemyer, E. Soderholm, B. P. Boutin, C. Peoples & S. Ward
Abstract Background Extensive drainage of peatlands in the southeastern United States coastal plain for the purposes of agriculture and timber harvesting has led to large releases of soil carbon as carbon dioxide (CO2) due to enhanced peat decomposition. Growth in mechanisms that provide financial incentives for reducing emissions from land use and land-use change could increase funding for hydrological restoration that reduces peat CO2 emissions from these ecosystems. Measuring soil respiration and physical drivers across...

An integrated deep learning model for the prediction of pathological complete response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy with serial ultrasonography in breast cancer patients: a multicentre, retrospective study

Lei Wu, Weitao Ye, Yu Liu, Dong Chen, Yuxiang Wang, Yanfen Cui, Zhenhui Li, Pinxiong Li, Zhen Li, Zaiyi Liu, Min Liu, Changhong Liang, Xiaotang Yang, Yu Xie & Ying Wang
Abstract Background The biological phenotype of tumours evolves during neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC). Accurate prediction of pathological complete response (pCR) to NAC in the early-stage or posttreatment can optimize treatment strategies or improve the breast-conserving rate. This study aimed to develop and validate an autosegmentation-based serial ultrasonography assessment system (SUAS) that incorporated serial ultrasonographic features throughout the NAC of breast cancer to predict pCR. Methods A total of 801 patients with biopsy-proven breast cancer were retrospectively...

Tacrolimus Formulation, Exposure Variability, and Outcomes in Kidney Transplant Recipients

Elaine F. Lai, Huong Thao Nguyen, Olusegun Famure, Yanhong Li & S. Joseph Kim
IntroductionFew studies have compared within-patient variability measures of tacrolimus trough levels by formulation and assessed within-patient variability on outcomes of kidney transplant recipients.Research Questions(1) To compare within-patient variability of trough levels when converting from twice-daily to once-daily tacrolimus using standard deviation, coefficient of variation, and intrapatient variability percent. (2) To use the 3 measures of variability to examine the relationship between tacrolimus once-daily within-patient variability and total graft failure (i.e., return to chronic dialysis, pre-emptive...

Utilization and Outcomes of Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Following Traumatic Brain Injury in the United States

Jordan Hatfield, Tetsu Ohnuma, Alexandria L. Soto, Jordan M. Komisarow, Monica S. Vavilala, Daniel T. Laskowitz, Michael L. James, Joseph P. Mathew, Adrian F. Hernandez, Benjamin A. Goldstein, Miriam Treggiari, Karthik Raghunathan & Vijay Krishnamoorthy
Objectives: Describe contemporary ECMO utilization patterns among patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and examine clinical outcomes among TBI patients requiring ECMO. Design: Retrospective cohort study. Setting: Premier Healthcare Database (PHD) between January 2016 to June 2020. Subjects: Adult patients with TBI who were mechanically ventilated and stratified by exposure to ECMO. Results: Among patients exposed to ECMO, we examined the following clinical outcomes: hospital LOS, ICU LOS, duration of mechanical ventilation, and hospital mortality....

Modeling land-use change using partitioned vector cellular automata while considering urban spatial structure

Jing Yang, Xinyu Zhu, Wei Chen, Yizhong Sun & Jie Zhu
While many published studies have explored the impact of spatial heterogeneity on land-use change, few have focused on regional differences in land-use transition rules caused by urban spatial structure. In this paper, we measured urban land-use diversity by developing self-adaptive kernel density estimation and entropy weight methods and determine the urban spatial structure (composed of urban regions, inner and outer urban-rural fringes, and a rural hinterland) by applying a spectral clustering method. Combining local neighborhood...

Safety, efficacy, and pharmacokinetics of gremubamab (MEDI3902), an anti-Pseudomonas aeruginosa bispecific human monoclonal antibody, in P. aeruginosa-colonised, mechanically ventilated intensive care unit patients: a randomised controlled trial

Jean Chastre, Bruno François, Marc Bourgeois, Apostolos Komnos, Ricard Ferrer, Galia Rahav, Nicolas De Schryver, Alain Lepape, Iftihar Koksal, Charles-Edouard Luyt, Miguel Sánchez-García, Antoni Torres, Philippe Eggimann, Despoina Koulenti, Thomas L. Holland, Omar Ali, Kathryn Shoemaker, Pin Ren, Julien Sauser, Alexey Ruzin, David E. Tabor, Ahmad Akhgar, Yuling Wu, Yu Jiang, Antonio DiGiandomenico … & Hasan S. Jafri
Abstract Background Ventilator-associated pneumonia caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa (PA) in hospitalised patients is associated with high mortality. The effectiveness of the bivalent, bispecific mAb MEDI3902 (gremubamab) in preventing PA nosocomial pneumonia was assessed in PA-colonised mechanically ventilated subjects. Methods EVADE (NCT02696902) was a phase 2, randomised, parallel-group, double-blind, placebo-controlled study in Europe, Turkey, Israel, and the USA. Subjects ≥ 18 years old, mechanically ventilated, tracheally colonised with PA, and without new-onset pneumonia, were randomised (1:1:1)...

Health and social care of home-dwelling frail older adults in Switzerland: a mixed methods study

Olivia Yip, Suzanne Dhaini, Jan Esser, Flaka Siqeca, Maria Jose Mendieta, Evelyn Huber, Andreas Zeller, Sabina De Geest, Mieke Deschodt, Franziska Zúñiga, Leah L. Zullig & Heather A. King
Abstract Background Home-dwelling frail older adults are often faced with multimorbidity and complex care needs, requiring health and social care systems that support frail older adults to age in place. The objective of this paper was to investigate the types of formal health and social care as well as informal care and social support used by home-dwelling frail older adults; whether they perceive their support as sufficient; and their experience with and preferences for care...

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