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Endovascular Stent Graft Repair for Mycotic Aorto-Iliac Aneurysm Due to Brucella

Jianjun Jiang, Wenchong Shao, Shuohao Shen, Guangzhen Li, Yang Liu, Xiangjiu Ding & Qingbo Su
Purpose:Brucella aneurysms are very rare but life-threatening, and a standard treatment approach has yet to be established. The current study aimed to assess the safety and efficacy of endovascular treatment for Brucella aneurysms.Materials and Methods:The clinical data of 15 Brucella aortic-iliac aneurysm patients who underwent endovascular repair at 2 hospitals from January 2012 to December 2021 were retrospectively collected and analyzed.Results:Fifteen patients (12 men and 3 women) with a mean age of 59.3 years were...

An End-to-end Varifocal Multiview Images Coding Framework from Data Acquisition End to Vision Application End

Kejun Wu, Qiong Liu, Yi Wang & You Yang
The emerging data, varifocal multiview (VFMV) has an exciting prospect in immersive multimedia. However, the distinctive data redundancy of VFMV derived from dense arrangements and blurriness differences among views causes difficulty in data compression. In this paper, we propose an end-to-end coding scheme for VFMV images, which provide a new paradigm for VFMV compression from data acquisition (source) end to vision application end. VFMV acquisition is first conducted in three ways at the source end,...

Dialysis nurses’ knowledge, attitude, practice and self-efficacy regarding vascular access: A cross-sectional study in Singapore

Lingyan Meng, Wei Guo, Lillian Lou, Boon Wee Teo & Pei Ho
Introduction:Dialysis nurses play a paramount role in vascular access (VA) management. The aim of this study is to evaluate dialysis nurses’ knowledge, attitude, practice and self-efficacy (KACP-SE) pertaining to VA cannulation and evaluation.Method:An anonymous self-administered survey was administered to dialysis nurses from two tertiary hospitals (four dialysis units) and two community dialysis centres from April to May 2022. The 37-items survey consists of four dimensions of questions relating to VA cannulation and management: knowledge, attitude,...

Efficient three-level continuous-wave and GHz passively mode-locked laser by a Nd3+-doped silicate glass single mode fiber

yafei wang, Yan Sun, Xin Wang, yinggang chen, Chongyun Shao, Shikai Wang, Lei Zhang, Danping Chen, Chunlei Yu & Lili Hu
Nd3+-doped three-level (4F3/2–4I9/2) fiber lasers with wavelengths in the range of 850–950 nm are of considerable interest in applications such as bio-medical imaging and blue and ultraviolet laser generation. Although the design of a suitable fiber geometry has enhanced the laser performance by suppressing the competitive four-level (4F3/2–4I11/2) transition at ~1 µm, efficient operation of Nd3+-doped three-level fiber lasers still remains a challenge. In this study, taking a developed Nd3+-doped silicate glass single-mode fiber as...

Supplementary material from \"Patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cell properties implicate Ca2+-homeostasis in clinical arrhythmia associated with combined heterozygous RYR2 and SCN10A variants\"

Yafei Zhou, Wenjun Huang, Leiying Liu, Anmao Li, Congshan Jiang, Rui Zhou, Jie Wang, Xiaoqiu Tan, Christopher L.-H. Huang & Yanmin Zhang
We illustrate use of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) as platforms for investigating cardiomyocyte phenotypes in a human family pedigree exemplified by novel heterozygous RYR2-A1855D and SCN10A-Q1362H variants occurring alone and in combination. The proband, a four-month-old boy, presented with polymorphic ventricular tachycardia. Genetic tests revealed double novel heterozygous RYR2-A1855D and SCN10A-Q1362H variants inherited from his father (F) and mother (M), respectively. His father showed ventricular premature beats; his mother was asymptomatic. Molecular biological characterizations...

SENP3 facilitates M1 macrophage polarization via the HIF-1α/PKM2 axis in lipopolysaccharide-induced acute lung injury

Shuangjun He, Chenyu Fan, Yiming Ji, Qian Su, Feng Zhao, Cuiying Xie, Xuelian Chen, Yang Zhang & Yi Chen
M1/M2 macrophage polarization plays a pivotal role in the development of acute lung injury (ALI). The hypoxia-inducible factor-1α/pyruvate kinase M2 (HIF-1α/PKM2) axis, which functions upstream of macrophage polarization, has been implicated in this process. The function of HIF-1α is known to be tightly regulated by SUMOylation. Upregulation of SUMO-specific peptidase 3 (SENP3), a deSUMOylation enzyme, is induced by reactive oxygen species (ROS), which are abundantly produced during ALI. To explore the links between SENP3, macrophage...

Superior sagittal sinus flow as a proxy for tracking global cerebral blood flow dynamics during wakefulness and sleep

Alessandra S Caporale, Alexander M Barclay, Jing Xu, Hengyi Rao, Hyunyeol Lee, Michael C Langham, John A Detre & Felix W Wehrli
Sleep, a state of reduced consciousness, affects brain oxygen metabolism and lowers cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen (CMRO2). Previously, we quantified CMRO2 during sleep via Fick’s Principle, with a single-band MRI sequence measuring both hemoglobin O2 saturation (SvO2) and superior sagittal sinus (SSS) blood flow, which was upscaled to obtain total cerebral blood flow (tCBF). The procedure involves a brief initial calibration scan to determine the upscaling factor (fc), assumed state-invariant. Here, we used a...

Superior sagittal sinus flow as a proxy for tracking global cerebral blood flow dynamics during wakefulness and sleep

Alessandra S Caporale, Alexander M Barclay, Jing Xu, Hengyi Rao, Hyunyeol Lee, Michael C Langham, John A Detre & Felix W Wehrli
Sleep, a state of reduced consciousness, affects brain oxygen metabolism and lowers cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen (CMRO2). Previously, we quantified CMRO2 during sleep via Fick’s Principle, with a single-band MRI sequence measuring both hemoglobin O2 saturation (SvO2) and superior sagittal sinus (SSS) blood flow, which was upscaled to obtain total cerebral blood flow (tCBF). The procedure involves a brief initial calibration scan to determine the upscaling factor (fc), assumed state-invariant. Here, we used a...

Bone Density of the Condyle of Children with Craniofacial Microsomia and its Correlation with Condylar Resorption After Mandible Distraction Osteogenesis

Xiyuan Li, Zhiyong Zhang, Xiaojun Tang, Chuan Li & Wei Liu
ObjectiveTo investigate condylar bone density (BD) in children with craniofacial microsomia (CFM) and identify factors that contribute to early stage condylar resorption (CR) after mandibular distraction osteogenesis (MDO).DesignRetrospective study.SettingCraniofacial department of a plastic surgery hospital.PatientsFifty-one children with CFM classified as Pruzansky IIa based on complete pre-(T0) and post-MDO (T1) computed tomography (CT) data.Intervention and Main outcome measurementsMimic 21.0 (Materialise Inc., Belgium) was used to measure bilateral BD and condylar height (CH) and volume (CV) of...

A new method to separate the impacts of interday and intraday temperature variability on mortality

Bo Wen, Yao Wu, Yuming Guo & Shanshan Li
Abstract Background Temperature variability (TV) is associated with increased mortality risks. However, the independent impacts of interday and intraday are still unknown. Methods We proposed a new method to decompose TV into interday TV and intraday TV through algebra derivation. Intraday TV was defined as the weighted average standard deviation (SD) of minimum temperature and maximum temperature on each day. Interday TV was defined as the weighted SD of daily mean temperatures during the exposure...

Potential role of plasma branched-chain amino acids in the differential diagnosis of acute cerebral venous thrombosis

Huimin Jiang, Chen Zhou, Huimin Wei, Yan Wu, Yifan Zhou, Xuechun Xiao, Lu Liu, Ming Li, Jiangang Duan, Ran Meng & Xunming Ji
Cerebral venous thrombosis (CVT) is a special and easily misdiagnosed or undiagnosed subtype of stroke. To identify specific biomarkers with a high predictive ability for the diagnosis of acute CVT, we performed metabolomic analysis in plasma samples from acute CVT patients and healthy controls and confirmed the results in validation cohorts. In the discovery stage, there were 343 differential metabolites, and the caffeine metabolism pathway and the biosynthesis pathway for the branched chain amino acids...

Label-free and dynamic monitoring of cell evolutions using wavelength-multiplexing surface plasmon resonance holographic microscopy

Siqing Dai, Jingyu Mi, Jiazhen Dou, Wenpu Shi, Jiwei Zhang & Jianlin Zhao
Dynamic characterizations of intracellular variations and cell-substrate interactions under different external environments are critical to study cell behaviors and explore biological applications. However, techniques that are capable of dynamically measuring multiple parameters of living cells in a wide-field manner have rarely been reported. Here, we present a wavelength-multiplexing surface plasmon resonance holographic microscopy which allows wide-field, simultaneous and dynamic measurements of cell parameters including cell-substrate distance and cytoplasm refractive index (RI). We use two lasers...

Liver biomarkers, lipid metabolites, and risk of gestational diabetes mellitus in a prospective study among Chinese pregnant women

Ping Wu, Yi Wang, Yi Ye, Xue Yang, Yichao Huang, Yixiang Ye, Yuwei Lai, Jing Ouyang, Linjing Wu, Jianguo Xu, Jiaying Yuan, Yayi Hu, Yi-Xin Wang, Gang Liu, Da Chen, An Pan & Xiong-Fei Pan
Abstract Background Liver plays an important role in maintaining glucose homeostasis. We aimed to examine the associations of liver enzymes and hepatic steatosis index (HSI, a reliable biomarker for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) in early pregnancy with subsequent GDM risk, as well as the potential mediation effects of lipid metabolites on the association between HSI and GDM. Methods In a birth cohort, liver enzymes were measured in early pregnancy (6-15 gestational weeks, mean 10) among...

Over-Expression of ARID3B Suppresses Tumor Progression and Predicts Better Prognosis in Patients With Gastric Cancer

Xunlei Zhang, Xinyue Qiu, Wenjing Zhao, Li Song, Xingsong Zhang, Lei Yang & Min Tao
BackgroundARID3B (AT-rich interaction domain 3B) has been demonstrated to be associated with the progression and patient prognosis of several human tumors. We conducted the present study to investigate the biological behavior and clinical relevance of ARID3B in gastric cancer (GC).MethodsDetection of the expression level in GC tissues and cell lines were performed by Western blot and immunohistochemistry. We also retrospectively analyzed the correlation of ARID3B with clinicopathological characteristics and patient prognosis in gastric cancer. The...

Identifying cancer driver genes based on multi-view heterogeneous graph convolutional network and self-attention mechanism

Wei Peng, Rong Wu, Wei Dai & Ning Yu
Abstract Background Correctly identifying the driver genes that promote cell growth can significantly assist drug design, cancer diagnosis and treatment. The recent large-scale cancer genomics projects have revealed multi-omics data from thousands of cancer patients, which requires to design effective models to unlock the hidden knowledge within the valuable data and discover cancer drivers contributing to tumorigenesis. Results In this work, we propose a graph convolution network-based method called MRNGCN that integrates multiple gene relationship...

Abnormal signal pathways and tumor heterogeneity in osteosarcoma

Yifeng Sun, Chunming Zhang, Qiongxuan Fang, Wenqiang Zhang & Wei Liu
Abstract Background Osteosarcoma (OS) is the most frequent and aggressive primary malignant sarcoma among adolescents and chemotherapy has not substantially progressed for decades. New insights into OS development and therapeutic strategies are urgently needed. Methods We analyzed integrated single-cell transcriptomes, bulk RNA-seq, and microarray data from Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) datasets. We also used Weighted Gene Co-expression Network Analysis (WGCNA), Gene set enrichment analysis (GSEA), and Gene set variation analysis (GSVA), along with Simple ClinVar...

Clinicopathological and immunological profiles of prostate adenocarcinoma and neuroendocrine prostate cancer

Gang Huang, Huaru Zhang, Haoqing Shi, Wenhui Zhang, Tao Wang, Ziwei Wang, Qing Chen, Bijun Lian, Jing Li & Guosheng Yang
Abstract Background Biomarkers of DNA damage repair deficiency provide opportunities for personalized treatment with immunotherapy. However, there is limited research on the immune microenvironment of adeno-neuroendocrine prostate cancer (NEPC). In this study, we aimed to assess and describe the comprehensive clinicopathological manifestations of NEPC to improve diagnosis and predict prognosis. Methods A retrospective medical record review of 66 patients with prostate cancer (PCa) was performed. PCa samples from the 66 patients were analyzed using immunohistochemical...

PDGFB-targeted functional MRI nanoswitch for activatable T1–T2 dual-modal ultra-sensitive diagnosis of cancer

Ya’nan Zhang, Lu Liu, Wenling Li, Caiyun Zhang, Tianwei Song, Peng Wang, Daxi Sun, Xiaodan Huang, Xia Qin, Lang Ran, Geng Tian, Junchao Qian & Guilong Zhang
Abstract As one of the most significant imaging modalities currently available, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has been extensively utilized for clinically accurate cancer diagnosis. However, low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and low specificity for tumors continue to pose significant challenges. Inspired by the distance-dependent magnetic resonance tuning (MRET) phenomenon, the tumor microenvironment (TME)-activated off–on T1–T2 dual-mode MRI nanoswitch is presented in the current study to realize the sensitive early diagnosis of tumors. The tumor-specific nanoswitch is...

Development of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay based on viral antigen capture by anti-spike glycoprotein monoclonal antibody for detecting immunoglobulin A antibodies against porcine epidemic diarrhea virus in milk

Rui Li, Ying Wen, Lei Yang, Qi-sheng Qian, Xin-xin Chen, Jia-qing Zhang, Xuewu Li, Bao-song Xing, Songlin Qiao & Gaiping Zhang
Abstract Background Porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED), caused by PED virus (PEDV), is a severe enteric disease burdening the global swine industry in recent years. Especially, the mortality of PED in neonatal piglets approaches 100%. Maternal antibodies in milk, particularly immunoglobulin A (IgA) antibodies, are of great importance for protection neonatal suckling piglets against PEDV infection as passive lactogenic immunity. Therefore, appropriate detection methods are required for detecting PEDV IgA antibodies in milk. In the current...

Transplantation of A2 type astrocytes promotes neural repair and remyelination after spinal cord injury

Jie Chang, Zhanyang Qian, Binyu Wang, Jiang Cao, Sheng Zhang, Fan Jiang, Renyi Kong, Xiao Yu, Xiaojian Cao, Lei Yang & Hongtao Chen
Abstract Background Limited progress in terms of an effective treatment for spinal cord injury (SCI) emphasizes the urgent need for novel therapies. As a vital central nervous system component, the resident astrocytes play crucial roles in regulating recovery after SCI. In this study, recovery after SCI was compared following the transplantation of either A1 or A2 astrocytes. A1 astrocytes are harmful as they upregulate the neurotoxic classical complement cascade genes. Conversely, A2 astrocytes are characterized...

Does tidal volume challenge improve the feasibility of pulse pressure variation in patients mechanically ventilated at low tidal volumes? A systematic review and meta-analysis

Xiaoying Wang, Shuai Liu, Ju Gao, Yang Zhang & Tianfeng Huang
Abstract Background Pulse pressure variation (PPV) has been widely used in hemodynamic assessment. Nevertheless, PPV is limited in low tidal volume ventilation. We conducted this systematic review and meta-analysis to evaluate whether the tidal volume challenge (TVC) could improve the feasibility of PPV in patients ventilated at low tidal volumes. Methods PubMed, Embase and Cochrane Library inception to October 2022 were screened for diagnostic researches relevant to the predictability of PPV change after TVC in...

A comparative transcriptomic analysis reveals a coordinated mechanism activated in response to cold acclimation in common vetch (Vicia sativa L.)

Rui Dong, Ben Luo, Li Tang, Qiu-xia Wang, Zhong-Jie Lu, Chao Chen, Feng Yang, Song Wang & Jin He
Abstract Background Due to its strong abiotic stress tolerance, common vetch is widely cultivated as a green manure and forage crop in grass and crop rotation systems. The comprehensive molecular mechanisms activated in common vetch during cold adaptation remain unknown. Results We investigated physiological responses and transcriptome profiles of cold-sensitive (Lanjian No. 1) and cold-tolerant (Lanjian No. 3) cultivars during cold acclimation to explore the molecular mechanisms of cold acclimation. In total, 2681 and 2352...

Integrated single-molecule real-time sequencing and RNA sequencing reveal the molecular mechanisms of salt tolerance in a novel synthesized polyploid genetic bridge between maize and its wild relatives

Xiaofeng Li, Xingyu Wang, Qiangqiang Ma, Yunfeng Zhong, Yibo Zhang, Ping Zhang, Yingzheng Li, Ruyu He, Yang Zhou, Yang Li, Mingjun Cheng, Xu Yan, Yan Li, Jianmei He, Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Tingzhao Rong & Qilin Tang
Abstract Background Tripsacum dactyloides (2n = 4x = 72) and Zea perennis (2n = 4x = 40) are tertiary gene pools of Zea mays L. and exhibit many abiotic adaptations absent in modern maize, especially salt tolerance. A previously reported allopolyploid (hereafter referred to as MTP, 2n = 74) synthesized using Zea mays, Tripsacum dactyloides, and Zea perennis has even stronger salt tolerance than Z. perennis and T. dactyloides. This allopolyploid will be a powerful...

Risk stratification and prognostic value of multi-modal MRI-based radiomics for extranodal nasal-type NK/T-cell lymphoma

Yu-Ting Zhao, Si-Ye Chen, Xin Liu, Yong Yang, Bo Chen, Yong-Wen Song, Hui Fang, Jing Jin, Yue-Ping Liu, Hao Jing, Yuan Tang, Ning Li, Ning-Ning Lu, Shu-Lian Wang, Han Ouyang, Chen Hu, Jin Liu, Zhi Wang, Fan Chen, Lin Yin, Qiu-Zi Zhong, Kuo Men, Jian-Rong Dai, Shu-Nan Qi & Ye-Xiong Li
Abstract Background Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) performs well in the locoregional assessment of extranodal nasal-type NK/T-cell lymphoma (ENKTCL). It’s important to assess the value of multi-modal MRI-based radiomics for estimating overall survival (OS) in patients with ENKTCL. Methods Patients with ENKTCL in a prospectively cohort were systemically reviewed and all the pretreatment MRI were acquisitioned. An unsupervised spectral clustering method was used to identify risk groups of patients and radiomic features. A nomogram-revised risk index...

Genome-wide identification and systematic analysis of the HD-Zip gene family and its roles in response to pH in Panax ginseng Meyer

Li Li, Boxin Lv, Kaiyou Zang, Yue Jiang, Chaofan Wang, Yanfang Wang, Kangyu Wang, Mingzhu Zhao, Ping Chen, Jun Lei, Yi Wang & Meiping Zhang
Abstract Background Ginseng, Panax ginseng Meyer, is a traditional herb that is immensely valuable both for human health and medicine and for medicinal plant research. The homeodomain leucine zipper (HD-Zip) gene family is a plant-specific transcription factor gene family indispensable in the regulation of plant growth and development and plant response to environmental stresses. Results We identified 117 HD-Zip transcripts from the transcriptome of ginseng cv. Damaya that is widely grown in Jilin, China where...

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