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FOXD1-dependent RalA-ANXA2-Src complex promotes CTC formation in breast cancer

Yufei Long, Tuotuo Chong, Xiaoming Lyu, Lujia Chen, Xiaomin Luo, Oluwasijibomi Damola Faleti, Simin Deng, Fei Wang, Mingliang He, Zhipeng Qian, Hongli Zhao, Wenyan Zhou, Xia Guo, Ceshi Chen & Xin Li
Abstract Background Early metastasis is a key factor contributing to poor breast cancer (BC) prognosis. Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are regarded as the precursor cells of metastasis, which are ultimately responsible for the main cause of death in BC. However, to date molecular mechanisms underlying CTC formation in BC have been insufficiently defined. Methods RNA-seq was carried out in primary tissues from early-stage BC patients (with CTCs≥5 and CTCs = 0, respectively) and the validation...

Nurse-led telephone follow-up according to the revised nursing outcomes classification for laryngeal carcinoma surgery patients: a randomized controlled trial

Yongxia Ding, Jinxia Xu, Yan Ning, Qian Wang & Zhaojie Chang
Abstract Background This study used the revised nursing outcomes classification (NOC) outlined in our previous study, “Core nursing outcomes for otorhinolaryngology head-neck,” for telephone follow-up of patients who had laryngeal carcinoma surgery in China. This randomized controlled trial aimed to compare nurse-led telephone follow-up according to the revised NOC with traditional telephone follow-up. Methods A total of 100 postoperative patients were recruited from March 2018‒March 2020. Patients were randomly assigned to nurse-led telephone follow-up groups...

Cryptotanshinone From Salvia miltiorrhiza Inhibits the Growth of Tumors and Enhances the Efficacy of Chemotherapy in a Gastric Cancer Mouse Model

Wenkai Wu, Yezhi Cao, Ling Cheng, Linghu Wang, Qingsheng Yu, Hui Peng, Fuhai Zhou, Haiwei Liu & Qi Zhang
Cryptotanshinone is a quinone diterpene extracted from the traditional Chinese medicine Salvia miltiorrhiza root that shows obvious anticancer activity. The aim of this study was to investigate the mechanism of action of cryptotanshinone as an antigastric cancer agent, as well as a chemotherapy potentiator. A gastric cancer model was established by tumor transplantation, and mice were treated with either 5-fluorouracil or cryptotanshinone, or both drugs. The tumor mass was recorded, and the tumor suppression rate...

The global, regional, and national early-onset colorectal cancer burden and trends from 1990 to 2019: results from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019

Hongfeng Pan, Zeyi Zhao, Yu Deng, Zhifang Zheng, Ying Huang, Shenghui Huang & Pan Chi
Abstract Purpose The incidence of early-onset colorectal cancer (EO-CRC), which occurs in people under age 50, has been increasing annually. The aim of this study was to provide an up-to-date estimate of the global EO-CRC burden. Methods We used Global Burden of Disease Study data and methodologies to describe changes in the EO-CRC burden from 1990 to 2019, including incidence, prevalence, mortality, and disability-adjusted life years (DALYs). The driving factors for cancer burden variation were...

Association between frequency of dairy product consumption and hypertension: a cross-sectional study in Zhejiang Province, China

Hao Wang, Lingli Chen, Yuan Cao, Kaixu Xie, Chunmei Wang, Pei Pei, Yu Guo, Fiona Bragg, Min Yu, Zhengming Chen & Liming Li
Abstract Background Hypertension, a well-known risk factor, contributes to millions of deaths from cardiovascular and renal diseases worldwide. However, evidence on the association between frequency of dairy product consumption and hypertension is inconsistent. Methods The data for the present study are from the Tongxiang baseline dataset of the China Kadoorie Biobank prospective study. A total of 53,916 participants aged 30–79 years were included in the final analysis. Multivariable logistic regression was utilized to evaluate the...

Inhibition of Schwann cell pannexin 1 attenuates neuropathic pain through the suppression of inflammatory responses

Qian Wang, Han-yang Li, Zhuo-min Ling, Gang Chen & Zhong-Ya Wei
Abstract Background Neuropathic pain is still a challenge for clinical treatment as a result of the comprehensive pathogenesis. Although emerging evidence demonstrates the pivotal role of glial cells in regulating neuropathic pain, the role of Schwann cells and their underlying mechanisms still need to be uncovered. Pannexin 1 (Panx 1), an important membrane channel for the release of ATP and inflammatory cytokines, as well as its activation in central glial cells, contributes to pain development....

Risk factors and outcomes of postoperative stroke in surgical treatment for giant intracranial aneurysms

Hao Wang, Junlin Lu, Xin Chen & Qiang Hao
Abstract Background Giant intracranial aneurysms (GIAs) are challenges for surgical treatment. Risk factors of postoperative stroke remain unclear. This study aims to investigate the predictors of postoperative stroke in GIAs and the impact of stroke on outcomes. Methods We performed a retrospective medical record review of patients with GIAs who received microsurgery at our institution between 2011 and 2018. Multivariate logistic regression analyses were carried out to identify risk factors for postoperative stroke. The clinical...

Development and Validation of a Novel Nomogram to Predict Hypoalbuminemia among Patients with Stroke in the Neurocritical Care Unit

Junzhuo Li, Guangwei Liu, Feng Li, Wen Yang, Ruixin Zhang & Jiajia Yang
This study aimed to investigate hypoalbuminemia-related factors in patients with stroke in the neurocritical care unit (NCU) and to establish a nomogram model for hypoalbuminemia prediction. Data from 902 patients hospitalized for stroke in the NCU who had normal albumin levels on admission from March 2018 to December 2020 were analyzed. Logistic regression was used to identify the risk factors associated with hypoalbuminemia. A novel nomogram prediction model for hypoalbuminemia was constructed, and it was...

The impact of circadian rhythms on the immune response to influenza vaccination in middle-aged and older adults (IMPROVE): a randomised controlled trial

Yihao Liu, Hui Zhang, Gang Yuan, Mi Yao, Bin Li, Jianying Chen, Yuling Fan, Ruohui Mo, Fenghua Lai, Xinwen Chen, Mengyuan Li, Binfeng Chen, Janet M. Lord, Sui Peng, KarKeung Cheng & Haipeng Xiao
Abstract Background Vaccination is important in influenza prevention but the immune response wanes with age. The circadian nature of the immune system suggests that adjusting the time of vaccination may provide an opportunity to improve immunogenicity. Our previous cluster trial in Birmingham suggested differences between morning and afternoon vaccination for some strains in the influenza vaccine in older adults. Whether this effect is also seen in a younger age group with less likelihood of compromised...

Neoadjuvant toripalimab combined with gemcitabine and cisplatin in resectable locally advanced head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (NeoTGP01): An open label, single-arm, phase Ib clinical trial

Xiaotao Huang, Qiaodan Liu, Guihua Zhong, Yingpeng Peng, Ye Liu, Lizhong Liang, Haiyu Hong, Weineng Feng, Shuang Yang, Yaqin Zhang, Shiping Xian, Zhanyu Li, Yuling Zhou, Zhaoyuan Zhang, Wen Jiang, Jun Liang & Zhi-gang Liu
Abstract Background Neoadjuvant programmed death receptor-1 (PD-1) inhibitors have drawn increasing attention in locally advanced head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC). In this study, we investigated the safety and efficacy of gemcitabine and cisplatin (GP), combined with a PD-1 inhibitor, in patients with locally advanced HNSCC. Materials and methods A total of 23 eligible patients were administered two cycles of toripalimab and GP followed by surgical resection. The primary endpoints were safety, treatment-related adverse...

Prognostic significance of malnutrition risk in elderly patients with acute kidney injury in the intensive care unit

Na Wang, Ping Wang, Wen Li, Li Jiang, Meiping Wang, Bo Zhu & Xiuming Xi
Abstract Background Malnutrition is common in critically ill patients, but nutrition status in critically ill patients with acute kidney injury (AKI) has been poorly studied. Our study aimed to investigate the relationship between malnutrition risk and the occurrence and prognosis of AKI in elderly patients in the intensive care unit (ICU). Methods Data were extracted from the Beijing Acute Kidney Injury Trial (BAKIT). A total of 1873 elderly patients were included and compared according to...

MiRNA/mRNA network topology in hepatitis virus B-related liver cirrhosis reveals miR-20a-5p/340-5p as hubs initiating fibrosis

Heng Yao, Peng Li, Jiaojiao Xin, Xi Liang, Jing Jiang, Dongyan Shi, Jiang Li, Hozeifa Mohamed Hassan, Xin Chen & Jun Li
Abstract Background The pathophysiology of hepatitis B-related liver cirrhosis (HBV-LC) remains unclear. This study aimed to explore the disease mechanisms using topological analysis of the miRNA/mRNA network. Methods Paired miRNA/mRNA sequencing was performed with thirty-three peripheral blood mononuclear cell samples (LC, n = 9; chronic hepatitis B, n = 12; normal controls, n = 12) collected from a prospective cohort to identify the miRNA/mRNA network. Topological features and functional implications of the network were analyzed...

Multiomics analyses reveals Anaplasma phagocytophilum Ats-1 induces anti-apoptosis and energy metabolism by upregulating the respiratory chain-mPTP axis in eukaryotic mitochondria

Ruirui Li, Zhongchen Ma, Wei Zheng, Zhen Wang, Jihai Yi, Yangyang Xiao, Yong Wang & Chuangfu Chen
Abstract Background Anaplasma translocated substrate 1 (Ats-1) is an effector of type 4 secretory systems (T4SS) and the main virulence factor of Anaplasma phagocytophilum. Ats-1 is involved in the regulation of host cell biological processes, but the specific molecular mechanism of its action is unclear. Results In this study, we identified Ats-1 as involved in mitochondrial respiratory regulation of HEK293T cells by multi-omics analysis. After intracellular expression of Ats-1, adenosine triphosphate levels and the proliferation...

De novo mutations within metabolism networks of amino acid/protein/energy in Chinese autistic children with intellectual disability

Wen-Xiong Chen, Bin Liu, Lijie Zhou, Xiaoli Xiong, Jie Fu, Zhi-Fang Huang, Ting Tan, Mingxi Tang, Jun Wang & Ya-Ping Tang
Abstract Background Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is often accompanied by intellectual disability (ID). Despite extensive studies, however, the genetic basis for this comorbidity is still not clear. In this study, we tried to develop an analyzing pipeline for de novo mutations and possible pathways related to ID phenotype in ASD. Whole-exome sequencing (WES) was performed to screen de novo mutations and candidate genes in 79 ASD children together with their parents (trios). The de novo...

Expansion of a vertical effective field-of-view for an optical 360° holographic display

Jun Wang, Jie Zhou, yang wu, XiangLi Lei & Yuqi Zhang
Cylindrical holography, as a promising 360° display technology, has already attracted a lot of attention. In a previous study, an optical 360° cylindrical holography has been achieved in the visible spectrum using a planar spatial light modulator (SLM) and a 45° conical mirror. Although 360° field-of-view (FOV) is successfully achieved in the horizontal direction, in the previous study, the vertical FOV remains as small as the planar holography, and its expansion is not only necessary...

Prognostic value of coronary microvascular dysfunction assessed by coronary angiography-derived index of microcirculatory resistance in diabetic patients with chronic coronary syndrome

Wen Zhang, Shekhar Singh, Lu Liu, Abdul-Quddus Mohammed, Guoqing Yin, Siling Xu, Xian Lv, Tingting Shi, Cailin Feng, Rong Jiang, Ayman A. Mohammed, Redhwan M. Mareai, Yawei Xu, Xuejing Yu, Fuad A. Abdu & Wenliang Che
Abstract Background Coronary microvascular dysfunction (CMD) is common and is associated with unfavorable cardiovascular events in patients with diabetes mellitus (DM). Coronary angiography-derived index of microcirculatory resistance (caIMR) is a recently developed wire- and hyperemic agent-free method to assess CMD. We aimed to investigate the prognostic impact of CMD assessed by caIMR on clinical outcomes in patients with DM and chronic coronary syndrome (CCS). Methods CCS patients who underwent coronary angiography between June 2015 to...

Acetaminophen changes the RNA m6A levels and m6A-related proteins expression in IL-1β-treated chondrocyte cells

Jie Gao, Yan Li, Zijin Liu, Dong Wang & Huawu Zhang
Abstract Background Acetaminophen is commonly recommended for the early analgesia of osteoarthritis. However, the molecular mechanism by which it acts remains unknown. The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of acetaminophen on inflammation and extracellular matrix degradation in human chondrocytes, and the possible molecular mechanisms involved in its effect. Methods The normal chondrocyte cell line C28/I2 was treated with interleukin-1β to mimic the inflammatory state. Acetaminophen and the methylation inhibitor (cycloleucine) were...

Temporal associations between leukocytes DNA methylation and blood lipids: a longitudinal study

Zhiyu Wu, Lu Chen, Xuanming Hong, Jiahui Si, Weihua Cao, Canqing Yu, Tao Huang, Dianjianyi Sun, Chunxiao Liao, Yuanjie Pang, Zengchang Pang, Liming Cong, Hua Wang, Xianping Wu, Yu Liu, Yu Guo, Zhengming Chen, Jun Lv, Wenjing Gao & Liming Li
Abstract Background The associations between blood lipids and DNA methylation have been investigated in epigenome-wide association studies mainly among European ancestry populations. Several studies have explored the direction of the association using cross-sectional data, while evidence of longitudinal data is still lacking. Results We tested the associations between peripheral blood leukocytes DNA methylation and four lipid measures from Illumina 450 K or EPIC arrays in 1084 participants from the Chinese National Twin Registry and replicated...

Inactivation of the MSTN gene expression changes the composition and function of the gut microbiome in sheep

Chenchen Du, Xianhui Zhou, Ke Zhang, Shuhong Huang, Xiaolong Wang, Shiwei Zhou & Yulin Chen
Abstract Background Myostatin (MSTN) negatively regulates the muscle growth in animals and MSTN deficient sheep have been widely reported previously. The goal of this study was to explore how MSTN inactivation influences their gut microbiota composition and potential functions. Results We compared the slaughter parameters and meat quality of 3 MSTN-edited male sheep and 3 wild-type male sheep, and analyzed the gut microbiome of the MSTN-edited sheep (8 female and 8 male sheep) and wild-type...

Clinicopathological features of patients with wide local excision of eyelid malignant neoplasms: a more than five years retrospective study from China

Yuanyuan Han, Miao Kong, Yan Luo, Bin Sun, Zhiqiang Wang & Hong Zhang
Abstract Background To investigate the correlation between the clinical and pathological characteristics and outcomes in patients with eyelid malignant tumors underwent wide local excision. Methods This retrospective study included 141 cases of eyelid malignant neoplasms from January 2010 to December 2015 in Shanxi eye hospital. Demographic and clinical information were collected. The Kaplan–Meier method was used to calculate survival curves, and the log-rank test method was used to compare survival between groups. Cox proportional regression...

Gut microbiome, cognitive function and brain structure: a multi-omics integration analysis

Xinxiu Liang, Yuanqing Fu, Wen-ting Cao, Zhihong Wang, Ke Zhang, Zengliang Jiang, Xiaofang Jia, Chun-ying Liu, Hong-rou Lin, Haili Zhong, Zelei Miao, Wanglong Gou, Menglei Shuai, Yujing Huang, Shengdi Chen, Bing Zhang, Yu-ming Chen & Ju-Sheng Zheng
Abstract Background Microbiome-gut-brain axis may be involved in the progression of age-related cognitive impairment and relevant brain structure changes, but evidence from large human cohorts is lacking. This study was aimed to investigate the associations of gut microbiome with cognitive impairment and brain structure based on multi-omics from three independent populations. Methods We included 1430 participants from the Guangzhou Nutrition and Health Study (GNHS) with both gut microbiome and cognitive assessment data available as a...

Prediction and prognosis of adverse maternal and foetal/neonatal outcomes in pulmonary hypertension: an observational study and nomogram construction

Yuqin Chen, Dansha Zhou, Mingmei Xiong, Xin Xi, Wenni Zhang, Ruifeng Zhang, Lishi Chen, Qian Jiang, Ning Lai, Xiang Li, Jieer Luo, Xuanyi Li, Weici Feng, Chuhui Gao, Jiyuan Chen, Xin Fu, Wei Hong, Mei Jiang, Kai Yang, Wenju Lu, Yiping Luo, Jun Zhang, Zhe Cheng, Chunli Liu & Jian Wang
Abstract Background Pregnant women with pulmonary hypertension (PH) have higher mortality rates and poor foetal/neonatal outcomes. Tools to assess these risk factors are not well established. Methods Predictive and prognostic nomograms were constructed using data from a “Development” cohort of 420 pregnant patients with PH, recorded between January 2009 and December 2018. Logistic regression analysis established models to predict the probability of adverse maternal and foetal/neonatal events and overall survival by Cox analysis. An independent...

Longitudinal evolution of motor and non-motor symptoms in early-stage multiple system atrophy: a 2-year prospective cohort study

Lingyu Zhang, Yanbing Hou, Bei Cao, Qianqian Wei, Ruwei Ou, Kuncheng Liu, Junyu Lin, Tianmi Yang, Yi Xiao, Yongping Chen, Wei Song, Bi Zhao & Huifang Shang
Abstract Background The progression of motor and non-motor symptoms (NMS) and the sensitivity of each item of the Unified Multiple System Atrophy Rating Scale (UMSARS) to change remain unclear in Chinese patients with early-stage multiple system atrophy (MSA). We investigated the evolution of motor symptoms and NMS in early-stage MSA and the sensitivity of each item included in the UMSARS to change over a 2-year follow-up. Methods Motor symptoms and NMS were recorded at baseline...

Comprehensive analysis of the differences between left- and right-side colorectal cancer and respective prognostic prediction

Mengye Niu, Chengyang Chen, Xian Gao, Yi Guo, Bingzhou Zhang, Xin Wang, Shihao Chen, Xupeng Niu, Chao Zhang, Like Li, Zhongxin Li, Zengren Zhao & Xia Jiang
Abstract Background Previous studies have reported that the tumor heterogeneity and complex oncogenic mechanisms of proximal and distal colon cancer (CRC) are divergent. Therefore, we aim to analyze the differences between left-sided CRC (L_cancer) and right-sided CRC (R_cancer), as well as constructing respective nomograms. Methods We enrolled 335 colon cancer patients (146 L_cancer patients and 189 R_cancer patients) from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) data sets, and 102 pairs of color cancer tissue and adjacent...

Different color regulation mechanism in willow barks determined using integrated metabolomics and transcriptomics analyses

Jie Zhou, Jiahui Guo, Qingsheng Chen, Baosong Wang, Xudong He, Qiang Zhuge & Pu Wang
Abstract Background The rich yellow-orange to vividly deep red bark of willow (Salix spp.) branches have high ornamental and economic value. However, the mechanism underlying the regulation of willow branch color remains unknown. Therefore, we performed metabolomics and transcriptomics analyses of purple, green, and red willow barks to elucidating the mechanisms regulating color development. Results Seven anthocyanins were isolated; pelargonidin, petunidin 3-O-rutinoside, and cyanin chloride were the most abundant in red bark, whereas pelargonin chloride...

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