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Facile approach for surfactant-free synthesis of Au@ginsenoside Rh2 nanoparticles and researches on anticancer activity

Hua Yao, Xupeng Mu, Zhenhong Wei, Xiuying Li, Liya Wu, Yongri Jin, Xuwen Li, Jing Li & Jinlan Jiang
Abstract Background Inorganic nanocomposites especially Au nanostructures have exhibited outstanding physicochemical properties in biomedical fields. For further clinical applications on theranostics, especially drug delivery, numerous explorations of green and facile synthesis methods combining with pharmacoactive natural components have been investigated to construct safe and multifunctional bioactive Au nanoparticles (NPs). Ginsenoside Rh2 is protopanaxadiol type compound isolated from plants of genus Panax, with excellent anticancer effect and antioxidant activity. In this research, we prepared the novel...

Supplementary material from \"Orthoester formation in fungal meroterpenoid austalide F biosynthesis\"

Takayoshi Awakawa, Wei Liu, Tongxuan Bai, Tomo Taniguchi & Ikuro Abe
Fungal meroterpenoids are important bioactive natural products. Their biosynthetic machineries are highly diverse, and reconstitutions lead to the production of unnatural meroterpenoids. In this study, heterologous gene expression in Aspergillus oryzae and in vitro assays elucidated the biosynthetic pathway of the orthoester-containing fungal meroterpenoid austalide F. Remarkably, the α-ketoglutarate-dependent oxygenase AstB produces the hemiacetal intermediate, and the methyltransferase AstL transfers a methyl group on it to construct the orthoester functionality. This study presents the extraordinary...

Clinical report of delayed recovery after general anaesthesia in elderly patients with cervical spine surgery: A case report

Yang Liu & Huilian Huang
This report describes a case of a 70-year-old male that underwent decompression laminectomy and internal fixation under general anaesthesia. After extubation, the patient gradually developed no response to instructions and the disturbance of consciousness persisted with unequal pupils in size, but clinical neurological findings and a brain computed tomography scan showed no organic abnormalities. A careful medical history undertaken by anaesthesiologists revealed that the patient had a history of trauma to his left eye, resulting...

Comparison between immunotherapy efficacy in early non-small cell lung cancer and advanced non-small cell lung cancer: a systematic review

Yimin Wang, Chuling Li, Zimu Wang, Zhaofeng Wang, Ranpu Wu, Ying Wu, Yong Song & Hongbing Liu
Abstract Background Currently, immunotherapy is widely used in the treatment of various stages of non-small cell lung cancer. According to clinical experience and results of previous studies, immunotherapy as neoadjuvant therapy seems to exhibit better efficacy against early resectable non-small cell lung cancer as compared to advanced lung cancer, which is often defined as unresectable non-small cell lung cancer. However, this observation has not been established in clinical studies. This systematic review aimed to evaluate...

IgG response to spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 in healthy individuals and potential of intravenous IgG as treatment for COVID-19

Gang Wang, Zebao He, Fengtian Wu, Zhengming Ge, Jiansheng Zhu & Zhi Chen
Abstract Background The severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) is the cause of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), which is currently a worldwide pandemic. There are limited available treatments for severe COVID-19 patients. However, some evidence suggests that intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg) provides clinical benefits for these patients. Methods We administered IVIg to 23 severe COVID-19 patients, and all of them survived. Four related coronaviruses can cause the common cold. We speculated that cross-reactivity of SARS-CoV-2 and...

NOVA1 promotes NSCLC proliferation and invasion by activating Wnt/β-catenin signaling

Lianyue Qu, Yulong Tian, Fan Wang & Zixuan Li
Abstract Background Neuro-oncological ventral antigen 1 (NOVA1) is a neuron-specific RNA-binding protein which regulates alternative splicing in the developing nervous system. Recent research has found that NOVA1 plays a significant role in carcinogenesis. In this paper, we examine the role of NOVA1 in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and its underlying molecular mechanisms. Methods The expression of NOVA1 in NSCLC was detected by immunohistochemistry and correlations between NOVA1 expression and clinicopathological factors were analyzed by...

High-precision distributed detection of rail defects by tracking the acoustic propagation waves

Cunzheng Fan, Hao Li, Baoqiang Yan, Yixiang Sun, Tao He, Tianye Huang, Zhijun Yan & Qizhen Sun
Nowadays, early defect detection plays a significant role for the railway safety warning. However, the existing methods cannot satisfy the requirements of real-time and high-precision detection. Here, a high-precision, distributed and on-line method for detecting rail defect is proposed and demonstrated. When a train goes through defects, the instantaneous elastic waves will be excited by the wheel-rail interaction, which will further propagate along railway tracks bidirectionally. Through mounting the backscattering enhanced optical fiber on the...

User Interactions in Online Travel Communities: A Social Network Perspective

Bing Liu, Fang Meng, Chaoliang Luo & Hui Jiang
Online travel communities (OTCs) enable users to interact and share travel information voluntarily. Extant research has primarily focused on the content generated through user interactions but neglected how user interactions are structured. This study employed exponential random graph models to examine the formation of user interactions and the outcomes of homophily in terms of network structure across levels (actor, dyad, triad, and network). A dataset of 2,926 posts and 25,854 replies involving 9,712 users in...

Identification of the origin of tumor in vein: comparison between CEUS LI-RADS v2017 and v2016 for patients at high risk

Wen-juan Tong, Mei-qing Cheng, Man-xia Lin, Hang-tong Hu, Jia-min Pan, Hui Huang, Ying Wang, Xiao-yan Xie, Ming-de Lu, Ming Kuang, Yang Huang & Wei Wang
Abstract Objectives To compare the diagnostic performance of the Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS) Liver Imaging Report and Data System (LI-RADS) v2016 and v2017 in identifying the origin of tumor in vein (TIV). Methods From April 2014 to December 2018, focal liver lesions (FLLs) accompanied by TIV formation in patients at high risk for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) were enrolled. Histologic evaluation or composite imaging reference standard were served as the reference standard. Each case was categorized according...

Genetic engineering and raising temperature enhance recombinant protein production with the cdna1 promoter in Trichoderma reesei

Shanshan Jiang, Yue Wang, Qin Liu, Qinqin Zhao, Liwei Gao, Xin Song, Xuezhi Li, Yinbo Qu & Guodong Liu
Abstract The fungus Trichoderma reesei is a powerful host for secreted production of proteins. The promoter of cdna1 gene, which encodes a small basic protein of unknown function and high expression, is commonly used for constitutive protein production in T. reesei. Nevertheless, the production level of proteins driven by this promoter still needs to be improved. Here, we identified that the region 600- to 700-bp upstream of the start codon is critical for the efficiency...

An optimized exosome production strategy for enhanced yield while without sacrificing cargo loading efficiency

Rongxin Zhang, Te Bu, Ruidan Cao, Zhelong Li, Chen Wang, Bing Huang, Mengying Wei, Lijun Yuan & Guodong Yang
Abstract Background Exosome mediated mRNA delivery is a promising strategy for the treatment of multiple diseases. However, the low yield of exosomes is a bottleneck for clinical translation. In this study, we boosted exosome production via simultaneously reducing the expression of genes inhibiting exosome biogenesis and supplementing the culture medium with red cell membrane components. Results Among the candidate genes, knocking down of Rab4 was identified to have the highest efficacy in promoting exosome biogenesis...

ZIF-8 modified poly (m-phenylene isophthalamide) (PMIA) hybrid membrane for dye wastewater treatment

Kailu Yang, Xibo Liu, Xinya Wang, Tianxu Hao, Wei Zhang & Mingxing Chen
The separation of dye/salt through the separation membranes is a great significance for the treatment of dye wastewater. In this study, a novel PMIA hybrid membrane was fabricated via nonsolvent induce phase separation (NIPS) method, in which porous zinc imidazolate framework-8 (ZIF-8) was utilized as a filler. The effect of ZIF-8 content on the structure and performance of PMIA/ZIF-8 membrane was investigated. The results showed that the structure and performance of the PMIA/ZIF-8 membrane could...

B7-H3 targeted CAR-T cells show highly efficient anti-tumor function against osteosarcoma both in vitro and in vivo

Qian Zhang, Zhiqiang Zhang, Guodi Liu, Dehua Li, Zhangjie Gu, Linsong Zhang, Yingjiao Pan, Xingbing Cui, Lu Wang, Guoping Liu, Xiaoli Tian & Ziming Zhang
Abstract Background Osteosarcoma (OS) mainly happens in children and youths. Surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are the common therapies for osteosarcoma treatment but all their anti-tumor effects are limited. In recent years, a new cellular therapy, CAR-T, a cellular immunotherapy with genetically engineered T cells bearing chimeric antigen receptor targeting specific tumor-associated antigen, has been proved to be an effective therapy against acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Thus, CAR-T is a potentially effective therapy for osteosarcoma treatment. Methods...

Ultra-wideband antireflection assisted by a continuously varying temporal medium

Yi Zhang, Liang Peng, zhengjie huang, Lixin Ran & Dexin Ye
We demonstrate that reflectionless propagation of electromagnetic waves between two different materials can be achieved by designing an intermediate temporal medium, which can work in an ultra-wide frequency band. Such a temporal medium is designed with consideration of a multi-stage variation of the material’s permittivity in the time domain. The multi-stage temporal permittivity is formed by a cascaded quarter-wave temporal coating, which is an extension of the antireflection temporal coating by Pacheco-Peña et al [[1]...

Pan-cancer analysis of oncogenic TNFAIP2 identifying its prognostic value and immunological function in acute myeloid leukemia

Mei-si Lin, Hui-Yun Zhong, Rita Lok-Hay Yim, Qi-Yan Chen, Hong-ling Du, Hao-qi He, Ke Lin, Peng Zhao, Ru Gao, Fei Gao & Min-Yue Zhang
Abstract Background Tumor necrosis factor alpha-induced protein 2 (TNFAIP2), a TNFα-inducible gene, appears to participate in inflammation, immune response, hematopoiesis, and carcinogenesis. However, the potential role of TNFAIP2 in the development of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) remains unknow yet. Therefore, we aimed to study the biological role of TNFAIP2 in leukemogenesis. Methods TNFAIP2 mRNA level, prognostic value, co-expressed genes, differentially expressed genes, DNA methylation, and functional enrichment analysis in AML patients were explored via multiple...

Genetic diversity in the transmission-blocking vaccine candidate Plasmodium vivax gametocyte protein Pvs230 from the China–Myanmar border area and central Myanmar

Xin Zhao, Yubing Hu, Yan Zhao, Lin Wang, Zifang Wu, Myat Thu Soe, Myat Phone Kyaw, Liwang Cui, Xiaotong Zhu & Yaming Cao
Abstract Background Sexual stage surface antigens are potential targets of transmission-blocking vaccines (TBVs). The gametocyte and gamete surface antigen P230, a leading TBV candidate, is critical for red blood cell binding during exflagellation and subsequent oocyst development. Here, the genetic diversity of Pvs230 was studied in Plasmodium vivax parasite isolates from the China–Myanmar border (CMB) and central Myanmar. Methods Plasmodium vivax isolates were collected in clinics from malaria-endemic areas of the CMB (143 samples) and...

Supplementary material from \"Sensory evolution in a cavefish radiation: patterns of neuromast distribution and associated behaviour in Sinocyclocheilus (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae)\"

Bing Chen, Tingru Mao, Yewei Liu, Wenzhang Dai, Xianglin Li, Amrapali P. Rajput, Marcio R. Pie, Jian Yang, Joshua B. Gross & Madhava Meegaskumbura
The genus Sinocyclocheilus, comprises a large radiation of freshwater cavefishes, are well known for their presence of regressive features (e.g. variable eye reduction). Fewer constructive features are known, such as the expansion of the lateral line system (LLS), which is involved in detecting water movements. The precise relationship between LLS expansion and cave adaptation is not well understood. Here, we examine morphology and LLS-mediated behaviour in Sinocyclocheilus species characterized by broad variation in eye size,...

Health technology assessment of medical devices: current landscape, challenges, and a way forward

Jian Ming, Yunzhen He, Yi Yang, Min Hu, Xinran Zhao, Jun Liu, Yang Xie, Yan Wei & Yingyao Chen
Abstract Background Health Technology Assessment (HTA) has been widely recognized as informing healthcare decision-making, and interest in HTA of medical devices has been steadily increasing. How does the assessment of medical devices differ from that of drug therapies, and what innovations can be adopted to overcome the inherent challenges in medical device HTA? Method HTA Accelerator Database was used to describe the landscape of HTA reports for medical devices from HTA bodies, and a literature...

Association between triglyceride glucose index and atherosclerotic plaques and Burden: findings from a community-based study

Mengxing Wang, Lerong Mei, Aoming Jin, Xueli Cai, Jing Jing, Suying Wang, Xia Meng, Shan Li, Tiemin Wei, Yongjun Wang & Yuesong Pan
Abstract Background Insulin resistance is an important cause of cardiovascular events and cerebral infarction development. We aimed to investigate the association of the triglyceride glucose (TyG) index with atherosclerotic burden and plaques in coronary, intra- and extracranial arteries in participants with non-diabetes, and compared the results with that of the homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance (HOMA-IR). Methods Participants without diabetes in the PolyvasculaR Evaluation for Cognitive Impairment and vaScular Events (PRECISE) study were included....

Multimodality treatment for brain arteriovenous malformation in Mainland China: design, rationale, and baseline patient characteristics of a nationwide multicenter prospective registry

Yu Chen, Heze Han, Li Ma, Ruinan Li, Zhipeng Li, Debin Yan, Haibin Zhang, Kexin Yuan, Ke Wang, Yang Zhao, Yukun Zhang, Weitao Jin, Runting Li, Fa Lin, Xiangyu Meng, Qiang Hao, Hao Wang, Xun Ye, Shuai Kang, Hengwei Jin, Youxiang Li, Dezhi Gao, Shibin Sun, Ali Liu, Shuo Wang … & Yuanli Zhao
Abstract Background Brain arteriovenous malformation (AVM) is an important cause of hemorrhagic stroke in young adults, which can lead to severe neurological impairment. The registry of Multimodality treatment for brain ArTeriovenous malformation in mainland CHina (MATCH) is a national prospective registry to identify the natural history of AVMs in Asian population; to investigate traditional and emerging hemorrhagic predictors; and to explore the superiority of the multidisciplinary assessment in improving the long-term outcomes. Methods Consecutive AVM...

Phylogenomics, plastome structure and species identification in Mahonia (Berberidaceae)

Ruchang Tong, Chaoxia Gui, Yu Zhang, Na Su, Xiaoqi Hou, Meng Liu, Zhaoping Yang, Bing Kang, Zhaoyang Chang, Florian Jabbour & Liang Zhao
Abstract Background Elucidating the phylogenetic relationships within species-rich genera is essential but challenging, especially when lineages are assumed to have been going through radiation events. Mahonia Nutt. (Berberidaceae) is a genus with cosmopolitan distribution, comprising approximately 100 species, two of which are known as Caulis Mahoniae (M. bealei and M. fortunei) with crucial pharmacological significance in Chinese herbal medicine. Mahonia is a taxonomically challenging genus, and intrageneric phylogenetic relationships still need to be explored using...

Spatial metabolomics on liver cirrhosis to hepatocellular carcinoma progression

Michelle Junyi He, Wenjun Pu, Xi Wang, Xiaoni Zhong, Dong Zhao, Zhipeng Zeng, Wanxia Cai, Jiayi Liu, Jianrong Huang, Donge Tang & Yong Dai
Abstract Background Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the deadliest cancers and is mainly developed from chronic liver diseases such as hepatitis-B infection-associated liver cirrhosis (LC). The progression from LC to HCC makes the detection of diagnostic biomarkers to be challenging. Hence, there have been constant efforts to improve on identifying the critical and predictive changes accompanying the disease progression. Methods In this study, we looked to using the mass spectrometry mediated spatial metabolomics technique...

Strategies to enhance CAR-T persistence

Yue Liu, Lingna An, Ruihao Huang, Jingkang Xiong, Haoyu Yang, Xiaoqi Wang & Xi Zhang
Abstract Chimeric antigen receptor T (CAR-T) cell therapy has significantly improved the life expectancy for patients with refractory or relapse B cell lymphoma. As for B cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (B-ALL), although the primary response rate is promising, the high incidence of early relapse has caused modest long-term survival with CAR-T cell alone. One of the main challenges is the limited persistence of CAR-T cells. To further optimize the clinical effects of CAR-T cells, many...

Association of lung function and blood glucose level: a 10-year study in China

Wei Li, Yi Ning, Yuan Ma, Xinshan Lin, Sailimai Man, Bo Wang, Chen Wang & Ting Yang
Abstract Background At present, chronic respiratory diseases are a major burden in terms of morbidity and mortality and are of increasing public health concern in China. Meanwhile, the prevalence of diabetes has increased by more than 10 times over the last 40 years. While a few studies have investigated the association between chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes mellitus, the association is not clear. This study aimed to explore this association and provide evidence. Methods In...

Association of triglyceride–glucose index and traditional risk factors with cardiovascular disease among non-diabetic population: a 10-year prospective cohort study

Li Liu, Zhenguo Wu, Yifan Zhuang, Yerui Zhang, Huiliang Cui, Fanghong Lu, Jie Peng & Jianmin Yang
Abstract Background The triglyceride–glucose (TyG) index is known as a reliable alternative marker of insulin resistance (IR), which has been regarded as a predictor of cardiovascular disease (CVD). However, whether TyG index can predict the risk and occurrence of CVD in non-diabetic population remains uncertain. The aim of this study was to explore the association between the TyG index and cardiovascular risk factors and to clarify the prognostic value of the TyG index for CVD,...

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