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Collection of Jovian Radio Emission Probability and Occurrence Maps

Laurent Lamy, Baptiste Cecconi & Stéphane Aicardi
This collection contains a series of published Jovian radio emission probability and occurrence maps.

STEREO/Waves/LFR-HFR L2 Data Collection

Xavier Bonnin, Quynh Nhu NGUYEN, Baptiste Cecconi, Laura DEBISSCHOP & Milan Maksimovic
This collection is contains the daily calibrated Level 2 datasets for the Waves/LFR and Waves/HFR receivers onboard the STEREO-A and STEREO-B spacecraft.

Cassini/RPWS/HFR LESIA/Kronos Data Collection

Baptiste Cecconi, Philippe Zarka, Laurent Lamy & Patricia Schippers
This collection is contains all the Cassini/RPWS/HFR data products (from raw data to added-value products).

APIS/Cassini/UVIS data collection

Laurent Lamy, Fabiola Magalhaes & Florence Henry
The APIS/Cassini/UVIS data collection has been built from original Cassini/UVIS spectro-imaging auroral observations of Saturn in the Extreme- and Far-Ultraviolet range (80-180 nm) throughout the full Cassini orbital tour of Saturn between 2004 and 2017. The original data have been splitted into individual sweeps of Saturn’s auroral regions and enriched with specific data processing and metadata. Details on the creation of this data collection can be found in (Magalhaes et al., AGU fall meeting, 2019).

Voyager Era Digitized Jovian Radio Emission Catalogues

Baptiste Cecconi, Laura DEBISSCHOP & Laurent Lamy

Juno/Waves Calibrated flux density Collection

Corentin Louis, Philippe Zarka, William Kurth & Baptiste Cecconi
This collection contains Juno/Waves post-processed calibrated datasets with the method described in Louis et al. 2021 (submitted to JGR).

Wind/Waves flux density collection calibrated for Auroral Kilometric Radiation

James Waters, Baptiste Cecconi, Caitriona Jackman, Daniel Whiter, Xavier Bonnin, Laurent Lamy & Karine Issautier
This collection contains post-processed datasets of Wind/Waves flux densities, calibrated with the Z antenna, and containing parameters relevant for the selection of Auroral Kilometric Radiation as described in Waters et al. 2021 (submitted to JGR)

Wind/Waves/RAD1 LESIA L3 DF Data Collection

Xavier Bonnin, Baptiste Cecconi, Karine Issautier & Milan Maksimovic
The data collection contains daily Level 3 goniopolarimetric CDF files, derived from the RAD1 Receiver of Wind/Waves dataset. This data collection has been produced following the goniopolarimetric Inversion described in X.Bonnin, S.Hoang and B.Cecconi (2022).

STEREO/Waves/LFR-HFR L3 DF Data Collection

Vratislav Krupar, Quynh Nhu Nguyen, Xavier Bonnin, Baptiste Cecconi & Milan Maksimovic
This collection is contains the daily direction finding (aka goniopolarimetric) Level 3 datasets for the Waves/LFR and Waves/HFR receivers onboard the STEREO-A and STEREO-B spacecraft.

Catalogue of Jupiter radio emissions identified in the Juno/Waves observations

Corentin Louis, Philippe Zarka, Baptiste Cecconi & William Kurth

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