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Compound S9

Anna Barnard
NMR Spectra for Compound S9

Compound 16

Anna Barnard
NMR Spectra for Dimer 16

Compound S14

Anna Barnard
NMR Spectra for S14

Compound 17

Anna Barnard
NMR Spectra for 17

Compound S19

Anna Barnard
NMR Spectra for S219

Compound S20

Anna Barnard
NMR Spectra for S20

Compound S21

Anna Barnard
NMR Spectra for S21

Compound 9

Anna Barnard
NMR Spectra for 9

Compound S26

Anna Barnard
NMR Spectra for S26

Additional oxetane amines (S1-S9)

Juan Rojas
Raw and processed data of characterised additional oxetane amines.

Del Nido cardioplegia for myocardial protection in adult cardiac surgery: a systematic review and update meta-analysis

Kerong Zhai, Xingdong Cheng, Pengbin Zhang, Shilin Wei, Jian Huang, Xiangyang Wu, Bingren Gao & Yongnan Li
Objective:Although the application of del Nido cardioplegia solution (DNC) in adult cardiac surgery is accumulating, the feasibility and safety of this myocardial protection strategy in adults remains controversial. We aimed to update our previous meta-analysis to determine the myocardial protective effect of DNC versus conventional cardioplegia (CC) in adult cardiac surgery.Methods:A comprehensive literature search was performed using PubMed, EMBASE, the Cochrane Library, and International Clinical Trials Registry Platform databases through November 2020.Results:Thirty-seven observational studies and...

Two record breakers for the anomeric effect; one real, the other not.

Henry Rzepa
Crystal structure mining


Feriel Rekhroukh
Files for disposal

Alumination of Aryl Methyl Ethers: Switching Between sp2 and sp3 C–O Bond Functionalisation with Pd-Catalysis

Feriel Rekhroukh
The reaction of [{(ArNCMe)2CH}Al] (Ar = 2,6-di-iso-propylphenyl, 1) with aryl methyl ethers proceeded with alumination of the sp3 C–O bond by a presumed SN2 pathway. The selectivity of this reaction could be switched by inclusion of a catalyst. In the presence of [Pd(PCy3)2], chemoselective sp2 C–O bond functionalisation was observed. Kinetic isotope experiments and DFT calculations support a catalytic pathway involving the ligand-assisted oxidative addition of the sp2 C–O bond to a Pd---Al intermetallic complex....

Compound SC4

Anna Barnard
NMR Spectra for SC4

Compound SC5

Anna Barnard
NMR Spectra for SC5

Compound SC9

Anna Barnard
NMR Spectra for SC9

Kinetic isotope effects: Elevated Reaction Order of 1,3,5-tri-tert-butylbenzene Bromination as Evidence of a Clustered Polybromide Transition State: a Combined Kinetic and Computational Study

Henry Rzepa
Calculated kinetic isotope effects using normal frequencies derived from the .fchk files available here.

DFT study: Ar-N roation

Charles ROMAIN
Ar-N roation


Christopher Cave-Ayland

B2N2: a 10-electron four-atom molecule with Hückel 4n+2 and Baird 4n selection rules for ring aromaticity.

Henry Rzepa
Gaussian 16 calculations

4.2 - Crystal Structures - Ionic study

Alexandre Dumon
Crystal structures used for the optimization and complexation study.

1,4-Dioxanes derivatisation products (30–33)

Juan Rojas
Raw and processed data of characterised 1,4-dioxanes derivatisation products (30–33).

Oxetan-3-ols as 1,2-bis-Electrophiles in a Brønsted Acid Catalyzed Synthesis of 1,4-Dioxanes

Juan Rojas
Raw and processed characterisation data for all novel compounds reported in this work.

Supplementary material from \"Epidemiological dynamics of bacteriocin competition and antibiotic resistance\"

Sonja Lehtinen, Nicholas J. Croucher, François Blanquart & Christophe Fraser
Bacteriocins, toxic peptides involved in the competition between bacterial strains, are extremely diverse. Previous work on bacteriocin dynamics has highlighted the role of non-transitive ‘rock–paper–scissors’ competition in maintaining the coexistence of different bacteriocin profiles. The focus to date has primarily been on bacteriocin interactions at the within-host scale (i.e. within a single bacterial population). Yet in species such as Streptococcus pneumoniae, with relatively short periods of colonization and limited within-host diversity, ecological outcomes are also...

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