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Low intratumor heterogeneity correlates with increased response to PD-1 blockade in renal cell carcinoma

Xia Ran, Jinyuan Xiao, Yi Zhang, Huajing Teng, Fang Cheng, Huiqian Chen, Kaifan Zhang & Zhongsheng Sun
Background:Intratumor heterogeneity (ITH) has been shown to be inversely associated with immune infiltration in several cancers including clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC), but it remains unclear whether ITH is associated with response to immunotherapy (e.g. PD-1 blockade) in ccRCC.Methods:We quantified ITH using mutant-allele tumor heterogeneity, investigated the association of ITH with immune parameters in patients with ccRCC (n = 336) as well as those with papillary RCC (pRCC, n = 280) from The Cancer...

PCSK9 promotes the progression and metastasis of colon cancer cells through regulation of EMT and PI3K/AKT signaling in tumor cells and phenotypic polarization of macrophages

Lu Wang, Shuangshuang Li, Huanhua Luo, Qi Lu & Shuwen Yu
Abstract Background Proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 (PCSK9) is the ninth member of the proprotein convertase family that regulates lipoprotein homeostasis and altered PCSK9 expression was reportedly associated with tumor development and progression. This study assessed PCSK9 expression and functions in human colon cancer and then explored the underlying molecular events. Methods Colon cancer tissues were utilized for analysis of PCSK9 expression for association with clinicopathological factors from patients by immunohistochemistry assay. Manipulation of PCSK9...

Circ_0003570 Suppresses the progression of hepatocellular carcinoma through miR-182-5p/STARD13 regulatory axis

Xu Zhang, Wenwen Chen, Dan Guo, Yarui Li, Yan Zhao, Mudan Ren, Guifang Lu, Xinlan Lu & Shuixiang He
Abstract Background Emerging evidence have revealed that circRNAs exert important biological effects in the development and progression of various diseases, including cancer. Our study aimed to elaborated the biological effects of hsa-circ_0003570 in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) development at the molecular level. Results The results of functional experiments showed that knockdown of circ_0003570 induced HCC cell growth, migration and invasion, whereas overexpression of circ_0003570 presented the opposite effects. In vivo experiments, xenograft tumors grown from circ-overexpressed...

Mid-infrared Nb₄N₃-based superconducting nanowire single photon detectors for wavelengths up to 10 μm

Yiming Pan, Hui Zhou, XINGYU ZHANG, Huiqin Yu, Lu Zhang, Mengting Si, Hao Li, Lixing YOU & Zhen Wang
Mid-infrared (MIR) single-photon detection is emerging as an important technology for various applications. Superconducting nanowire single photon detectors (SNSPDs) fabricated with superconducting films with energy gaps of a few meV are natural broadband single-photon detectors. Recently, extending SNSPDs’ operation wavelengths into the MIR region is highly attractive. γ-Nb₄N₃ has a reduced N content and lower energy gap than the commonly used δ-NbN, making SNSPDs based on γ-Nb₄N₃ film more sensitive to low energy photons. We...

Label-Free Measurement of Wall Shear Stress in Brain Venule and Arteriole Using Dual-Wavelength Third-Harmonic-Generation Line-Scanning Imaging

Hui Cheng, Xinlin Chen, Zhong jincheng, Jia Li, Ping Qiu & Ke Wang
Wall shear stress (WSS) is of fundamental physiological and pathological significance. Current measurement technologies suffer from poor spatial resolution, or cannot measure instantaneous values in a label-free manner. Here we demonstrate dual-wavelength third-harmonic-generation (THG) line-scanning imaging, for instantaneous wall shear rate and WSS measurement in vivo. We used soliton self-frequency shift to generate dual-wavelength femtosecond pulses. Simultaneous acquisition of dual-wavelength THG line-scanning signals extract blood flow velocities at adjacent radial positions for instantaneous wall shear...

Exosomal DNAJB11 promotes the development of pancreatic cancer by modulating the EGFR/MAPK pathway

Peng Liu, Fuqiang Zu, Hui Chen, Xiaoli Yin & Xiaodong Tan
Abstract Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) is a malignant tumor with invasive and metastatic characteristics and poor prognosis. Intracellular protein homeostasis is associated with invasion and metastasis of pancreatic cancer, but the specific molecular mechanism remains unclear. Our previous studies have revealed that DNAJB11, a key protein in protein homeostasis, is secreted by exosomes in the supernatant of dissociated pancreatic cancer cells with high metastasis. The results from transcriptome sequencing and co-immunoprecipitation (Co-IP)-based liquid chromatography with...

Investigating patients’ preferences for new anti-diabetic drugs to inform public health insurance coverage decisions: a discrete choice experiment in China

Jinsong Geng, Haini Bao, Zhe Feng, Jingyi Meng, Xiaolan Yu & Hao Yu
Abstract Background Diabetes is a major public health concern with a considerable impact on healthcare expenditures. Deciding on health insurance coverage for new drugs that meet patient needs is a challenge facing policymakers. Our study aimed to assess patients’ preferences for public health insurance coverage of new anti-diabetic drugs in China. Methods We identified six attributes of new anti-diabetic drugs and used the Bayesian-efficient design to generate choice sets for a discrete choice experiment (DCE)....

Estimating disability-adjusted life years for breast cancer and the impact of screening in female populations in China, 2015–2030: an exploratory prevalence-based analysis applying local weights

Xin-Xin Yan, Juan Zhu, Yan-Jie Li, Meng-Di Cao, Xin Wang, Hong Wang, Cheng-Cheng Liu, Jing Wang, Yang Li & Ju-Fang Shi
Abstract Background Most cancer disability-adjusted life year (DALY) studies worldwide have used broad, generic disability weights (DWs); however, differences exist among populations and types of cancers. Using breast cancer as example, this study aimed to estimate the population-level DALYs in females in China and the impact of screening as well as applying local DWs. Methods Using multisource data, a prevalence-based model was constructed. (1) Overall years lived with disability (YLDs) were estimated by using numbers...

Evaluating the effect of an artificial intelligence system on the anesthesia quality control during gastrointestinal endoscopy with sedation: a randomized controlled trial

Cheng Xu, Yijie Zhu, Lianlian Wu, Honggang Yu, Jun Liu, Fang Zhou, Qiutang Xiong, Shanshan Wang, Shanshan Cui, Xu Huang, Anning Yin, Tingting Xu, Shaoqing Lei & Zhongyuan Xia
Abstract Background Sedative gastrointestinal endoscopy is extensively used worldwide. An appropriate degree of sedation leads to more acceptability and satisfaction. Artificial intelligence has rapidly developed in the field of digestive endoscopy in recent years and we have constructed a mature computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) system. This system can identify the remaining parts to be examined in real-time endoscopic procedures, which may help anesthetists use anesthetics properly to keep patients in an appropriate degree of sedation. Aims...

High-energy Q switched Yb-doped fiber laser based on a ternary layered structured Ti2AlC saturable absorber

KANG ZHANG, Ming Feng, Jinyue Xie, Xu Sang, Guoqing Sun, Ye Tian, Feng Song & Wei Huang
Ti₂AlC is a kind of ternary layered structured ceramic metal compound, combing advantages of both ceramic and metal. Herein, the saturable absorption performance of Ti₂AlC at 1 μm waveband is investigated for the first time. The Ti₂AlC behaves with excellent saturable absorption, which has a modulation depth of 14.53% and a saturable intensity of 13.27 MW/cm². An all-normal dispersion fiber laser based on the Ti₂AlC saturable absorber (SA) is constructed. The repetition frequency of the...

Automated total and vessel-specific coronary artery calcium (CAC) quantification on chest CT: direct comparison with CAC scoring on non-contrast cardiac CT

Jie Yu, Lijuan Qian, Wengang Sun, Zhuang Nie, DanDan Zheng, Ping Han, Heshui Shi, Chuansheng Zheng & Fan Yang
Abstract Background This study aimed to evaluate the artificial intelligence (AI)-based coronary artery calcium (CAC) quantification and regional distribution of CAC on non-gated chest CT, using standard electrocardiograph (ECG)-gated CAC scoring as the reference. Methods In this retrospective study, a total of 405 patients underwent non-gated chest CT and standard ECG-gated cardiac CT. An AI-based algorithm was used for automated CAC scoring on chest CT, and Agatston score on cardiac CT was manually quantified. Bland-Altman...

Midazolam exhibits antitumour and enhances the efficiency of Anti-PD-1 immunotherapy in hepatocellular carcinoma

Junwei Kang, Zhiying Zheng, Xian Li, Tian Huang, Dawei Rong, Xinyang Liu, Miaomiao Qin, Yuliang Wang, Xiangyi Kong, Jinhua Song, Chengyu Lv & Xiongxiong Pan
Abstract Background Midazolam (MDZ) is an anaesthetic that is widely used for anxiolysis and sedation. More recently, MDZ has also been described to be related to the outcome of various types of carcinomas. However, how MDZ influences the progression of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and its effects on the biological function and tumour immune microenvironment of this type of tumour remain unknown. Methods The effects of MDZ on the proliferation, invasion, and migration of HCC cell...

An area under the concentration–time curve threshold as a predictor of efficacy and nephrotoxicity for individualizing polymyxin B dosing in patients with carbapenem-resistant gram-negative bacteria

Jing Yang, Shaohua Liu, Jingli Lu, Tongwen Sun, Peile Wang & Xiaojian Zhang
Abstract Background Evidence supports therapeutic drug monitoring of polymyxin B, but clinical data for establishing an area under the concentration–time curve across 24 h at steady state (AUCss,24 h) threshold are still limited. This study aimed to examine exposure–response/toxicity relationship for polymyxin B to establish an AUCss,24 h threshold in a real-world cohort of patients. Methods Using a validated Bayesian approach to estimate AUCss,24 h from two samples, AUCss,24 h threshold that impacted the risk...

Penalized Spline-Involved Tree-based (PenSIT) Learning for estimating an optimal dynamic treatment regime using observational data

Kelly A Speth, Michael R Elliott, Juan L Marquez & Lu Wang
Dynamic treatment regimes are a set of time-adaptive decision rules that can be used to personalize treatment across multiple stages of care. Grounded in causal inference methods, dynamic treatment regimes identify variables that differentiate the treatment effect and may be used to tailor treatments across individuals based on the patient’s own characteristics – thereby representing an important step toward personalized medicine. In this manuscript we introduce Penalized Spline-Involved Tree-based Learning, which seeks to improve upon...

Facilitators, barriers and strategies for health-system guidance implementation: a critical interpretive synthesis protocol

Qi Wang, Ying Zhu, Shitong Xie, Mohammad Golam Kibria, Qiangqiang Guo, Ahmed Atef Belal, Yanfei Li, Jingyi Zhang, Yaolong Chen, Holger J. Schünemann, Michael G. Wilson, Kehu Yang & John N. Lavis
Abstract Background As systematically developed statements regarding possible courses of action, health system guidance (HSG) can assist with making decisions about addressing problems or achieving goals in health systems. However, there are conceptual and methodological challenges in HSG implementation due to the complexity of health-system policy-making, the diversity of available evidence and vast differences in contexts. To address these gaps, we aim to develop a theoretical framework for supporting HSG implementation as part of a...

Emergency department-based, nurse-initiated, serious illness conversation intervention for older adults: a protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Thidathit Prachanukool, Susan D. Block, Donna Berry, Rachel S. Lee, Sarah Rossmassler, Mohammad A. Hasdianda, Wei Wang, Rebecca Sudore, Mara A. Schonberg, James A. Tulsky & Kei Ouchi
Abstract Background Visits to the emergency department (ED) are inflection points in patients’ illness trajectories and are an underutilized setting to engage seriously ill patients in conversations about their goals of care. We developed an intervention (ED GOAL) that primes seriously ill patients to discuss their goals of care with their outpatient clinicians after leaving the ED. The aims of this study are (i) to test the impact of ED GOAL administered by trained nurses...

Functional analysis revealed the involvement of ZmABCB15 in resistance to rice black-streaked dwarf virus infection

Runqing Yue, Qi Sun, Jianguo Ding, Wenlan Li, Wencai Li, Meng Zhao, Shouping Lu, Tingru Zeng, Hua Zhang, Suxian Zhao, Shuanggui Tie & Zhaodong Meng
Abstract Background Maize rough dwarf disease (MRDD), caused by rice black-streaked dwarf virus (RBSDV) belonging to the Fijivirus genus, seriously threatens maize production worldwide. Three susceptible varieties (Ye478, Zheng 58, and Zhengdan 958) and two resistant varieties (P138 and Chang7–2) were used in our study. Results A set of ATP-binding cassette subfamily B (ABCB) transporter genes were screened to evaluate their possible involvements in RBSDV resistance. In the present study, ZmABCB15, an ABCB transporter family...

Gastric cancer-derived exosomal miR-519a-3p promotes liver metastasis by inducing intrahepatic M2-like macrophage-mediated angiogenesis

Shengkui Qiu, Li Xie, Chen Lu, Chao Gu, Yiwen Xia, Jialun Lv, Zhe Xuan, Lang Fang, Jing Yang, Lu Zhang, Zheng Li, Weizhi Wang, Hao Xu, Bowen Li & Zekuan Xu
Abstract Background Liver metastasis (LM) is a major obstacle to the prognosis of gastric cancer (GC) patients, but the molecular mechanism underlying gastric cancer liver metastasis (GC-LM) remains unknown. Exosomes have been identified as an important mediator of communication between tumor cells and the microenvironment. Therefore, we sought to investigate the effects of primary GC cells on the liver microenvironment and the role of exosomal microRNAs (exo-miRNA) in GC-LM. Methods Sequential differential centrifugation, transmission electron...

Evaluate the immune-related eRNA models and signature score to predict the response to immunotherapy in thyroid carcinoma

Pu Wu, Jinyuan Shi, Zhiyuan Wang, Wei Sun & Hao Zhang
Abstract Background The functional alterations of eRNAs have been reported to be correlated with tumorigenesis. However, the roles of eRNAs in thyroid cancer (THCA) remain still unclear. This study aimed to construct an immune-related eRNA prognostic signature that could effectively predict the survival and prognosis for THCA. Methods The Weighted Gene Co-Expression Network Analysis (WGCNA) was performed to identify THCA-specific immune-related hub genes and immune-related eRNAs were obtained using Pearson correlation analysis. Univariate and least...

Development and validation of a nomogram involving immunohistochemical markers for prediction of recurrence in early low-risk endometrial cancer

Wei Kong, Yuan Tu, Peng Jiang, Yuzhen Huang, Jingni Zhang, Shan Jiang, Ning Li & Rui Yuan
BackgroundThe purpose of this study was to construct a nomogram based on classical parameters and immunohistochemical markers to predict the recurrence of early low-risk endometrial cancer patients.MethodsA total of 998 patients with early low-risk endometrial cancer who underwent primary surgical treatment were enrolled (668 in the training cohort, 330 in the validation cohort). Prognostic factors identified by univariate and multivariate analysis in the training cohort were used to construct the nomogram. Prediction performance of the...

Development and validation of a nomogram involving immunohistochemical markers for prediction of recurrence in early low-risk endometrial cancer

Wei Kong, Yuan Tu, Peng Jiang, Yuzhen Huang, Jingni Zhang, Shan Jiang, Ning Li & Rui Yuan
BackgroundThe purpose of this study was to construct a nomogram based on classical parameters and immunohistochemical markers to predict the recurrence of early low-risk endometrial cancer patients.MethodsA total of 998 patients with early low-risk endometrial cancer who underwent primary surgical treatment were enrolled (668 in the training cohort, 330 in the validation cohort). Prognostic factors identified by univariate and multivariate analysis in the training cohort were used to construct the nomogram. Prediction performance of the...

A unified global genotyping framework of dengue virus serotype-1 for a stratified coordinated surveillance strategy of dengue epidemics

Liqiang Li, Xiang Guo, Xiaoqing Zhang, Lingzhai Zhao, Li Li, Yuji Wang, Tian Xie, Qingqing Yin, Qinlong Jing, Tian Hu, Ziyao Li, Rangke Wu, Wei Zhao, Sherman Xuegang Xin, Benyun Shi, Jiming Liu, Shang Xia, Zhiqiang Peng, Zhicong Yang, Fuchun Zhang, Xiao-Guang Chen & Xiaohong Zhou
Abstract Background Dengue is the fastest spreading arboviral disease, posing great challenges on global public health. A reproduceable and comparable global genotyping framework for contextualizing spatiotemporal epidemiological data of dengue virus (DENV) is essential for research studies and collaborative surveillance. Methods Targeting DENV-1 spreading prominently in recent decades, by reconciling all qualified complete E gene sequences of 5003 DENV-1 strains with epidemiological information from 78 epidemic countries/areas ranging from 1944 to 2018, we established and...

Both indirect maternal and direct fetal genetic effects reflect the observational relationship between higher birth weight and lower adult bone mass

Jiang-Wei Xia, Lin Zhang, Jin Li, Cheng-Da Yuan, Xiao-Wei Zhu, Yu Qian, Saber Khederzadeh, Jia-Xuan Gu, Lin Xu, Jian-Hua Gao, Ke-Qi Liu, David Karasik, Shu-Yang Xie, Guo-Bo Chen & Hou-Feng Zheng
Abstract Background Birth weight is considered not only to undermine future growth, but also to induce lifelong diseases; the aim of this study is to explore the relationship between birth weight and adult bone mass. Methods We performed multivariable regression analyses to assess the association of birth weight with bone parameters measured by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) and by quantitative ultrasound (QUS), independently. We also implemented a systemic Mendelian randomization (MR) analysis to explore the...

Design of a VIS-NIR superachromatic triplet with five-color correction for a broadband interferometer

Qi Lu, Yifan Ding, Wei Wang, Shijie Liu & Min Xu
In general, 𝑘 lenses with different materials can achieve at most (𝑘+1)-color correction (𝑘≥2). In this paper, a superachromat containing three lenses is designed to achieve five-color correction in the 600 - 1600 nm waveband, where the maximum chromatic focal shift is controlled within 1/100,000 of the focal length, achieving an almost unprecedented result. Conditions for lens power combination of three thin lenses in contact are firstly derived based on the Buchdahl dispersion equation, then...

Oxidative stress genes in patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma: construction of a novel prognostic signature and characterization of tumor microenvironment infiltration

Wei Liu, Hao-Shuai Yang, Shao-Yi Zheng, Hong-He Luo, Yan-Fen Feng & Yi-Yan Lei
Abstract Background Oxidative stress plays an important role in the progression of various types of tumors. However, its role in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) has seldom been explored. This study aimed to discover prognostic markers associated with oxidative stress in ESCC to improve the prediction of prognosis and help in the selection of effective immunotherapy for patients. Results A consensus cluster was constructed using 14 prognostic differentially expressed oxidative stress-related genes (DEOSGs) that were...

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