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Unraveling the structures, functions and mechanisms of epithelial membrane protein family in human cancers

Nan Zhang, Hong‑Ping Zhu, Wei Huang, Xiang Wen, Xin Xie, Xian Jiang, Cheng Peng, Bo Han & Gu He
Abstract Peripheral myelin protein 22 (PMP22) and epithelial membrane proteins (EMP-1, -2, and -3) belong to a small hydrophobic membrane protein subfamily, with four transmembrane structures. PMP22 and EMPs are widely expressed in various tissues and play important roles in cell growth, differentiation, programmed cell death, and metastasis. PMP22 presents its highest expression in the peripheral nerve and participates in normal physiological and pathological processes of the peripheral nervous system. The progress of molecular genetics...

Combined Radiomics–Clinical Model to Predict Radiotherapy Response in Inoperable Stage III and IV Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer

Wenrui Chen, Li Wang, Yu Hou, Lan Li, Li Chang, Yunfen Li, Kun Xie, Linbo Qiu, Dan Mao, Wenhui Li & Yaoxiong Xia
Purpose: Radiotherapy is a promising treatment option for lung cancer, but patients’ responses vary. The purpose of the study was to investigate the potential of radiomics and clinical signature for predicting the radiotherapy sensitivity and overall survival of inoperable stage III and IV non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients. Materials: This retrospective study collected 104 inoperable stage III and IV NSCLC patients at the Yunnan Cancer Hospital from October 2016 to September 2020. They were divided...

Validation of photoacoustic/ultrasound dual imaging in evaluating blood oxygen saturation

Si Liu, Rui Zhang, Tao Han, Yinhao Pan, Guangjie Zhang, Xing Long, Chenyang Zhao, Ming Wang, Xuelan Li & Fang Yang
Photoacoustic imaging (PAI) was performed to evaluate oxygen saturation (sO₂) of blood-mimicking phantoms, femoral arteries in beagles, and radial arteries in humans at various sO₂ plateaus. The accuracy (root mean square error) of PAI sO₂ compared with reference sO₂ was calculated. In blood-mimicking phantoms, PAI achieved an accuracy of 1.49% and a mean absolute error (MAE) of 1.09% within 25 mm depth, and good linearity (R = 0.968; p < 0.001) was obtained between PAI...

A simplified multiplex methylated DNA testing for early detection of colorectal cancer in stool DNA

Yanmiao Dai, Guodong Zhao, Jun Yang, Xilang Zhou, Shangmin Xiong, Xirong Lu, Liming Gao, Jianfang Wu, Zouhua Xu, Sujuan Fei, Minxue Zheng & Hongwei Xu
Abstract Background ColoDefense1.0 assay has demonstrated its excellent sensitivity and specificity for early detection of colorectal cancer (CRC) by detecting the methylation levels of SDC2 and SEPT9, while exhibited limitations on relatively large sample capacity required and limited detection throughput by applying triplicate PCR reactions for each sample. In this study, ColoDefense1.0 was simplified and optimized into ColoDefense2.0 in a single PCR reaction. Methods A total 529 stool specimens were collected, and 244 CRC patients,...

Construction and yield optimization of a cinnamylamine biosynthesis route in Escherichia coli

Qi Wang, Linlin Ma, Zhiguo Wang, Quan Chen, Qian Wang & Qingsheng Qi
Abstract Background With the development of metabolic engineering and synthetic biology, the biosynthesis of aromatic compounds has attracted much attention. Cinnamylamine is an aromatic compound derived from l-phenylalanine, which is used in the synthesis of biologically active molecules, including drugs, and energetic materials. Cinnamylamine has been mainly synthesized by chemical methods to date, and few reports have focused on the biosynthesis of cinnamylamine. Therefore, it is desirable to establish an efficient biosynthesis method for cinnamylamine....

AADAC protects colorectal cancer liver colonization from ferroptosis through SLC7A11-dependent inhibition of lipid peroxidation

Rongquan Sun, Zhifei Lin, Xiangyu Wang, Lu Liu, Meisi Huo, Rui Zhang, Jing Lin, Chao Xiao, Yitong Li, Wenwei Zhu, Lu Lu, Jubo Zhang & Jinhong Chen
Abstract Background Oxidative stress is a highly active metabolic process in the liver, that poses great threats to disseminated tumor cells during their colonization. Here, we aimed to investigate how colorectal cancer (CRC) cells overcome lipid peroxidation to sustain their metastatic colonization in the liver. Methods Orthotopic colorectal liver metastasis (CRLM) and CRC liver colonization mouse models were constructed to determine the roles of lipid peroxidation and AADAC in CRC liver colonization. The levels of...

A five-parameter score for predicting saphenous vein graft degenerative and/or occlusive disease in recurring ischemic symptoms after one year post coronary artery bypass grafting

Xiao-Wei Li, Zhuang Cui, Jian-Yong Xiao, Ming-Dong Gao, Mei Zhang, Wen-Juan Zhang, Feng-Shi Tian, Yu Song, Ying-Wu Liu, Zhu-Hua Yao, Jun Ma, Yin Liu & Jing Gao
Background:The recurrence rate of ischemic symptoms after coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) is increasing in recent years. How to prevent and treat saphenous vein graft disease (SVGD [symptomatic ⩾50% stenosis in at least one Saphenous vein graft]) has been a clinical challenge to date. Different pathogenesis may exist in SVGD of different periods. There are currently few available scores for estimating the risk of SVGD after one year post CABG.Objective:We sought to develop and validate...

The RNA demethylase ALKBH5 promotes the progression and angiogenesis of lung cancer by regulating the stability of the LncRNA PVT1

Wenyi Shen, Juan Pu, Zhi Zuo, Shanye Gu, Jing Sun, Bing Tan, Lili Wang, Jianmeng Cheng & Yangsong Zuo
Abstract Background N6-methyladenosine (m6A) is the most common posttranscriptional modification of RNA and plays critical roles in human cancer progression. However, the biological function of m6A methylation requires further studied in cancer, especially in tumor angiogenesis. Methods A public database was used to analyze the expression and overall survival of ALKBH5 and PVT1 in lung cancer patients. CCK-8 and colony formation assays were performed to detect cell proliferation, a transwell assay was used to assess...

Modular networks and genomic variation during progression from stable angina pectoris through ischemic cardiomyopathy to chronic heart failure

Lin Chen, Ya-Nan Yu, Jun Liu, Yin-ying Chen, Bo Wang, Yi-Fei Qi, Shuang Guan, Xi Liu, Bing Li, Ying-Ying Zhang, Yuanhui Hu & Zhong Wang
Abstract Background Analyzing disease–disease relationships plays an important role for understanding etiology, disease classification, and drug repositioning. However, as cardiovascular diseases with causative links, the molecular relationship among stable angina pectoris (SAP), ischemic cardiomyopathy (ICM) and chronic heart failure (CHF) is not clear. Methods In this study, by integrating the multi-database data, we constructed paired disease progression modules (PDPMs) to identified relationship among SAP, ICM and CHF based on module reconstruction pairs (MRPs) of K-value...

Circular RNA circLOC101928570 suppresses systemic lupus erythematosus progression by targeting the miR-150-5p/c-myb axis

Xingwang Zhao, Rui Dong, Zhongwei Tang, Juan Wang, Chunyou Wang, Zhiqiang Song, Bing Ni, Longlong Zhang, Xiaochong He & Yi You
Abstract Background Accumulating evidence supports the implication of circular RNAs (circRNAs) in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). However, little is known about the detailed mechanisms and roles of circRNAs in the pathogenesis of SLE. Methods Quantitative real-time PCR was used to determine the levels of circLOC101928570 and miR-150-5p in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of SLE. Overexpression and knockdown experiments were conducted to assess the effects of circLOC101928570. Fluorescence in situ hybridization, RNA immunoprecipitation, luciferase reporter assays,...

NLRP3 inflammasome regulates astrocyte transformation in brain injury induced by chronic intermittent hypoxia

Ningning She, Yewen Shi, Yani Feng, Lina Ma, Yuqi Yuan, Yitong Zhang, Zine Cao, Xi Chen, Bingjie Zhao, Haiqin Liu & Xiaoyong Ren
Abstract Background Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is mainly characterized by sleep fragmentation and chronic intermittent hypoxia (CIH), the latter one being associated with multiple organ injury. Recently, OSA-induced cognition dysfunction has received extensive attention from scholars. Astrocytes are essential in neurocognitive deficits via A1/A2 phenotypic changes. Nucleotide oligomerization domain (NOD)-like receptor protein 3 (NLRP3) inflammasome is considered the most important factor inducing and maintaining neuroinflammation. However, whether the NLRP3 regulates the A1/A2 transformation of astrocytes...

CAFs-derived SCUBE1 promotes malignancy and stemness through the Shh/Gli1 pathway in hepatocellular carcinoma

Jungang Zhao, Rizhao Li, Jiacheng Li, Ziyan Chen, Zixia Lin, Baofu Zhang, Liming Deng, Gang Chen & Yi Wang
Abstract Background The tumour microenvironment and cirrhotic liver are excellent sources of cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs), which participate in carcinogenesis. Thus, it is important to clarify the crosstalk between CAFs and HCC cells and the related mechanism in regulating carcinogenesis. Methods Human hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) tissues and matched adjacent normal tissues were obtained from HCC patients. Immunohistochemistry, Western blotting (WB) and RT–qPCR were performed to detect the expression of SCUBE1. The roles of SCUBE1 in inducing...

AGI grade-guided chaiqin chengqi decoction treatment for predicted moderately severe and severe acute pancreatitis (CAP trial): study protocol of a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group, pragmatic clinical trial

Zhiyao Chen, Xiaonan Yang, Jia Guo, Tao Jin, Ziqi Lin, Ping Zhu, Jing Li, Ling Li, Xin Sun, Dan Du, Kun Jiang, Yanqiu He, Fei Cai, Lan Li, Cheng Hu, Qingyuan Tan, Wei Huang, Lihui Deng & Qing Xia
Abstract Background Acute pancreatitis (AP) is a common digestive disease with increased incidence globally but without internationally licenced pharmacological therapy. Moderately severe and severe acute pancreatitis (MSAP/SAP) contributes predominately for its morbidities and mortality and has been managed in West China Hospital for decades using the traditional Chinese medicinal formula chaiqin chengqi decoction (CQCQD). The current study tests whether the early administration of CQCQD will result in improved clinical outcomes in predicted MSAP/SAP patients. Methods...

Mining and characterization of the PKS–NRPS hybrid for epicoccamide A: a mannosylated tetramate derivative from Epicoccum sp. CPCC 400996

Tao Zhang, Guowei Cai, Xiaoting Rong, Jingwen Xu, Bingya Jiang, Hao Wang, Xinxin Li, Lu Wang, Ran Zhang, Wenni He & Liyan Yu
Abstract Background Genomic analysis indicated that the genomes of ascomycetes might carry dozens of biosynthetic gene clusters (BGCs), yet many clusters have remained enigmatic. The ascomycete genus Epicoccum, belonging to the family Didymellaceae, is ubiquitous that colonizes different types of substrates and is associated with phyllosphere or decaying vegetation. Species of this genus are prolific producers of bioactive substances. The epicoccamides, as biosynthetically distinct mannosylated tetramate, were first isolated in 2003 from Epicoccum sp. In...

Complications of primary total hip arthroplasty among patients with rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and primary osteoarthritis

Qiang Lian, Yun Lian, Kangxian Li, Qinfeng Yang, Kunlian Li, Yiqiao Zheng, Haibing Liu, Zhanjun Shi & Jian Wang
Abstract Background Limited information exists comparing the perioperative complications of the different inflammatory arthropathies (IAs) after total hip arthroplasty (THA). Our study was aimed to (1) compare perioperative complications and (2) determine the most common complications between the different IA subtypes compared with patients with primary osteoarthritis (OA) undergoing primary THA and (3) find whether the difference in postoperative complications also exists between different IA after THA. Methods The Nationwide Inpatient Sample (NIS) was used...

Mutation spectrum of chinese amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patients with frontotemporal dementia

Xunzhe Yang, Xiaohai Sun, Qing Liu, Liyang Liu, Jinyue Li, Zhengyi Cai, Kang Zhang, Shuangwu Liu, Di He, Dongchao Shen, Mingsheng Liu, Liying Cui & Xue Zhang
Abstract Background Studies have reported that a noncoding hexanucleotide repeat in C9ORF72, is the most common genetic cause of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and frontotemporal dementia (FTD) among Caucasian population, nevertheless it is rare in Chinese population. Therefore, we aimed to investigate the mutation spectrum of Chinese ALS patients with FTD (ALS-FTD). Methods ALS patients with and without cognitive impairments were enrolled. Clinical features were collected including age, sex, disease duration, ALSFRS-r, family history and...

Electrically induced adiabatic frequency conversion in an integrated lithium niobate ring resonator

Xiaotong He, Luis Cortes Herrera, Kwadwo Opong-Mensah, Yi Zhang, Meiting Song, Govind Agrawal & Jaime Cardenas
Changing the frequency of light outside the laser cavity is essential for fields that require precise frequencies such as optical communication, ultracold molecules and single photon sources. Frequency conversion is usually accomplished by nonlinear wave mixing. However, integrating a system with the required high-power optical pump onto a photonic chip is challenging. To achieve on-chip optical frequency conversion, we electrically tune a lithium niobate ring resonator to induce adiabatic frequency conversion. In this work, frequency...

Diagnostic and prognostic value of ventilatory power in pulmonary hypertension

Xin Li, Yi Zhang, Qi Jin, Zhihui Zhao, Qing Zhao, Lu Yan, Anqi Duan, Zhihua Huang, Meixi Hu, Changming Xiong, Qin Luo & Zhihong Liu
Abstract Background Ventilatory power is a novel index which could reflect both ventilation efficiency and peripheral blood flow. However, its clinical value in pulmonary hypertension (PH) is rarely discussed. In the present study, we aimed to investigate the diagnostic and prognostic value of ventilatory power as well as its association with disease severity in PH. Methods Consecutive patients with normal hemodynamics and patients diagnosed with PH between September, 2012 and December, 2020 in Fuwai hospital...

Loss of miR-637 promotes cancer cell stemness via WASH/IL-8 pathway and serves as a novel prognostic marker in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

Mengxing Guo, Jingyao Lian, Yaqing Liu, Bo Dong, Qianyi He, Qitai Zhao, Hongyan Zhang, Yu Qi, Yi Zhang & Lan Huang
Abstract Background Esophageal carcinoma is the highly lethal cancer in the world, predominantly in some areas of East Asia. We previously reported that overexpression of cytoskeleton regulator Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein and SCAR Homolog (WASH) associates with poor prognosis of patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC). However, the molecular mechanism and clinical significance involved in WASH overexpression have not been fully elucidated. Methods Bioinformatics analysis and luciferase reporter assay were used to predict and validate...

Concordance of Genomic Profiles in Matched Tissue and Plasma Samples From Chinese Patients With Lung Cancer

Yueming He, Weifeng Guo, Meng Xu, Junling Huang, Xiange Zhang, Huanzhang Su, Dongxia Hong & Qun Liu
Background:Next-generation sequencing (NGS) has been widely used to identify targetable variants for patients with solid tumors, especially lung cancer. Circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) has emerged as an alternative approach for tumor biopsy. However, the feasibility of ctDNA in detecting molecular variants remains debatable.Methods:Herein, we performed NGS on matched tissue and plasma samples from 146 Chinese patients with lung cancer. The concordance of variants between tissue and plasma samples was explored at patient and variant levels.Results:More...

OCT based four-dimensional cardiac imaging of living chick embryo using impedance signal as the gating for post-acquisition synchronization

Yushu Ma, Chuanxi Li, Huiwen Jiang, Yuqian Zhao, JIAN LIU, Yao Yu, Yi Wang, Wenbo Shi & Zhenhe Ma
Four-dimensional (4-D) imaging of embryonic heart is valuable for the study of in vivo cardiac morphology and function during development. Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a non-invasive imaging modality with high spatial resolution suitable for early embryonic heart imaging. However, most commonly used OCT systems cannot provide direct 4-D imaging due to acquisition speed limitations. We proposed a retrospective gating 4-D reconstruction method based on spectral domain OCT. A special circuit was designed to measure...

Immune checkpoint inhibitors plus chemotherapy in patients with locally advanced or metastatic pulmonary sarcomatoid carcinoma: a multicentric real-world study

Fei Zhou, Haoyue Guo, Xiaolong Zhou, Huikang Xie, Tian Tian, Wencheng Zhao, Guanghui Gao, Anwen Xiong, Lei Wang, Wei Li, Xiaoxia Chen, Yan Zhang, Jue Fan, Fengying Wu, Yongchang Zhang & Caicun Zhou
Introduction:Immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) have demonstrated promising efficacy as monotherapy in patients with pulmonary sarcomatoid carcinoma (PSC). We performed the current multi-institutional, real-world study to assess the efficacy of ICIs plus chemotherapy in patients with PSC.Methods:All consecutive patients with locally advanced or metastatic PSC from three centers treated with ICIs between January 2018 and July 2021 were enrolled. Programmed death ligand 1 (PD-L1) expression was stained and evaluated using immunohistochemical with 22C3. Single-cell RNA sequencing...

Synchronous change in the intensified millet cultivation and ecological environment from the early to middle Holocene on the Inner Mongolia Plateau, northern China

Keliang Zhao, Huiping Wei, Zhanhu Zhao, Yaping Zhang, Wenqing Liu, Jian Wang, Guanhan Chen, Hui Shen, Hua Du, Peng Cheng, Shan Chen, Peter Weiming Jia, Xinying Zhou & Xiaoqiang Li
The mechanisms of the origin and dispersal of millet agriculture in northern China are poorly understood. We used plant macroremains, stable isotope compositions of human bone collagen, and pollen records from the Sitai site to reconstruct changes in subsistence strategies and their relationship with the ecological environment from the early to middle Holocene on the Inner Mongolian Plateau in northern China. Charred weed-like seeds, the bones of small mammals, eggshell fragments, together with microliths, indicate...

Engineered second-order nonlinearity in silicon nitride

Yi Zhang, Juniyali Nauriyal, Meiting Song, Marissa Granados Báez, Xiaotong He, Timothy MacDonald & Jaime Cardenas
The lack of a bulk second-order nonlinearity (χ(2)) in silicon nitride (Si3N4) keeps this low-loss, CMOS-compatible platform from key active functions such as Pockels electro-optic (EO) modulation and efficient second harmonic generation (SHG). We demonstrate a successful induction of χ(2) in Si3N4 through electrical poling with an externally-applied field to align the Si-N bonds. This alignment breaks the centrosymmetry of Si3N4, and enables the bulk χ(2). The sample is heated to over 500°C to facilitate...

Vigabatrin-associated brain abnormalities on MRI in tuberous sclerosis complex patients with infantile spasms: are they preventable?

Lin Wan, Wen He, Yang-Yang Wang, Yong Xu, Qian Lu, Meng-Na Zhang, Qiu-Hong Wang, Shuo Dun, Li-Ying Liu, Xiu-Yu Shi, Jing Wang, Lin-Yan Hu, Bo Zhang, Guang Yang & Li-Ping Zou
Background:Vigabatrin (VGB) is currently the most widely prescribed first-line medication for individuals with infantile spasms (IS) and especially for those with tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC), with demonstrated efficacy. Meanwhile, its adverse events, such as vigabatrin-associated brain abnormalities on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI; VABAM), have also been widely reported.Objectives:The objectives of this study were to observe the occurrences of VABAM in patients with IS caused by TSC (IST) and further explore the associated risk factors.Methods:Children with...

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