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Collection: An Earthquake Early Warning System for Southwestern British Columbia Enables Detection of Sovanco Fracture Zone Seismic Events in 2018

This collection represents the datasets used in the publication "An Earthquake Early Warning System for southwestern British Columbia" by Schlesinger et al (2021). Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) has developed an Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) system for southwestern British Columbia, Canada. The system successfully utilizes offshore cabled seismic instruments in addition to land-based seismic sensors. While the EEW system was only partially installed and algorithms were still under development, the first successful event detection occurred in...

Collection: CTD and oxygen sensor data from Ocean Networks Canada observatory sites at Folger Passage and Cascadia Basin from 2009-2022

This collection contains datasets produced by Ocean Networks Canada between 2009-10 to 2022-01 from the Folger Deep, Folger Pinnacle, and ODP 1026 instrument platforms within the Folger Passage and Cascadia Basin NEPTUNE observatories, used in the publication “Pacific Region MPA Ocean Health Report'' by Minicola, E., and Juniper, S.K. (2022). Folger Passage and Cascadia Basin fall within a Rockfish Conservation Area and a section of the pending Offshore Pacific Marine Protected Area (MPA), respectively. This...

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