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Common Exam Schedule Motion, 2006-2007

Salisbury University Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate Common Exam Schedule Motion for 2006-2007

Bylaws Changes, 2006-2007

Salisbury University Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate Bylaws Changes for 2006-2007

Annual Evaluations, 2006-2007

Salisbury University Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate Annual Evaluations for 2006-2007

Draft Minutes for May 9, 2006 Meeting, 2006-2007

Salisbury University Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate meeting Draft Minutes for May 9, 2006

Exploration of Lithium Ion Binding to Magnesium Bound Adenosine Triphosphate and Its Implications for Bipolar Disorder

Katharine Therese Briggs
Lithium carbonate, a drug for the treatment of Bipolar Disorder, provides mood stability to treat an illness that causes recurrent episodes of mania and/or depression. The mechanism by which lithium acts to elicit these psychological changes remains unknown. Interestingly, this small bio-active salt has been shown to reduce the risk of suicide, and appears to lower the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease. It has been proposed that lithium inhibits magnesium-dependent enzymes; however, there is no consensus...

Medicaid Consumer-Directed Health Purchasing (as explained by Yogi Berra)

Charles Milligan
5th Annual Medicaid Research Conference, Tallahassee, Florida.

Effects sparked by shining stars: Consequences earned and posed by high performers at work

Elizabeth Margaret Campbell
Organizations tend to follow two common practices. First, they seek out and recruit the best and the brightest, with the assumption that these high performers create value and drive success within the organization. Second, they increasingly rely upon workgroups and teams to accomplish organizational goals. Though each practice alone has merit, their interaction seems problematic. Organizational leaders invest substantial resources to recruit standouts, yet also want high performers to seamlessly embed within, and contribute to,...

Organizational Socialization Of Community College Adjunct Faculty: A Correlational Analysis Of Content, Context, And The Dimensions Influencing Socialization Outcomes

Wanda Lindsey-Lipford
This quantitative study focuses on the socialization processes of the adjunct faculty at three Mid-Atlantic community colleges. Although adjunct faculty are the majority faculty at community colleges, they are still considered as a marginalized group (transient workers) that diminishes the integrity of quality educational programs (Cohen & Brawer, 2008). Hiring adjunct faculty is a debatable issue among researchers; however, the consensus is that if these professionals are hired, they should be socialized into college culture...

Evolution of strength and physical properties of ultramafic and carbonate rocks under hydrothermal conditions

Harrison Lisabeth
Interaction of rocks with fluids can significantly change mineral assemblage and structure. This so-called hydrothermal alteration is ubiquitous in the Earth’s crust. Though the behavior of hydrothermally altered rocks can have planet-scale consequences, such as facilitating oceanic spreading along slow ridge segments and recycling volatiles into the mantle at subduction zones, the mechanisms involved in the hydrothermal alteration are often microscopic. Fluid-rock interactions take place where the fluid and rock meet. Fluid distribution, flux rate...

The Commutation Test and Chris Bacon’s Score for Source Code as a Framework for Film Music Pedagogy

Aaron Ziegel
This article lays out a theoretical foundation for the use of the commutation test as a film music-based pedagogical tool. The main titles sequence of Source Code (2011, directed by Duncan Jones) provides an effective example for classroom use, in which alternative musical accompaniments serve to reshape the viewing experience. An analysis of Chris Bacon’s original score for the sequence, supported by primary-source evidence, strengthens the instructional potential of this activity. Additionally, this essay provides...

Active Listening, Aural Imagination, and 19th-Century Program Music: An In-Class "Experiment"

Aaron Ziegel
[From essay]: When teaching 19th-century Western art music to both music majors and general-education students alike, the debate between advocates for program music versus proponents of absolute music is a fundamental component in a student’s understanding of the Romantic era. The period’s composers and music critics, as we well know, had plenty to say about the topic, and this primary source commentary provides one pillar of that understanding. Analysis of music examples makes for a...

Toward The Design And Implementation Of Stem Professional Development For Middle School Teachers: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Merah Bell Burke
The aim of this qualitative study was to determine how professional development might be designed to meet the needs of teachers delivering interdisciplinary STEM instruction in an urban middle school. This study was framed and guided by three bodies of literature: literature in support of the theory of change, adult learning theory, and effective STEM professional development. The study, designed to be collaborative in nature, employed an action research variation of participatory classroom action research,...


Mohamed Salem Raafat
This dissertation focuses on the development of the fundamental understanding of the dynamic behavior of assemblies of periodic arrays of tensegrity unit cells (along one and two directions). The ultimate aim of the dissertation is to capitalize on the attractive attributes of tensegrity structures with the unique characteristics of periodic structures, which stem from their ability to impede the propagation of disturbances that fall within certain frequency bands (known as stop bands or bandgaps). A...

Exploring childhood obesity through multiple levels of influence: An examination of the social and environmental context for healthy weight among minority youth and parents

Chandria Denise Jones
Childhood obesity is a major public health problem disproportionately affecting low-income minority populations. Although obesity is prevalent in these communities, little is known about how social and environmental factors affect behaviors related to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight among minority youth and parents. In this dissertation, two studies were conducted on data from 14 focus groups with African American, Hispanic and Latino, and American Indian parents over the age of 18 and youth ages...

Model-Predictive Strategy Generation for Multi-Agent Pursuit-Evasion Games

Eric James Raboin
Multi-agent pursuit-evasion games can be used to model a variety of different real world problems including surveillance, search-and-rescue, and defense-related scenarios. However, many pursuit-evasion problems are computationally difficult, which can be problematic for domains with complex geometry or large numbers of agents. To compound matters further, practical applications often require planning methods to operate under high levels of uncertainty or meet strict running-time requirements. These challenges strongly suggest that heuristic methods are needed to address...

Perceived Preparedness And Preparedness Behavior For Terrorism And Natural Disasters Among Low-Income African Americans In Maryland

Myrtle Evans-Holland
Marginalized groups, the poor, and minorities suffer disproportionately by disasters where inequities are more evident during the response and recovery stages. Although there are differences in disaster preparation behaviors between majority and minority ethnic populations, minority populations experience the inequities because of low incomes and other limited resources needed to lessen the impact of a disaster. Furthermore, scientific knowledge about differences in disaster preparedness behavior within racial/ethnic groups is limited. To address the limitation, this...

Examining The Relationship Between Program Support And Adherence To Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy (Haart) In Kenya And Zambia: The Role Of Art Knowledge On This Relationship

Lateefah Hughes
Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART) adherence is critical to slowing down reproduction of the AIDS virus and ensuring viral load suppression in people living with the disease. Few studies have assessed how well comprehensive structured treatment programs eliminate disparities in treatment outcomes, and positively influence a person's ability to adhere to HAART. This cross-sectional study examined the effect of program support, patient knowledge about HIV and HAART, and patient physical and behavioral factors on adherence...


Ebele Oranuba
Premature death is devastating and about 86% of global premature deaths occur in low and middle-income nations. This study examines causes of premature death and associated risk factors in a Golestan population located in the northeastern region of Iran - an upper-middle income country. Data was analyzed for participants (N=50,045) recruited into the Golestan Cohort Study (GCS) from study period 2004 to August 2017; Causes of premature mortality, burden of these causes, their associated modifiable...

Women And Patriarchal Power In The Selected Novels Of Ngugi Wa Thiong'o

Albert Mugambi Rutere
This is study attempts to examine women's reaction to patriarchal power in the selected novels of Ngugi Wa Thiong'o. Specifically, the study analyses Ngugi's Weep Not, Child, The River Between, A Grain of Wheat, Petals of Blood, Devil on the Cross, and Wizard of the Crow while paying attention to various strategies which women use to respond to patriarchy. First and foremost, this study establishes a universal canvas of patriarchy, in order to show how...

On the Validity of the Girsanov Transformation Method for Sensitivity Analysis of Stochastic Chemical Reaction Networks

Ting Wang & Muruhan Rathinam
We investigate the validity of the Girsanov Transformation (GT) method for parametric sensitivity analysis of stochastic models of chemical reaction networks. The validity depends on the likelihood ratio process being a martingale and the commutation of a certain derivative with expectation. We derive some exponential integrability conditions which imply both these requirements. We provide further conditions in terms of a reaction network that imply these exponential integrability conditions.


Dong Yang
Chaperonin GroEL facilitates protein folding with two stacked back-to-back, identical rings and the "lid", co-chaperonin GroES. The mis-folded/unfolded substrate protein (SP) adjusts the chaperonin cycling from an asymmetric to a symmetric cycle by catalyzing the release of ADP from the trans ring of GroEL, thus promoting the R to T allosteric transition. ATP binding to the SP bound ring promotes the association of a second GroES and subsequently a GroEL-GroES 2 "football" complex is formed...

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