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The Vanguard is Never Caught Napping: Informants and Police Inside the Black Panther Party in Baltimore, 1968-1972

Andrew Holter
This study reviews the history of anti-subversive counterintelligence in Baltimore, Maryland during the late 1960s and early 1970s, and specifically the efforts of the FBI and the Baltimore Police Department to compromise the Black Panther Party using informants and undercover operatives. It first considers the development of a "counterintelligence community" in Baltimore as a response to civil unrest and the growing militancy of the Black Freedom Struggle; it then follows the unusual circumstances surrounding the...

Star Trick: The Next Iteration: The Next Generation of Genre Generation

Thomas A. Boram
Star Trick: The Next Iteration is an experimental television "program" based on a probabilistic algorithm that organizes a database of modular footage into an endless "episode" of sci-fi spaceship drama. The computer-based video resembles the visuals and tropes of nineties-era Star Trek shows. However, rather than parody or pay homage, Star Trick: the Next Iteration (ST:TNI) is an interactive installation in which the viewer may alter the character of the piece by choosing which actor...

Commemorating the Defense of Baltimore, 1815-2015

Aunaleah Vie Gelles
Commemorating the Defense of Baltimore, 1815-2015 examines public memory and public history of the Battle of Baltimore in the War of 1812. From the first anniversary of the battle to the present, commemorations have shaped public memory of the battle. This research seeks to examine how the September 1814 event has been remembered, focusing on the centennial in 1914 and bicentennial in 2014, and what factors have shaped the image of Baltimore as the birthplace...

Ladies in Rebellion: Women of the 1715 and 1745 Jacobite Risings

Katherine Fusick
Despite a vast historiography, many studies of the Jacobite Movement still focus specifically on the years of the related but discrete military rebellions. The overall image that emerges is a male-dominated, military movement that is only relevant in years with conventional combat. This thesis studies female Jacobites who worked within and defied eighteenth-century gender norms to further the Jacobite agenda from the Glorious Revolution in 1688 through the first half of the eighteenth century. An...

Neighborhood Matters: What Baltimore Learned from the War on Poverty

Aiden James Faust
This study considers the extent to which the objectives of the Great Society lead to changes in Baltimore?s municipal governance in the 1970s and 1980s. I examine the development of four distinct but related antipoverty programs in Baltimore: the Model Urban Neighborhood Demonstration (MUND), the Community Action Agency (CAA), the Model Cities Agency (MCA), and the Urban Services Agency (USA). The time period covers over 30 years, from 1965 through 1996. This is an organizational...

Language Writes Myth Writes Reality: Or, How Does the Acculturated Body Take the Role of Culture-Maker?

Victor Torres
Consider this for a moment: Genes and mythologies share the same properties and, as such, they function as a language that writes the characteristics of living organisms. Then consider this: Whereas genes write not only phenotypes (physiological characteristics) but also behaviors on a mechanical level, mythologies write not only our perception of those phenotypical/physiological characteristics (including our reading of them as realities) but also our behaviors on a societal level. And now this: Genes are...

"The Streets of Baltimore": An Episodic View of the Irish Diaspora in Baltimore City Between 1800-1919.

Conor Donnan
This thesis examines the development of the Irish community in Baltimore throughout the Nineteenth Century. Presented is a compilation of four episodic chapters, each of which tackle different issues and developments within Baltimore?s Irish community. The first chapter examines the development and ideology of upper class Irish merchants, professionals, and businessmen at the beginning of the Nineteenth century. Chapters two and three focus on working class Irish Catholics during the Famine Era and their attempts...

"Glory Stands Beside Our Grief": The Maryland Division of the United Daughters of the Confederacy's Commemoration and Memorial Efforts in Baltimore.

Jessica Deane
Although Maryland was never a part of the Confederacy during the war, the large number of southern sympathizers within the city allowed for the Maryland Division of the United Daughters of the Confederacy to grow into a powerful organization. This thesis examines how the commemorative actions taken by the Maryland Division--and the UDC as a whole-- allowed women to gain more political and social power within their communities. The Baltimore Confederate Monument is a physical...

Defining Their Past and Immortalizing their Future: Women's Monuments in Early Modern England

Kelly Daughtridge
The following study examines post-Reformation funerary monuments for what they reveal about elite women?s lives and identity in early modern England. There are far fewer written sources by women making monuments an excellent source to access elite women. Relying on art history and historical methodologies, this thesis examines three categories of monuments: couples? monuments, monuments commissioned for women by male family members, and individual monuments women commissioned for themselves. Women were active participants in their...

Making the ACME Spectacle: Emerging Practices Informed by Deinstitutionalized Technical Documentation

Timothy Andrew Noble
Open source technologies offer significant tools for the contemporary visual artist to produce work that critiques the spectacular with its own techniques of representation. Simultaneously, these technologies allow artists to foreground and problematize issues of authorship, community and "the common," by which I mean contexts apart from capital's drive for accumulation and profit. In this thesis, I explore the artistic potentials of the maker movement as a means of what Paulo Virno terms, "the subversion...

Anarchist Heaven: Barcelona 1936-1937

Elizabeth Cusick
Abstract In the September 1936, Lois Orr, a 19-year-old American woman, went to Barcelona to engage in the anarchist social revolution taking place behind the lines of the war between the elected Republican government of Spain and the insurgent general, Francisco Franco. For the next nine and half months, she lived in Barcelona where she became enthralled with efforts of the anarchists to build a new society based on values of liberty and equality. When...

The Peculiar Fidelity of the Old Line State: Maryland's Conservative Unionists in the Civil War

Michael Robert Bealefeld
This thesis is an analysis on the dual issues of loyalty to the Union and the support of slavery that existed within Maryland during the American Civil War. In the early stages of the conflict, Maryland Unionists proclaimed loyalty both to the Union and to slavery. This group, described as Conservative Unionists, proclaimed that secession was foolish because the United States Constitution, and other national legislation already had secured slaveholding rights. Conservative Unionists looked upon...

The Potential of Breath in a Time of Chemical Hoarding

Meggen Alyssa Marx
In my thesis exhibition, I reconsider the proximity and scale of everyday pollution and bear witness to the causes of contamination. Nameless presents a story without direct narration - an installation consisting of three works, created in different mediums, with titles indicating the number of breaths contained within each work: Nameless I, a single artist breath, casted; Nameless 50, a video projection depicting the exchange we have with our environment; and Nameless 1300, an interactive...

Irradiating Eden: The El Verde Experiment and the Atomic Energy Commission's Nuclear Prospecting in Latin America, 1954-1970

Celso Baldivieso
With this thesis, I connect the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission?s large-scale ecological research in the El Verde rainforest in Puerto Rico during the 1960s to an experimental nuclear weapons program known as Project Plowshare. I show how the AEC masked a bureaucratic investigation at El Verde as a strictly academic pursuit. I argue that the AEC and its contracted scientists at the Puerto Rico Nuclear Center, led by the pioneering systems ecologist, Howard T. Odum,...

The Patient-Centered Medical Home, Healthcare Utilization, and Expenditures for Older Cancer Survivors: A Quantitative Analysis

Jing Xu
Purpose: The Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model has been proposed to improve healthcare delivery and decrease costs. This study examined the associations between receipt of care consistent with a PCMH and the healthcare utilization and expenditures among older cancer survivors. Design and Methods: Secondary data analysis was conducted using data from the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS). The study sample included adults aged 65 and over who had ever been diagnosed with cancer. The analytical...

Lifetime Drug Use and Health at and Beyond Midlife

Cristan A. Smith
Increased rates of lifetime drug use among older adults represents a new and potentially important dimension of health over the life course, particularly for the aging baby boomers and subsequent cohorts. Despite extensive data detailing differences in substance use across cohorts, few studies examine the empirical relationships between illicit drug use and health of mature and older adults. The purpose of the current study was to address this gap in the literature. Linear mixed models...

Terms & Conditions

Jason Hughes
Terms and Conditions examines the influence that free market fundamentalism has had in constructing American identity and democratic values; the rise of corporate authoritarianism in the West; and creative actions that seek to challenge ideological narratives in the media. Borrowing ideas and creative strategies from theorists Roland Barthes, Michael Foucault, Slavoj Zizek, and David Lyon; journalists Naomi Klein and Jeremy Scahill; artists Kendell Geers, Michael Rakowitz, and Ai Weiwei, I seek to explore the socio-political...

Impact of Family Structure and Household Composition on Receipt of Caregiving, Trajectories of Disability, Hospital Discharge Destination and Risk of Readmission among Community-Dwelling Older Adults with Disability

Mingliang Dai
Motivation. Informal caregivers, especially family and household members, are the primary source of help for community-dwelling older adults who need assistance with their disability. However, the impact of family and household characteristics on receipt of caregiving, trajectories of disability and adverse outcomes after hospitalization has not been systematically examined in nationally representative samples of community-dwelling older adults living with disability. Hypotheses. Building on the intergenerational solidarity framework which conceptualized the linkage between structural dimensions of...

Severe Mental Illness among Stroke Survivors: Post-Stroke Non-Psychiatric Hospitalizations, Recurrent Stroke and Mortality Over Five Years

Flavius Robert Warren Lilly
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: This study sought to examine the association of severe mental illness (SMI) among stroke survivors treated in Veteran Administration (VA) hospitals with medical (non-psychiatric) hospitalizations, recurrent stroke hospitalization and mortality risk over a five year period after the initial stroke. Additionally, this study used administrative data to explored inpatient stroke treatment differences between patients with and without SMI. METHODS: This retrospective cohort study included 523 veterans who survived an initial stroke hospitalization...

Understanding the Disabled Self in Later Life: Perceived Effects of Policy on Self-Conceptualizations

Jennifer Howard-Doering
Individuals with disabilities are living longer and have healthier lives than ever before. Many of these same adults have been advocating publicly for more choice and control in their services and supports to allow for greater independence. In response, several policies, such as the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) and policies resulting from Olmstead v. L.C. (1999), have been implemented over time, which have attempted to allow greater equality and...

These Truths Are Not Self-Evidant: An Excavation

Kata Frederick
Includes 2 tif graphics file supplements.

Unruly Animals: multispecies politics and the governing of wildlife state space

Jared Daniel Margulies
My dissertation asks, why is tolerance for living with large wildlife in decline in South India? In addressing this question, I approach conservation as a process of territorialization, a practice mirrored in the spatial representation of geographic knowledge in scientific research. I first present the results of two case studies investigating the social dimensions of human-wildlife relations in one of the most critical conservation landscapes in South Asia. Second, while local case study research remains...

Migratory Connectivity of a Songbird: Population Genetics Reveal the Wintering Locations of the American Redstart

Eileen Bernadette Connell
Migratory connectivity is a term used to describe how breeding populations are geographically connected to winter populations for a migrating species. Determining the strength of migratory connectivity is important for a number of basic and applied research questions related to the ecology and evolution of migratory species. Population genetics, particularly neutral genetic markers, are often used to measure migratory connectivity for species that are too small to carry transmitters. Previous analyses of genetic variation in...


Jason Chang
Jane Jacobs' contention of "eyes on the street" (natural surveillance) creates a paradox in a growing park literature. Some feel parks invite crime because it provides a space for criminals to hide, while others believe parks are inviting areas and often encourage people to spend time outdoors, ultimately leading to more "eyes on the street". This thesis tests the "eyes on the street" hypothesis by investigating relationships between parks and crime in Baltimore City, Maryland...

Navigating Family in an Unfamiliar Place: a visit to Delivuki, Croatia

Chanan LeAnn Delivuk
ABSTRACT Title of Document: navigating family in an unfamiliar place: a visit to delivuki, croatia chanan delivuk, Master of Fine Arts, 2015 Directed By: Dr. Kathy O'Dell, Special Assistant to the Dean for Education & Arts Partnerships, Associate Professor of Visual Arts In August 2014, I took my first trip to Croatia, the country of my paternal ancestors. navigating family in an unfamiliar place is an installation of photographs and video documentation from the trip....

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