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Special education and college enrollment: A secondary analysis of the national postsecondary student aid data.

Robert A. McManus

The Effect of Amniocentesis on Parental Anxiety and Self Concept

Maureen Mulroy Thomas
The purpose of this study was to provide prospective information about the psychological consequences of amniocentesis for both the husband and wife. Amniocentesis is a procedure in which a sample of amniotic fluid is withdrawn from the amniotic sac surrounding the fetus during the second trimester of pregnancy and which is then cultured and tested for the presence of biochemical and chromosomal defects in the fetus. By gathering anxiety and self concept data before and...

The relationship between urban principal competence and educational goals and outcomes.

Brenda Pridgen

The application of accreditation standards in the *assessment of student learning: A case study.

Kenneth P. Kerr

The relationship between professional development and changes in teaching practices.

Ernesta Clarissa Gibbs

Increased Expression Levels Of Igfbp-5 And Gpx1 In Bxpc-3 Pancreatic Cancer Cell Lines.

Kaisha An-Rae Hazel
Pancreatic cancer is a highly fatal disease with death usually occurring within one year of diagnosis. American Cancer Society predicts that by the end of 2017, there will be 53,670 new cases and 43,090 fatalities of pancreatic cancer. Despite the aggressiveness of this disease, little is known about its mechanism of development. It has been speculated that reactive oxygen species (ROS) damages cellular DNA causing deleterious mutations which leads to altered proteins and cellular functions...

Through the Lens of uBuntu: Inclusive, Critically Diverse, and Locally Derived Transformation Efforts in a South African Bank

PhD Ngidi-Brown
This dissertation focused on the insights, experiences and perceptions of senior managers and diversity facilitators working in South Africa on Mashubank's diversity program, Botho Pele. It explores the complexities associated with organizational transformation through the lens of uBuntu, which is understood as a philosophy, a methodology for living, a methodology for research, a theoretical framework for understanding the world, an object of inquiry, and an epistemology. I also examine language and language issues as an...

The Effects Of Financial Aid On Student Persistence And Degree-Attainment Among Underrepresented Minorities In Community Colleges

Charlene L. Stewart
The purpose of this quantitative ex post facto study was to assess the extent to which the amount and type of financial aid predict year-to-year persistence and degree-attainment among African American, Hispanic, and low-income community college students. Most of the current research focused on these issues with-in four-year institutions; however, persistence and degree-attainment within a community college setting has not been fully examined using national data. This study was guided by the workable persistence model...


Michael John Boynton
The primary function of the nerd stereotype—like any other stereotype—is to reinforce and reify cultural hegemony, to delineate who has access to power and who does not. In this dissertation, I argue that the nerd stereotype performs this function in two essential ways: the heteronormative dynamic and the exclusionary dynamic. As a sort of social script, the stereotype reifies compulsory heteronormativity by denouncing those who, in a Butlerian sense, misperform their gender/sexuality with regard to...

Income Inequality, Government Welfare Effort, and Subjective Well-Being: Three Essays

Talajeh Livani
This dissertation consists of three essays on the relations of income inequality and government welfare effort with subjective well-being. The first essay introduces the concepts, reviews the literature linking income inequality and government welfare effort to subjective well-being, and identifies the research gaps. The paper concludes that the relationship between income inequality and subjective well-being is determined by how inequality is defined and what it signals. Similarly, the relationship between government welfare effort and subjective...


Arianna Lakeisha Lashley Scott
Traditional approaches to bullying intervention focus on the bully-victim dyad. However, research indicates that bullying is a group phenomenon and often occurs in the presence of peer witnesses. Bystanders are uniquely situated to either deter or facilitate the social power play that can underlie bullying behavior. Specifically, individuals who bully others may be motivated by a desire to gain (or maintain) high status among their peers. Bystander-based bullying interventions are able to exploit this by...

Wireless Flexible Electronics For Biomedical Applications

Amr Omar Omar
Miniaturized wireless biomedical devices have the potential to revolutionize medical practice, spawning a new era for affordable health-giving gadgets. Flexible electronics are therefore pivotal in enabling wireless medical applications for mobile physiological monitoring. This body of work introduces the world's first wireless, flexible, integrated solution for biomedical applications. A framework for a modular design was implemented. The outcome was a first-of-a-kind, flexible and stretchable antenna integrated with a biosensor, and mounted directly onto human skin....


Rose Marie Smith
Carbon and nitrogen loading to streams and rivers contributes to eutrophication as well as greenhouse gas (GHG) production in streams, rivers and estuaries. My dissertation consists of three research chapters, which examine interactions and potential trade-offs between water quality and greenhouse gas production in urban streams of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. My first research project focused on drivers of carbon export and quality in an urbanized river. I found that watershed carbon sources (soils and...

Better off at Age 19 or 26?: A beginning step to testing the ability of the Affordable Care Act to meeting the grand challenge of closing health insurance gaps for children and youth with special healthcare needs as they transition into adulthood

Sally S Chan
Children and Youth with special healthcare needs (CYSHCN) experience gaps in health insurance coverage as they transition into adulthood by aging out of children?s public health insurance programs or off their parents? private health insurance policies (Anderson, Dobkin, & Gross, 2012; Fishman, 2001). CYSHCN are a vulnerable, high medical care use population and the continuity of their insurance coverage is a key part of their healthcare transition into adulthood. Effective September 23, 2010, the Affordable...

Identifying Biases in Global Tree Cover Products: A Case Study in Costa Rica

Daniel Cunningham, Paul Cunningham & Matthew E. Fagan
Global tree cover products are widely used in analyses of deforestation, fragmentation, and connectivity, but are rarely critically assessed. Inaccuracies in these products could have consequences for future decision making, especially in data-poor regions like the tropics. In this study, potential biases in global and regional tree cover products were assessed across a diverse tropical country, Costa Rica. Two global tree cover products and one regional national forest cover map were evaluated along biophysical gradients...

Associations between Race, Discrimination, Community Violence, Traumatic Life Events, and Psychosis-Like Experiences in a Sample of College Students

Pamela J. Rakhshan Rouhakhtar, Steven C. Pitts & Jason Schiffman
Self-report tools of psychosis-like experiences contribute to the understanding of psychosis and may aid in identification and prevention efforts across the severity spectrum. Current tools are likely limited by biases, leading to potential systematic health disparities. Principal component analyses in diverse samples of community participants reporting psychosis-like experiences may aid in the detection of measurement biases. The current study evaluated the fit of a two-component model for the Prime Screen, a self-report psychosis-like experiences measure,...


Yh Patt
____Working from the premise that we cannot understand how feminism can transform societies without examining it as a multi-leveled project, this dissertation explores how a group of Salvadoran feminists were introduced to feminist ideas, became feminists, and are transforming themselves, communities, and nation. The object of study is how feminists in organizations became protagonists transforming their worlds. Using a collective oral-history approach, the dissertation examines 40 oral-histories with a two-pronged theoretical framework. The first prong...

Diversification Of The Economy Of Saudi Arabia

Bander Saad Alsuwailm
The falling price of crude oil across the globe calls for countries endowed with this resource and largely depends on it to diversify. This thesis examines the diversification of the economy Saudi Arabia. In carrying out this study, the net export and the construction of the Herfindahl Hirschman Index (HHI) in determining the measures of export concentration were included in the control variables while real GDP represent the dependent variable. A restricted Vector auto-regression model...

Evaluation Of The Impact Of Pavement Roughness On Carbon Dioxide Originating From Vehicles

Celine Kalembo
Several gases originating from the land transportation mode are considered as greenhouse gases (GHG) and therefore are among elements that contribute to global warming. Both the amount and the type of gas emitted depend on factors such as vehicle type, engine size, ambient temperature, congestion, traffic flow, vehicle age, fuel type, frequent deceleration and acceleration, travelled distance and vehicle speed. Among all the types of GHG, carbon dioxide (CO2) will be the main focus in...

Rising Above: How Women's Entreprneurial Intentions Improve Through Stereotype Protection And Stereotype Boost

Golshan Javadian
To date, much of women entrepreneurship has been focused on documenting the differences between male and female entrepreneurs and their ventures (Jennings & Brush, 2013). The literature on women's entrepreneurship has mostly focused on problems and challenges, the causes and roots of such problems, and on offering explanations for these problems (James, 2012). Previous research has failed to provide an explanation for how women overcome such problems. This leaves a gap in the literature on...

Analyzing Complex Events and Human Actions in "in-the-wild" Videos

Hyungtae Lee
We are living in a world where it is easy to acquire videos of events ranging from private picnics to public concerts, and to share them publicly via websites such as YouTube. The ability of smart-phones to create these videos and upload them to the internet has led to an explosion of video data, which in turn has led to interesting research directions involving the analysis of ``in-the-wild'' videos. To process these types of videos,...

Other Times, Other Values: Leveraging Attribute History to Link User Profiles across Online Social Networks

Paridhi Jain, Ponnurangam Kumaraguru & Anupam Joshi
26th ACM Conference on Hypertext and Social Media (HT15)

Larger Sperm Size May Contribute to Reproductive Isolation Between Etheostoma Species

Mercy Arkorful, Katrina L. Gazo, Aaron Zweig, Laura E. Ott, Tamra Mendelson & Tagide DeCarvalho
Etheostoma is a genus of North American darter fish whose species have similar habitats and breeding seasons, yet hybridiza- tion is rare. Behavioral barriers have been demonstrated to play a key role in maintaining species boundaries. Further, conspecif- ic (same species) sperm precedence has also been observed when the gametes of two different species come into contact. In this study, we investigated if physical characteristics of sperm could be a mechanism for the lower fertilization...


Guericke Christopher Royal
Throughout its over 100 year history, Howard University has produced and attracted many talented composers of many musical genres. Limiting this project to any one genre or focus would have lessened the overall impact of the music they created and the inspiration that has been a lauded part of the institution. The project will demonstrate the various harmonic, melodic, rhythmic and emotional contributions of the selected composers through interpretation of their music on the trumpet....

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