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Tränen im Vorabdruck. Das "Tagebuch eines Vaters" in einer deutschen Familienillustrierten der 1870er Jahre

Nina Verheyen
Geschichte der Gefühle - Einblicke in die Forschung

SNP6 Copy number analysis (GISTIC2)

Broad Institute TCGA Genome Data Analysis Center


Otto Gwado Ayoker
The recording at the center of this item is a procedural narrative. The narrator here is telling what she used to do when she was a girl in Lul. House work of women work is not like the work of men or boys. House work is preparing food and keeping the house clean. Women go outside to fetch water and fire wood but the main work is done in the house.

Gemischte Gefühle: Trost, Ärger und ein Knabenchor in Berlin, 1887

Joseph Ben Prestel
Geschichte der Gefühle - Einblicke in die Forschung

Moths and Butterflies of the Prairies Ecozone in Canada from Biological Survey of Canada

Greg Pohl
The Prairies Ecozone of southern Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta supports a diverse fauna, with 2,232 species of butterflies and moths (order Lepidoptera) recorded to date in 61 families. By far the best known Lepidoptera are the butterflies, with 177 species known to occur in the ecozone. The species known to occur in the Prairies Ecozone are listed by province. The Lepidoptera fauna of this ecozone is reviewed in terms of diversity, state of knowledge of...

The Wild Men of Dalldorf: On the Mental Asylum's Liminal Ecology of Emotions in Imperial Berlin

Eric J. Engstrom
History of Emotions - Insights into Research

Geochemistry and grain-size of sediment core PC29A, Quitralco Fjord, Chilean Patagonia, supplement to: Bertrand, Sebastien; Hughen, Konrad A; Sepúlveda, Julio; Pantoja, Silvio (2014): Late Holocene covariability of the southern westerlies and sea surface temperature in Northern Chilean Patagonia. Quaternary Science Reviews, 105, 195-208

Sebastien Bertrand, Konrad A Hughen, Julio Sepúlveda & Silvio Pantoja
The climate of Chilean Patagonia is strongly influenced by the southern westerlies, which control the amount and latitudinal distribution of precipitation in the southern Andes. In austral summer, the Southern Westerly Wind Belt (SWWB) is restricted to the high latitudes. It expands northward in winter, which results in a strong precipitation seasonality between 35 and 45°S. Here, we present a new precipitation seasonality proxy record from Quitralco fjord (46°S), where relatively small latitudinal shifts in...

Clustering of RPPA data: consensus hierarchical

Broad Institute TCGA Genome Data Analysis Center

Clustering of Methylation: consensus NMF

Broad Institute TCGA Genome Data Analysis Center

Clustering of miRseq mature expression: consensus NMF

Broad Institute TCGA Genome Data Analysis Center

Clustering of mRNAseq gene expression: consensus NMF

Broad Institute TCGA Genome Data Analysis Center

La Rinascita. A.I, n.1/4 (1944)

(:Unkn) Unknown
A.1, n.1 (giu. 1944): Programma. Ercoli, Classe operaia e partecipazione al governo ; O. Longobardi, I partigiani ; A. Gramsci, Giudizi su Benedetto Croce ; M. Montagnara, Il maresciallo Giuseppe Stalin ; A. R., Iniziativa politica e adesione popolare ; G. Dorso, Per il risanamento politico del Mezzogiorno ; G. Formisano, Primu Adaggiu ; E. Reale, Comunisti e cattolici. Politica italiana: l’Italia e il mondo ; B. Lavreniev, La vecchia ; P.Togliatti, Che cosa deve...

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