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Bodies on the Line: Violence, Disposable Subjects, and the US-Mexico Border Industrial Complex

Cristina Jo Perez
Bodies On the Line: Violence, Disposable Subjects, and the Border Industrial Complex explores the construction of identity and notions of belonging within an increasingly privatized and militarized Border Industrial Complex. Specifically, the project interrogates how discourses of Mexican migrants as racialized, gendered, and hypersexualized “deviants” normalize violence against border crossers. Starting at Juárez/El Paso border, I follow the expanding border, interrogating the ways that Mexican migrants, regardless of sexual orientation, have been constructed and disciplined...

Iterative Signal Separation Assisted Energy Disaggregation

Nilavra Pathak, Nirmalya Roy & Animikh Biswas
© 2016 IEEE; 2015 Sixth International Green and Sustainable Computing Conference (IGSC)


Mengfei Peng
Foodborne enteric diseases cause millions of illness and thousands of deaths annually in the United States. Major enteric bacterial pathogens include Salmonella, enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli O157:H7 (EHEC), Campylobacter, Listeria, Shigella, Vibrio, and Yersinia which account for more than 90% cases of culture-confirmed infections. Among these causative agents, Salmonella enterica is responsible for the highest rate of hospitalization and EHEC has the lowest infectious dose. Their pathogenesis involves numerous virulent factors whereas their colonization and invasion...

MVAPICH2 vs. OpenMPI for a Clustering Algorithm

Robin V. Blasberg & Matthias K. Gobbert
Affinity propagation is a clustering algorithm that functions by identifying similar data points in an iterative process. Its structure allows for taking full advantage of parallel computing to enable the solution of larger problems and to solve them faster than possible in serial. We present a memory-optimal implementation with minimal number of communication commands and demonstrate its excellent scalability. Additionally, we present a comparison of two implementations of MPI that demonstrate that MVAPICH2 exhibits better...

Minutes for September 12, 2006 Meeting, 2006-2007

Salisbury University Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate Minutes for September 12, 2006

Predictive Validity Of Multiple Measures As A Placement Method For Developmental Mathematics Courses At Chesapeake College

Adugna Kebede Mekonnen
This study develops a multiple measure placement method (MMPM) that is comprised of predictor variables such as ACCUPLACER math (ACCM), ACCUPLACER reading (ACCR), arithmetic diagnostic test (ADT), high school grade point average (HSGPA), high school mathematics performance (HSMP), and duration since last mathematics course taken in high school (DLMC) selected on the basis of research reported in the body of literature. Data is collected from 79 participants of MAT 031(elementary algebra) and 43 participants of...

Security and Privacy Challenges in Open and Dynamic Environments

Lalana Kagal, Tim Finin, Sol Greenspan & Anupam Joshi
Information system security and privacy, once narrow topics primarily of interest to IS designers, have become critically important to society at large. The scope of associated challenges and applications is broadening accordingly, leading to new requirements and approaches. Information networks are evolving into more open and dynamic systems. Security and privacy enforcement is problematic in these systems due to the lack of a common understanding of requirements and information as well as user unpredictability. Shared...

Robust Value-at-Risk (VaR) Portfolio Selection Problem Under the Joint Ellipsoidal Uncertainty Set In the Presence of Transactions Costs

Hyekyung Park
The robust portfolio selection problem considers the worst case of return un- der uncertainty sets of parameters, such as mean return and covariance of return. Goldfarb and Iyengar defined the return of assets by a factor model and provide the ?Separable? uncertainty sets for mean return and covariance of factor returns. However the sets are too conservative and construct a non-diversified portfolio. To overcome the drawbacks, Lu defined the ?Joint? ellipsoidal uncertainty set for mean...

The Influence Of Social Presence On E-Loyalty In Women Online Shoppers: An Application Of The Social Identity Approach To Website Design

Tonjia Simmone Coverdale
The objective of this study is to propose and test the Social Identity Approach to Website Design research model, which extends the traditionally examined interaction between website design and e-Commerce Success by considering the role of Social Identity in the development of e-Loyalty in women online shoppers. The Social Identity Approach is a well-researched theoretical perspective in the field of social psychology that includes the Social Identity Theory (Tajfel, 1978) and the Self-Categorization Theory (Turner...

West Indian Cultural Influences On Female Identity Development In Paule Marshall's Brown Girl, Brownstones, Praisesong For The Widow, And Daughters

Renee Sabrina Latchman
The problem of this study is to examine in Paule Marshall's Brown Girl, Brownstones (1959), Praisesong for the Widow (1983), and Daughters (1991) how West Indian culture influences identity development in female immigrants in America who use their collective community, cultural practices, and ambition to maintain their cultural values. The writer will employ theories from Edward Said, Homi Bhabha, and James Marcia to locate immigrant women as the Other, to establish hybrid communities and practices,...

Cases in Health Care Management

Sharon B Buchbinder, Nancy H. Shanks & Dale Buchbinder
Summary: From the authors of the bestselling Introduction to Health Care Management comes this compendium of 101 case studies that illustrate the challenges related to managing healthcare services. Segmented by topic and setting, these cases span the full spectrum of issues that can arise in a variety of healthcare settings. With a writing style that is lively and engaging, undergraduates in healthcare management, nursing, public administration, public health, gerontology, and allied health programs will find...

Teacher Talk in Early Head Start Classrooms

Kristine-Marie Beck Strausbaugh
This study investigated the oral language of Early Head Start teachers who work in preschool centers. Specifically, this study analyzed the amount, richness, and the sophistication of the oral language input offered by five Early Head Start teachers to their students. This study also analyzed the quality and quantity of the conversational supports teachers offered their students during encounters with sophisticated vocabulary. Each teacher was observed on four occasions. Each occasion occurred on separate day,...

Compressed Sensing Beyond the IID and Static Domains: Theory, Algorithms and Applications

Abbas Kazemipour
Sparsity is a ubiquitous feature of many real world signals such as natural images and neural spiking activities. Conventional compressed sensing utilizes sparsity to recover low dimensional signal structures in high ambient dimensions using few measurements, where i.i.d measurements are at disposal. However real world scenarios typically exhibit non i.i.d and dynamic structures and are confined by physical constraints, preventing applicability of the theoretical guarantees of compressed sensing and limiting its applications. In this thesis...


Haiwen Li
ABSTRACT Title of Document: EFFECTS OF GRAPE POMACE ON METABOLIC SYNDROME: DIABETES AND OBESITY Haiwen Li, Doctor of Philosophy, 2015 Directed by: Professor Thomas W. Castonguay Department of Nutrition and Food Science Diabetes and obesity are twin epidemics that are closely linked to each other. In the United States, diabetes currently affects approximately 29.1 million adults and children. The estimated economic cost of treating diabetic patients and their related complications reached $245 billion in the...

From Mosque Six To Masjid Al Haqq: A History Of An African American Muslim Community In Baltimore, Maryland, 1956 To 1996

Dawan Basil EL-Amin
Scholarly research on African American based Mosques in Baltimore City is minute when compared to scholarly works done on African American based Churches. Masjid Al Haqq, which was previously called Mosque Six, has been a mainstay for African Americans seeking Islamic guidance in Baltimore City since 1956. The Mosque and its members had significant impact on economic, social, and political activities in Baltimore City. Adopting a narrative approach; this research investigates the ideological, economical, educational,...

The Impact Of The College Environment On Black Students' Access To A Medical School Education

BarbaraMarie Butler
The focus of this study was to explore factors influencing the disparity in the acceptance rate for African American students into medical school as compared to their white counterparts. This study compared the college environment of Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Principally White Institutions, with respect to African American students' perceptions regarding their college experiences and the extent to which they perceived that their experiences enhanced or diminished their success in gaining access to...

How Engaged Are Morgan State University Students? A Focus On Service Learning

Mercy Wangu Ndege
One of the key components of Morgan State University's mission is to promote an active relationship between its University and Baltimore city communities by integrating student skills with the community's needs. As such, the University has established both formal curricular and informal organizational structures through which to implement community engagement activities. According to Denton (1997), service learning as part of formal academic course offerings evolved from the work of John Dewey who provided the theoretical...

Participatory Budgeting in the Dominican Republic: Implications for Agency, Democracy and Development

Marie Claire Vasquez Duran
This study examines participatory budgeting (PB) as an important kind of citizen participation in the Dominican Republic (DR) and the implications of this recent practice for agency, democracy, and development. PB is a process that intends to drive change with specific outcomes: through deliberative decision-making, ordinary citizens select well-being- and agency-enhancing projects that ideally lead to more local and authentic development. Together with the attainment of these tangible outcomes, valuable subjective states may also come...


Roy Nelson Emanuel
From Presidential Policy Directive 21, to professional societies’ national meetings, to major United Nations initiatives, stakeholders recognize the value of achieving resilient systems. The literature clamors with methods to assess resilience of systems quantitatively and qualitatively. Resilience models typically focus on system performance and the threat to the system. Few models consider the preferences of the stakeholders of the systems. This course of study identified three gaps in the literature: first, the focus on system...

Mothering in the Context of Poverty: Disciplining Peruvian Mothers through Children’s Rights

Dena Aufseeser
This article explores discourses surrounding poverty and mothering in the context of Peru. It specifically suggests that claims in the name of children’s rights provide a more morally acceptable way to discipline economically disadvantaged mothers. Mothers are framed as ‘bad parents’ when their children fail to experience so-called ‘global childhoods’, spent in school and the home, and not in paid work. However, in Andean culture, children begin working alongside their parents at a young age...

The Significance Of Foreign Direct Investment Inflow On Economic Growth In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

Basim Adnan Matyuri
The thesis addressed the issue of the contribution of foreign direct investment (FDI) on economic growth in Saudi Arabia over the period from 1980 to 2014. Before analyzing the data, the report presents major sources of FDI inflow in Saudi Arabia and the prevailing effect of FDI in neighboring countries. The analysis was carried out using the time-series data obtained from the World Bank Database, Ministry of Education, Central Department of Statistics & Information and...

Towards Supporting Mobile Device Users Facing Severely Constraining Situational Impairments

Sidas Saulynas & Ravi Kuber
A subset of “Situationally Induced Impairments and Disabilities” (SIID), termed “Severely Constraining Situational Impairments” (SCSI), was explored at the user task and motivational level, to better understand the challenges faced by users attempting to perform tasks using a mobile device. Through structured interviews, participants were found to deploy workarounds in attempting to complete mobile I/O transactions, even if that workaround might place them in considerable danger. The motivations underlying user decisions were also explored resulting...

CEO-Employee Pay Ratio and Bond Yield Spreads

Guan-Ying Huang, Henry H. Huang & Jerry Yu
This study explores the effect of CEO-employee pay ratio on bond yield spreads. We find that there exists a positive relation between CEO-employee pay ratio and bond yield spreads. Since bond yield spread has been used as a proxy for a corporation’s cost of debt, our finding suggests that bondholders tend to perceive a higher CEO-employee pay ratio as a risk factor, therefore requiring a higher return from the debt, thus the higher cost of...

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