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Rijksmuseum Challenge 2014

Thomas Mensink & J.C.VanGemert@Tudelft.Nl
The Rijksmuseum Challenge 2014 dataset is introduced in our ICMR 2014 paper "The Rijksmuseum Challenge: Museum-Centered Visual Recognition", T. Mensink and J. van Gemert (see details below). The challenge is to apply computer vision techniques on art objects (paintings, sculptures, drawings etc) from the Rijksmuseum (in Amsterdam, the Netherlands).
The dataset contains 4 files:- rijksxml.tgz: raw xml files of about 100K objects (paintings, sculptures, drawings)- rijksimg.tar: images belonging to the 100K objects- rijksFV16.mat: Matlab file with...

Dataset in support of a phylogenetic classification of jumping spiders (Araneae: Salticidae)

Wayne Maddison
A phylogenetic classification of jumping spiders (Araneae: Salticidae)

Island biogeography theory explains the genetic diversity of a fragmented rock ptarmigan (Lagopus muta) population

Jean-Marc Costanzi & Øyvind Steifetten
The island biogeography theory is one of the major theories in ecology, and its applicability to natural systems is well documented. The core model of the theory, the equilibrium model of island biogeography, predicts that species diversity on an island is positively related to the size of the island, but negatively related by the island’s distance to the mainland. In recent years, ecologists have begun to apply this model when investigating genetic diversity, arguing that...

Tissue-spEcific mrNa iSoform functIOnal Networks (TENSION) Collection

Julie Dickerson & Gaurav Kandoi
The files for this project have been split into three separate download packages:
- Predictions- Scripts- Datasets
Each package has a copy of the readme file which covers all three packages.
Alternative Splicing produces multiple mRNA isoforms of a gene which have important diverse roles such as regulation of gene expression, human heritable diseases, and response to environmental stresses. However, very little has been done to assign functions at the mRNA isoform level. Functional networks, where the...

Teacher Assessment in Primary Science (TAPS)

Sarah Earle
The Teacher Assessment in Primary Science (TAPS) project is based at Bath Spa Institute for Education and funded by the Primary Science Teaching Trust.
TAPS aims to develop support for valid, reliable and manageable teacher assessment, which will have a positive impact on pupil learning in primary science.

Externalist thought experiments and directions of fit

Casey Woodling
The classic thought experiments for Content Externalism have been motivated by consideration of intentional states with a mind-to-world direction of fit. In this paper, I argue that when these experiments are run on intentional states with a world-to-mind direction of fit, the thought experiments actually support Content Internalism. Because of this, I argue that the classic thought experiments alone cannot properly motivate Content Externalism. I do not show that Content Externalism is false in this...

Monitoring athletes, trainers, coaches and health professionals: Injuries and illnesses in talented female athletes 2014-2015

Angelo Richardson, Janine Stubbe & N.R. Van Ulzen
Project - MATCH: Monitoring Athletes, Trainers, Coaches and Health professionals- Knowledge of the epidemiology and severity of injuries and illness in young female elite athletes is lacking- A monitor system (surveillance method) was developed for collecting data from questionnaires and physical tests- The project resulted in several datasets (see reference to Figshare collection)
Research- Objective: to gain more insight into the injuries and illnesses of young female elite athletes by recording injury and illness prospectively...

Interprofessional Education and Collaboration (IPE/C)

Albine Moser & Faculty Working Group IPE/C
Our future health professionals need to function in a changing healthcare environment. We consider it as necessary to prepare them to handle the challenges they encounter adequately. One solution is interprofessional education and collaboration. Healthcare professionals need to be able to collaborate interprofessionally to provide optimal care to patients and families. The patient and his or her need for help and support should be central in the caring process and not professionals. This is the...

EVER-EST User's manual for GSNL v.2.7

Stefano Salvi
User's manual of the EVER-EST Virtual Research Environment for the GEO-GSNL Geohazard Supersites Research Community

The Inventory of St Leodegar in Schönenwerd (1622)

Claudio Bacciagaluppi
Historical Music Inventories, 1500-1800, vol. 10

2018-07-25T20:09:41.327Z DOII-1094: Update / Reserved / Change Status

Wright, Justin J & Wright, Justin J 2
This is the updated abstract

National Sleep Research Resource

National Sleep Research Resource


WOUDC Ozone Monitoring Community, World Meteorological Organization-Global Atmosphere Watch Program (WMO-GAW) & World Ozone And Ultraviolet Radiation Data Centre (WOUDC)

Addition of Pediatric TBI Data to FITBIR: Child Health After Injury (CHAI) study

Frederick Rivara
The Child Health After Injury (CHAI) study was funded by the CDC (9/2006 to 8/2012) to determine the population-based rates of disability after traumatic brain injury (TBI) to children and adolescents. This study was one of the largest prospective longitudinal studies on pediatric TBI, had outstanding follow-up over three years, included controls, provided a comprehensive examination of functional outcomes after TBI and collected a wealth of clean and validated data. These high quality data are...

Mean Coral Cover 1979 - 2018 - different reef zones at Sites A, B and C

Barbara Brown
These are measurements of mean percentage coral cover on transects in different reef zones at Sites A, B and C which are located on the SE tip of Phuket Thailand and described in detail in Brown et al (2011). At each site transects parallel to the shore were run along a line perpendicular to the shore which stretched from the shoreline to the reef edge. Each transect was 10m long and separated from each other...

X-ray biomechanical imaging and digital volume correlation of bone: from regeneration to structure.

Marta Peña Fernández
Electronic data for PhD Student Thesis.
Peña Fernandez, M., 2018, ‘X-ray biomechanical imaging and digital volume correlation of bone: from regeneration to structure’, PhD thesis, University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth, UK.

X-ray biomechanical imaging and digital volume correlation of bone: from regeneration to structure.

Marta Peña Fernández
Electronic data for PhD Student Thesis.
Peña Fernandez, M., 2018, ‘X-ray biomechanical imaging and digital volume correlation of bone: from regeneration to structure’, PhD thesis, University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth, UK.

Spiders of Europe

Daniel Gloor, Theo Blick, Wolfgang Nentwig, Christian Kropf & Ambros Hänggi
By mid of 2010 this database contains information on more than 3900 European spider species from 58 families with more than 16.000 figures, 3900 distribution maps, and 600 publications. This makes Spiders of Europe to one of the largest Internet identification keys and we hope that all users of this project further contribute to it.

Unilateral Carotid Body Resection in Resistant Hypertension of Wasea the great

Krzysztof Narkiewicz, Laura E.K. Ratcliffe, Emma C. Hart, Linford J.B. Briant, Marzena Chrostowska, Jacek Wolf, Anna Szyndler, Dagmara Hering, Ana P. Abdala, Nathan Manghat, Amy E. Burchell, Claire Durant, Melvin D. Lobo, Paul A. Sobotka, Nikunj K. Patel, James C. Leiter, Zoar J. Engelman, Angus K. Nightingale & Julian F.R. Paton
Animal and human data indicate pathological afferent signaling emanating from the carotid body that drives sympathetically mediated elevations in blood pressure in conditions of hypertension. This first-in-man, proof-of-principle study tested the safety and feasibility of unilateral carotid body resection in 15 patients with drug-resistant hypertension. The procedure proved to be safe and feasible. Overall, no change in blood pressure was found. However, 8 patients showed significant reductions in ambulatory blood pressure coinciding with decreases in...

Visualisierung von Storyboards anhand von Filmdrehbüchern

Paul Kuznecov
Videos sind ein informationsreiches Medium. Gezielte Informationen oder spezielle Szenen zu finden, kann daher mühsam sein.Deshalb ist eine Visualisierung, die Filme zusammengefasst darstellt, wünschenswert. Textuelle Beschreibungen wie Untertitel und Filmdrehbücher können dabei helfen, Filme auf semantischer Ebene zu analysieren. Im Zuge dieser Arbeit werden textuelle Film- und Handlungsbeschreibungen mit Bild- und Multimediakomponenten verknüpft und aufbereitet. Darauf basierend wird eine interaktive Überblicksvisualisierung mit Storyboards entwickelt. Der Inhalt eines Videos wird durch das Konzept von Taglines abstrahiert...

Parents’ views and experiences of talking about autism with their children

Laura Crane, Lydia Jones, Rachel Prosser, Morvarid Taghrizi & Elizabeth Pellicano
The way an autism diagnosis is disclosed to parents has been found to play a crucial role in their acceptance of, and the way they cope with, their child’s diagnosis. Yet, research into parents’ subsequent experiences of disclosing a diagnosis to their children, and talking to their families about autism more generally, is limited. Using an online survey, the current study examined 558 parents’ experiences of talking about autism with their autistic and non-autistic children....

GIS-material for the archaeological project: Graves and settlement at Tornby

The information in the abstract is translated from the archaeological report: Arkeologikonsult was commissioned by the County Administrative Board of Östergötland to conduct a field evaluation of the property Styrstad7:40, Styrstad parish, municipality of Norrköping. Two ancient monuments were previously known within the property; RAÄ 171:1 was a burial ground about 130x30-60 meters big, consisting of 32 ancient monuments; north of the burial ground was a stone wall system with a total length of approximately...

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