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Шабалкин А.И., Гасанов С.Г., Чиркова Т.Г., Рокотянская Т.В., Васютина Л.О. & Назарова В.Ю.

Supplementary information for: Fluidic resistance control enables high throughput establishment of mixed species biofilms

Mads Frederik Hansen, Anders Meyer Torp, Jonas Stenløkke Madsen, Henriette Lyng Røder & Mette Burmølle
Supplementary Figure 1. Viability is unaffected by short time incubation in high viscosity medium. (A) The number of counted CFU/ml of Pseudomonas putida and Paenibacillus amylolyticus is identical after 45 min. of incubation in PBS and high viscosity liquid (50% glycerol). (B) Similarly, the viability of Xanthomonas retroflexus was unaffected by incubation in high viscosity liquid and did not change over a short time period (N=3, Error bars represent Standard Error (SE)).

Tropospheric Ozone Pollution Project: Austin, Texas

Gary Morris
This file set contains pressure, temperature, humidity, wind, and ozone-related data and data visualizations for weather balloon launches from a specific site. For additional information and visualizations of the data, along with interactive maps of the balloons' paths, please see http://ir.stedwards.edu/ozone. If you find an instrument package, email us the experiment number (found on the outside of the instrument package) and location where you found it. NOAA offers a $30 reward for mailing the instruments...

Transitivity prominence in Russian Sign Language based on corpus data

V. Kimmelman
These are two data files and one R script used in the analysis of transitivity of verbs in the corpus of Russian Sign Language, reported in the following paper:
Kimmelman, V. (2016). Transitivity in RSL: a corpus-based account. In E. Efthimiou, S-E. Fotinea, T. Hanke, J. Hochgesang, J. Kristoffersen, & J. Mesch (Eds.), Proceedings of the 7th Workshop on the representation and processing of Sign Languages: Corpus Mining (pp. 117-120). ELRA.

Please read the paper for...


Andreas Skourtis
A Midsummer Night's Dream RCSSD, Webber Douglas Studio, London
Director: Stephen Hudson, Scenographer: Andreas Skourtis, Lighting Designer: Joshua Gadsby, Sound Designer: Joe Dines
Performed by MA Acting Classical 2017


Scicat allows users to access the metadata of raw and derived data which is taken at experiment facilities. Scientific datasets are linked to proposals and samples. Scientific datasets are can be linked to publications (DOI, PID). SciCat helps keeping track of data provenance (i.e. the steps leading to the final results). Scicat allows users to find data based on the metadata (both your own data and other peoples’ public data). In the long term, SciCat...

Research Data Repository

Research Data Repository of the Universität Hamburg

Station de Biologie des Laurentides de l'Université de Montréal - Collection Ornithologique from Université de Montréal

Éric Valiquette
La Station de Biologie des Laurentides (Université de Montréal) conserve des spécimens de divers taxons (oiseaux, micro-mammifères, plantes vasculaires, bryophytes, champignons) qui ont été, pour la grande majorité, récoltés sur le terrain de la station situé à St-Hippolyte au Québec (Canada). La collection ornithologique de la Station est maintenant entièrement numérisée et présentée sur Canadensys pour un total de 425 spécimens.

Expedition: Arctic Ocean 2016 - Meteorological, Oceanographic and Ship Data Collected Onboard Icebreaker Oden during August to September 2016

Katarina Gårdfeldt & Mary-Lynn Dickson
Arctic Ocean 2016 is a polar research expedition in collaboration with Canada with the two icebreakers Oden and Louis S. St-Laurent. The icebreaker Oden will depart from Longyearbyen, Svalbard, 8 August to meet up with the Canadian icebreaker Louis S. St-Laurent and launch the expedition. For six weeks, the vessels will operate in the Arctic Ocean, mainly in the Amundsen Basin and in areas around the underwater mountain ranges Lomonosov Ridge and Alpha Ridge. The...

Tissue-spEcific mrNa iSoform functIOnal Networks (TENSION) Predictions

Julie Dickerson & Gaurav Kandoi
This folder contains the input and predictions of the random forest model used to develop the Tissue-spEcific mrNa iSoform functIOnal Networks (TENSION). The README file describes the contents of the files.
Alternative Splicing produces multiple mRNA isoforms of a gene which have important diverse roles such as regulation of gene expression, human heritable diseases, and response to environmental stresses. However, very little has been done to assign functions at the mRNA isoform level. Functional networks, where...

(Her)ontwerp je onderwijs met blended learning (2018).pdf

P.M.J.A. (Paul) Heijnen
Opdrachten bij de cursus Versterk je onderwijs met blended learning. Opstellen hoofddoel, doelgroep en leerdoelen.Opstellen leeractiviteiten: face-to-face en online

DataCite Blog

Patricia Cruse, Laura Rueda, Kristian Garza & Martin Fenner
DataCite staff writes about topics relevant to DataCite members and the wider data citation community.

Files associated with free energy calculations of 1st and 2nd step of the reaction mechanism

Autonomous University Of Barcelona Patricia Saura, Autonomous University Of Barcelona Laura Masgrau, Autonomous University Of Barcelona Àngels González-Lafont & Autonomous University Of Barcelona José M. Lluch
Raw data extracted from QM/MM-MD simulations to be used for free energy calculations. Figures of the resulting free energy profiles.Related publication: Patricia Saura, Reynier Suardiaz, Laura Masgrau, Àngels González-Lafont, Edina Rosta, and José M. Lluch (2017), Understanding the Molecular Mechanism of the Ala-Versus-Gly Concept Controlling the Product Specificity in Reactions Catalyzed by Lipoxygenases: a Combined Molecular Dynamics and QM/MM Study of Coral 8R-Lipoxygenase, ACS Catalysis. DOI: 10.1021/acscatal.7b00842

Monitoring athletes, trainers, coaches and health professionals: Injuries and illnesses in talented female athletes 2014-2015

Angelo Richardson, Janine Stubbe & N.R. Van Ulzen
Project - MATCH: Monitoring Athletes, Trainers, Coaches and Health professionals- Knowledge of the epidemiology and severity of injuries and illness in young female elite athletes is lacking- A monitor system (surveillance method) was developed for collecting data from questionnaires and physical tests- The project resulted in several datasets (see reference to Figshare collection)
Research- Objective: to gain more insight into the injuries and illnesses of young female elite athletes by recording injury and illness prospectively...

Figures of the numerical analysis of the hydrodynamic mixing characteristics of a rectangular versus a cylindrical mixing crystallizer tank for a membrane distillation apparatus using Ansys Fluent CFD implementation of the Eulerian granular multiphase model

Everhardus Johannes Smith, Graeme John Oliver & Jeeten Nathoo
The CFD cross-sections from the simulations were extracted from two positions. The CFD data needed for the comparison to the experiment were taken at the outer wall of the model to match the perspective of the video. The second position used in the CFD comparison of a rectangular versus a cylindrical tank were at the center of the impeller where the dynamics were most clear. The zero point was at the center of the 3D...

Validation Master Plans: Progress of Implementation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Clare Elser & Frances J. Richmond
Background:Some international regulatory agencies require that companies develop a validation master plan (VMP) to govern their validation activities, but such a plan is not an explicit requirement of US regulations. This paper examines the progress that US pharmaceutical companies have made to implement VMPs for drug products manufactured and produced in accordance with the US FDA Good Manufacturing Practice for Finished Pharmaceuticals.Methods:A survey instrument was developed using an established framework with a focus on behavior...

Wärmeübertragung in Plattenverdampfern unterschiedlicher Geometrie

V. M. Azarskov, G. N. Danilova & B. B. Zemskov
Plattenverdampfer können in zahlreichen Fällen als Verdampfer in Kältemaschinen eingesetzt werden. Sie zeichnen sich durch geringe Größe, geringes Gewicht und starke Wärmeübertragung aus. Um die optimale Geometrie des Kanalquerschnitts herauszufinden und zur Aufstellung eines Berechnungsverfahrens wurden Untersuchungen des Wärmeübergangs und des hydraulischen Widerstands beim Sieden von Kältemitteln in 12 flachen Kanälen verschiedener Abmessungen durchgeführt. Ebenso umfassend untersucht wurden Wärmeübergang, Wärmedurchgang und hydraulischer Widerstand seitens Kältemittel und Kälteträger an vier Modellen von Plattenverdampfern mit geriffelten Kanälen.

Fungal Genetics Stock Center

The Fungal Genetics Stock Center has preserved and distributed strains of genetically characterized fungi since 1960. The collection includes over 20,000 accessioned strains of classical and genetically engineered mutants of key model, human, and plant pathogenic fungi. These materials are distributed as living stocks to researchers around the world.

TransCom 3: Annual Mean CO2 Flux Estimates from Atmospheric Inversions (Level 1)

The Atmospheric Tracer Transport Model Intercomparison Project (TransCom) was created to quantify and diagnose the uncertainty in inversion calculations of the global carbon budget that results from errors in simulated atmospheric transport, the choice of measured atmospheric carbon dioxide data used, and the inversion methodology employed. Under the third phase of TransCom (TransCom 3), surface-atmosphere CO2 fluxes were estimated from an intercomparison of 16 different atmospheric tracer transport models and model variants in order to...

In Situ TEM Mechanical Testing of Irradiated Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Alloys

Kayla Yano & Janelle Wharry
This is a dataset comprised of videos and raw load-displacement text files of experiments run to demonstrate the use of in situ TEM mechanical testing to find meaningful mechanical properties of as received, self-ion, and proton irradiated Fe-9%Cr...

An in vivo systematic genetic analysis of tumour progression in Drosophila - RNAi line: 27406

Marios Georgiou
This data set forms part of the larger 'Fly Cancer Screen' data set, which consists of over 700 image sets

Supplemental Material for Kweon et al., 2018

Sin Ho Kweon, Jongbin Lee, Chunghun Lim & Joonho Choe
Figure S1 sraKO mutant flies display normal morphology in axonal projections from PDF-expressing circadian pacemaker neurons. Figure S2 sraKO mutation decreases PER and TIM levels in PDF-expressing circadian pacemaker neurons. Adult fly brains were dissected at ZT23 in LD cycles. Figure S3 A transgenic reporter for sra promoter activity (sra-Gal4) is expressed in various brain regions of adult fly. Figure S4 sra depletion in PDF-expressing clock neurons is sufficient to dampen rhythm amplitude in free-running...

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