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Ichneumonidae (Hymenoptera) of the Canadian Prairies Ecozone from Biological Survey of Canada

Marla Schwarzfeld
The parasitoid family Ichneumonidae is the largest family in the order Hymenoptera. This chapter provides a checklist of 1,160 ichneumonid species (299 genera) known from the Canadian Prairies Ecozone. The list is primarily drawn from literature records and also includes 35 newly recorded species from the ecozone. The number of species on the list is a vast underestimate of the number of ichneumonid species present, as many genera lack revisions and few biodiversity surveys have...

Gleichgeschlechtliches Verlieben im Wandel

Benno Gammerl
Geschichte der Gefühle - Einblicke in die Forschung

The Relationship Between Research-Based Leadership Practices and Emotional Intelligence of High School Principals

Donna Carey Hanlin
Abstract Dissertation title: THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN RESEARCH-BASED LEADERSHIP PRACTICES AND EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE OF HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPALS Donna C. Hanlin Doctor of Education, 2014 Dissertation directed by: Dr. Dennis Kivlighan Chair, Department of Counseling and Personnel Services The complexity of the role of school principal in today's era of high accountability is often overwhelming. For decades, policy makers and business leaders have voiced concerns about the ability of the public school system in the United States...

La Rinascita. A.I, n.1/4 (1944)

(:Unkn) Unknown
A.1, n.1 (giu. 1944): Programma. Ercoli, Classe operaia e partecipazione al governo ; O. Longobardi, I partigiani ; A. Gramsci, Giudizi su Benedetto Croce ; M. Montagnara, Il maresciallo Giuseppe Stalin ; A. R., Iniziativa politica e adesione popolare ; G. Dorso, Per il risanamento politico del Mezzogiorno ; G. Formisano, Primu Adaggiu ; E. Reale, Comunisti e cattolici. Politica italiana: l’Italia e il mondo ; B. Lavreniev, La vecchia ; P.Togliatti, Che cosa deve...

Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens (HIBG) from Acadia University

Melanie Priesnitz
The main collection of the Gardens is laid out in nine native habitats of the Acadian Forest Region. All of the plants found in these habitats are native species to the region. Other features of the Gardens include: Medicinal and Food Garden, Conservatory, Walled Garden and Experimental Garden.

"Waiting longingly ...": Love Letters in World War I - A Plea for a Broader Genre Concept

Christa Hämmerle
History of Emotions - Insights into Research

SNP6 Copy number analysis (GISTIC2)

Broad Institute TCGA Genome Data Analysis Center

SNP6 Copy number analysis (GISTIC2)

Broad Institute TCGA Genome Data Analysis Center

LBA-ECO LC-19 Soil and Vegetation Data for Cerrado and Forested Sites, Brazil: 2002

This data set provides measurements for soil physical and chemical properties, rooting depth and weight, leaf area index (LAI), plant area index (PAI), biomass, fraction of photosynthetically active radiation (fPAR), and ground-based reflectance measurements of soil and litter samples. The samples were collected from 23 areas within the Brazilian research sites of the Brasilia National Park (BNP) and Aguas Emnendadas Ecological Station (AE), Brasilia; Cangacu Research Center, Tocantins; and Tapajos National Forest, Para. The research...

Clustering of Methylation: consensus NMF

Broad Institute TCGA Genome Data Analysis Center


Laura M Arnold
This item is an audio recording of an elicitation session. The focus of this elicitation session was to explore the possessive paradigm for the form 'cat'. is an alienable noun, which means it is marked for possession with a prenominal possessive classifier, which is inflected to agree with the person and number of the possessor. At the beginning of this recording, there is also a look at singular and plural NPs, some basic locative phrases,...

Applicazioni GIS per l’analisi dell’urbanizzazione nella provincia di Napoli. Un’analisi multitemporale in aree esposte a elevato rischio vulcanico

Miriam Marta & Cristiano Pesaresi
Il presente lavoro si colloca all’interno di due progetti finalizzati alla definizione di modelli e applicazioni GIS per le analisi geografiche di rischio vulcanico in aree fortemente esposte, dove i danni potenziali potrebbero acquisire connotati di drammaticità a causa degli elevati livelli di urbanizzazione e della concomitanza di componenti socio- demografiche, economiche e storico-culturali di assoluto rilievo, come nel caso della provincia di Napoli. Per fornire uno spaccato d’insieme, atto a evidenziare i progressi raggiunti...

Clustering of RPPA data: consensus hierarchical

Broad Institute TCGA Genome Data Analysis Center

Same-Sex Intimacy in Transition

Benno Gammerl
History of Emotions - Insights into Research

Motivational Processes and the Pursuit of Postsecondary Education

Lauren Elizabeth Musu-Gillette
Enrollment in postsecondary education is at an all-time high, and a college education is increasingly seen as a necessity for the majority of students. Prior research has established that several variables account for students' postsecondary enrollment differences, including students' demographic characteristics and their academic achievement. However, despite the wealth of research that shows students' motivation-related beliefs and behaviors are important predictors of academic outcomes and choices, motivation-related theoretical frameworks have rarely been applied to the...

Tears in Preprint. The "Diary of a Father" in a German Family Magazine of the 1870s

Nina Verheyen
History of Emotions - Insights into Research

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