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4mer data

Hugh Shanahan & Jamie Alnasir
This is a set of files of results based on a analysis of kmers from a variety of different transcriptomics experiments.

things to do

James Saunders
things to do comprises 13 related compositions which have been performed over 40 times in 13 different countries. The pieces use a new verbal cueing system for ensembles with spoken instructions initiating actions by players. It proposes a model of composition that focuses on the behaviour of individuals in a group as a basis for organising sounds and actions. Each composition differs through the distribution of cue-givers and respondents, exploring different power structures within the...

Should forecasters use real-time data to evaluate leading indicator models for GDP prediction? German evidence

Katja Heinisch & Rolf Scheufele
In this paper we investigate whether differences exist among forecasts using real-time or latest-available data to predict gross domestic product (GDP). We employ mixed-frequency models and real-time data to reassess the role of surveys and financial data relative to industrial production and orders in Germany. Although we find evidence that forecast characteristics based on real-time and final data releases differ, we also observe minimal impacts on the relative forecasting performance of indicator models. However, when...

Lomonosov Ridge off Greenland (LOMROG) - Meteorological, Oceanographic and Ship Data Collected Onboard Icebreaker Oden during August 12 through September 19 2007

Swedish Polar Research Secretariat
This data set contains meteorological, oceanographic and ship data collected during the Danish-Swedish expedition Lomonosov Ridge off Greenland (LOMROG), which was an international research cruise using the icebreaker Oden in the waters north of Greenland in August 2007.

Direct Observation of Early Stages of Growth of Multilayered DNA-templated Au-Pd-Au Core-Shell Nanoparticles in Liquid Phase - File set

Nabraj Bhattarai & Tanya Prozorov
The files in this dataset contain raw scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) images and the video files recorded from the screen of the STEM during the dynamic data acquisition, along with the Supplementary Materials Information.
Gatan files have a DM3 file extension and TIA files have EMI/SER file extensions. To view and process bright field TEM images, the Reader can use a Gatan free offline software called Gatan Microscopy Suite® software (GMS, Gatan Microscopy Suite®...

Artificial Streams: a practical guide for innovation and discovery in stream ecology

Emma Rosi, Joanna Blaszczak, Christopher L. Dutton, Timothy J. Hoellein, John J. Kelly, Sylvia S. Lee, Heather Malcom, Alexander J. Reisinger, Erinn K. Richmond, Arial J. Shogren, Aaron Stoler, Amanda L. Subalusky, Jennifer L. Tank & Holly A. Wellard Kelly
Artificial Streams: a practical guide for innovation and discovery in stream ecology

Sounds from seeing silent motion: raw datasets from massive on-line survey of the visually-evoked auditory response (vEAR)

Elliot Freeman & Christopher Fassnidge
Raw data from large on-line survey of visually-evoked auditory response (vEAR), at http://tinyurl.com/vEARsurvey

Results are published in Fassnidge, C. & Freeman, E. D. (2018). Sounds from seeing silent motion: Who hears them, and what looks loudest?.Cortex, doi: 10.1016/j.cortex.2018.02.019
Two files are provided. The one dated 'June' contains results from a large sample of volunteers who clicked through to the survey from online news articles reporting our previous research. The file dated 'June-Dec' contains data from naive participants...

Monitoring athletes, trainers, coaches and health professionals: Monitoring physical performance, agility and mental status in talented female athletes 2014-21015

Angelo Richardson, Janine Stubbe & N.R. Van Ulzen
Project- MATCH: Monitoring Athletes, Trainers, Coaches and Health professionals- Knowledge of the epidemiology and severity of injuries and illness in young female elite athletes is lacking- A monitor system (surveillance method) was developed for collecting data from questionnaires and physical tests- The project resulted in several datasets (see reference to Figshare collection)
- Participants: 45 young elite Dutch female athletes participating in soccer (n=23) and basketball (n=22) talent development programs (CTO Amsterdam).- Data collection: all athletes...

"A Game Changer for Research? GDPR and Health Data" and "Data sharing & biobanks"

Nora Ni Loideain & Ciara Staunton
Presentations by Nora Ni Loideain and Ciara Staunton given on 21 May 2018 at SANBI, University of the Western Cape. The conversation was live-tweeted by Peter van Heusden and a link to that Twitter thread is in the references of this item.

my very important test

Everest_user_first_name Everest_user_last_name

The Beromünster Inventory (1696)

Claudio Bacciagaluppi & Luigi Collarile
Historical Music Inventories, 1500-1800, vol. 1

Progesterone for the Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury (ProTECT III)

Wenle Zhao
The ProTECT study will determine if intravenous (IV) progesterone (started within 4 hours of injury and given for a total of 96 hours), is more effective than placebo for treating victims of moderate to severe acute traumatic brain injury.

Meteorological observations for Eversleigh Station, near Armidale, New South Wales, Australia 1877-1922 (transcribed)

Algernon Belfield
The collection contains a series of recorded meteorological observations taken daily between 1877-1922 by pastoralist, astronomer and meteorologist Algernon Henry Belfield at Eversleigh Station in the New England region, 20 kilometres north west of Armidale. The physical collection comprises 42 Meteorological Observation Books, available as 28 PDF files containing scans of front cover, back cover and each page for each Meteorological Observation Book. This previously published collection has now been transcribed into spreadsheets to facilitate...

Data for "Regenerated Cellulose & Willow Lignin Blends as Potential Renewable Precursors for Carbon Fibers"

Sameer Rahatekar, Nandula Wanasekara, Stephen Eichhorn & Robert Harniman
Data to support figures in the accompanying paper.


John Ellis & Nick Hall
ADAPT is a five-year (2013-2018) research project, funded by the European Research Council and based at Royal Holloway, University of London. The aim of the project is to research and document the history of British broadcast television technology between 1960 and the near-present.
Much of the documentation takes the form of video records of television technologies in use. Scroll down to discover the collection of over 100 such recordings.
Television has seen vast technological changes since 1960....

Cross-linguistic consonant acquisition (McLeod & Crowe, 2018)

Sharynne McLeod & Kathryn Crowe
Purpose: The aim of this study was to provide a cross-linguistic review of acquisition of consonant phonemes to inform speech-language pathologists’ expectations of children’s developmental capacity by (a) identifying characteristics of studies of consonant acquisition, (b) describing general principles of consonant acquisition, and (c) providing case studies for English, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.Method: A cross-linguistic review was undertaken of 60 articles describing 64 studies of consonant acquisition by 26,007 children from 31 countries in 27...

Video tokens

Lauren Gawne
10 video files. Includes 13 examples of the 'away' gesture type that is the focus of the paper, and one example (Token 14) of a related but distinct 'away' gesture. Also includes an Excel table with summary information about the gestures.

This project contains the edited video tokens of Syuba 'away' gestures.

This collection is supporting documentation for the article: 'Away' gestures associated with negating expressions in narrative discourse in Syuba (Kagate, Nepal) speakers. (forthcoming)

Full recordings...

Des Heiligen Römischen Reichs Staats Acta : vom jetzigen 18. seculo, Th. 5

Thücelius, Cassandrus [Hrsg.]
Layoutgetreues Digitalisat der Ausg.: Franckfurt u. Leipzig : Johann Felix Bielcken, 1722 Standort: Zentralbibliothek Signatur: XVIIIb A 109, 5

Minimum Wage Data Access and Estimates

Stephen Bazen & Velayoudom Marimoutou
This details the series we used and how to access them. The second document describes how teh estimates were obtained.

Assignments Bayesian Statistics 2018

A.S.G. Sarafoglou & M. Marsman
This file contains all student assignments in the 2018 Bachelor course 'Introduction to Bayesian Statistics'.

SAMBAH – Static Acoustic Monitoring of the Baltic Sea Harbour Porpoise

Ida Carlén
SAMBAH targeted the Baltic Sea population of harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena). This population is small and has been drastically reduced during the last decades. The species is listed in Annexes II and IV of the EC Habitats Directive as well as in the national red lists of several Member States. When SAMBAH started, the conservation status of the species in combination with a complex of threats necessitated improved methodologies for collecting data on population size...

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