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Registro Poblacional De Cancer De Cali Universidad Del Valle

A new method to analyze species abundances in space: R Source and model output

Leonardo Saravia
R and R markdown source code, and model output files for the manuscript: Saravia, L.A. (2015). A new method to analyse species abundances in space using generalized dimensions. Methods Ecol. Evol., 6, 1298–1310Available as a pre-print: https://dx.doi.org/10.7287/peerj.preprints.745v5 Other code used in the manuscript is - The neutral/hierarchical model: https://github.com/lsaravia/neutral - The generalized dimension estimation software: https://github.com/lsaravia/mfsba

Radiolytic Treatment of the Next-Generation Caustic-Side Solvent Extraction (NGS) Solvent and its Effect on the NGS Process

Benjamin D. Roach, Neil J. Williams, Nathan C. Duncan, Lætitia H. Delmau, Denise L. Lee, Joseph F. Birdwell & Bruce A. Moyer

DalHouses (grayscale, .jpg)

Jillian Filliter
These are the stimuli described in Filliter, J.H., Glover, J.M., McMullen, P.A., Salmon, J.P., & Johnson, S.A. (Under review). The DalHouses: 100 new photographs of houses with ratings of typicality, familiarity, and degree of similarity to faces. Behavior Research Methods. Please contact the first or corresponding authors should you require the stimuli in a different format or size.

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