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Gaussian Job Archive for F2I6

Henry S. Rzepa

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Yang Hou

ERDC Computational Mathematics Presentations at AGU 2014

Aron Ahmadia, Christopher Kees & Matthew Farthing

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Generalized Species Sampling Priors With Latent Beta Reinforcements

Edoardo M. Airoldi, Federico Bassetti, , Fabrizio Leisen & Michele Guindani


Asim Abdulkhaleq & Stefan Wagner

Autophagy in osteoblasts is involved in mineralization and bone homeostasis

Marie Nollet, Sabine Santucci-Darmanin, Véronique Breuil, Rasha Al-Sahlanee, Chantal Cros, Majlinda Topi, David Momier, Michel Samson, Sophie Pagnotta, Laurence Cailleteau, Séverine Battaglia, Delphine Farlay, Romain Dacquin, Nicolas Barois, Pierre Jurdic, Georges Boivin, Dominique Heymann, Frank Lafont, Shi Shou Lu, David W Dempster, Georges F Carle & Valérie Pierrefite-Carle

Identifying lipidomic key species in MS-data, applied to hepatocyte lipid droplets from stressed mouse models

Jürgen Hartler, Harald C Köfeler, Martin Trötzmüller & Friedrich Spener
Lipid droplets are considered to be the hub for storage and metabolism of cellular lipids. In previous work we have phenotyped the lipidome of murine hepatocyte lipid droplets using liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (UHPLC-MS) plus integrated MS/MS, followed by automatic analysis of the MS data. The organelles were isolated after intervention studies involving nutritional stress (extended feeding of a high fat diet or short term fasting), genetic stress due to knock-out of adipocyte triglyceride lipase, or...

National policy and SMEs in technology transfer: the case of Israel

Aliza Belman Inbal & Asaf Tzachor

Targeting FoxO1 with AS1842856 Suppresses Adipogenesis

Peng Zou, , Louise Zheng, Lu Liu, Rebecca E Stoneman, Alicia Cho, Ashley Emery, Elizabeth R Gilbert &

Loss of functional MYO1C/myosin 1c, a motor protein involved in lipid raft trafficking, disrupts autophagosome-lysosome fusion

Hemma Brandstaetter, Chieko Kishi-Itakura, David A Tumbarello, Dietmar J Manstein & Folma Buss

Phylogenetic analysis of rhodolith formation in the Corallinales (Rhodophyta)

, Rafael Riosmena-Rodriguez, Jason M. Hall-Spencer, Viviana Peña, Christine A. Maggs & Fabio Rindi

Gaussian Job Archive for C50H68Cl2N6O2

Henry S. Rzepa

A new method to analyze species abundances in space: R Source and model output

Leonardo Saravia
R and R markdown source code, and model output files for the manuscript: Saravia, L.A. (2015). A new method to analyse species abundances in space using generalized dimensions. Methods Ecol. Evol., 6, 1298–1310Available as a pre-print: https://dx.doi.org/10.7287/peerj.preprints.745v5 Other code used in the manuscript is - The neutral/hierarchical model: https://github.com/lsaravia/neutral - The generalized dimension estimation software: https://github.com/lsaravia/mfsba

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Gaussian Job Archive for C30H40Fe2Ge2N4O8

Henry S. Rzepa

Tectono-metamorphic map of the south-western flank of the Aspromonte Massif (southern Calabria -Italy)

Eugenio Fazio, Rosolino Cirrincione & Antonino Pezzino

Flow cytometry results from iPS-derived macrophages.

Kaur Alasoo

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