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Impact of recent forest management and disturbances on carbon dynamics in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Feng Zhao
Protected areas are recognized worldwide as being important components of climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies. With increasing interests in quantifying greenhouse gas emissions and potentially managing forests to increase the rate of carbon sequestration, there are urgent needs to quantify impact of forest management and disturbances on carbon dynamics. The overall goal of this study is to quantify the impact of recent forest management and disturbances on forest carbon dynamics in GYE, by integrating...

"Natural Enemies" or Intentional Allies? Teachers' & Parents' Perspectives on Middle School Boys of Color.

Shasha Yolande Lowe
This study examined the perspectives and “shared knowledge” of parents and teachers of boys of color. The following overarching research question guided this study: “What do parents and teachers want each other to know about their middle school son or student of color regarding academics, engagement, and behavior?” Additionally, it explored the challenges and opportunities for shared knowledge and understanding of their (respective) son’s’ or students’ academics and engagement. The methodology was qualitative in nature...

Effective and Efficient Implementation of Alternative Project Delivery Methods

Joshua Ceribelli
The multiple project delivery methods that exist today each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Some procedures within the methods have also been proven to be effective when applied to most project formats, specifically transportation projects. In order to improve the overall capabilities of a transportation agency, it would be advantageous to seek out these effective procedures and gather them in purpose to refine the existing procedures of the said agency. Through our own methods...

Evolution of strength and physical properties of ultramafic and carbonate rocks under hydrothermal conditions

Harrison Lisabeth
Interaction of rocks with fluids can significantly change mineral assemblage and structure. This so-called hydrothermal alteration is ubiquitous in the Earth’s crust. Though the behavior of hydrothermally altered rocks can have planet-scale consequences, such as facilitating oceanic spreading along slow ridge segments and recycling volatiles into the mantle at subduction zones, the mechanisms involved in the hydrothermal alteration are often microscopic. Fluid-rock interactions take place where the fluid and rock meet. Fluid distribution, flux rate...

Model-Predictive Strategy Generation for Multi-Agent Pursuit-Evasion Games

Eric James Raboin
Multi-agent pursuit-evasion games can be used to model a variety of different real world problems including surveillance, search-and-rescue, and defense-related scenarios. However, many pursuit-evasion problems are computationally difficult, which can be problematic for domains with complex geometry or large numbers of agents. To compound matters further, practical applications often require planning methods to operate under high levels of uncertainty or meet strict running-time requirements. These challenges strongly suggest that heuristic methods are needed to address...

Laser beam control, combining, and propagation in atmospheric turbulence

William Nelson
This dissertation is concerned with the control, combining, and propagation of laser beams through a turbulent atmosphere. In the first part we consider adaptive optics: the process of controlling the beam based on information of the current state of the turbulence. If the target is cooperative and provides a coherent return beam, the phase measured near the beam transmitter and adaptive optics can, in principle, correct these fluctuations. However, for many applications, the target is...

Isoquinoline syntheses

Eugene Clayton Weinbach

Measurement and Simulation of Suppression Effects in a Buoyant Turbulent Line Fire

James Patrick White
An experimental and numerical study of turbulent fire suppression is presented. For this work, a novel and canonical facility has been developed, featuring a buoyant, turbulent, methane or propane-fueled diffusion flame suppressed via either nitrogen dilution of the oxidizer or application of a fine water mist. Flames are stabilized on a slot burner surrounded by a co-flowing oxidizer, which allows controlled delivery of either suppressant to achieve a range of conditions from complete combustion through...


Abigail Reiko Perry
The thesis presented has three components: experiments with artificial vector potentials, a new atom-chip apparatus designed and built for light-less fictitious gauge fields, and an imaging experiment. First, we introduce experiments with light-induced vector potentials using two-photon Raman coupling to simulate charged particles using charge neutral Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs). Depending on the spatial and temporal properties of the engineered vector potential, it is possible for ultracold atoms to experience different variants of an effective Lorenz...

Organic Anodes and Sulfur/Selenium Cathodes for Advanced Li and Na Batteries

Chao Luo
To address energy crisis and environmental pollution induced by fossil fuels, there is an urgent demand to develop sustainable, renewable, environmental benign, low cost and high capacity energy storage devices to power electric vehicles and enhance clean energy approaches such as solar energy, wind energy and hydroenergy. However, the commercial Li-ion batteries cannot satisfy the critical requirements for next generation rechargeable batteries. The commercial electrode materials (graphite anode and LiCoO2 cathode) are unsustainable, unrenewable and...

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