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Style and Technique in the Evolution of Naturalism: North Netherlandish Landscape Painting in the Early Seventeenth Century

Elizabeth Melanie Gifford
This study of painting technique and style offers evidence of the beginnings of a landscape painting tradition native to the Northern Netherlands. The moment of decisive innovation can be found in Esaias van de Velde's naturalistic landscape paintings. Independent landscape painting developed in the Southern Netherlands in the early 16th century in the fantastic "world landscape" style of artists such as Joachim Patinir and Herri Bles. Technical study suggests that they developed a widely-followed set...

A Framework for Categorizing Disruptive Cyber Activity and Assessing its Impact

Charles Harry
While significant media attention has been given to the volume and range of cyber attacks, the inability to measure and categorize disruptive events has complicated efforts of policy makers to push comprehensive responses that address the range of cyber activity. While organizations and public officials have spent significant time and resources attempting to grapple with the complex nature of these threats, a systematic and comprehensive approach to categorize and measure disruptive attacks remains elusive. This...

Development of mechanistic models of transition periods between lag/exponential and exponential/stationary phases

Yangyang Wang
Nowadays, primary mathematical models are widely accepted as a tool for quantitative food microbiology. Such models are being used in conjunction with curve-fitting software to evaluate food-associated microbial growth. The three most commonly used models are Baranyi, Gompertz, and three-phase linear models. However, most of these models are not mechanistically-based and do not take into account the underlying physiological events. The ultimate goal of this study is to develop models that is more directly based...

A Statistical Characterization of the Atmospheres of Sub-Saturn Planet Candidates in the Kepler Archive

Holly Ann Sheets
Exoplanet atmospheric characterization is still in its early stages. Large surveys like the Kepler Mission provide thousands of planet candidates, but follow-up observations to characterize the individual candidates are often difficult to obtain. In this thesis, I develop a method to detect small atmospheric signals in Kepler’s planet candidate light curves by averaging light curves for multiple candidates with similar orbital and physical characteristics. I also consider two applications of this method: at secondary eclipse,...

Project Scheduling Disputes: Expert Characterization and Estimate Aggregation

Lauren Neely
Project schedule estimation continues to be a tricky endeavor. Stakeholders bring a wealth of experience to each project, but also biases which could affect their final estimates. This research proposes to study differences among stakeholders and develop a method to aggregate multiple estimates into a single estimate a project manager can defend. Chapter 1 provides an overview of the problem. Chapter 2 summarizes the literature on historical scheduling issues, scheduling best practices, decision analysis, and...

Long Term Effects of Drug Court Participation: Evidence From a 15-Year Follow-up of a Randomized Controlled Trial

Brook W. Kearley
Substance use disorders and related negative outcomes are on the rise in America. Among jail and prison populations, approximately half of all inmates meet DSM-IV criteria for substance dependence or abuse. Two decades of drug court research indicate that these specialized courts reduce recidivism among participants when compared to traditional probation processing. However, few high quality studies have been conducted and important gaps in our understanding of the model’s effectiveness and population suitability remain. Additionally,...


Naka Matsumoto
Creating and maintaining diverse neighborhoods has been a challenge for planners, policymakers, and community organizers as the recent and rapid influx of immigrants from Latin and Asian countries into the United States generates many diversified neighborhoods throughout the country. This phenomenon has created new social dynamics in the neighborhoods due to the differences among new and longtime residents, such as ethnicity, language and culture, socioeconomic status, generation, and family type. The neighborhoods stand on the...

Essays on Market Microstructure and Asset Pricing

Wen Chen
This dissertation contains two essays exploring the asset pricing implications of asymmetric information, hedging and market making. Chapter 1 studies position limits on strategic speculators in commodity futures. In this chapter I develop an equilibrium model with both spot and futures markets to evaluate the effects of speculative position limits proposed by commodity regulators. One of the main implications of this model is that the imperfectly competitive speculators can benefit from the limits at the...


Jeehye Kang
This dissertation consists of three papers that examine the association between family living arrangements and internalizing and externalizing behavioral problems in children. With increasing immigration and growing heterogeneity in family forms, extended family members are of increasing importance in children’s lives. However, knowledge about extended family living arrangements is lacking. The first paper examines the association between the presence of co-resident extended kin and children’s internalizing and externalizing behaviors. Children in the sample were found...

Dynamics and Drivers of Fecal Iindicator Bacteria and Associated Bacterial Community Members in Estuarine Waters

Andrew Karl Leight
For over a century, specific types of bacteria have been monitored in natural water bodies as indicators of fecal pollution and increased risk of encountering human pathogens. One such type of bacteria is the fecal coliforms, a group of gram-negative, facultative anaerobes mostly from the Class Gammaproteobacteria and the Family Enterobacteriaceae, which are commonly found in the gut of warm-blooded animals. In the Chesapeake Bay, routine monitoring of coliform bacteria has been conducted since the...

Relationships between Temperament, Emotion Understanding, and Social Competence in Early Childhood

Heather Verron
Young children’s social competence is regarded as one of the strongest indicators of positive adjustment throughout the lifespan. As part of an effort to unpack its development, a large body of existing research has established relationships between temperamental factors and social competence, as well as between emotion understanding and social competence. However, studies that have examined these constructs have been laden with definitional disagreements and methodological issues, leaving the true magnitude and scope of the...

Measurement of the cosmic-ray proton spectrum from 54 GeV to 9.5 TeV with the Fermi Large Area Telescope

David Michael Green
Cosmic rays are a near-isotropic continuous flux of energetic particles of extraterrestrial origin. First discovered in 1912, cosmic rays span over 10 decades of energy and originate from Galactic and extragalactic sources. The Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope observations have recently confirmed supernova remnants (SNR) as a source class for Galactic cosmic-ray protons. Additionally, recent measurements made by AMS-02 of the cosmic-ray proton spectrum to 1.8 TeV in kinetic energy have shown an unexpected spectral break...

Cross-Platform Question Answering in Social Networking Services

Mossaab Bagdouri
The last two decades have made the Internet a major source for knowledge seeking. Several platforms have been developed to find answers to one's questions such as search engines and online encyclopedias. The wide adoption of social networking services has pushed the possibilities even further by giving people the opportunity to stimulate the generation of answers that are not already present on the Internet. Some of these social media services are primarily community question answering...


Herbert Brewer
This dissertation examines the phased, uneven, and contradictory development of republican ideas in the political thought of Chesapeake free blacks who migrated to Cape Mesurado, West Africa, between the founding of the Liberia colony in 1822 and Liberia’s declaration of independence in 1847, and how their republican ideas shaped the creation of the Liberian state. A key finding is the extent to which the origin of the Liberian state was specifically tied to the development...

Historic Maryland Newspaper Essay: Democratic Advocate

Douglas McElrath
Founded in 1865 in the traumatic aftermath of the Civil War, the Democratic Advocate chronicled the life and times of the small town of Westminster, MD. Agricultural interested were a prominent feature of the newspaper, but the Democratic Advocate also was noteworthy for publishing the literary effusions, especially poetry, of local residents.

Development, characterization and optimization of a novel mammalian protein expression system

Darryl Sampey
Biopharmaceutical manufacturing plays a critical role in global healthcare systems. Methods and techniques for protein expression in upstream bioprocesses can have the highest impact on product quality and safety and, ultimately, on delivering effective means of treating and curing life threatening diseases. In addition to novel products, development and regulatory approval of biosimilars require precise matching of the quality attributes between lots of reference innovator drug and those of the biosimilar candidate. With continuing pressure...

Conservation Land-Use Policy Toolkit

Rebecca Lewis, David Newburn, Kelsey Zlevor & Gerrit Knaap
This Conservation Land-Use Policy Toolkit provides local governments in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed with information about land-use policy tools they can use to slow the conversion of farmland, forestland, and wetlands.

Play Studies: Integrating Drama, Games, and Ludi from the Medieval to the Digital Age

Nathan Kelber
At first glance, the fact that the English word for drama is “play” must strike the modern reader as odd. Playing is usually an activity we associate with games (or musical instruments), yet this odd linguistic trace is a forgotten marker of how far the modern sense of drama has strayed from its antecedents. This dissertation recovers the historical relationship of drama, play, and games, developing a shared discourse under the rubric of “play studies.”...

Frustrated Magnetism and Electronic Properties of Hollandite Oxide Materials

Amber M. Larson
Microporous transition metal oxides with the hollandite structure type have been prepared by standard solid-state techniques with varying compositions. With a nominal formula of AxM8O16 and a framework of edge and corner-sharing MO6 octahedra, hollandites feature a pseudo-one dimensional tunnel occupied loosely by cation A. The metastability of these open-framework materials, combined with the ability of accommodating a variety of redox-active transition metals leads to unique and indispensable properties. Inherent to the triangular connectivity of...

Stuck in a state of power imbalance? Unpacking the answers on why, when, and how followers challenge the state of power-dependence with their leaders

Elijah Xun Ming Wee
Power imbalance exists in most leader-follower dyads. Because of their advantageous organizational positions, leaders generally have more power over their followers. The dominant perspective suggests that the follower is “stuck” in this state of power imbalance and is resigned to its negative consequences. However, research also suggests that power can shift from one party to another in today’s workplace. This perspective advocates for a dynamic view of power among individuals in the workplace. Unfortunately, this...

Essays in nonmarket valuation and energy economics

Mark Vincent Miller
This dissertation comprises three essays, relating to negative externalities in economics. The first essay concentrates on residential electricity consumption. In the economic literature, price elasticity of demands estimates for this market vary widely. In this essay, I seek to explain these findings using three nationwide datasets – the American Housing Survey, Forms EIA-861, and the Residential Energy Consumption Survey – from the U.S. I examine the role of the sample period, level of aggregation, use...

Siderophile elements and molybdenum, tungsten, and osmium isotopes as tracers of planetary genetics and differentiation: Implications for the IAB iron meteorite complex

Emily Anne Worsham
Isotopic and trace element abundance data for iron meteorites and chondrites are presented in order to investigate the nature of genetic relations between and among meteorite groups. Nebular and planetary diversity and processes, such as differentiation, can be better understood through study of IAB complex iron meteorites. This is a large group of chemically and texturally similar meteorites that likely represent metals with a thermal history unlike most other iron meteorite groups, which sample the...

Exploring an Integrative Graduate Education Research Traineeship (IGERT): Using Organizational Culture to Understand How Programs Work

Tykeia Nicole Robinson
Legislators & policy makers recognize the significance of STEM graduate education to issues of national security, innovation and economic competitiveness amongst global peers (Gonzalez & Kuenzi, 2012; Kuenzi, 2008). Federal policy allocates funding to faculty and institutions and establishes programs that ensure equitable opportunity for training, education, and employment in the STEM fields. Many of these efforts aim to address existing race/gender-based disparities in doctoral degree attainment amongst women and certain populations of color (Carney,...

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