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Lived Experiences Of Adults Initially Sentenced To Life Without Option Of Parole As Juveniles And Their Transitioning Back Into The Community

Festus Osoiwan Inegbenebor
At present, we know about the postincarceration experiences of individuals who were sentenced to prison for life as adults without the option of parole and transitioned back into the community, but we have little or no knowledge about the postincarceration experiences in transitioning back to the community of individuals who were teens at the time they were incarcerated and thereafter spent the rest of their teens, young adult years, and greater part of their adult...

Acute effects of hyperglycemia in a chemical-genetic ablation model

Julia Howell
Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a debilitating disease characterized by elevated blood glucose levels, known as hyperglycemia. Glucose, the energy source for metabolism, is transported to the cells of the body by the hormone insulin. Without the proper formation and utilization of insulin, DM occurs in two forms; Type I DM is characterized by the loss -cells which produce insulin, whereas, Type II DM is characterized by insulin resistance in which the body does not respond...

Three-membered ring amides — a calculational and conceptual study of the structure and energetics of 1,2-oxaziridine-3-one and aziridine-2,3-dione

Margarida S. Miranda, Paulo J.O. Ferreira, Joaquim C.G. Esteves Da Silva & Joel F. Liebman
Species with three-membered rings and the amide linkage are well studied. A quick perusal of the literature with SciFinder finds some 50 000 references to cyclopropanes and almost 300 000 references to amides. In the current paper, we discuss the structure and energetics of two understudied three-membered ring amides, 1,2-oxaziridine-3-one (5) (simultaneously describable as the simplest cyclic carbamate and simplest hydroxamate) and aziridine-2,3-dione (7) (simultaneously describable as the simplest imide and simplest -ketoamide), with but...

Black Leadership Strategies Of The Louisiana Deacons For Defense And The African Party For The Liberation Of Guinea Bissau And Cape Verde

Shane Bolles Walsh
This thesis is a comparative analysis of the leadership of The African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde (PAIGC) led by Amilcar Cabral (1956- 1973) and the Louisiana Deacons for Defense and Justice (DDJ) led by Ernest Thomas and Charles Simms (1964- 1966). These leaders and their organizations confronted colonialism and white supremacy through comparative cultural, ideological and leadership strategies. These organizations exhibit ideological foundations in revolutionary Pan African nationalism and black...

The Black Cultural Ethos And Science Teachers' Practices: A Case Study Exploring How Four High School Science Teachers Meet Their African American Students' Needs In Science

Samantha Strachan
The underachievement of African American students in science has been a persistent problem in science education. The achievement patterns of African American students indicate that researchers must take a closer look at the types of practices that are being used to meet these students' needs in science classrooms. Determining why science teachers decide to employ certain practices in their classrooms begins with a careful examination of teachers' beliefs as well as their instructional approaches. The...

College students' self-esteem, conflict management style, depression and aggression

Louise Laumbach Luft
The Rosenberg Self-Esteem Inventory (Rosenberg, 1965) was used to study college students' self-esteem in relation to age at parents' separation, perceived frequency of interparental conflict, conflict management style, depression, and aggression. One hundred fifty-one undergraduate participants were administered the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (Kilmann & Thomas, 1977) to measure avoiding, accommodating, competing, compromising and collaborating. Perceived high frequency of interparental conflict was associated with lower self-esteem in females. Results replicated R. F. Hanson's (1991) finding...

Optimal Semantic Distance for Negative Example Selection in Grounded Language Acquisition

Nisha Pillai, Francis Ferraro & Cynthia Matuszek
Robotics: Science and Systems 2018, Workshop on Models and Representations for Natural Human-Robot Communication

Mentor/Mentee Relationships: The Experience Of African American Stem Majors

Laurie S. Cook
The focus of this study was to understand the mentor/mentee relationship by uncovering the practices and behaviors of mentors in successful mentoring relationships in which the student was an African American STEM major. More importantly, this study focused on the meanings that the practices and behaviors of mentors held for the mentees. Qualitative research methods were used to develop a micro-level understanding of the mentor-mentee relationship in an effort to understand how this relationship might...

Comparing Video Based Shoulder Surfing with Live Simulation

Adam J. Aviv, Flynn Wolf & Ravi Kuber
We analyze the claims that video recreations of shoulder surfing attacks offer a suitable alternative and a baseline, as compared to evaluation in a live setting. We recreated a subset of the factors of a prior video-simulation experiment conducted by Aviv et al. (ACSAC 2017), and model the same scenario using live participants (n = 36) instead (i.e., the victim and attacker were both present). The live experiment confirmed that for Android’s graphical patterns video...

Caregiver Impact On The Relationship Between Need And Utilization For Child And Adolescent Mental Health: An Examination Of Factors Influencing Utilization Of Mental Health Services

Hollie C. Grayson
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, mental health is an important public health issue and without early diagnosis and treatment, children can experience problems at home, at school and forming friendships. Researchers have explored a few barriers that relate to utilization of mental health service however other factors that possibly influence whether or not their child will utilize services have not been greatly studied. Caregivers are the primary means by which children...

Assessment Of Racial And Ethnic Differences In Inferred Energy Expenditure Using Nationally Representative Data

Nun Amen-Ra
Nun Sava-Siva Amen-Ra, Dr.PH, December 2011 Dissertation Chair: H. Eduardo Velasco, M.D., M.Sc., Ph.D. Department of Public Health Analysis As assessed by body mass index (BMI) African Americans exhibit higher rates of obesity than Caucasian Americans. Bodyweight is influenced principally by energy intake, voluntary energy expenditure (i.e. exercise) and basal metabolic rate (i.e. resting energy expenditure). Resting energy expenditure is, in turn, influenced by physiological factors that are largely (though not entirely) innate and therefore...

SensePresence: Infrastructure-less Occupancy Detection for Opportunistic Sensing Applications

Khan, Md Abdullah Al Hafiz, H M Sajjad Hossain & Nirmalya Roy
© 2015 IEEE; 2015 16th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Data Management

On the Validity of the Girsanov Transformation Method for Sensitivity Analysis of Stochastic Chemical Reaction Networks

Ting Wang & Muruhan Rathinam
We investigate the validity of the Girsanov Transformation (GT) method for parametric sensitivity analysis of stochastic models of chemical reaction networks. The validity depends on the likelihood ratio process being a martingale and the commutation of a certain derivative with expectation. We derive some exponential integrability conditions which imply both these requirements. We provide further conditions in terms of a reaction network that imply these exponential integrability conditions.

A Distributed Service Composition Protocol for Pervasive Environments

Dipanjan Chakraborty, Yelena Yesha & Anupam Joshi
Service composition in pervasive environments enables users to utilize services in the environment to solve complex queries. Current work in development of service composition architectures focuses on wired-networked environments where solutions are centralized and tailored towards a reliable network and fixed service topology. In this paper, we present an alternate and novel design architecture of a broker-based distributed service composition protocol for pervasive environments. We present simulation results by comparing our protocol to a centralized...

Achievement Patterns Of Students In An Elite, Male Independent School

Edward Maurice Trusty
There is an underlying assumption that regardless of student ethnicity, socio-economic status, or any other variable, elite, independent schools by mission and design are effective at producing successful students. This would cause some to conclude that all students enrolled in elite, independent schools perform similarly on all academic measures. The purpose of this study was to determine whether achievement differences exist in one elite, independent school. The researcher gathered data from all tenth (n=98) and...

Dr. Howard L. Simmons: An Intellectual Biography Of The First Black Executive Director Of The Middle States Regional Accrediting Body

Cynthia Mendoza
There is limited information on changes to accreditation standards and practices, especially related to diversity. The narrow focus of prior studies and the public's limited understanding of accreditation and its criteria have contributed to this gap in the literature. This qualitative study used intellectual biography as its framework to narrate the events surrounding the steps toward changing the face of accreditation and accountability. These events and their impact are presented from the unique perspective of...

The Impact Of Social Capital Of Entrepreneurs On Government Venture Capital Decisions And Firm Performance

Abdulrahman Ali Alolayan
Entrepreneurs play an important role in the development of economies. In order to be successful, entrepreneurs need to acquire resources to exploit business opportunities. The question of how entrepreneurs acquire resources has been explored in the literature; however, more research is needed to better understand entrepreneurs' resource acquisition processes, particularly with respect to financial resources. Venture capital is an important source of financial resources, and for Saudi Arabian entrepreneurs, government venture capital (GVC) is a...

Modifying Bayesian Networks by Probability Constraints

Yun Peng & Zhongli Ding
Proceedings of the 21st Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence

Perceptions of nurses' uniforms

Rose Frederico Sombar
The purpose of this study was to measure the public's perceptions of the professional nurse based on type of clothing worn by nurses who work in hospital or inpatient facilities. The study population was a convenience sample of 50 subjects drawn from the rural population of Sussex County. Using a descriptive study design, data were collected using the Nurse Image Scale (Mangum et al.) , a Likert-type scoring sheet for nine photographs which pictured nine...

Guns, Grub, And Gasoline: How The American Supply System Helped Win World War Ii

Matthew Hudson Mitchell
Abstract Title of Dissertation: Guns, Grub, and Gasoline: How the American Supply System Helped Win World War II Matthew Hudson Mitchell, Morgan State University, PhD, History, December 2015 Dissertation Chaired by: Debra N. Ham, PhD Department of History Over generations of warfare, logistics have remained the lifeblood of great military campaigns. In spite of the U.S.A having a relatively little experience in mechanized warfare, the United States military forces used overwhelming logistical strength to help...

Predictive Validity Of Multiple Measures As A Placement Method For Developmental Mathematics Courses At Chesapeake College

Adugna Kebede Mekonnen
This study develops a multiple measure placement method (MMPM) that is comprised of predictor variables such as ACCUPLACER math (ACCM), ACCUPLACER reading (ACCR), arithmetic diagnostic test (ADT), high school grade point average (HSGPA), high school mathematics performance (HSMP), and duration since last mathematics course taken in high school (DLMC) selected on the basis of research reported in the body of literature. Data is collected from 79 participants of MAT 031(elementary algebra) and 43 participants of...

Analysis of soil bacterial and fungal biomass and determination of soil microbial communities in four different landscapes on the SU campus

Hayley Schindler
Though they are small, microbial communities in the soil play a large role in global climate change through carbon sequestration. Prior research has indicated that atmospheric changes in carbon dioxide concentrations directly impact soil microbial communities. The microbial responses, however, can be positive or negative, and so far, the magnitude and direction of these responses is uncertain (Castro et al., 2010). My goal is to sample the four different landscapes located around Salisbury University’s campus:...

Developmental Mathematics Classrooms: Learning Environment, Academic Self-Efficacy, And Gender

Petal Sumner
The state of developmental mathematics has been a growing issue for many developmental education programs at community colleges. Developmental mathematics has been viewed as a barrier to the success of students who fail to persist into required college-level mathematics courses. Variables such as students' perceptions of the learning environment and academic self-efficacy have been found to be strong predictors of student outcomes. Therefore, the researcher used quantitative methods to examine the relationships between community college...

Examining The Association Of Substance Abuse And Violence With Incarceration Among Fathers: An Epidemiological Criminology Approach

Jeris Smith
It is well documented that over half of males incarcerated in state and federal prisons are fathers. While many studies have demonstrated that incarceration has negative implications on families and family members who are associated with men with a history of incarceration; very little research has examined the effects of male incarceration on behavioral patterns or family factors. The primary objective of this study is to examine the association of substance about and intimate partner...

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