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Production of Murray Valley Encephalitis Virus-Like Particles for Vaccine Studies

Janine Thomas
The aim of this research is to produce virus-like particles (VLPs) for Murray Valley Encephalitis Virus (MVEV) Genotype 1 and Genotype 2. This research will incorporate strategies previously shown to increase production yield and to increase neutralizing antibody titers. The incorporated envelope protein will include a modification substituting phenylalanine at position 108 with alanine to increase the production yield of VLPs (Urakami et al. 2017). The co-expression of the capsid, pre-membrane, and envelope (CprME) proteins...

A Point-based Method for Animating Incompressible Flow

Funshing Sin, Adam W. Bargteil & Jessica K. Hodgins
In this paper, we present a point-based method for animating incompressible flow. The advection term is handled by moving the sample points through the flow in a Lagrangian fashion. However, unlike most previous approaches, the pressure term is handled by performing a projection onto a divergence-free field. To perform the pressure projection, we compute a Voronoi diagram with the sample points as input. Borrowing from Finite Volume Methods, we then invoke the divergence theorem and...

Multiphase flow of immiscible fluids on unstructured moving meshes

M. K. Misztal, K. Erleben, A. Bargteil, J. Fursund, B. Bunch Christensen, J. A. Bærentzen & R. Bridson
In this paper, we present a method for animating multiphase flow of immiscible fluids using unstructured moving meshes. Our underlying discretization is an unstructured tetrahedral mesh, the deformable simplicial complex (DSC), that moves with the flow in a Lagrangian manner. Mesh optimization operations improve element quality and avoid element inversion. In the context of multiphase flow, we guarantee that every element is occupied by a single fluid and, consequently, the interface between fluids is represented...

Quantifying Network Denial of Service: A Location Service Case Study

Yan Chen, Adam Bargteil, David Bindel, Randy H. Katz & John Kubiatowicz
Network Denial of Service (DoS) attacks are increasing in frequency, severity and sophistication, making it desirable to measure the resilience of systems to DoS attacks. In this paper, we propose a simulation-based methodology and apply it to attacks on object location services such as DNS. Our results allow us to contrast the DoS resilience of three distinct architectures for object location.

Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans for Dual Eligibles: A Primer

Charles J. Milligan & Cynthia H. Woodcock
The Special Needs Plan (SNP), a new type of Medicare Advantage plan created by the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 (MMA), targets one of three special-needs populations—including beneficiaries who qualify both for Medicare and Medicaid benefits (“dual eligibles”), the focus of this issue brief. It identifies the key issues that underlie one of the MMA’s central goals for dualeligible SNPs—“the potential to offer the full array of Medicare and Medicaid benefits, and supplemental benefits, through...

The Relationship between Overt Verbal Attitude Responses toward Cheating Behavior, Achievement Needs, and Cheating on Test Items

Gloria Lorraine Alvernaz Mulcahy
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between overt verbal attitude responses of college students toward cheating behavior, achievement needs, and cheating behavior on test items. A further purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between grades and/or the number of errors made on an exam and cheating or non-cheating behavior. Procedure: The sample was comprised of sixty-six subjects-thirty- three cheaters and thirty-three non-cheaters. A stratified random sample was...

The Impact of Planktivory on the Life Histories of Estuarine Crabs

Steven G. Morgan
Estuarine crabs commonly display two larval dispersal patterns in which larvae are either exported from or retained within estuaries. Explanations for the disparate dispersal patterns are that larvae differ in their susceptibility to predation, which is greater within the estuary than offshore, or in their physiological tolerances to the large temperature and salinity fluctuations of the estuary. Crab larvae which are exported from the estuary survived better in stressful temperature and salinity combinations than those...

The (dis)appearance of Up your ass: Valerie Solanas as abject revolutionary

Desireé D. Rowe
Through performative writing and using Cixous' notion of écriture feminine, this piece explores how the archival and treatment of Valerie Solanas' ‘lost’ manuscript Up Your Ass marks her as an abject body. Further, this piece critiques the treatment of Solanas' works as typical of radical feminist activists.

Please don't use the restraints: forgetting, failure, and childbirth

Desiree D. Rowe
Published in Qualitative Inquiry in July 2016. First published December 31, 2015.

Please don't use the restraints: forgetting, failure, and childbirth

Desireé D. Rowe
Published in Qualitative Inquiry in July 2016. First published December 31, 2015.


Mary McBride
In the late 1960's the educational literature reported the emergence of a distinct kind of public school labeled "alternative." This term was used to describe a variety of school programs. Within this group of schools were several which claimed to offer students opportunities for individual and collective decision making and use of the community as a learning resource. The purpose of this study was to examine five such public secondary alternative schools, the perceptions of...

Seeing Love As I Know It: Love Prototypes as a Source of Positive Illusions in Romantic Relationships

Rachel B. Venaglia
Love is prototypically organized such that some features of love are clearer, better examples of the concept than others, but little work has been done to explain how laypeople’s love prototypes translate into cognition and emotion in actual romantic relationships. To help fill this gap, this dissertation examined the role of love prototypes as a source of positive illusions in perceiving romantic partners, as well as the implications of these perceptions for relationships. More specifically,...

Minutes of February 11, 2003 Meeting, 2002-2003

Salisbury University Faculty Senate
Minutes of the Faculty Senate meeting on February 11, 2003

Memo Annual Evaluations, September 26, 2006 Meeting, 2006-2007

Salisbury University Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate meeting about Memo Annual Evaluations on September 26, 2006

International Programs Committee, 2006-2007

Salisbury University Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate International Programs Committee for 2006-2007

Hiring Family Members Policy, 2006-2007

Salisbury University Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate Hiring Family Members Policy for 2006-2007

Guidelines for Academic Program Review, September 2006, 2006-2007

Salisbury University Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate meeting on Guidelines for Academic Review in September 2006

Graduate Council Response, 2006-2007

Salisbury University Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate Graduate Council Response for 2006-2007

Graduate Council Concerns, 2006-2007

Salisbury University Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate Graduate Council Concerns for 2006-2007

Ghosting Policy Faculty Handbook, 2006-2007

Salisbury University Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate Ghosting Policy Faculty Handbook for 2006-2007

General Education Assessment, September 8, 2006 Meeting, 2006-2007

Salisbury University Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate meeting about the General Education Assessment on September 8, 2006

Fulton Reform Proposal, March 7, 2007 Meeting, 2006-2007

Salisbury University Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate meeting about the Fulton Reform Proposal on March 7, 2007

Freshman Reader Evaluation, 2006-2007

Salisbury University Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate Freshman Reader Evaluation for 2006-2007


Sangwook Chu
Integration of biomaterials with 3-D micro/nano devices and systems offers exciting opportunities for developing miniature bioelectronics with enhanced performances and advanced modes of operation. However, the limited wetting property of such small scale 3-D structures (Cassie-Baxter wetting) presents a potential challenge in these developments considering most biological materials require storage in buffered aqueous solutions due to their inherently narrow stability window. In this thesis research, an electrowetting-assisted 3-D biomanufacturing technology has been developed enabling highly...


Earl T. Matthews
The broad purpose of this study is to contribute knowledge to the selection of school principals. Specifically, the purpose of the study is to examine the relationships among measures of the variables of creativity, views of leader behavior, and effectiveness of secondary principals to determine variables that can be used for the selection, placement, and evaluation of secondary principals. Selected for participation in this study were 50 schools from school districts in Maryland, All teachers...

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