Geochemistry and age models of sediments from the Celtic margin, supplement to: Auffret, Gérard A; Zaragosi, Sebastien; Dennielou, Bernard; Cortijo, Elsa; Van Rooij, David; Grousset, Francis E; Pujol, Claude; Eynaud, Frédérique; Siegert, Martin J (2002): Terrigenous fluxes at the Celtic Margin during the last glacial cycle. Marine Geology, 188(1-2), 79-108

Gérard A Auffret, Sebastien Zaragosi, Bernard Dennielou, Elsa Cortijo, David Van Rooij, Francis E Grousset, Claude Pujol, Frédérique Eynaud & Martin J Siegert

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  • 2005

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