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Magnetic susceptibility of deep-sea cores from the Scotia Sea, supplement to: Weber, Michael E; Kuhn, Gerhard; Sprenk, Daniela; Rolf, Christian; Ohlwein, Christian; Ricken, Werner (2012): Dust transport from Patagonia to Antarctica - a new stratigraphic approach from the Scotia Sea and its implications for the last glacial cycle. Quaternary Science Reviews, 36, 177-188

Michael E Weber, Gerhard Kuhn, Daniela Sprenk, Christian Rolf, Christian Ohlwein & Werner Ricken
We studied two deep-sea cores from the Scotia Sea to reconstruct past atmospheric circulation in the southern hemisphere and to resolve a long-standing debate on the interpretation of magnetic susceptibility (MS) records in Southern Ocean (SO) sediment. High-sedimentation sites MD07-3134 (0.2 - 1.2 m/kyr) and MD07-3133 (0.3 - 2 m/kyr) cover the last 92.5 kyr and 36 kyr, respectively. Both exhibit a one-to-one coupling of the MS and Ca2+ signal to the non-sea salt (nss)...

Stable oxygen isotope record and Mg/Ca ratios of the Pliocene warm period, supplement to: Wara, Michael W; Ravelo, Ana Christina; Delaney, Margaret Lois (2005): Permanent El Niño-like conditions during the Pliocene warm period. Science, 309(5735), 758-761

Michael W Wara, Ana Christina Ravelo & Margaret Lois Delaney
During the warm early Pliocene (~4.5 to 3.0 million years ago), the most recent interval with a climate warmer than today, the eastern Pacific thermocline was deep and the average west-to-east sea surface temperature difference across the equatorial Pacific was only 1.5 ± 0.9°C, much like it is during a modern El Niño event. Thus, the modern strong sea surface temperature gradient across the equatorial Pacific is not a stable and permanent feature. Sustained El...

Geochemistry of phosphatic crusts from the shelf off Peru, supplement to: Arning, Esther T; Lückge, Andreas; Breuer, Christian; Gussone, Nikolaus; Birgel, Daniel; Peckmann, Jörn Ludwig (2009): Genesis of phosphorite crusts off Peru. Marine Geology, 262(1-4), 68-81

Esther T Arning, Andreas Lückge, Christian Breuer, Nikolaus Gussone, Daniel Birgel & Jörn Ludwig Peckmann
Authigenic phosphorite crusts from the shelf off Peru (9°40°S to 13°30°S) consist of a facies with phosphatic coated grains covered by younger phosphatic laminite. The crusts are composed of carbonate fluorapatite, which probably formed via an amorphous precursor close to the sediment water interface as indicated by low F/P2O5 ratios, Sr and Ca isotopes, as well as rare earth element patterns agreeing with seawater-dominated fluids. Small negative Ce anomalies and U enrichment in the laminite...

Radiolarians of the Japan Sea, supplement to: Alexandrovich, Joanne M (1992): Radiolarians from Sites 794, 795, and 797 (Japan Sea). In: Pisciotto, KA; Ingle, JCJr.; von Breymann, MT; Barron, J; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 127/128(1), 291-307

Joanne M Alexandrovich
Japan Sea ODP Leg 127 shipboard radiolarian biostratigraphic data are compiled and improved. The sequence of biostratigraphic events determined in sediments above the opal-A/opal-CT transition is illustrated graphically with depth-depth plots. The absence of biostratigraphic indicators from the North and subtropical Pacific and differences between the compositions of the Japan Sea and Pacific radiolarian assemblages suggest that the planktonic populations of the Japan Sea have been partially isolated from the Pacific since the late Miocene....

Alkenone accumulation rates, stable carbon isotope record, and sea surface temperature reconstruction for IODP Site 306-U1313, supplement to: Naafs, Bernhard David A; Hefter, Jens; Acton, Gary D; Haug, Gerald H; Martínez‐García, Alfredo; Pancost, Richard D; Stein, Ruediger (2012): Strengthening of North American dust sources during the late Pliocene (2.7 Ma). Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 317-318, 8-19

Bernhard David A Naafs, Jens Hefter, Gary D Acton, Gerald H Haug, Alfredo Martínez‐García, Richard D Pancost & Ruediger Stein
Here we present orbitally-resolved records of terrestrial higher plant leaf wax input to the North Atlantic over the last 3.5 Ma, based on the accumulation of long-chain n-alkanes and n-alkanl-1-ols at IODP Site U1313. These lipids are a major component of dust, even in remote ocean areas, and have a predominantly aeolian origin in distal marine sediments. Our results demonstrate that around 2.7 million years ago (Ma), coinciding with the intensification of the Northern Hemisphere...

Sea surface temperature estimation for MIS 16 of IODP Site 306-U1313, supplement to: Naafs, Bernhard David A; Hefter, Jens; Ferretti, Patrizia; Stein, Ruediger; Haug, Gerald H (2011): Sea surface temperatures did not control the first occurrence of Hudson Strait Heinrich Events during MIS 16. Paleoceanography, 26, PA4201

Bernhard David A Naafs, Jens Hefter, Patrizia Ferretti, Ruediger Stein & Gerald H Haug
Hudson Strait (HS) Heinrich Events, ice-rafting events in the North Atlantic originating from the Laurentide ice sheet (LIS), are among the most dramatic examples of millennial-scale climate variability and have a large influence on global climate. However, it is debated as to whether the occurrence of HS Heinrich Events in the (eastern) North Atlantic in the geological record depends on greater ice discharge, or simply from the longer survival of icebergs in cold waters. Using...

Diatom deposits in the ostpreußischen Haffe, supplement to: Brockmann, Christoph (1954): Die Diatomeen in den Ablagerungen der ostpreußischen Haffe. Meyniana, 3, 1-95

Christoph Brockmann
Als man nach dem ersten Weltkrieg im verkleinerten Deutschland nach der Möglichkeit von Neulandgewinnung suchte, dachte man auch an eineTrockenlegung der ostpreußischen Haffe. Aus diesem Anlaß wurden umfangreiche Bohrungen ausgeführt, um ein möglichst genaues Bild vom Untergrunde der Haffe zu bekommen. Auf Veranlassung der Preußischen Geologischen Landesanstalt wurde ich mit der Untersuchung der Diatomeen in den Bohrproben beauftragt. Die Arbeit wurde 1934 begonnen und Ende 1937 wurde der letzte Arbeitsbericht abgeliefert. Die beabsichtigte Veröffentlichung ist...

Investigations on fossil bivalves and wood from Seymour Island, Antarctica, supplement to: Ivany, Linda C; Brey, Thomas; Huber, Matthew; Buick, Devin P; Schöne, Bernd R (2011): El Niño in the Eocene greenhouse recorded by fossil bivalves and wood from Antarctica. Geophysical Research Letters, 38, L16709

Linda C Ivany, Thomas Brey, Matthew Huber, Devin P Buick & Bernd R Schöne
Quasi-periodic variation in sea-surface temperature, precipitation, and sea-level pressure in the equatorial Pacific known as the El Niño - Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is an important mode of interannual variability in global climate. A collapse of the tropical Pacific onto a state resembling a so-called 'permanent El Niño', with a preferentially warmed eastern equatorial Pacific, flatter thermocline, and reduced interannual variability, in a warmer world is predicted by prevailing ENSO theory. If correct, future warming will...

Pollen record and lithology of a profile from Dumfriesshire, Scotland, supplement to: Moar, Neville T (1964): Pollen analysis of four samples from the River Annan, Dumfriesshire. Transactions and Journal of Proceedings of the Dumfriesshire and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society, 40, 133-135

Neville T Moar
Four samples, G5, G7, G8, and G10, collected by Dr W. W. Bishop from an exposed section in the bank of the River Annan, at Roberthill Farm, Dumfriesshire (S35, 110794) were submitted for pollen analysis (Table I.). The samples, with the exception of the uppermost, were from thin peat layers that lie in the middle of a series of water- laid sands, silts and clays several feet in thickness and now rather strongly arched. The...

Pliocene sediment and silicon isotope record of ODP Site 145-882, supplement to: Bailey, Ian; Liu, Qingsong; Swann, George E A; Jiang, Zhaoxia; Sun, Youbin; Zhao, Xiang; Roberts, Andrew P (2011): Iron fertilisation and biogeochemical cycles in the sub-Arctic northwest Pacific during the late Pliocene intensification of northern hemisphere glaciation. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 307(3-4), 253-265

Ian Bailey, Qingsong Liu, George E A Swann, Zhaoxia Jiang, Youbin Sun, Xiang Zhao & Andrew P Roberts
Increases in the low-field mass-specific magnetic susceptibility (chi), dropstones and the terrigenous sediment component from Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Site 882 (~45°N) have been interpreted to indicate a major onset of ice-rafting to the sub-Arctic northwest Pacific Ocean during marine isotope stage (MIS) G6 (from ~2.75 Ma). In contrast, studies of the terrigenous content of sediments cored downwind of ODP Site 882 indicate that dust and disseminated volcanic ash deposition in the sub-Arctic Pacific increased...

Natural gamma ray and stable isotope record of ODP Site 181-1119, supplement to: Carter, Robert M; Gammon, Paul (2004): New Zealand Maritime Glaciation: Millennial-Scale Southern Climate Change Since 3.9 Ma. Science, 304(5677), 1659-1662

Robert M Carter & Paul Gammon
Ocean Drilling Program Site 1119 is ideally located to intercept discharges of sediment from the mid-latitude glaciers of the New Zealand Southern Alps. The natural gamma ray signal from the site's sediment core contains a history of the South Island mountain ice cap since 3.9 million years ago (Ma). The younger record, to 0.37 Ma, resembles the climatic history of Antarctica as manifested by the Vostok ice core. Beyond, and back to the late Pliocene,...

Chemistry of sediment cores of POSEIDON cruise POS392

Bo Barker Jørgensen, Henrik Fossing & Rudolf Endler
Measurements of geochemical parameters in Bornholm Basin sediment cores, Poseidon cruise P392.

Analyzation of marine snow and fecal pellets collected in sediment trap CBi-2 off Cape Blanc, Mauritania, supplement to: Ploug, Helle; Iversen, Morten Hvitfeldt; Fischer, Gerhard (2008): Ballast, sinking velocity, and apparent diffusivity within marine snow and fecal pellets: Implications for substrate turnover by attached bacteria. Limnology and Oceanography, 53(5), 1878-1886

Helle Ploug, Morten Hvitfeldt Iversen & Gerhard Fischer
We analyzed size-specific dry mass, sinking velocity, and apparent diffusivity in field-sampled marine snow, laboratory-made aggregates formed by diatoms or coccolithophorids, and small and large zooplankton fecal pellets with naturally varying content of ballast materials. Apparent diffusivity was measured directly inside aggregates and large (millimeter-long) fecal pellets using microsensors. Large fecal pellets, collected in the coastal upwelling off Cape Blanc, Mauritania, showed the highest volume-specific dry mass and sinking velocities because of a high content...

Nutrient concentration profiles from time series stations E1 and L4 in the western English Channel from 2000 to 2010

E Malcolm S Woodward, Carolyn Harris & Lisa Al-Moosawi
The marine laboratories in Plymouth have sampled at two principle sites in the Western English Channel for over a century in open-shelf (station E1; 50° 02'N, 4° 22'W) and coastal (station L4; 50° 15'N, 4° 13'W) waters. These stations are seasonally stratified from late-April until September, and the variable biological response is regulated by subtle variations in temperature, light, nutrients and meteorology. Station L4 is characterized by summer nutrient depletion, although intense summer precipitation, increasing...

Composition of airborne material from yellow snow fallen in the Russian North, supplement to: Shevchenko, Vladimir P; Korobov, V B; Lisitzin, Alexander P; Aleshinskaya, A S; Bogdanova, Olga Yu; Goryunova, V B; Grishchenko, I V; Dara, O M; Zavernina, N N (2010): First data on the composition of atmospheric dust responsible for yellow snow in Northern European Russia in March 2008. Translated from: Doklady Akademii Nauk, 2010, 431(5), 675-679, Doklady Earth Sciences, 431(2), 497-501

Vladimir P Shevchenko, V B Korobov, Alexander P Lisitzin, A S Aleshinskaya, Olga Yu Bogdanova, V B Goryunova, I V Grishchenko, O M Dara & N N Zavernina
Large amounts of dust responsible for bright colors of atmospheric precipitation in the temperate, subpolar and polar zones of the northern hemisphere have been rarely observed. In the twentieth century and in the beginning of the twenty first century in the Northern European Russia such events were not registered up to March 25-26, 2008. At that time in some parts of the Arkhangel'sk region, Komi Republic, and Nenets Autonomous Area atmospheric precipitation as sleet and...

Physical oceanography from the TRACTOR project

, Truls Johannessen, Frank Cleveland, Yoshie Kasajima, Jane O'Dwyer & Héðinn Valdimarsson
Primary Objectives- Describe and quantify the present strength and variability of the circulation and oceanic processes of the Nordic Seas regions using primarily observations of the long term spread of a tracer purposefully released into the Greenland Sea Gyre in 1996.- Improve our understanding of ocean processes critical to the thermaholine circulation in the Nordic Seas regions so as to be able to predict how this region may respond to climate change.- Assess the role...

Temperature and CO2 estimation for the Middle Eocene section of ODP Hole 189-1172A, supplement to: Bijl, Peter K; Houben, Peter; Schouten, Stefan; Bohaty, Steven M; Sluijs, Appy; Reichart, Gert-Jan; Sinninghe Damsté, Jaap S; Brinkhuis, Henk (2010): Transient Middle Eocene atmospheric CO2 and temperature variations. Science, 330(6005), 819-821

Peter K Bijl, Peter Houben, Stefan Schouten, Steven M Bohaty, Appy Sluijs, Gert-Jan Reichart, Jaap S Sinninghe Damsté & Henk Brinkhuis
The long-term warmth of the Eocene (~56 to 34 million years ago) is commonly associated with elevated partial pressure of atmospheric carbon dioxide (pCO2). However, a direct relationship between the two has not been established for short-term climate perturbations. We reconstructed changes in both pCO2 and temperature over an episode of transient global warming called the Middle Eocene Climatic Optimum (MECO; ~40 million years ago). Organic molecular paleothermometry indicates a warming of southwest Pacific sea...

Sedimentology of ODP Leg 126 deep-water volcaniclastics, supplement to: Hiscott, Richard N; Colella, Albina; Pezard, Philippe A; Lovell, Michael A; Malinverno, Alberto (1992): Sedimentology of deep-water volcaniclastics, Oligocene Izu-Bonin Forearc Basin, based on formation microscanner images. In: Taylor, B; Fujioka, K; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 126, 75-76

Richard N Hiscott, Albina Colella, Philippe A Pezard, Michael A Lovell & Alberto Malinverno
Three sites were drilled in the Izu-Bonin forearc basin during Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Leg 126. High-quality formation microscanner (FMS) data from two of the sites provide images of part of a thick, volcaniclastic, middle to upper Oligocene, basin-plain turbidite succession. The FMS images were used to construct bed-by-bed sedimentary sections for the depth intervals 2232-2441 m below rig floor (mbrf) in Hole 792E, and 4023-4330 mbrf in Hole 793B. Beds vary in thickness from...

Particle fluxes and composition at two mooring sites in the Polar Front Region, supplement to: Fischer, Gerhard; Gersonde, Rainer; Wefer, Gerold (2002): Organic carbon, biogenic silica and diatom fluxes in the marginal winter sea ice zone and in the Polar Front Region: interannual variation and changes in composition. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, 49(9-10), 1721-1745

Gerhard Fischer, Rainer Gersonde & Gerold Wefer
Particle fluxes and composition were examined over 5 years at two mooring sites in the Polar Front Region (site PF: 50°09.S, 5°50.E) and in the marginal winter sea-ice zone (site BO: 54°30.S, 3°20.W) in the eastern Atlantic Sector of the Southern Ocean. Seasonality, interannual variability and the magnitude of total mass fluxes were higher at site BO compared to PF. Five-year averages and standard deviations (1Sigma) of total mass fluxes were 19.6±18.5 and 24.8±29.9 g...

Geochemistry of cherts and associated rocks in the Franciscan and Shimanto Terranes, supplement to: Yamamoto, Koshi (1987): Geochemical characteristics and depositional environments of cherts and associated rocks in the Franciscan and Shimanto Terranes. Sedimentary Geology, 52(1-2), 65-108

Koshi Yamamoto
Analyses of 122 Jurassic-Cretaceous rock samples from the Franciscan Terrane, California, and 24 Cretaceous samples from the Shimanto Terrane, southwest Japan, show that the cherts and associated rocks accompanied by pillow basalts are enriched in Fe and Mn which may have been derived from hydrothermal activities. The results of the fraction analyses for terrigenous, basaltic, hydrothermal, and biogenic end-members in the Franciscan rocks show that hydrothermal emanations caused iron and manganese enrichment in the rock...

Archaeological Walkover, Evaluation and Walled Garden Survey

An A4 grey literature report with 5 illustrations

Archaeological Evaluation and Watching Brief at Hillhead, Kirriemuir, Angus

A4 grey literature report

Former Ladywell Police Station, London Borough of Lewisham: Results of an Archaeological Evaluation

22 pages, 3 figures, A4

The Roundel, Craigend, Perth: watching brief

A4 bound report

An Archaeological Watching Brief at Stables Market, Camden

A4 text report, with illustrations

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