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Stable isotope ratios and organic carbon accumulation rates of late Pleistocene sediments of ODP Hole 117-724C, supplement to: Zahn, Rainer; Pedersen, Thomas F (1991): Late Pleistocene evolution of surface and mid-depth hydrography at the Oman margin: planktonic and benthic isotope records at Site 724. In: Prell, WL; Niitsuma, N; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 117, 291-308

Rainer Zahn & Thomas F Pedersen
Stable isotope records of coexisting benthic foraminifers Uvigerina spp. and Cibicidoides spp. and planktonic G. ruber (white variety) from Site 724 are used to study the late Pleistocene evolution of surface and intermediate water hydrography (593 m water depth) at the Oman Margin. Glacial-interglacial d18O amplitudes recorded by the benthic foraminifers are reduced when compared to the estimated mean ocean changes of d18Oseawater . Epibenthic d13C remains at its modern level or is increased during...

Layer-by-layer correlation of ODP Leg 117 sites, supplement to: Niitsuma, Nobuaki (1991): Layer-by-layer correlation of drilled sediments from Owen Ridge, Oman margin, and Indus Fan. In: Prell, WL; Niitsuma, N; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 117, 147-160

Nobuaki Niitsuma
One hundred thirty-one marker horizons relating to the distinct and traceable layers were described for the Owen Ridge and Oman Margin sites. The correlations incorporated the calculations of true depth, corrected for coring disturbance and gas expansion. Intersite correlation of marker horizons has been improved based on color density data, measured with video densitometer, and oxygen isotope stratigraphic data.Distinct hiatuses were detected by the intersite correlation of the marker horizons in the Owen Ridge. The...

Magnetostratigraphy of ODP Leg 117 sites, supplement to: Hayashida, Akira; Bloemendal, Jan (1991): Magnetostratigraphy of Leg 117 sediments from the Owen Ridge and the Oman Margin, western Arabian Sea. In: Prell, WL; Niitsuma, N; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 117, 161-179

Akira Hayashida & Jan Bloemendal
Magnetic measurements were made on discrete samples from the Neogene pelagic and hemipelagic sediments recovered during ODP Leg 117. Polarity zones, usually identified for uppermost 200 m, were correlated to the geomagnetic polarity time scale referring to biostratigraphic datums. Quality and resolution of the magnetostratigraphy was partly limited by the weak and relatively soft magnetic character of almost all intervals, and core disturbance by gas expansion at some Oman Margin sites. Clear polarity records of...

Elements and isotopic measurements of magmatic rock samples from ODP Hole 104-642E, supplement to: Meyer, Romain; Hertogen, Jan GH; Pedersen, Rolf B; Viereck-Götte, Lothar; Abratis, Michael (2009): Interaction of mantle derived melts with crust during the emplacement of the Vøring Plateau, N.E. Atlantic. Marine Geology, 261(1-4), 3-16

Romain Meyer, Jan GH Hertogen, Rolf B Pedersen, Lothar Viereck-Götte & Michael Abratis
Trace element and isotopic signatures of magmatic rock samples from ODP Hole 642E at the Vøring Plateau provide insight into the interaction processes of mantle melt with crust during the initial magma extrusion phases at the onset of the continental breakup. The intermediate (basaltic-andesitic) to felsic (dacitic and rhyolitic) Lower Series magmas at ODP Hole 642E appear to be produced by large amounts of melting of upper crustal material. This study not only makes use...

Proglacial river dataset from the Akuliarusiarsuup Kuua River northern tributary, Southwest Greenland, 2008 - 2010, version 1.0, supplement to: Rennermalm, Asa K; Smith, Laurence C; Chu, Vena W; Forster, Richard R; Box, Jason E; Hagedorn, Birgit (2012): Proglacial river dataset from the Akuliarusiarsuup Kuua River northern tributary, Southwest Greenland, 2008 – 2010. Earth System Science Data, 4(1), 1-12

Asa K Rennermalm, Laurence C Smith, Vena W Chu, Richard R Forster, Jason E Box & Birgit Hagedorn
Pressing scientific questions concerning the Greenland ice sheet's climatic sensitivity, hydrology, and contributions to current and future sea level rise require hydrological datasets to resolve. While direct observations of ice sheet meltwater losses can be obtained in terrestrial rivers draining the ice sheet and from lake levels, few such datasets exist. We present a new dataset of meltwater river discharge for the vicinity of Kangerlussuaq, Southwest Greenland. The dataset contains measurements of river stage and...

Ketones in hydrothermal petroleums and sediments from Guaymas Basin, supplement to: Leif, R N; Simoneit, Bernd R T (1995): Ketones in hydrothermal petroleums and sediment extracts from Guaymas Basin, Gulf of California. Organic Geochemistry, 23(10), 889-904

R N Leif & Bernd R T Simoneit
The polar compound (NSO) fractions of seabed petroleums and sediment extracts from the Guaymas Basin hydrothermal system have been analyzed by gas chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. The oils were collected from the interiors and exteriors of high temperature hydrothermal vents and represent hydrothermal pyrolysates that have migrated to the seafloor by hydrothermal fluid circulation. The downcore samples are representative of both thermally unaltered and thermally altered sediments. The survey has revealed the presence of...

Geochemistry and degree of organic carbon preservation in non-bioturbated, shaly sediments, supplement to: Vetó, István; Hetényi, Magdolna; Demény, Attila; Hertelendi, Ede (1994): Hydrogen index as reflecting intensity of suiphidic diagenesis in non-bioturbated, shaly sediments. Organic Geochemistry, 22(2), 299-310

István Vetó, Magdolna Hetényi, Attila Demény & Ede Hertelendi
Based on 13 published porewater H2S and sulphate profiles the amount of H2S escaping from non-bioturbated shales varies between some few % to 45% of the amount of bacterially generated H2S. This finding permits calculation of the original organic carbon (TOCor) content of immature nonbioturbated shales using TOC and sulphur content data. In two immature non-bioturbated sequences from Hungary (Toarcian and Oligocene) the first-order correlation between HI and TOC/TOCor was found to be stronger than...

Mean air temperatures of Greenland, supplement to: Reeh, Niels (1991): Parameterization of melt rate and surfaee temperature on the Greenland lee Sheet. Polarforschung, 59(3), 113-128

Niels Reeh
Melt rate and surface temperature on the Greenland ice sheet are parameterized in terms of snow accumulation, mean annual air temperatur and mean July air temperature. Melt rates are calculated using positive degree-days, and firn warming (i.e. the positive deviation of the temperature at 10-15 m depth from the mean annual air temperature) is estimated from the calculated amount of refrozen melt water in the firn. A comparison between observed and calculated melt rates shows...

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Geochemistry of ash from Santorin, Greece, supplement to: Adams, Nicoletta (1987): Der Thera-Vulkan (Santorin/Griechenland) - seine lithologische, vulkanologische und geochemische Entwicklung (The Thera Volcano (Santorini/Greece) - lithological, volcanological and geochemical development. PhD Thesis, Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen, Germany, 241 pp

Nicoletta Adams
Santorin, am südlichsten Punkt des Kykladenbogens gelegen, ist der einzige noch tätige Vulkan in der südlichen Ägäis. Der Vulkanismus begann vor ca. 1.6 Mio. Jahren. Santorin besteht aus 5 Inseln, die nahezu vollständig aus vulkanischen Gesteinen aufgebaut sind, die im Laufe der Vulkangeschichte aus verschiedenen Eruptionszentren gefördert wurden. Abgesehen von den Laven im N der Hauptinsel Thera, wird der Zentral- und Südteil der Insel in der Hauptsache von den pyroklastischen Förderprodukten des sog. Thera-Vulkans aufgebaut....

Stable isotope and geochemical analyses of sediment core SO164-17-2 from the southern Florida Straits, supplement to: Bahr, André; Nürnberg, Dirk; Schönfeld, Joachim; Garbe-Schönberg, Carl-Dieter (2011): Hydrological variability in Florida Straits during marine isotope stage 5 cold events. Paleoceanography, 26, PA2214

André Bahr, Dirk Nürnberg, Joachim Schönfeld & Carl-Dieter Garbe-Schönberg
Modeling and proxy studies indicate that a reduction of Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) strength profoundly impacts temperatures and salinities in the (sub)tropical Atlantic, especially on subsurface levels. While previous studies focused on prominent periods of AMOC reduction during the last deglaciation, we aim to test whether similar reconfigurations of the subtropical hydrography occurred during the moderate climatic alterations punctuating the last interglacial, Marine Isotope Stage (MIS) 5. Here, we present temperature and salinity records...

Radiocarbon, stable isotopic compositions and seawater chemical properties of Black Sea core-top sediments and CTD stations

Stephanie Kusch, Y Kashiyama, Nanako O Ogawa, Mark A Altabet, Martin Butzin, Jana Friedrich, Naohiko Ohkouchi & Gesine Mollenhauer
Chloropigments and their derivative pheopigments preserved in sediments can directly be linked to photosynthesis. Their carbon and nitrogen stable isotopic compositions have been shown to be a good recorder of recent and past surface ocean environmental conditions tracing the carbon and nitrogen sources and dominant assimilation processes of the phytoplanktonic community. In this study we report results from combined compound-specific radiocarbon and stable carbon and nitrogen isotope analysis to examine the time-scales of synthesis and...

Palynology of ODP Leg 127 sites, supplement to: Heusser, Linda E (1992): Neogene palynology of Holes 794A, 795A, and 797B in the Sea of Japan: stratigraphic and paleoenvironmental implications of the preliminary results. In: Pisciotto, KA; Ingle, JCJr.; von Breymann, MT; Barron, J; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 127/128(1), 325-339

Linda E Heusser
This initial survey of pollen from 192 samples from Hole 794A, supplemented by 189 samples from Hole 795 and 797B, suggests that marine pollen assemblages from the southwestern Sea of Japan provide a consistent Neogene pollen stratigraphy and a solid basis for regional paleoenvironmental reconstructions.Late Miocene vegetation inferred from these pollen data, a mix of conifer and broad-leaf elements with now-extinct Tertiary types well represented, appears similar to Aniai-type floras of Japan. During the late...

Pliocene and Pleistocene abundance of siliceous microfossil assemblages in ODP Leg 127 sites, supplement to: White, Lisa D; Alexandrovich, Joanne M (1992): Pliocene and Pleistocene abundance and preservation of siliceous microfossil assemblages from Sites 794, 795, and 797: implications for circulation and productivity in the Japan Sea. In: Pisciotto, KA; Ingle, JCJr.; von Breymann, MT; Barron, J; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 127/128(1), 341-357

Lisa D White & Joanne M Alexandrovich
A close examination of the siliceous microfossil assemblages from the sediments of ODP Leg 127, Japan Sea Sites 794, 795, and 797, reveals that upper Pliocene and Pleistocene assemblages have been subjected to more dissolution than have lower Pliocene assemblages. This conclusion is based on semiquantitative observations of samples processed for diatoms and radiolarians. Although preservation of opaline microfossils in some upper Pliocene and Pleistocene samples is better than others, in general, the poorly preserved...

Continuous condensation particle (CP) observations from 1984 through 2009 at Neumayer Station, Antarctica, supplement to: Weller, Rolf; Minikin, Andreas; Wagenbach, Dietmar; Dreiling, Volker (2011): Characterization of the inter-annual, seasonal, and diurnal variations of condensation particle concentrations at Neumayer, Antarctica. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 11(24), 13243-13257

Rolf Weller, Andreas Minikin, Dietmar Wagenbach & Volker Dreiling
Continuous condensation particle (CP) observations were conducted from 1984 through 2009 at Neumayer Station under stringent contamination control. During this period, the CP concentration (median 258 1/cm**3) showed no significant long term trend but exhibited a pronounced seasonality characterized by a stepwise increase starting in September and reaching its annual maximum of around 10**3/cm**3 in March. Minimum values below 10**2/cm**3 were observed during June/July. Dedicated time series analyses in the time and frequency domain revealed...

Radiosonde and meteorological observations during Meteor cruise M4/2

Radiosonde and meteorological observations during Meteor cruise M4/2

Pleistocene planktonic foraminifera at ODP Site 128-798, supplement to: Kheradyar, Tara (1992): Pleistocene planktonic foraminiferal assemblages and paleotemperature fluctuations in Japan Sea, Site 798. In: Pisciotto, KA; Ingle, JCJr.; von Breymann, MT; Barron, J; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 127/128(1), 457-470

Tara Kheradyar
ODP Site 798 on the Oki Ridge in the Southern Japan Sea yielded the first continuous and well-preserved record of Pleistocene planktonic foraminifers in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean region. Quantitative analysis of planktonic foraminifers completed for 122 samples from the 200-m-thick Pleistocene section cored at ODP Site 798 provides a proxy record of variations in sea-surface temperature, productivity, and circulation during the past 1.6 m.y. in an area beneath the track of the Tsushima Current....

Abundance of phytoplankton, heterotrophic nanoflagellates and bacteria through the water column at time series station L4 in the Western English Channel. 2007-2011

Glen A Tarran
The marine laboratories in Plymouth have sampled at two principle sites in the Western English Channel for over a century in open-shelf (station E1; 50° 02'N, 4° 22'W) and coastal (station L4; 50° 15'N, 4° 13'W) waters. These stations are seasonally stratified from late-April until September, and the variable biological response is regulated by subtle variations in temperature, light, nutrients and meteorology. Station L4 is characterized by summer nutrient depletion, although intense summer precipitation, increasing...

Physical oceanography and nutrients during IYFS/IBTS cruises

The ICES International Bottom Trawl Survey (IBTS) in the North Sea has been undertaken during January/February since about 1970. Part of this survey includes station observations of hydrochemical measurements which has resulted in a most comprehensive dataset of the North Sea.Prior to 1993 the IBTS surveys were known as the International Young Fish survey (IYFS).New cruises will be added every year. See 'Other version' for the IBTS hydrochemical dataset for Quarter 1 in compressed comma...

Age models, organic analyses and major-element analyses of sediment cores on a transect of the tropical African rainbelt, supplement to: Collins, James A; Schefuß, Enno; Heslop, David; Mulitza, Stefan; Prange, Matthias; Zabel, Matthias; Tjallingii, Rik; Dokken, Trond; Huang, Enqing; Mackensen, Andreas; Schulz, Michael; Tian, Jun; Zarriess, Michelle; Wefer, Gerold (2011): Interhemispheric symmetry of tropical African rainbelt over the past 23,000 years. Nature Geoscience, 4(1), 42-45

James A Collins, Enno Schefuß, David Heslop, Stefan Mulitza, Matthias Prange, Matthias Zabel, Rik Tjallingii, Trond Dokken, Enqing Huang, Andreas Mackensen, Michael Schulz, Jun Tian, Michelle Zarriess & Gerold Wefer
The distribution of rainfall in tropical Africa is controlled by the African rainbelt**1, which oscillates on a seasonal basis. The rainbelt has varied on centennial to millennial timescales along with changes in Northern Hemisphere high-latitude climate**2, 3, 4, 5, the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation**6 and low-latitude insolation**7 over the past glacial-interglacial cycle. However, the overall dynamics of the African rainbelt remain poorly constrained and are not always consistent with a latitudinal migration**2, 4, 5, 6,...

Sea ice measurements during POLARSTERN cruise ANT-XXIII/7 (Winter Weddell Outflow Study)

Christian Haas, Marcel Nicolaus, Anika Friedrich, Andreas Pfaffling, Zhijun Li & Takenobu Toyota
Various physical properties of snow and sea ice were measured during ice stations in the Western Weddell Sea, Antarctic, during the POLARSTERN cruise ANT-XXIII/7 (WWOS) in 2006. Most stations were reached via a gangway directly from the vessels others by helicopter. All vertical positions are corrected to freeboard, e.g. z=0 represents the snow-ice interface. More detailed information about the data sets and methods are available from the cruise report (section 4 sea-ice physics).

Zooplankton abundance and biomass along transects seaward from the coastline of the White Sea in August 2006 and 2007, supplement to: Dolotov, Yury S; Filatov, N N; Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay A; Zdorovennov, R E; Pronin, Andrey A; Tolstikov, A V; Filippov, Alexander S; Novichkova, Ekaterina A; Kutcheva, I P; Shevchenko, Vladimir P (2011): Manifestation of marine and riverine factors in the tide and ebb phases along the White Sea coasts of different configuration. Translated from Okeanologiya, 2011, 51(1), 110-122, Oceanology, 51(1), 105-117

Yury S Dolotov, N N Filatov, Nikolay A Rimsky-Korsakov, R E Zdorovennov, Andrey A Pronin, A V Tolstikov, Alexander S Filippov, Ekaterina A Novichkova, I P Kutcheva & Vladimir P Shevchenko
Distribution patterns of water temperature, salinity, current velocities, suspended matter concentration, bottom contour, and zooplankton abundance were studied in relation to marine-riverine interactions and tide/ebb phases for coast lines of different configurations in the White Sea during cruises of R/V Ekolog (August of 2006 and 2007). Significant difference in manifestation of combined effect of marine and riverine impacts (estuarine concave relief) and only marine impact (open-sea straight line portion) was observed. This results in both...

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