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Clay minerals and their assemblages at DSDP Leg 63 Holes, supplement to: Rateev, Mikhail A; Timofeev, Pyotr P; Grechin, V I (1981): Distribution of clay fraction minerals in Miocene through Pleistocene terrigenous deposits off southern California and Baja California, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 63. In: Yeats, RS; Haq, BU; et al. (eds.), Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project (U.S. Govt. Printing Office), 63, 611-621

Mikhail A Rateev, Pyotr P Timofeev & V I Grechin
This paper discusses the distribution of clay minerals and identification of their assemblages in relation to sedimentary facies encountered during DSDP Leg 63 drilling off southern California and Baja California. We also consider how these assemblages are determined by source areas and changes in general paleogeographic environments during different periods of sedimentation.

TRTE Herbarium (TRTE) from University of Toronto Mississauga

Sasa Stefanovic
The TRTE Herbarium is administered and overseen by the Department of Biology at the University of Toronto at Mississauga. Our herbarium, founded in 1969, houses about 95,000 specimens of vascular plants, including the extensive collections of Paul F. Maycock and Peter W. Ball. Geographically, the herbarium’s main focus is on vascular plant specimens from Ontario, but important collections are also available from Québec and the Canadian high Arctic. Small quantities of specimens are available from...

Statistical Information System GeroStat

Elke Hoffmann & German Centre Of Gerontology
GeroStat is an web-based Information System. It is offering a collection of statistical data from several sources related to gerontological and demografic subjects: Demographic characteristics and age-specific ratios Health status Mortality (deaths and life expectancy) Social-economic characteristics (employment status, household structure, income) Social security Living conditions of people in the second half of their lives (German Ageing Survey, DEAS) GeroStat ist ohne Anmeldung und Registrierung kostenfrei online recherchierbar. Gerotat offers: Data with fine graded age-specific...

Mutation Analysis (MutSig v1.5)

Broad Institute TCGA Genome Data Analysis Center

Health Assets Project

Gunnel Hensing, Kristina Holmgren, Lena Andersson, Gunilla Krantz, Eva-Lisa Petersson & Carin Staland-Nyman
The Health Assets Project is being carried out by the GendiQ research group at the Unit of Social Medicine. The project examines the individual, organisational and societal factors affecting the return to work of people on sick leave, and what factors contribute to people not becoming sick-listed at all. The Health Assets Project is a longitudinal cohort study, with initially two data collection periods. The first was conducted in the spring of 2008 and the...

LBA-ECO CD-32 Flux Tower Network Data Compilation, Brazilian Amazon: 1999-2006

This data set is a compilation of carbon and energy eddy covariance flux, meteorology, radiation, canopy temperature, humidity, and CO2 profiles and soil moisture and temperature profile data that were collected at nine towers across the Brazilian Amazon. Independent investigators provided the data from a variety of flux tower projects over the period 1999 thru 2006. The data have been harmonized across projects, additional quality control checks were performed, and the data were aggregated to...

Sweden now 1979-I

Testologen Ltd.
In the middle of the sixties Testologen AB, in cooperation with a group of advertisers, introduced a new way of investigation where data about the target groups, i.e. interests, consumer habits, possessions, buying intentions, and data about reading habits were collected in the same survey. At SSD there are now surveys available from the Sweden Now series covering the period 1972-1991. In the 1977 survey the respondents had to indicate their reading habits concerning fifteen...

Clustering of mRNAseq gene expression: consensus NMF

Broad Institute TCGA Genome Data Analysis Center

Sweden now 1984-I

Testologen Ltd.
In the mid-1960s, Testologen AB in collaboration with a group of advertisers, introduced a new way of investigation, where data about the target groups - socio-economic data, interests, purchasing habits, possessions, buying intentions - and data on reading habits were collected in the same survey. At SND there are now surveys available from the Sweden Now series covering a 20-year period, 1972-1991. In the 1984 survey there are questions about existing household equipment and purchases...

PARADIGM pathway analysis of mRNASeq expression data

Broad Institute TCGA Genome Data Analysis Center

Service survey: Old age care in five type municipalities 1993

Lars Strömberg, Lennart Nilsson & Vicki Johansson
This survey was carried out within the framework of the research programme ´Demokrati i förändring´. The survey was carried out in four municipalities; Grästorp, Kävlinge, Lidköping and Luleå, and in one district of Göteborg, Centrum. The choice of municipalities was made with regard to the classification of municipalities done in the citizen survey of the research programme, Local citizen survey 1991 (SSD 0306). The survey was directed towards persons aged 65-85. The questionnaire contained questions...

Swedish journalist 1995

Kent Asp & Lennart Weibull
Journalist 1995 is based on two predecessors: Journalist 1989 and Journalist 1994. A common aim of the surveys is to give a picture of Swedish journalists´ in regard of their view of the professional role of journalists, press ethics and professional ethics, mass media and the community, as well as to give background characteristics such as the composition regarding age and gender, education, terms of employment, work place etc. The emphasis of the surveys has...

GIS-material for the archaeological project: Trench within manor yard

UV Öst Swedish National Heritage Board
Informationen i sammanfattning är hämtad ur rapporten för undersökningen: På grund av stopp i en dagvattensbrunn till fasigheten Östra Eneby 6:32 krävdes ingrepp i marken på den gamla bebyggelsetomten för Swärtinge gård, RAÄ 174. Tomten finns markerad på äldre lantmäterikartor. Ett schakt drogs från södra fastighetsgränsen mot nordost utmed ett gammalt schakt som utfördes då en dagvattenledning lades ner för ett antal år sedan. Arbetet avbröts då stoppet påträffades. I schaktkanten fanns ett 4 m...

University of Guelph Insect Collection (DEBU) from University of Guelph

Steven Paiero
The University of Guelph Insect Collection has its roots in the insect collection of the Entomological Society of Ontario, founded in 1863. It is the oldest insect collection in Canada and was, in effect, Canada's national insect collection before there was a Canada and before the establishment of the Canadian National Collection in Ottawa. Although our current collection of just over two million specimens is relatively small by world standards, the University of Guelph Insect...

GIS-material for the archaeological project: Cultural layers and settlement remains from historical times at Malfors bro, Ljungsbro

UV Öst Swedish National Heritage Board
Informationen i sammanfattning är hämtad ur rapporten för undersökningen: Riksantikvarieämbetet UV Öst utförde en arkeologisk utredning under augusti och oktober 2006 samt en arkeologisk slutundersökning i mars 2007 vid Malfors bro, Ljungsbro, Vreta Klosters socken, Linköpings kommun, Östergötland. Undersökningarna föranleddes av planer på anläggning av ny bro strax öster om Cloettafabriken i Ljungsbro. Arbetet utfördes med hjälp av grävmaskin genom sökschaktning och ytavbaning. Påträffade anläggningar bestod av en husgrund, RAÄ 224, ett antal gropar, lagerrester...

Mutation Analysis (MutSig v2.0)

Broad Institute TCGA Genome Data Analysis Center

Mutation Analysis (MutSigCV v0.6)

Broad Institute TCGA Genome Data Analysis Center

Distribution Data for Megachile chomskyi

Cory Sheffield
A new species of leafcutter bee, Megachile (Megachiloides) chomskyi, is described from Texas, United States. Megachile chomskyi is one of the four known species of the oenotherae species group of Megachiloides, all members sharing the long tongue, and is most similar to M. (Megachiloides) amica Cresson. Like other members of the oenotherae species group, this species probably shows oligolecty with Onagraceae (Evening-Primrose Family). A diagnosis, full description of both sexes and a key to the...

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