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Gemischte Gefühle: Trost, Ärger und ein Knabenchor in Berlin, 1887

Joseph Ben Prestel
Geschichte der Gefühle - Einblicke in die Forschung


Otto Gwado Ayoker
The recording at the center of this item is a song. There was famine in some areas in the northern Shilluk “Gär” in the year 1985. And many people left their villages and went to the north looking for food. Some villages were deserted. Padhyang Village was not affected much by the famine, because it has big farms in the forest. Moreover, Padhyang had a farm for King Ayang Anay. In this song, the composer...

Clustering of miRseq mature expression: consensus NMF

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Institutional Trust 2011

Sören Holmberg & Lennart Weibull
Since 1997, MedieAkademin has carried out an annual survey titled The Institutional Trust. The survey has focused on major social institutions, such as the parliament, big business, the daily press, and TV/radio, as well as some specific companies such as Sveriges Television, TV4, IKEA, Skandia, and Volvo. The number of institutions included has varied somewhat over the years. Some of the institutions and companies have been measured every year while others have been investigated more...

Soil Carbon Estimates in 20-cm Layers to 1-meter Depth, Conterminous US, 1970-1993

This data set provides a soil map with estimates of soil carbon (C) in g C/m2 for 20-cm layers from the surface to one meter depth for the conterminous United States.STATSGO v.1 (State Soil Geographic Database, Soil Survey Staff, 1994) data were used to estimate by 20-cm intervals to a 1-m depth the mean soil carbon for each of the STATSGO-delineated soil map units. These map units are the polygons represented in the provided Shapefile...

William Garang

Bert Remijsen, Angela Impey, Elizabeth Achol Ajuet Deng, Simon Yak Deng Yak, Peter Malek Ayuel Ring, John Penn De Ngong, Tatiana Reid, D. Robert Ladd & Miriam Meyerhoff
The songs in this collection were recorded and annotated as part of the project ‘Metre and Melody in Dinka Speech and Song’, a project carried out by researchers from the University of Edinburgh and the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, and funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council as part of their ‘Beyond Text’ programme. The project aimed to understand the interplay between traditional Dinka musical forms and the Dinka...

Clustering of RPPA data: consensus NMF

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University of British Columbia Herbarium (UBC) - Lichen Collection from University of British Columbia

Linda Jennings
With 40,000 lichen specimens catalogued to date, the UBC Herbarium houses one of the largest lichen collections in western North America. We have a very solid macrolichen collection, with a strong focus on cyanolichens, especially the genus Peltigera. For this genus, at least, this is certainly the largest collection in North America. The collection is also strong in Calicioids as well as in other microlichen groups characteristic of oldgrowth forests. Taken as a whole, the...

The Wild Men of Dalldorf: On the Mental Asylum's Liminal Ecology of Emotions in Imperial Berlin

Eric J. Engstrom
History of Emotions - Insights into Research

Ophion scutellaris species group specimen data from University of Northern British Columbia

Marla Schwarzfeld
The diverse genus Ophion is almost entirely undescribed in the Nearctic region. In this paper we define the Ophion scutellaris species group. This species group is well-supported by analysis of DNA (ITS2, COI, and 28S D2-D3) and morphology. It includes the Palearctic species O. scutellaris and the Nearctic species O. idoneus. An integrative analysis of DNA, geometric wing morphometrics, classical morphometrics and qualitative morphology indicates that this species group contains a minimum of seven species...

Bryoquel : Spécimens de bryophytes de l'herbier de la Société Québécoise de Bryologie from Société québécoise de bryologie

Jean Faubert
Spécimens de bryophytes conservés dans l'herbier de la Société québécoise de bryologie

"Mit offentlich-ausgebrochenen Liebes=Thränen": Emotionen in frühneuzeitlichen Festbeschreibungen

Helen Watanabe-O'Kelly
Geschichte der Gefühle - Einblicke in die Forschung

LLEAPP 2013 performance video 12

Sean Williams
This is a video recording from the performance at the end of LLEAPP 2013 workshop held from 16-19 April 2013 at the University of Edinburgh. It features music being performed by the whole ensemble, but focuses on Jules Rawlinson.

Station de Biologie des Laurentides de l'Université de Montréal - Collection Ornithologique from Université de Montréal

Éric Valiquette
La Station de Biologie des Laurentides (Université de Montréal) conserve des spécimens de divers taxons (oiseaux, micro-mammifères, plantes vasculaires, bryophytes, champignons) qui ont été, pour la grande majorité, récoltés sur le terrain de la station situé à St-Hippolyte au Québec (Canada). La collection ornithologique de la Station est maintenant entièrement numérisée et présentée sur Canadensys pour un total de 425 spécimens.

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