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Inner point methods: On necessary optimality conditions of various reformulations of a constrained optimization problem

Marco Rozgic, Manuel Jaraczewski & Marcus Stiemer
Primal-dual inner point algorithms are known to be efficient in solving non-linear constrained optimization problems. Modern implementations are capable of solving optimization problems with a huge number of non-linear constraints. To do this efficiently it is crucial, that necessary optimality conditions are formulated such that they can be easily implemented into a computer program. Favourable is a formulation as a system of equations that can be linearized. The Karush-Kuhn-Tucker conditions represent such a set. This...

Digital Brain Switch project - supporting information

Helen Roby & Rebecca Whiting
Digital Brain Switch (DBS; May 2013 – August 2015) was a project funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), which brought together computer science and social science. It was a collaboration between Lancaster University; The Open University; Royal Holloway, University of London; and University of Kent.
Data originates from a two year project examining the implications of digital technologies for work-life boundary management. Sample were 15 university students, 15 social entrepreneurs and 15...

Imingfjell, soil temperatures, 5 cm

Shea Allison Sundstøl
Soil temperatures recorded at 5 cm depth between October 2011 and July 2014 at Imingfjell, Buskerud County, Norway. Detailed information is in the attached readme file.

Dataset of air ion and aerosol measurements. Tahkuse 2004-2014

Urmas Hõrrak, Hilja Iher, Kaupo Komsaare, Eduard Tamm & Hannes Tammet
The present dataset of air ion mobility and aerosol particle size distributions is a follow-up of the dataset Tahkuse_1993_1994, http://datadoi.ut.ee/handle/33/22. It makes available results of routine measurements in Tahkuse Air Monitoring Station from 01.01.2004 to 31.12.2014. The station is located in the Sepa farmhouse in Tahkuse village about 27 km northeast of the city of Pärnu, Estonia. Geographical coordinates are 58º31'28"N, 24º55'32"E, 24 m a.s.l. The farmhouse is surrounded with flat open landscape with some...

Data from: Determining spatio-temporal metrics that distinguish play outcomes in field hockey

Ciarán McInerney
Tactical behaviour in field sports can be examined using spatio-temporal metrics, that is, descriptions of player behaviour derived from data of player positions over time. Methods typically used by sports performance analysts cannot appropriately analyse the many spatio-temporal metrics and their interactions. The interactions between theses descriptions of player behaviour could potentially describe tactical differences in performance. The aim of this thesis was to determine which spatio-temporal metrics distinguish play outcomes in field hockey. The...

Total Ozone - hourly observations

WOUDC Total Ozone-Hourly Observations Monitoring Community, World Meteorological Organization-Global Atmosphere Watch Program (WMO-GAW) & World Ozone And Ultraviolet Radiation Data Centre (WOUDC)

World Spider Catalog

Daniel Gloor, Wolfgang Nentwig, Theo Blick & Christian Kropf
The current catalog is the first fully searchable online database covering spider taxonomy,

DynVolc Database

Lucia Gurioli & Andrea Di Muro
Observation system within France’s National Service for Volcanological Observation (SNOV).The system contributes complete, integrated, data sets for eruptive products from : field studies (i.e., field mapping, outcrop and sample descriptions), textural analysis (i.e., particle size and size distribution, morphology, density, porosity, connectivity, permeability and vesicle and crystal size, distribution, shape and orientation),and chemical data (i.e., bulk and glass chemistry).

L’ambito delle Scienze integrate. Il PAS A059 - Matematica e Scienze nella scuola secondaria di primo grado e il PAS A060 - Scienze naturali, Chimica e Geografia, Microbiologia

Michele Stoppa & Patrizia Nitti
Dopo una sintetica premessa dedicata all’insegnamento integrato delle Scienze nelle Scuole secondarie di primo e secondo grado e alle sue criticità, vengono illustrate le peculiarità del PAS A059 - con precipuo riferimento all’Area delle Scienze - e del PAS A060, con particolare attenzione agli aspetti attinenti l’offerta formativa, le metodologie didattiche adottate e gli esiti dell’esperienza formativa.

Die Rolle von Persönlichkeit bei der Inneren Kündigung im Bezug zu den Prädiktoren Psychologischer Vertrag und Sensibilität für Ungerechtigkeit

Achim Wortmann
Das Phänomen Innere Kündigung stellt wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen ebenso wie die unternehmerische Praxis noch immer vor große Herausforderungen. Der bisherige Umgang damit ist geprägt von individualen Betrachtungen, die die Auswirkungen der Interaktion von Person-Gruppe-Organisation nicht gerecht werden. Ein zentraler Bestandteil des Verständnisses von Innerer Kündigung basiert auf einer unzureichenden empirischen Studie, die kaum Aussagekraft hat. Darüber hinaus gibt es nur wenig brauchbare Daten. Diese Lücke wird mit der vorliegenden Arbeit geschlossen. In einer umfangreichen Befragung von...

Death and Dying Seminar: Death and the moving image: ideology, iconography and I (July 2017)

Michele Aaron & Erica Seruset Borgstrom
Michele Aaron (University of Birmingham) presents an interactive seminar exploring how death has been portrayed in cinema, and how the ethical and aesthetic potential of film can effect social, political or personal change.This seminar was delivered on 18th July 2017 as part of the OU Death and Dying seminar series.

Nunn, Andrew: transcript of a video interview (09-Aug-2016)

Tansey EM, Nunn A, Gee D, Yabsley A, Wilkinson A & Beanland S

UmkehrN14 (Level 1.0)

WOUDC UmkehrN14 (Level 1.0) Monitoring Community, World Meteorological Organization-Global Atmosphere Watch Program (WMO-GAW) & World Ozone And Ultraviolet Radiation Data Centre (WOUDC)

Why China did not have a Renaissance—and why that matters: An interdisciplinary Dialogue

Thomas Maissen & Barbara Mittler
Digital Archive for Chinese Studies (DACHS) - Citation Repository

Spiders of Europe

Daniel Gloor, Theo Blick, Wolfgang Nentwig, Christian Kropf & Ambros Hänggi
By mid of 2010 this database contains information on more than 3900 European spider species from 58 families with more than 16.000 figures, 3900 distribution maps, and 600 publications. This makes Spiders of Europe to one of the largest Internet identification keys and we hope that all users of this project further contribute to it.

Variational Space-Time Methods for the Elastic Wave Equation and the Diffusion Equation

Uwe Köcher
In dieser Arbeit werden variationelle Raum-Zeit Diskretisierungen für eine präzise und zuverlässige numerische Approximation von drei-dimensionalen elastischen Ultraschallwellen in Festkörperstrukturen analysiert. Eine mögliche Anwendung ist die numerische Simulation von Strukturüberwachungssystemen für moderne Faserverbund-Werkstoffe. Für die räumliche Diskretisierung wird eine unstetige (discontinuous) Galerkin Methode im Sinne einer unstetigen Finite Elemente Methode mit beliebigen Polynomgrad angewandt. Für die zeitliche Diskretisierung werden unstetige, stetige sowie stetig differenzierbare Galerkin Methoden im Sinne von Zeitschrittverfahren angewandt und diskutiert. Analysiert werden...

Will, Eric: transcript of a video interview (04-Nov-2016)

Tansey EM, Will E, Gee D, Yabsley A & Wilkinson A

Air Temperatures, Haukeli, 2012-2013

Shea Allison Sundstøl
Air temperatures recorded at Haukeli from 2012-2013. More information is in the attached readme file.

Women and the Periodical Press in China’s Long twentieth Century: A Space of their Own?

Michael Hockx, Joan Judge & Barbara Mittler
Digital Archive for Chinese Studies (DACHS) - Citation Repository


Florence Babonneau & Michel A. Aegerter

Lokale Entropieproduktionsraten in der Polymerelektrolyt-Membran-Brennstoffzelle

Marc Siemer
Die Energiewandlung in einer Brennstoffzelle ist im Gegensatz zur Wandlung in einer Wärmekraftmaschine nicht schon prinzipiell durch den Carnot-Wirkungsgrad begrenzt. Theoretisch ist es daher möglich, die Brennstoffenergie verlustfrei in elektrischen Strom zu wandeln, wodurch die Brennstoffzellentechnologie thermodynamisch sehr interessant erscheint. - Reale Brennstoffzellen weisen im Betrieb jedoch nicht unerhebliche Verluste auf, so dass ca. 30% - 50% der mit dem Brennstoff zugeführten Energie als Abwärme von dem System abgegeben werden. - In dieser Arbeit wurden...

Unicycler (v0.4.0) assemblies (Illumina-only)

Unicycler assemblies of 12 isolates of Klebsiella pneumoniae, generated with Illumina reads.

Wastewater Biorefinery Generic Flowsheet: Bacterial Bioreactor Train

Bernelle Verster, Lesley Mostert & Https://Orcid.Org/0000-0002-2268-3506
Generic flowsheet for a bacterial bioreactor train in a wastewater biorefinery highlighting probable units and products.

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