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Andreas Skourtis
Talks and presentations by Andreas Skourtis in conferences and events, in the UK and internationally.

Artificial Streams: a practical guide for innovation and discovery in stream ecology

Emma Rosi, Joanna Blaszczak, Christopher L. Dutton, Timothy J. Hoellein, John J. Kelly, Sylvia S. Lee, Heather Malcom, Alexander J. Reisinger, Erinn K. Richmond, Arial J. Shogren, Aaron Stoler, Amanda L. Subalusky, Jennifer L. Tank & Holly A. Wellard Kelly
Artificial Streams: a practical guide for innovation and discovery in stream ecology

Undermining defeat and propositional justification [Special Issue]

Giacomo Melis
I extend the Higher Order View of Undermining Defeat (HOVUD) defended in Melis (2014) to account for the defeat of propositional justification. In doing so, I also clarify the important notion of higher-order commitment, and I make some considerations concerning the defeat of externalist epistemic warrants.

Monitoring athletes, trainers, coaches and health professionals: Monitoring physical performance, agility and mental status in talented female athletes 2014-21015

Angelo Richardson, Janine Stubbe & N.R. Van Ulzen
Project- MATCH: Monitoring Athletes, Trainers, Coaches and Health professionals- Knowledge of the epidemiology and severity of injuries and illness in young female elite athletes is lacking- A monitor system (surveillance method) was developed for collecting data from questionnaires and physical tests- The project resulted in several datasets (see reference to Figshare collection)
- Participants: 45 young elite Dutch female athletes participating in soccer (n=23) and basketball (n=22) talent development programs (CTO Amsterdam).- Data collection: all athletes...

Coseismic Displacement Leyte (Philippine) Eq 6 July 2017

Cristiano Tolomei
Coseismic displacement retrieved from InSAR data (Sentinel-1) of the 6 July 2017 Mw 6.5 earthquake in Leyte (Philippine). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_Leyte_earthquake

The Inventory of St Leodegar in Schönenwerd (1622)

Claudio Bacciagaluppi
Historical Music Inventories, 1500-1800, vol. 10

Innovative social investment (INNOSI): strengthening communities in Europe

Susan Baines
The idea of Social Investment as a new paradigm in welfare has become influential in public policy globally, especially in Europe. The phrase “Social Investment” implies that spending on welfare is a long-term investment to improve prospects for economic and social participation. In contrast to more redistributive forms of welfare, Social Investment measures and instruments are intended to strengthen people’s skills and capacities over the life course. The European Commission launched a major endeavour to...

Progesterone for the Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury (ProTECT III)

Wenle Zhao
The ProTECT study will determine if intravenous (IV) progesterone (started within 4 hours of injury and given for a total of 96 hours), is more effective than placebo for treating victims of moderate to severe acute traumatic brain injury.

5th International Conference on Experimental Fluid Mechanics Conference Proceedings

Institut Für Strömungsmechanik Und Aerodynamik
The International Conference on Experimental Fluid Mechanics (ICEFM) was conceived by Professor Fenggan Zhuang (1925-2010), who was member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in order to exchange latest results on experimental fluid mechanics beyond national boundaries and to report state-of-the-art techniques. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th conference were held in China (Chengdu, 1991), Italy (Torino, 1994), Russia (Moscow, 1997), and China (Beijing, 2014), respectively. The proceedings comprise the papers accepted for the presentation...

Meteorological observations for Eversleigh Station, near Armidale, New South Wales, Australia 1877-1922 (transcribed)

Algernon Belfield
The collection contains a series of recorded meteorological observations taken daily between 1877-1922 by pastoralist, astronomer and meteorologist Algernon Henry Belfield at Eversleigh Station in the New England region, 20 kilometres north west of Armidale. The physical collection comprises 42 Meteorological Observation Books, available as 28 PDF files containing scans of front cover, back cover and each page for each Meteorological Observation Book. This previously published collection has now been transcribed into spreadsheets to facilitate...

Longitudinal and Sex Measurement Invariance of the Affective Neuroscience Personality Scales

Massimiliano Orri, Alexandra Rouquette, Jean-Baptiste Pingault, Caroline Barry, Catherine Herba, Sylvana M. Côté & Sylvie Berthoz
The Affective Neuroscience Personality Scales (ANPS) is a personality instrument based on six evolutionary-related brain systems that are at the foundation of human emotions and behaviors: SEEKING, CARING, PLAYFULNESS, FEAR, ANGER, and SADNESS. We sought to assess for the short and long versions of the ANPS: (a) the longitudinal measurement invariance and long-term (4-year) stability and (b) the sex measurement invariance. Using data from a Canadian cohort (N = 518), we used single-group confirmatory factor...

DMNH #26267

Jennifer Kowalczyk
Fossil Sassafras (CR 10) from Castle Rock

Syuba 'away' gesture tokens

Lauren Gawne
This project contains the edited video tokens of Syuba 'away' gestures, and a spreadsheet of metadata for them.

This collection is supporting documentation for the article: 'Away' gestures associated with negating expressions in narrative discourse in Syuba (Kagate, Nepal) speakers. (forthcoming)

Full recordings and transcripts available from the Syuba archive: http://catalog.paradisec.org.au/collections/SUY1

Data Request 3688243 - Research Data Views provided

Michael Stringer
Research data views (datasets) provided after approval of data request by HealthNuts study.

Williamson on the psychological view [Special Issue]

Serena Maria Nicoli
What is the nature of the evidence provided by thinking about hypothetical cases, such as those presented in the thought experiments (TE)? Is it psychological, as those who speak about intuitions seem to think, or not? This problem is closely related to that of the nature of the subject matter of philosophy, that most philosophers tend to conceive as non-psychological. Williamson’s position on the matter (Williamson 2007) consists in rejecting the psychological view on intuitions:...

Ensemble of inverse modelling results of European CH4 emissions during 2006-2012

Integrated Non-CO2 Observing System (INGOS) & Peter Bergamaschi
This dataset consists of inverse modelling (top down) estimates of European methane (CH4) emissions for 2006– 2012 based on a new quality-controlled and harmonised in situ data set from 18 European atmospheric monitoring stations (http://doi.org/10.18160/VNX5-QXCB) as part of the FP7 InGOS project (http://www.ingos-infrastructure.eu, Grant Agreement Number 284274). Results of an ensemble of seven inverse models are provided. For each model four inversion experiments were performed to investigate the impact of different sets of stations and...

Raw data for HAWK paper

Richard Marsh, Susan Cox, Karin Pfisterer, Pauline Bennett, Liisa Hirvonen, Mathias Gautel & Gareth E. Jones
Raw image sequences for both simulated and experimental data for example shown in Nature Methods HAWK paper. Consists of multi frame image sequences of single molecule fluorescence captured on Richard Marsh's PALM/STORM system with Evolve EMCCD.

A Research Object-based Toolkit to Support the Earth Science Research Lifecycle

Raul Palma
Data-intensive science disciplines, like Earth Science, are increasingly producing and consuming a variety of digital resources during the course of a scientific investigation. Instead of having these resources in isolated repositories, scientists are seeking ways for managing and making these resources available from a single place, and at the same time they are also increasingly interested in the adoption of FAIR principles to enhance the visibility and reusability of scientific results. This has called for...

Traumatic Brain Injury Data for FITBIR Informatics system: Maryland MagNeTS Dataset - FMRI TBI Subset

Chandler Sours
This is a subset of the Prospective Maryland MagNeTS (FITBIR-STUDY0000314). This is prospective study involving imaging and behavioral data on mild TBI patients ranging from GCS 13-15. Participants completed task based fMRI using the N-back working memory paradigm at variable cognitive loads. Imaging and behavioral data was obtained at a single time point (approximately 1 month following injury).

Open Access Discovery Roadmap 2018

Dimity Flanagan, Dirk Pieper, Heather Piowowar, Jason Priem, Jefferson Bailey, Joseph Mcarthur, Josh Brown, Judith Barnsby, Kathleen Shearer, Michele Ide-Smith, Petr Knoth, Rachael Lammey, Sarah Fahmy & Simon Moffatt

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