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Art, Science and the Meaning of Research

Tim Ingold

A Visual Essay: Enabling Entanglements of Cloth and the Body

Katve-Kaisa Kontturi & Vappu Jalonen

Ghanaian tertiary graduates’ perception of entrepreneurship education on employment opportunities

Kofi Ashiboe-Mensah
This study focuses on whether entrepreneurship education increases entrepreneurial interest in students to set up new businesses. Entrepreneurship is a core course taken in the third year by all students of Ho Technical University. Out of the 1329 population of level 300 students of the 2016/2017 academic year, data were collected by convenience sampling from 325 (217 males and 108 females) with mean age of 24.75 years from 14 departments of four faculties. The students...

Entrepreneurship and Private Sector Development in Ghana: The Government’s MASLOC & NBSSI Initiatives

Nick Fobih & Alex Yaw Adom
This paper focuses on entrepreneurship and private sector development in Ghana with regard to the government’s initiative towards supporting private sector development through the Microfinance & Small Loans Centre (MASLOC) and the National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI) initiatives to support new and existing small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs) in diverse industries. The study addresses some of the main problems facing the two government-sponsored initiatives and issues with accessing venture capital for business start-ups...

Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction At Kenyan Airports

Simon Peter Njoroge & X. N. Iraki
The overall goal of this paper is to contribute to the research on customer satisfaction at airports. Existing studies have focussed on airport service experience in America, Europe and Asia. Specifically it contributes to the development of the knowledge of service quality expectations at a major airport hub in Africa. The exploratory study integrated elements of the 22 item SERVQUAL scale developed by Parasuraman et al., (1988). A quantitative research was conducted and responses from...

Home of Heart – Documentary Film Making as an Artistic Interpretation to Population Studies

Riikka Notkola & Veijo Notkola

Moholy-Nagy Visual Modules - Research on Art Didactics Design Education in Secondary Schools, Let’s Space Design!, 3rd Case Study – Space

Valéria Póczos

Entwicklung schweißtechnisch verarbeitbarer Superlegierungen mit intermetallischer Verstärkung gegen erosive Belastungen bei hohen Temperaturen

V. Wesling, R. Reiter & T. Müller

Charakterisierung von mechanischen Eigenschaften mittels Oberflächenwellen-Spektroskopie bei erhöhten Temperaturen

S. Makowski, M. Zawischa, T. - T. Hoang, S. Barth, S. Schettler, V. Weihnacht, A. Leson & M. Zimmermann,

Ein neu entwickeltes Messprinzip zur präzisen Messung von Kräften in Prüfautoklaven

A. Oßwald, M. Werz, A. Hobt & S. Weihe

Prüftechnik zur Durchführung von in-situ-Ermüdungsversuchen

A. Wildeis, H. - J. Christ, R. Brandt, M. Thimm & C. - P. Fritzen

Untersuchungen zum Einfluss von Geometrieparametern bei artgleichen Al-Clinchverbindungen auf das Ermüdungsverhalten im Bereich hoher bis sehr hoher Lastspielzahlen

L. Ewenz, S. Schettler, A. T. Zeuner & M. Zimmermann

Ultraschallermüdung der Stahlgusslegierung G42CrMo4 bei erhöhten Temperaturen

A. Schmiedel, S. Henkel, A. Weidner & H. Biermann

Anwendung komplementärer in situ Methoden zur Charakterisierung des Verformungs- und Schädigungsverhaltens von Werkstoffen

A. Weidner

Werkstoffprüfung in gasförmigem Wasserstoff

T. Michler, K. Wackermann & F. Ebling

Bruchmechanische Untersuchungen zum Rissinitiierungs- und Rissausbreitungsverhalten von unidirektional glasfaserverstärkten Kunststoffbändern

L. Castro Key, R. Lach, B. Langer, B. Tillner, S. Meyer, I. Jahn & P. Michel

Digitaler Wandel in der Werkstoffprüfung – Wie verändert sich das Berufsbild des Werkstoffprüfers?

M. Zimmermann, J. Bretschneider, S. Hausmann & G. Ott

An applied approach of teaching entrepreneurship – “Mully Model of Applied Entrepreneurship Teaching”

David Rempel & Charles Mutua Mully
This paper stresses the importance of entrepreneurship education towards enhancing sustainable development in Kenya. The problems facing the country ranging from high rate of poverty, youth and graduate unemployment; overdependence on foreign goods and technology. This paper therefore argues that entrepreneurship education will equip the students with the skills with which to not only be self-reliant, but to become wealth creators. The intervention level of entrepreneurship education has been at tertiary institutions and universities. This...

The Role of well-regulated Hunting Tourism in Namibia – in effective Conservation Management

Lisa Schmitt & David Rempel
Namibia’s hunting industry is increasingly threatened by animal rightists and opponent groups whose adversarial mindset is mostly based on emotion orientated information. The fatal consequences if closing hunting tourism in a country like Namibia are expounded in this study by critically investigating the input of well-regulated hunting tourism towards conservation in Namibia. Different factors have to be taken into consideration, regarding the country’s attributes that differ significantly from other countries and their methods to achieve...

Kenyan Universities Contribution Towards the President’s “Big Four” Agenda: The Case of Mount Kenya University’s Graduate Enterprise Academy

M. Peter Wanderi & Lilian Makandi
Kenya, like all other developing countries in the world, is faced with the task of working strategically towards the achievement of the Sustained Development Goals (SDGs) 2030. These goals whose due date of accomplishment coincides with those of the national development blueprint, namely, the Kenya Vision 2030, have become a major focus of attention in the country. Conferences, workshops, and seminars are organized throughout the country on regular bases by joint multiplicity of organizations to...

A process for start-ups growth through expansion into emerging markets

Mohammed Khalil
One of the biggest challenges faced by many tech start-ups from developed markets is to have validated market-fit products/services and to see their solutions implemented. In several sectors, stringent regulations, and the law of handicap of head start at home can be hurdles that limit the development and even the survival potential of theses start-ups. Tech start-ups seeking implementation, learning, and legitimacy may have a solution in expanding into emerging markets. Emerging markets offer both...

Africa Aviation: Challenges and Opportunities

Simon Peter Njoroge & Eyden Samunderu
This study sought to apply the Structure Conduct Performance paradigm to Africa´s air transport landscape in general. To do that, it examines the past, present, and future expectations of four of Sub-Saharan Africa’s biggest aviation economies, namely South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Nigeria. Secondary data containing historical passenger traffic was analysed, and predictions for growth in the next ten years were proposed. The findings suggest that the experience of the existing liberalization initiatives, such as...

When Art, Science and Technology Interact

Petra Šobánová & Jana Jiroutová

Blockchain Applications with Permissioned Distributed Ledger Technology

Alan Gomes & Emanuel Coutinho

Étude comparative de méthodes de classification multilingue appliquées à l'épidémiologie

Stephen Mutuvi, Emanuela Boros, Antoine Doucet, Gaël Lejeune, Adam Jatowt & Moses Odeo
Dans cet article, nous abordons la tâche de classification multilingue de textes dans le domaine épidémiologique. Nous comparons différents modèles d'apprentissage automatique et d'apprentissage profond à l'aide d'un jeu de données multilingue comprenant des articles de presse en six langues. Notre objectif est d'analyser l'influence de la famille de langue, de la structure du document et de la taille des données sur les résultats de classification. Nos résultats indiquent que les performances des modèles basés...

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