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Representing Multiple Dependencies in Prosodic Structure

Kristine M. Yu

SCiL 2022 Editors' Note

Allyson Ettinger, Tim Hunter & Brandon Prickett

Learning Stress Patterns with a Sequence-to-Sequence Neural Network

Brandon Prickett & Joe Pater

Cross Institutional Vertical Studio Collaboration: Extending Boundaries during the Time of Covid-19

M. Naomi Darling & Elisa Kim
This paper reflects upon a cross-institutional and multi-level studio collaboration developed in response to the mid-semester closures of Mount Holyoke College and Smith College during the spring 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. Our collaboration was a conscious effort to offer our students an educational opportunity driven by both the students’ and our own desires to meaningfully address the unfolding global pandemic. Within the context of the liberal arts, our focus was to continue to develop the technical...

Looking Back Looking Forward: ISCCL 50th Anniversary Symposium, Abracts and Presentations

Elizabeth Brabec, Betina Adams & Haeedeh Laleh
During the past 50 years, the ISCCL has experienced great shifts in an understanding of cultural landscapes, the approaches to their conservation and protection, and the foundational concept of cultural landscapes themselves. The starting point was in 1971, in a meeting of Fontainebleau, where M. René Pechère led an international group of historic garden landscape architects and other professionals in the creation of a joint ICOMOS / IFLA Committee of Historic Gardens and Sites. While...

When you can't see the trees for the forest: An analysis of heritage tree protection and the implications for nature culture integration

Elizabeth Brabec
Heritage trees provide a sense of permanency and sense of place, spiritual connections, and also a critical repository of a gene pool, climate adaptation history and future human resources. Characterized as the oldest and/or largest tree of a species, heritage or "champion" trees as they are often termed, contain a "library" of climate changes that have taken place over hundreds and in some cases thousands of years. But in the designation and protection of heritage...

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