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Influence of the evolution of cultural landscapes as heritage on 20th century international heritage preservation doctrine

Cari Goetcheus & Nora J. Mitchell
The Athens and Venice charters are generally considered the philosophical foundation of modern heritage preservation. Throughout the 20th century, preservation practitioners have continually debated these early doctrines, especially as they’ve been applied to increasingly diverse places in ever-changing social contexts. As important shifts in heritage preservation theory have evolved, a broad range of values have extended the definition of cultural heritage from monument-specific sites to larger landscapes, from local to regional and national scales, from...

Naturecultures guidance: steps in our journey

Kristal Buckley, Leticia Leitao, Nora J. Mitchell, Maya Ishizawa, Jessica L. Brown, Nicole Franceschini & Steve H. Brown
The emergence of cultural landscapes concepts heralded important mindset shifts in heritage practices. These have underpinned development of landscape approaches that recognise larger-scale interactions and the relationships between natural and cultural elements and processes. However, it has become apparent that an enduring nature-culture binary in heritage practices can result in adverse outcomes ‘on the ground’. The ISCCL has provided a forum and a source of global leadership for these issues, including the exploration of the...

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