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Delay Constrained Linear Transmission of a Mixture of Gaussian Measurements over a Fading Channel

Onur Tan, Deniz Gunduz & Jesús Gómez Vilardebó
Delay constrained linear transmission (LT) of a mix-ture of Gaussian measurements over an additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) fading channel is considered. At each time slot (TS), the control center (CC) asks for the measurement of a particular system parameter from the sensor, which is capable of measuring multiple independent system parameters. The average mean-square error (MSE) distortion is studied for Gaussian parameters and a Gaussian fading channel under an average power constraint. The optimal...

Dual Polarized Modulation and Receivers for Mobile Communications in Urban Areas

Pol Henarejos & Ana Isabel Pérez-Neira
Achieving an increase in the spectral efficiency (SE) has always been a major driver in the design of communication systems. The use of MIMO techniques in mobile communications has achieved significant benefits in improving the system throughput. The basic underlying concept of MIMO is to exploit the signal and channel characteristics to eliminate interference between multiple transmissions. Departing from the work carried out under the industrial projects in the works of Henarejos et al. (2013),...

Competitive design of energy harvesting communications in wireless fading channels

Jesús Gómez-Vilardebò
This paper considers the design of online transmission policies for slotted energy harvesting point-to-point communications systems in wireless fading channels. The objective is to minimize the competitive rate gap that is defined as the maximum gap between the optimal rates that can be achieved by the offline, and online transmission policies over all possible energy arrival profiles, and fading states. The paper introduces the competitive rate gap analysis, and solves the particular case of two...

Company-Coq: Taking Proof General one step closer to a real IDE

Clément Pit-Claudel & Pierre Courtieu
Company-Coq is a new Emacs package that extends Proof General with a contextual auto-completion engine for Coq proofs and many additional facilities to make writing proofs easier and more efficient. Beyond fuzzy auto-completion of tactics, options, module names, and local definitions, company-coq offers offline in-editor documentation, convenient snippets, and multiple other Coq-specific IDE features. The system will be presented at CoqPL 2016, focusing on a live demo with an emphasis on writing proofs in Emacs...

Reshaping and rescoping university libraries to fit changing academic requirements

Maude Frances, Janet Fletcher & Sue Harmer
The paper outlines the strategies and processes that were adopted by the Library at the University of New South Wales, a research intensive university in Australia, to provide eResearch support services for the University’s academic community. The focus of the paper is on how structural, technical, staff and content-related components of the Library were reshaped to integrate eResearch services with the organisation’s existing business. Relationships between Library work units were reconfigured and new collaborations with...

Exploitation of the full potential of PSI data for subsidence monitoring

Michele Crosetto, Núria Devanthéry, María Cuevas-González, Oriol Monserrat & Bruno Crippa
Persistent Scatterer Interferometry (PSI) is a remote sensing technique used to measure and monitor land deformation from a stack of interferometric SAR images. The main products that can be derived using the PSI technique are the deformation maps and the time series of deformation. In this paper, an approach to apply the PSI technique to a stack of Sentinel-1 images is described. Moreover, the problems encountered during the processing are detailed and an explanation of...

The PSIG procedure to Persistent Scatterer Interferometry (PSI) using X-band and C-band Sentinel-1 data

Maria Cuevas-González, Núria Devanthéry, Michele Crosetto, Oriol Monserrat & Bruno Crippa
A new approach to Persistent Scatterer Interferometry (PSI) data processing and analysis implemented in the PSI chain of the Geomatics (PSIG) Division of CTTC is used in this work. The flexibility of the PSIG procedure allowed evaluating two different processing chains of the PSIG procedure. A full PSIG procedure was implemented in the TerraSAR-X dataset while a reduced PSIG procedure was applied to the nine Sentinel-1 images available at the time of processing. The performance...

Applying backpressure to balance resource usage in software-defined wireless backhauls

Jorge Baranda, José Núñez-Martínez & Josep Mangues-Bafalluy
The expected higher complexity of upcoming 5G wireless backhauls suggests the need to evolve towards a software defined networking (SDN) paradigm to increase the degree of programmability of these networks. Within the context of software defined wireless backhaul, one important issue is the provision of an even resource consumption of both network and IT resources. Backpressure policies have shown their ability to balance resource consumption in traditional (non-SDN) wireless backhauls. This paper analyzes two use...

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