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Systems of Systems Perspectives on Critical Infrastructure Management in Response to Climate Change and Sea Level Rise

Yacov Haimes & Eugene Stakhiv
Since 1980, the U.S. has experienced 151 weather disasters with damages exceeding one billion dollars each. With changing climate and development patterns and the severity and frequency of extreme weather events increasing, the United States must address the vulnerability of its complex critical infrastructure, which is largely a fragmented system of systems. The nation’s critical infrastructure provides the essential services that underpin the American way of life. A vast array of interdependent infrastructure and information...

\"But Who Looks East at Sunset?\" Gerard Manley Hopkins and Scientific Perception

Bethany Nowviskie
This essay examines published scientific writings of Gerard Manley Hopkins in the context of his poetry, journal-writing, and correspondence on subjective and objective cognition, or “unusually observant” perception. Hopkins’ response to special atmospheric conditions (the after-effects of the Krakatoa eruption, and the phenomenon of rayons du crepuscule at sunset) is considered in a matrix of Victorian scientific amateurism, conflicting views on observational agency and perspective, and precision in poetic and descriptive language. Key to valid...

Ghanaian tertiary graduates’ perception of entrepreneurship education on employment opportunities

Kofi Ashiboe-Mensah
This study focuses on whether entrepreneurship education increases entrepreneurial interest in students to set up new businesses. Entrepreneurship is a core course taken in the third year by all students of Ho Technical University. Out of the 1329 population of level 300 students of the 2016/2017 academic year, data were collected by convenience sampling from 325 (217 males and 108 females) with mean age of 24.75 years from 14 departments of four faculties. The students...

Entrepreneurship and Private Sector Development in Ghana: The Government’s MASLOC & NBSSI Initiatives

Nick Fobih & Alex Yaw Adom
This paper focuses on entrepreneurship and private sector development in Ghana with regard to the government’s initiative towards supporting private sector development through the Microfinance & Small Loans Centre (MASLOC) and the National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI) initiatives to support new and existing small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs) in diverse industries. The study addresses some of the main problems facing the two government-sponsored initiatives and issues with accessing venture capital for business start-ups...

Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction At Kenyan Airports

Simon Peter Njoroge & X. N. Iraki
The overall goal of this paper is to contribute to the research on customer satisfaction at airports. Existing studies have focussed on airport service experience in America, Europe and Asia. Specifically it contributes to the development of the knowledge of service quality expectations at a major airport hub in Africa. The exploratory study integrated elements of the 22 item SERVQUAL scale developed by Parasuraman et al., (1988). A quantitative research was conducted and responses from...

Holographic Design of Arbitrary Multi-Beam Leaky-Wave Antennas

Xavier Artiga & Fermín Mira
This paper proposes a versatile method for designing arbitrary multi-beam leaky-wave antennas that can be applied to the synthesis of di erent beams with di erent gains, or of more than two beams. The method is based on superposing multiple objective eld patterns in the context of the holographic design of a modulated impedance surface. In particular, dual-beam
leaky-wave antennas with equal beam gains, and with relative gain di erences of 3dB and 6dB are...


Miguel Ángel Vázquez, Aritra Konar, Luis Blanco, Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos & Ana I. Pérez-Neira
Owing to the rapidly increasing traffic demands on satellite connectivity, the current exclusive frequency allocation is becoming obsolete. Instead, aggressive frequency reuse and interference mitigation techniques are promising ideas that both industry and academia are investigating. This paper proposes an optimization precoding technique for dealing with the multibeam interference due to the aggressive frequency reuse. In contrast to general multiuser multiple input multiple output (MIMO) schemes, multibeam satellite precoding techniques call for frame-by-frame quadratically constrained...

MemRE: Collaborative development of an integrated research environment

Shane Cox, Maude Frances, Joanne Croucher, Harry Sidhunata & Greg Leslie
The Membrane Research Environment (MemRE) is a component research infrastructure project of the Advanced Membrane Technologies for Water Treatment Research Cluster, a research project funded by the CSIRO flagship Water for a Healthy Country. The research cluster, a nationally distributed and multidisciplinary group of researchers including computational and physical chemists, physicists, material scientists, and chemical and mechanical engineers, aims to develop novel membrane materials in order to reduce the energy associated with desalination by 40%....

Recherche d'information dans les systémes P2P hétérogènes.

Thomas Cerqueus
RÉSUMÉ. Nous considérons la recherche d'information sémantique dans les systèmes pair-à- pair. Ces derniers semblent être une solution intéressante pour le partage de données car ils garantissent le passage à l'échelle, et gère la dynamicité. Dans ce contexte, il est difficilement imaginable que tous les participants s'accordent sur l'utilisation d'une même représentation sémantique (schéma, ontologie, graphe conceptuel). Dans ce cas, le système est sémantique- ment hétérogène. Cette situation limite l'interopérabilité entre participants. Dans cet article...

Demystifying Cultural Gender Disparities Experienced in Socio-Economic and Political Development in Africa

James Mushori
Gender disproportions have been part and parcel of most African cultures since time immemorial. Demographically, women are over a half population in most of the African countries but their participation in sectors of socio-economic and political spheres have remained inadequately represented. The enduring and biased beliefs on gender roles that view women much less important as compared to men are what forms the basis of concern to the welfare of women and most importantly the...

How to Re-Tool Librarians for Data Curation

Andrew Sallans & Sherry Lake
The University of Virginia Library has begun a process of “re-tooling” subject librarians to meet emerging demands of scientific data management. In leading this new initiative, the Scientific Data Consulting Group (SciDaC) focuses on two main activities: 1) “Data Curation Brown Bag” discussions, and 2) data interviews. Through this process, we hope to gradually help traditional subject librarians develop literacy in issues surrounding scientific data management. Each brown bag session focuses on a very specific...

Scholarship without Publication: The Case of the Mayan Epigraphic Database Project

Rafael Alvarado

Responsible Research and Innovation in the Classroom: A workshop report

Beverley Gibbs, Rider Foley & Paul Martin
Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) recently gained traction in science, engineering and technology (SET) policy in the European Union and United Kingdom and is currently an important initiative for both researchers and educators to consider as they pursue public funds. While attention is often paid to the implications of RRI in the research arena, fewer conversations have explored how this SET policy affects educational and curricular efforts within research-intensive universities. This workshop was an opportunity...

The Graduate Enterprise Academy’s Entrepreneurial Promotion Program

Mwangi Peter Wanderi
Unemployment in Africa including in countries such as Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Ghana, and so on has risen to very high levels of great concern to everyone. This situation was depicted by a Kenyan cartoonist in a national newspaper as early as in 2011 in a very graphical way.

Entrepreneurship Development and New Business Challenges and Prospects for Ghanaian Entrepreneurs’

Abigail Opoku Mensah, Nick Fobih & Alex Yaw Adom
This paper presents a framework for formulating strategies for business start-ups within the context of small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs) in diverse industries. Using Ghana as a case study, it addresses how to increase entrepreneurs’ success rate in business ventures in developing countries. The objective of the study is to identify avenues through which entrepreneurs could address the challenges they face, and to take advantage of the emerging opportunities in the domestic and global business...

Managing Intercultural and Practice-Oriented Student Projects: Evidence from Kenya, Germany, Ghana and the United States of America

Joseph Owino, Regina Brautlacht, Nils Rauhut & Daniel Agyapong
“Building Bridges Across Continents” (BBAC) is an intercultural and student-centered project that seeks to promote international communication and helps students develop competencies in entrepreneurship, international trade and global cultural awareness. The project, which is in its fourth phase of implementation, connects students from the United States, Germany, Ghana and Kenya with the help of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) in order to work on a common research assignment for a period of ten calendar weeks. The...

Linkage Strategies, Industry Forces and University Performance

Orucho M. Ngala & Zachary B. Awino
This study sought to contribute to knowledge by assessing the moderating effect of industry forces on the relationship between linkage strategies and performance of universities in Kenya. Porter’s five forces model and Resource Based View (RBV) are the main theories anchoring the study. Cross-Sectional survey was adopted as the research design. The population of the study consists of sixtyfive (65) public and private universities incorporated in Kenya. Out of this, a sample of forty seven...

An Exploratory study of niche market potential of German tree-planting ecotourists to Kenya

David Rempel, Laura Wintersperger, Eva-Maria Schirner & Julia Haase
Climate change is having drastic effects on various areas of the planet, including extreme impacts on weather and rainfall, in various Sub-Saharan East African countries (Hendrix, C. S., & Glaser, S. M. (2007). The willingness (and need) of a niche market to actively improve the damaged ecosystems in small ways is rising. Weaver and Lawton (2007, p 1170) maintain that ecotourism should satisfy three core criteria: “(1) attractions should be predominantly nature-based; (2) visitor interactions...

Examining the Effect of Corruption and Bureaucracy on SMEs Growth in the Kumasi Metropolis of Ghana

Kwamena Minta Nyarku & Stephen Oduro
Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are considered a seed-bed of entrepreneurship and innovation in most emerging economies; nevertheless, SMEs sometimes lack an enabling business climate, which hinders their potential growth. This paper examines the effect of corruption and bureaucracy on SMEs growth in the Kumasi Metropolis of Ghana. The study was a quantitative research, and convenience sampling method was employed to select 373 owners/managers as respondents for the study. Employing questionnaire as its main data...

Experiential Learning through the Transformational Incubation Programme: a Ghanaian case study

Stephen Dobson, Gideon Maas, Paul Jones & Joan Lockyer
This paper explores experiential learning theory (ELT) from a case study describing the Transformational Incubation Programme for Coventry University Alumni in Ghana. The incubator represents a collaboration between Coventry University and British Council Ghana. The aim of the programme is to embed a blended, experiential learning approach to practice-based entrepreneurship education via an incubator designed to support scalable business start-up and growth. world venture creation, business development and acceleration. The paper offers a generic framework...

Universities Third Mission and Business Incubation: Cooperation Between Universities and Business Incubators Demonstrated with the Example “Digital Hub Region Bonn”

Klaus Deimel
Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) should, on the one hand, provide theoretical and practical knowledge to students and, on the other hand, make valuable contributions to theoretical knowledge and provide new insights by means of research. However, HEIs have to face changing and increasing demands with respect to what they are expected to achieve. Education and research issues are no longer enough, what matters today is the so called “third mission”. A specific example for implementing...

Culture and value trade-offs for successful entrepreneurship in Africa

J. Otto Kroesen & David J. Ndegwah
In Africa slowly but steadily a transformation is taking place in the management styles of enterprises. There is a trend towards more precise time management, more precision in dealing with increasingly sophisticated technology, more feedback from the bottom to the top in order to manage the processes properly, more professionalism and independence of the individual worker. This contribution makes two points: first, neither cultures nor the so-called mental states of individuals are ever static, but...

The APTrust Story

Martha Sites
The Academic Preservation Trust (APTrust) is an innovative consortium committed to the creation and management of a sustainable environment for digital preservation and aggregate repository services for academic and research content. This paper responds to a number of questions that were voiced when APTrust was established: What led to the formation of APTrust? What does APTrust hope to accomplish? Most important, why should it be a top priority for academic libraries? After considering these questions...

Faster Secure Two-Party Computation Using Garbled Circuits

Yan Huang, David Evans, Jonathan Katz & Lior Malka
Secure two-party computation enables two parties to evaluate a function cooperatively without revealing to either party anything beyond the function's output. The garbled-circuit technique, a generic approach to secure two-party computation for semi-honest participants, was developed by Yao in the 1980s, but has been viewed as being of limited practical significance due to its inefficiency. We demonstrate several techniques for improving the running time and memory requirements of the garbled-circuit technique, resulting in an implementation...

Holographic Design of Arbitrary Multi-Beam Leaky-Wave Antennas

Xavier Artiga & Fermín Mira
This paper proposes a versatile method for designing arbitrary multi-beam leaky-wave antennas that can be applied to the synthesis of di erent beams with di erent gains, or of more than two beams. The method is based on superposing multiple objective eld patterns in the context of the holographic design of a modulated impedance surface. In particular, dual-beam
leaky-wave antennas with equal beam gains, and with relative gain di erences of 3dB and 6dB are...

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