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Xavier Bernier, Olivier Lazzarotti & Jacques Lévy
Si les itinéraires touristiques, mémoriels ou sportifs ont depuis longtemps donné lieu à des artefacts plus ou moins sophistiqués, le GPS drawing, ou dessin GPS, renvoie à des pratiques spatiales fondées sur plusieurs formes d’innovations. Toutes consistent à se déplacer à l’aide d’instruments de géolocalisation et à produire après coup une image ou un texte à portée sémiosphérique. Il s’agit ici d’interroger l’espace et les spatialités dans ce qu’elles ont d’inédites.

British Columbia-Indigenous Nation Agreements: Lessons for Reconciliation?

Michael Hudson
Agreements with BC are giving Indigenous nations a greater say in economic development and helping to advance reconciliation.

Direct N-body code designed for heterogeneous platforms

David Goz, Luca Tornatore, Sara Bertocco & Giuliano Taffoni
The ExaNeSt H2020 project aims at the design and development of an exascale ready supercomputer with a low energy consumption profile but able to support the most demanding scientific and technical applications. The project will produce a prototype based on hybrid hardware (CPUs+accelerators) implementing a co-design approach where scientific applications requirements are driving the hardware design. Astrophysical codes are playing a fundamental role to validate the exascale platform. We present strategies adopted in order to...

Storia critica de’ teatri antichi e moderni (2e éd.). Tome V

Pietro Napoli Signorelli & Eric Thiébaud

Conservation of ant material for natural history collections (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Alexander Prosche
Correct sampling and preparation of living material build up the heart of all natural history collections. Ideally, the samples outlive their collectors and preparators for centuries. This article gives advice on correct and durable storage of either mounted or ethanol stored material as well as on correct sampling during field work. Furthermore, the advantages and disadvantages of a number of the most common ant preparation techniques for inner and outer body characters are presented, compared,...

Itaconic acid decreases mitochondrial respiration and ROS generation in brain tissue

Danielus Umbrasas, T Vanagas, P Cizas & V Borutaite
Itaconic acid (IA) is a recently discovered mammalian metabolite which is produced by macrophages upon pro-inflammatory activation: in quiescent bone marrow – derived macrophages (BMDMs). IA is hardly detectable but upon lipopolysaccharide (LPS) stimulation it reaches millimolar concentrations [1]. Recently reported physiological roles of IA include inhibition of bacterial enzyme isocitrate lyase (bactericidal activity) and the inhibition of a Krebs cycle enzyme succinate dehydrogenase (SDH) in the host cells (which has been shown for BMDMs)...

The impact of phytosanitary treatments in the soil with signs of fatigue on the growth of apple seedlings and populations of bacteria and fungi

Sobiczewski Piotr, Treder Waldemar, Bryk Hanna, Klamkowski Krzysztof, Krzewińska Danuta, Mikiciński Artur, Berczyński Stanisław & Tryngiel-Gać Anna

Composition et variations spatio-temporelles du régime alimentaire de Trachurus trachurus (Carangidae) de la côte atlantique marocaine

Fatima Wahbi, François Le Loc'h, Amina Berreho, Aissa Benazzouz, Abdelouahed Ben Mhmed & Ahmed Errhif
Le régime alimentaire du chinchard d’europe, Trachurus trachurus (Linnaeus, 1758), a été étudié au sud de la côte atlantique marocaine, entre cap blanc et cap boujdour (21°00’N-26°30’N). L’échantillonnage a été réalisé durant les saisons chaude (juin-juillet-août) et froide (novembre-décembre) en 2007 et 2008. L’analyse du contenu stomacal de 456 individus a montré que le régime alimentaire de T. trachurus est diversifié, composé essentiellement de crustacés pélagiques qui représentent ses proies préférentielles. une analyse en composante...

Non-destructive evaluation of concrete damages of containment walls in nuclear power plants

Mehdi Sbartaï, Vincent Garnier, Cédric Payan, Bogdan Piwakowski, Eric Larose, Jacqueline Saliba, Narintsoa Ranaivomanana & Jean-Paul Balayssac
Il est nécessaire d’utiliser les méthodes non-destructives pour une bonne évaluation des structures en béton et notamment les ouvrages sensibles comme les centrales nucléaires. Dans le cadre du projet ANR ENDE, plusieurs développements ont été effectués en méthodes non destructives. Cet article présente les résultats d’une large campagne expérimentale qui a pour objectif de qualifier des méthodes END nouvelles pour la détection de l’endommagement diffus et la détection et la caractérisation des fissures (position, longueur,...

Improving Advance Medical Directives: Lessons from Quebec

Louise Bernier & Catherine Régis
Advance medical directives must be more than a simple checklist. Canadians should be able to meaningfully express their preferences for end-of-life care.

Evidence of altered mitochondrial function in glycolytic, but not oxidative skeletal muscle in mice after one month of high fat, high sucrose feeding

Lorenz MW Holzner, AP Sowton & AJ Murray
Rates of obesity and the metabolic syndrome, which are strongly associated with type 2 diabetes (T2D) and cardiovascular disease, continue to rise worldwide. Skeletal muscle is an important tissue in the development of these disorders, as it serves as the major “glucose sink” in the body, and skeletal muscle mitochondrial dysfunction occurs in both metabolic syndrome and T2D [1]. Understanding of the early processes involved in skeletal muscle dysfunction, including changes in mitochondrial function, is...

Various evolutionary avenues of Nematoda to parasitism in Gastropoda

Walter Sudhaus
The various associations between nematodes and gastropods, which range from random transportation to endophoresis, necromeny, larval parasitism and an entire parasitic or parasitoidic life-style with and without intermediate or paratenic hosts, are discussed in an evolutionary context. Ten to eleven lineages have accomplished the transition to a life at the expense of gastropods, three via a detour of parasitism in vertebrates (Metastrongyloidea, Nemhelix and within Cosmocercoides). In the lineage to Agfa the sequence endophoretic, necromenic,...

Fiabilité fonctionnelle résiduelle d’un barrage atteint de réaction alcali-granulats

Guy-de-Patience Ftatsi Mbetmi, Thomas De Larrard & Frédéric Duprat
Cette étude propose d’utiliser le modèle microscopique de RAG développé au LMDC pour l’estimation de la fiabilité du barrage hydro-électrique de Song Loulou. Les modèles de substitution, basés sur des développements en chaos de polynômes des paramètres d’une sigmoïde, ont été constitués à plusieurs échelles, afin notamment de réduire les temps de calculs. A l’échelle de la structure, ils permettent d'obtenir les déplacements aux points d'intérêt, liés aux états limites de fonctionnement des évacuateurs de...

Droplet bouncing on the surface with micro-structure


The bodies of dpy-10(e128) are twice as stiff as wild type

Sylvia Fechner, Frédéric Loizeau, Adam L Nekimken, Beth L Pruitt & Miriam B Goodman
DPY-10 is a collagen protein in the nematode's cuticle. Mutations in the dpy-10 gene induce various morphological changes that lead to animals with a dumpy or roller phenotype (Levy, Yang & Kramer, 1993). Here, we asked how such mutations affect body stiffness by comparing force-indentation curves in dpy-10(e128) and wild type worms. On average, dpy-10(e128) worms have a steeper force-indentation relationship, leading to a higher body stiffness (Fig 1.C). Average stiffness values were 2.5 0.9...

Moving Toward a New and Improved Senate

Paul G. Thomas
Further changes needed to anchor more independent culture in the Senate.

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