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Optimum design of elastic moduli for the multiple load problems

T. Lewiński
The paper deals with minimization of the weighted average of compliances of structures, made of an elastic material of spatially varying elasticity moduli, subjected to n load variants acting non-simultaneously. The trace of the Hooke tensor is assumed as the unit cost of the design. Three versions of the free material design are discussed: designing the moduli of arbitrary anisotropy (AMD), designing the moduli of an isotropic material (IMD), designing of Young’s modulus for a...

Acquisition of data encrypted in electronic components of vehicles and machinery for pre-court proceedings

Krzysztof Biskup, Krzysztof Ćwik & Tadeusz Neumann
The article presents results obtained during research on acquisition of data encrypted in electronic components of vehicles to be used in pre-court proceedings, as well as identifies the possibilities of their use in further practice by forensic toolmaker examiners and police officers dealing with combating vehicle related crime.

Porous volumetric structures obtained by additive manufacturing technologies

Kamil Kaszyca, Wojciech Danilczuk & Rafał Zybała
The goal of our work was to develop bulk structures characterized by a variable, controlled porosity, using additive manufacturing techniques (3D printing). A technology for the fabrication of bulk materials with controllable porosity has been developed. For that purpose, the samples with constant porosity were designed and then prepared, which allowed us to learn the possible limit values. Thus, we were able to optimize the design process at the stage of the preparation of the...

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  • 2021
  • 2020

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  • Warsaw University of Technology
  • Lublin University of Technology
  • TOMSAD Tomasz Sadowski (Poland)
  • Institute of Electronic Materials Technology
  • Centralne Laboratorium Kryminalistyczne Policji