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Computer programs as a tool for assisting handwriting expertise

Mieczysław Goc, Krystyn Łuszczuk, Andrzej Łuszczuk & Tadeusz Tomaszewski
This article presents overall issues related to the use of computer techniques in handwriting expertise and discusses the most significant results of the development project no. DOBR-BIO4/038/13297/2013 entitled “Measuring tools supporting the analysis of handwriting and signatures” funded by the National Centre for Research and Development. Research works carried out under the project have led to the development of four computer programs: LINIOGRAF, CENTROGRAF, BARWOSKAN and PROFILOSKAN, which can be helpful in analyzing and assessing...

Use of DNA tests in cases of determining legal paternity

Dorota Krekora-Zając
The objective of the study involves testing the influence of accessibility of DNA tests, on paternity determination. Without doubt, DNA tests determining the family relationship have become one of the most frequently performed genetic tests commercially. They are carried out both at individual request, as well as for use in judicial proceedings. Undoubtedly, the common use of DNA tests to exclude consanguinity has become very popular in judicial practice. Moreover, it seems that due to...

Use of statistical methods in forensics

Stanisław Cichocki
The article undertakes the issues related to the use of statistical methods in forensics. To this end, a historical background on the development of such methods was presented. The essence of the methods was discussed with particular emphasis on their advantages and drawbacks. The former include the possibilities of quantifying uncertainty related to new evidence, assessing the probability of occurrence of one of versions of events or testing various hypotheses. The drawbacks related to applying...

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