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Italian Report to the 42nd Cospar Scientific Assembly

Maria Teresa Capria, Livia Giacomini, Eleonora Ferroni, Pietro Ubertini & Davide Coero Borga
The Italian Report to the 42nd COSPAR General Assembly to be held in Pasadena, edited by the National Institute of Astrophysics (INAF),the formal Italian national body that by the law supports the COSPAR activities, with the collaboration of ASI, the Italian Space Agency, and the other stakeholders playing a major role in the Italian scientific space programmes (INFN, CNR, INGV, etc.). This Report summarizes the last two years of space science activity in Italy.

Performance of direct N-body code on ARM64 SoC

David Goz, Luca Tornatore, Sara Bertocco & Giuliano Taffoni
The ExaNeSt H2020 project will produce a prototype based on ARM64 CPUs and FPGA-based accelerators implementing a co-design approach where scientific applications requirements are driving the hardware design. We present strategies adopted in order to port our direct N-body code on an ARM SoC cluster, called INCAS, deployed at INAF-OATs. Each computational node is based on 64-bit ARMv8 Cortex-A72/Cortex-A53 core design, powered by the Mali-T864 GPU. We present the strategies to optimize the code and...

Various evolutionary avenues of Nematoda to parasitism in Gastropoda

Walter Sudhaus
The various associations between nematodes and gastropods, which range from random transportation to endophoresis, necromeny, larval parasitism and an entire parasitic or parasitoidic life-style with and without intermediate or paratenic hosts, are discussed in an evolutionary context. Ten to eleven lineages have accomplished the transition to a life at the expense of gastropods, three via a detour of parasitism in vertebrates (Metastrongyloidea, Nemhelix and within Cosmocercoides). In the lineage to Agfa the sequence endophoretic, necromenic,...

Immobilization nematodes for live imaging using an agarose pad produced with a Vinyl Record

Katherine A. Rivera Gomez & Mara Schvarzstein
Numerous microfluidic systems have been developed and used for live imaging of Caenorhabditis nematodes (Allen et al., 2008; Zhang et al., 2008; Krajniak and Lu, 2010; Krajniak et al., 2013; Cornaglia et al., 2015). These systems can be costly, complex to set up, or require high-maintenance between uses. In addition, microfluidic rigs can be thick, preventing live imaging of worms from strains expressing low fluorescence fusion proteins. In the absence of elaborate microfluidic rigs, most...

Lazy hitchhikers? Preliminary evidence for within-habitat phoresy in pygmephoroid mites (Acari, Scutacaridae)

Julia Baumann, Francisco Ferragut & Sanja Šimić
Mites of the family Scutacaridae have been found in termite nests and also phoretic on termites. In contrast to what has been reported until now for scutacarid mites, the respective species did not possess claws on leg I for attachment on their host, but clasped to the termites’ coxae probably by using their large, pad-like empodia on legs II and III. This mode of attachment is a totally new and unique discovery for Scutacaridae. The...

Technology Could Transform Care for People on Medicaid

Shanoor Seervai & Lovisa Gustaffson
To date, health care apps, remote-monitoring services, and other digital technologies have mostly been developed for middle- and high-income people, who get health coverage through an employer or purchase it on the private market. Few of these tools have been available to people with low incomes, many of whom have Medicaid. But as a new feature article illustrates, there are millions of low-income Americans who could benefit as well. The Commonwealth Fund's Shanoor Seervai and...

INCAS: INtensive Clustered ARM SoC - Cluster Deployment

Sara Bertocco, David Goz, Luca Tornatore & Giuliano Taffoni
The report describes the work done to deploy an Heterogeneous Computing Cluster using CPUs and GPUs integrated on a System on Chip architecture, in the environment of the ExaNeSt H2020 project. After deployment, this cluster will provide a testbed to validate and optimize several HPC codes developed to be run on heterogeneous hardware. The work done includes: a technology watching phase to choose the SoC best fitting our requirements; installation of the Operative System Ubuntu...

The bodies of dpy-10(e128) are twice as stiff as wild type

Sylvia Fechner, Frédéric Loizeau, Adam L Nekimken, Beth L Pruitt & Miriam B Goodman
DPY-10 is a collagen protein in the nematode's cuticle. Mutations in the dpy-10 gene induce various morphological changes that lead to animals with a dumpy or roller phenotype (Levy, Yang & Kramer, 1993). Here, we asked how such mutations affect body stiffness by comparing force-indentation curves in dpy-10(e128) and wild type worms. On average, dpy-10(e128) worms have a steeper force-indentation relationship, leading to a higher body stiffness (Fig 1.C). Average stiffness values were 2.5 0.9...

Trends in Postacute Care Spending Growth During the Medicare Spending Slowdown

Laura M. Keohane, Salama Freed, David G. Stevenson, Sunita Thapa, Lucas Stewart & Melinda B. Buntin
ABSTRACT Issue: Over the past decade, traditional Medicare’s per-beneficiary spending grew at historically low levels. To understand this phenomenon, it is important to examine trends in postacute care, which experienced exceptionally high spending growth in prior decades. Goal: Describe per-beneficiary spending trends between 2007 and 2015 for postacute care services among traditional Medicare beneficiaries age 65 and older. Methods: Trend analysis of individual-level Medicare administrative data to generate per-beneficiary spending and utilization estimates for postacute...

Linear genetic programming control for strongly nonlinear dynamics with frequency crosstalk

Ruiying LI, Bernd NOACK, Laurent CORDIER, Jacques BORÉE, Eurika KAISER & Fabien HARAMBAT

Delta-9 Fatty Acid Desaturase Mutants Display Increased Body Size

James F.; Savage-Dunn Clark
C. elegans contain three Δ9 fatty acid desaturases (FADs), fat-5, fat-6, and fat-7, responsible for the initial desaturation step in the synthesis of complex polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). Production of PUFAs is vital for survival, as simultaneous loss-of-function in all three genes results in synthetic lethality (Brock et al. 2006). Animals containing mutations in any one of the three Δ9 FADs, fat-5, fat-6, and fat-7, display an increase in body length. fat-5 mutants display a...

Australian forest and wood products statistics: March and June quarters 2018

Australian Bureau Of Agricultural Resource Economics And Sciences (ABARES)
This issue of the Australian forest and wood products statistics (AFWPS) presents 2016-17 data for key indicators of domestic forestry sector activity, including sales and service income and industry value added. It includes estimates of the volume and value of logs harvested in 2017-18; as well as housing and other residential commencements, and wood products trade statistics for 2017-18. This AFWPS issue also presents updated socio-economic indicators and trends for the forestry sector drawn from...

EOR-1 mediates non-cell autonomous regulation of abts-1 gene expression in HSNs

Yoichi Shinkai & Motomichi Doi
In the present study, we investigated whether abts-1 expression in HSNs is dependent on neuronal activities through synaptic transmission. abts-1 is expressed in HSNs from the L4 larval stage onward (Shinkai et al. 2018). To measure abts-1 expression levels in HSNs, we used transgenic worms carrying vsIs138 [Pabts-1b::gfp, lin15(+)]. Quantitative fluorescent measurements were performed as previously described (Shinkai et al. 2018). Since presynaptic inputs are important for the GABA functional switch, we investigated the effect...

New allele of C. elegans gene spch-3 (T27A3.4), called xc2

Nicholas R. Munoz, Dana T. Byrd & Diana Chu
We created a new mutant allele, named xc2, of the gene spch-3 (T27A3.4). spch-3 encodes one of three C. elegans small, highly basic proteins that resemble invertebrate protamines and associate with sperm meiotic chromosomes (Chu et al., 2006). The alleles were isolated from gene mutations generated by Non-Homologous End Joining (NHEJ) mediated repair of Cas9-generated breaks (Dickinson et al., 2013; Ran et al., 2013). The alleles were discovered using PCR with the following primers 5’-...

Комбинированные расчётные схемы в математических моделях процессов фракционирования зерна

В.А. Сысуев, А.В. Алёшкин, Ю.В. Сычугов & А.Ю. Исупов
Сельскохозяйственная экология предлагает новые методы и подходы к осуществлению производственных процессов, которые позволят снизить вредное влияние на окружающую среду. В статье изложены подходы к формированию комбинированной расчётной схемы процесса фракционирования зерновых материалов воздушным потоком в горизонтальном канале. Основной идеей метода является последовательное уточнение взаимного влияния зернового и воздушного потоков при расчёте поля скоростей воздуха и траекторий дисперсных частиц. Математическая модель движения воздушного потока построена на основе решения методом конечных элементов уравнений Лапласа для плоского потенциального...

Two new functions in the WormBase Enrichment Suite

David Angeles-Albores, Raymond Y.N. Lee, Juancarlos Chan & Paul W. Sternberg
​Genome-wide experiments routinely generate large amounts of data that can be hard to interpret biologically. A common approach to interpreting these results is to employ enrichment analyses of controlled languages, known as ontologies, that describe various biological parameters such as gene molecular or biological function. In C. elegans, three distinct ontologies, the Gene Ontology (GO), Anatomy Ontology (AO), and the Worm Phenotype Ontology (WPO) are used to annotate gene function, expression and phenotype, respectively (Ashburner...

Faunistics of oribatid mites (Acari, Oribatida) in dry grassland sites in the Eisack Valley (South Tyrol, Prov. Bolzano, Italy)

Heinrich Schatz
Oribatid mites were investigated in five dry grassland sites in the basin around Klausen / Chiusa (South Tyrol). Soil and litter samples were taken from characteristic microhabitats (dry grassland, dry bushland, rocky steppe). A total of 150 oribatid species belonging to 47 families were encountered, most of them closely associated with dry habitats. Gymnodamaeus irregularis Bayartogtokh & Schatz, 2009 and Liochthonius perelegans Moritz, 1976 are new records for Italy, additional six species are new records...

Distribution and diversity of earthworms (Lumbricidae) in Hesse (Central Germany): current knowledge

Jörg Römbke, Wolfgang H. O. Dorow & Stephan Jänsch
In 2016 the first Red List of German earthworms was compiled, listing 46 species. However, little is known about the biodiversity and distribution of Lumbricidae in the individual federal states of Germany. In some of them (e.g. Schleswig-Holstein) earthworm monitoring programs were performed (or are still running). In others no such soil-focused program has been performed so far. The aim of this contribution is to compile the available information on the distribution of earthworms (Lumbricidae)...

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