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Australian forest and wood products statistics: March and June quarters 2018

Australian Bureau Of Agricultural Resource Economics And Sciences (ABARES)
This issue of the Australian forest and wood products statistics (AFWPS) presents 2016-17 data for key indicators of domestic forestry sector activity, including sales and service income and industry value added. It includes estimates of the volume and value of logs harvested in 2017-18; as well as housing and other residential commencements, and wood products trade statistics for 2017-18. This AFWPS issue also presents updated socio-economic indicators and trends for the forestry sector drawn from...

Preliminary data about algae and cyanobacteria of volcanic soils on Kuril Islands

K.V. Ilchibaeva, D.F. Kunsbaeva, R.Z. Allaguvatova, A.I. Fazlutdinova, O.V. Polokhin, L.A. Sibirina, A.A. Gontcharov, P. Singh & L.A. Gaysina
Fifty-five species from five phyla (Cyanobacteria – 8, Chlorophyta – 29 (Chlorophyceae – 14, Trebouxiophyaceae – 11), Bacillariophyta – 19, Streptophyta – 1, Ochrophyta – 2 (Xanthophyceae – 1, Eustigmatophyceae – 1)) were revealed during the study on biodiversity of cyanobacteria and algae from terrestrial habitats of Urup, Paramushir, Iturup, and Simushir (Kuril Islands). Algal flora of Iturup Islands was the most divers with 25 species, 23 species were found on Urup, 17 on Simushir,...

A snapshot of Australian Fisheries and Aquaculture

Australian Bureau Of Agricultural Resource Economics And Sciences (ABARES)

Direct N-body code designed for heterogeneous platforms

David Goz, Luca Tornatore, Sara Bertocco & Giuliano Taffoni
The ExaNeSt H2020 project aims at the design and development of an exascale ready supercomputer with a low energy consumption profile but able to support the most demanding scientific and technical applications. The project will produce a prototype based on hybrid hardware (CPUs+accelerators) implementing a co-design approach where scientific applications requirements are driving the hardware design. Astrophysical codes are playing a fundamental role to validate the exascale platform. We present strategies adopted in order to...

The post-embryonic development of Amphiprion perideraion reveals a decoupling between morphological and pigmentation change

Pauline Salis, Natacha Roux, David Lecchini & Vincent Laudet
During coral reef fish life cycle, the young pelagic larvae colonize the reef. During such important ecological transition, larvae undergo metamorphosis consisting on important morphological, colour, physiological and behavioural changes. We investigated the post-embryonic development of Amphiprion perideraion Bleeker, 1855 larvae raised in captivity from 1 day post-hatching (dph) until 20 dph. To do so, we characterized larval growth, morphological changes and pigmentation ontogenesis. Interestingly, whereas most of the morphological changes are done from 3...

Distribution patterns of ocellated eagle rays, Aetobatus ocellatus, along two sites in Moorea Island, French Polynesia

Cécile Berthe, Viliame Pita Waqalevu, Lise Latry, Marc Besson, Franck Lerouvreur, Gilles Siu, Gaël Lecellier, Jodie L. Rummer, Frédéric Bertucci, Samuel Iglésias & David Lecchini
Elasmobranchs are critical to tourism industries worldwide. In French Polynesia, where ecotourism is the second most important industry, little is known about the spatiotemporal distribution of eagle rays. This study represents the first investigation into habitat use and behaviour of ocellated eagle rays (Aetobatus ocellatus) in French Polynesia focused on two sites with different levels of anthropogenic noise. Environmental variables and biological data were recorded over a one-year period to explore the distribution patterns of...

Effect of environmental change after the 2011 tsunami on the population dynamics of Japanese tubesnout Aulichthys japonicus (Gasterosteiformes)

Go Katayose & Takashi Asahida
The Japanese tubesnout Aulichthys japonicus Brevoort, 1862 is a small fish species, which lives in shallow coastal waters, especially in seagrass (Zostera spp.) beds. The fish is known for their unusual spawning behaviour of concealing their eggs in ascidians (Halocynthia roretzi). By studying the larval and juvenile fish fauna in a seagrass bed in southern Iwate, Japan since 2007, we observed that A. japonicus was a dominant species. On 11 March 2011, the seagrass bed...

Are mangroves important for reef fish on Mayotte Island (Indian Ocean)?

Rakamaly Madi Moussa
In order to understand the potential role of the mangroves of Mayotte Island for reef fishes, sampling was conducted monthly from April 2016 to April 2017 in three sites along a mangrove fringe: Bandrélé near fringing reef, Dzoumogné close to a river mouth and Malamani in a bay. Fishes were sampled using a fyke-net combined with visual census surveys (UVC) and eight environmental variables were recorded at each site to determine their relationship with the...

Temporal dynamics of the recruitment of glass eels in two valleys of French Polynesia (Tahiti and Moorea Islands)

Herehia Helme, Frédéric Bertucci, Rakamaly Madi Moussa, Yann Wolff & Pierre Sasal
Glass eels were sampled in two estuaries of French Polynesia (Tahiti and Moorea islands) from 2009 to 2017. Three species were identified by morphological measurements (Anguilla marmorata, A. megastoma and A. obscura). Our results revealed a difference in the species composition between Moorea and Tahiti. The recruitment of eels is seasonal and occurs between November and March during the rainy season, with peaks in December and January. The recruitment size of glass eels was analyzed...

What can goby otolith morphology tell us?

Christoph Gierl, Dorothea Liebl, Radek Šanda, Jasna Vukić, Hamid Reza Esmaeili & Bettina Reichenbacher
The taxonomic information inscribed in otoliths has been widely ignored in ichthyological research, especially in descriptions of new fish species. One reason for this is that otolith descriptions are per se qualitative, and only a few studies have presented quantitative data that can support assignments of otoliths to individual species or permit differentiation between higher taxonomic levels. On the other hand, in palaeontology, otoliths have been employed for the identification and taxonomic placement of fossil...

Selectivity on epilithic diatom consumption for two tropical sympatric gobies: Sicydium punctatum Perugia, 1986 and Sicydium plumieri (Bloch, 1786)

Dominique Monti, Estelle Lefrançois, Clara Lord, Jean-Michel Mortillaro, Pascal Jean Lopez & Philippe Keith
Rivers of the Caribbean islands harbour a freshwater fauna mainly constituted of migrant diadromous species. In these hyperturbulent ecosystems, the primary producers are mostly represented by a thin epilithic biofilm, mainly composed of diatoms. Comparison of the diatoms available from the environment with the ones consumed and located in the digestive tracts of two gobiid fish, Sicydium punctatum Perugia, 1896 and Sicydium plumieri (Bloch, 1786) were made at twelve sampling locations, located upstream or downstream...

A juvenile Stereolepis doederleini (Polyprionidae) from a tidal pool at Jeju Island, Korea

Hyuck Joon Kwun, Jinsoon Park, Hye-Seon Kim, Ju-Hee Kim & Hyo-Seon Park
We report the first finding of a juvenile striped jewfish (Stereolepis doederleini) from Jeju Island, Korea, collected from a tidal pool on 11 May 2017. The specimen was characterized on the basis of its black head and body, the posterior tip of the maxilla beyond the middle of the eye, the posterior tip of the pelvic fin reaching the anus, dorsal fin with 11 spines and 10 soft rays, and anal fin with 3 spines...

First record of Nanobagrus armatus (Siluriformes: Bagridae) in Sumatra, Indonesia

Doni Setiawan, Ajiman & Muhammad Iqbal
On March 2017, a specimen of Nanobagrus armatus was captured and photographed in the Keroh River, South Sumatra province. So far, N. armatus has only been observed from Indonesian Borneo, so this record constitutes the first record of this species for Sumatra.

First record of the copperstriped cardinalfish Ostorhinchus holotaenia (Actinopterygii: Perciformes: Apogonidae) from Toamasina, Madagascar

Mathieu Pinault, Julien Wickel & Ronald Fricke
This paper reports the first record of the species Ostorhinchus holotaenia Regan, 1905 from Madagascar. This species was identified during a survey of marine introduced species, carried out in June 2018 in and close to the port of Toamasina, on behalf of the Indian Ocean Commission. However, although the question of a possible introduction of the species by maritime traffic may be raised, this observation is probably more of a range extension of the species,...

First record of the southwestern Indian Ocean endemic Apolemichthys kingi (Teleostei: Pomacanthidae) from Sainte Marie Island, Madagascar

Julien Wickel, Luciano Landry Toto, Mathieu Pinault, Ronald Fricke & Dominique Ponton
Known to date as an endemic species of the border area between South Africa and Mozambique, Apolemichthys kingiis reported for the first time from the northeast coast of Madagascar (Sainte-Marie Island) at 34 m deep. The presence of this species in Madagascar was corroborated by the record in the BOLD database of a specimen with similar morphology, captured in 2013 on the southeast coast of Madagascar (Fort Dauphin). These observations confirm the range extension of...

First record of five fish species from Réunion Island observed during the inventory of the Marine Natural Zones of Interest for Ecology, Flora and Fauna (ZNIEFF)

Mathieu Pinault, Julien Wickel, Thierry Mulochau, Jean-Benoît Nicet & Ronald Fricke
This paper reports the first record of five species of marine fishes from Reunion Island, identified during biodiversity surveys carried out within the framework of the Marine Natural Zones of Interest for Ecology, Flora and Fauna (ZNIEFF). These species: Fusigobius inframaculatus(Randall, 1994), Fusigobius neophytus(Günther, 1877), Samariscus triocellatusWoods, 1960, Trichonotus marleyi(Smith, 1936) and Zapogon evermanni(Jordan and Snyder, 1904) were all photographed within non-reef habitats, despite the sampling of many reef and non-reef habitats of the island...

First record of the near threatened native seahorse Hippocampus reidi (Teleostei: Syngnathidae) in an ecosystem dominated by the invasive seagrass Halophila stipulacea in the Caribbean Sea

Mathieu Pinault, Julien Wickel, Jean-Benoît Nicet, Marc Chenoz, Benjamin de Montgolfier & Ronald Fricke
A specimen of the Longsnout seahorse (Hippocampus reidi) was photographed in a seagrass bed dominated by the invasive species Halophila stipulacea at 11 m depth, on 9thJune 2017, in front of the Madiana Beach, Schœlcher, Martinique Island, Caribbean Sea. This short communication reports the first observation of H. reidiin this exotic ecosystem.

The future of public sector forecasting in Australian agriculture

Rohan Nelson
The operating context of Australian agriculture has changed dramatically since Australian governments first committed to providing forecasting services for agriculture in the 1940s. This paper explores the evolution of these forecasting services, how the world has changed since then, and what this means for the future design of these services.

Immobilization nematodes for live imaging using an agarose pad produced with a Vinyl Record

Katherine A. Rivera Gomez & Mara Schvarzstein
Numerous microfluidic systems have been developed and used for live imaging of Caenorhabditis nematodes (Allen et al., 2008; Zhang et al., 2008; Krajniak and Lu, 2010; Krajniak et al., 2013; Cornaglia et al., 2015). These systems can be costly, complex to set up, or require high-maintenance between uses. In addition, microfluidic rigs can be thick, preventing live imaging of worms from strains expressing low fluorescence fusion proteins. In the absence of elaborate microfluidic rigs, most...

Почвообразование на техногенных озёрных илах

Е.В. Дабах
Статья посвящена почвам техногенного ландшафта (Technosols по WRB), формирующимся на загрязнённых техногенных озёрных отложениях, вышедших на дневную поверхность после изменения гидрологического режима и прекращения поступления в озеро загрязнённых сточных вод. Исследуемая территория расположена в долине р.Вятки в районе хвостохранилищ химических предприятий г. Кирово-Чепецка (Кировская область, Россия). Мощность почвенного профиля ограничена плотной гипсовой коркой, залегающей на глубине 30 см и способствующей переувлажнению почв. В отличие от окружающих кислых аллювиальных почв, они характеризуются щелочной реакцией, контрастностью верхней...

The bodies of dpy-10(e128) are twice as stiff as wild type

Sylvia Fechner, Frédéric Loizeau, Adam L Nekimken, Beth L Pruitt & Miriam B Goodman
DPY-10 is a collagen protein in the nematode's cuticle. Mutations in the dpy-10 gene induce various morphological changes that lead to animals with a dumpy or roller phenotype (Levy, Yang & Kramer, 1993). Here, we asked how such mutations affect body stiffness by comparing force-indentation curves in dpy-10(e128) and wild type worms. On average, dpy-10(e128) worms have a steeper force-indentation relationship, leading to a higher body stiffness (Fig 1.C). Average stiffness values were 2.5 0.9...

What Is the Status of Women’s Health and Health Care in the U.S. Compared to Ten Other Countries?

Munira Z. Gunja, Roosa Tikkanen, Shanoor Seervai & Sara R. Collins
Women in the United States have long lagged behind their counterparts in other high-income countries in terms of access to health care and health status. This brief compares U.S. women’s health status, affordability of health plans, and ability to access and utilize care with women in 10 other high-income countries by using international data.

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