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A snapshot of Australian Fisheries and Aquaculture

Australian Bureau Of Agricultural Resource Economics And Sciences (ABARES)

Прокариотические тест-модели в экотоксикологических исследованиях: перспективы и классификация (обзор)

Н.В. Дудчик, С.И. Сычик & В.В. Шевляков
Biological modeling in system ecology is an effective technology for assessing the biological effects of environmental factors. We provided the conceptual justification for the development of prokaryotic laboratory-analytical models, assessed the advantages and limitations of their experimental use. The classification of prokaryotic test models according to the level of the structural and ecological organization, the properties of the test object (cells, communities, populations, microbiocenosis) and a set of test reactions (bioindicators and biomarkers) is proposed....

Will Evaluations of Medicaid 1115 Demonstrations That Restrict Eligibility Tell Policymakers What They Need to Know?

Sara Rosenbaum, Maria Velasquez, Rachel Gunsalus, Rebecca Morris & Alexander Somodevilla
ABSTRACT Issue: With thousands in Arkansas losing their Medicaid benefits under the state’s work-requirement demonstration, the importance of evaluating such experiments could not be clearer. In Stewart v. Azar, the court concluded that the purpose of Section 1115 demonstrations such as Arkansas’s is to promote Medicaid’s objective of insuring the poor; evaluations of these demonstrations, as required by law, inform policymakers whether this objective is being achieved. Goal: To examine the quality of evaluation designs...

Биомониторинговые возможности микроорганизмов при оценке степени токсичности синтетических поверхностно-активных веществ

Л.В. Кондакова, Л.И. Домрачева, Т.Я. Ашихмина & В.С. Симакова
Доказана возможность использования отдельных групп микроорганизмов для выявления степени токсичности синтетических поверхностно-активных веществ (СПАВ), которые используются в качестве автошампуней. Показана высокая чувствительность двух видов цианобактерий Nostoc paludosum и Fischerella muscicola, применяемых в качестве тест-организмов на действие трёх марок автошампуней. При инкубировании культур цианобактерий в растворах автошампуней с концентрацией, равной рекомендуемой дозе (1 р. д.), происходит резкое падение численности жизнеспособных клеток. Биотестирование с помощью бацилл проводили путём высева бактериальных суспензий на питательный агар с предварительно внесённым...

A new deletion allele of sma-4

Alexandra N. McKillop, Herong Shi & Jun Liu
sma-4 encodes the co-Smad of the BMP pathway in C. elegans, which is also known as the Sma/Mab pathway (Savage et al. 1996). Null mutations in core components of this pathway, including the BMP ligand DBL-1, the receptors SMA-6 and DAF-4, and the R-Smads SMA-2 and SMA-3, all result in a small body size phenotype without significantly compromising viability (Gumienny and Savage-Dunn 2013). However, we found that even after multiple rounds of out-crossing, two deletion...

What can goby otolith morphology tell us?

Gierl C.; Liebl D.; Šanda R.; Vukić J.; Esmaeili H.R.; Reichenbacher, B.

Applying songbird population dynamics models to conservation biology needs

A. L. Podolsky
Proper understanding of the reproductive biology traits and population dynamics patterns of declining songbird species is crucial for ensuring their effective protection and recovery. Metapopulation dynamics may cause the extinction of local populations in some landscape patches regardless of the habitat quality and undertaken conservation measures. At the same time, the source-sink type of the population dynamics could saturate lower quality habitat patches with dispersing individuals from the population sources. Hence, poorer quality habitats presumed...

The bodies of dpy-10(e128) are twice as stiff as wild type

Sylvia Fechner, Frédéric Loizeau, Adam L Nekimken, Beth L Pruitt & Miriam B Goodman
DPY-10 is a collagen protein in the nematode's cuticle. Mutations in the dpy-10 gene induce various morphological changes that lead to animals with a dumpy or roller phenotype (Levy, Yang & Kramer, 1993). Here, we asked how such mutations affect body stiffness by comparing force-indentation curves in dpy-10(e128) and wild type worms. On average, dpy-10(e128) worms have a steeper force-indentation relationship, leading to a higher body stiffness (Fig 1.C). Average stiffness values were 2.5 0.9...

SapTrap Builder: a desktop utility for CRISPR edit design

Matthew L Schwartz & Erik M Jorgensen
Designing and building DNA reagents for CRISPR edits can be complicated as well as tedious. To streamline reagent design for our SapTrap CRISPR plasmid assembly system, we developed the SapTrap Builder software utility. SapTrap Builder provides an intuitive graphical user interface for visualizing the design of reagents for CRISPR-based genetic tag insertion and point mutagenesis. Our program guides users through several steps of CRISPR edit design, alerts the user when incompatibilities arise, and generates sequences...

Technology Could Transform Care for People on Medicaid

Shanoor Seervai & Lovisa Gustaffson
To date, health care apps, remote-monitoring services, and other digital technologies have mostly been developed for middle- and high-income people, who get health coverage through an employer or purchase it on the private market. Few of these tools have been available to people with low incomes, many of whom have Medicaid. But as a new feature article illustrates, there are millions of low-income Americans who could benefit as well. The Commonwealth Fund's Shanoor Seervai and...

Delta-9 Fatty Acid Desaturase Mutants Display Increased Body Size

James F.; Savage-Dunn Clark
C. elegans contain three Δ9 fatty acid desaturases (FADs), fat-5, fat-6, and fat-7, responsible for the initial desaturation step in the synthesis of complex polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). Production of PUFAs is vital for survival, as simultaneous loss-of-function in all three genes results in synthetic lethality (Brock et al. 2006). Animals containing mutations in any one of the three Δ9 FADs, fat-5, fat-6, and fat-7, display an increase in body length. fat-5 mutants display a...

The Mapping of Drosophila melanogaster mutant A.4.4

Kayla L Bieser, Joyce Stamm, Ayala A Aldo, Suneil Bhaskara, Makayla Claiborne, Joselyn N Coronel Gómez, Ron Dean, Aaron Dowell, Evan Dowell, Mathew Eissa, Ahmad A Fawaz, Michael M Fouad-Meshriky, Dustin Godoy, Krista Gonzalez, Malak K Hachem, Malak F Hammoud, Anthony Huffman, Hunter Ingram, Alex B Jackman, Bibek Karki, Natalia Khalil, Houda Khalil, Tran Khanh Ha, Arjun Kharel, Izabell Kobylarz … & Jacob D Kagey
A novel Drosophila melanogaster mutant A.4.4 was isolated from a conditional Flp/FRT mosaic eye screen in the context of blocked apoptosis (Kagey et al., 2012). The ;FRT42D, Dark82 chromosome was used as a starting point for the EMS mutagenesis screen to screen for mutations that conferred a growth advantage in the environment of blocked apoptosis via the homozygous Dark82 allele (Akdemir et al., 2006). Mutants were screened for over-representation of mutant tissue (pigmented) as compared...

Bogie Steering System Improving Alignment of the Urban Railway Vehicle in a Track


SapTrap vectors for introducing point mutations with unc-119+ selection

Matthew L Schwartz & Erik M Jorgensen
SapTrap assembly generates CRISPR targeting vectors using a Golden Gate cloning strategy (Schwartz and Jorgensen, 2016). The original toolkit was designed for inserting tags, such as fluorescent proteins or affinity tags, into protein coding genes in C. elegans. In the original design, the floxed unc-119+ selectable marker was incorporated into the tag. For site-directed mutagenesis, the selectable marker is useful but a tag is unnecessary. We have developed a new set of vectors dedicated for...

Влияние содержания тяжёлых металлов в воде малых рек, используемой для полива кукурузы армянской популяции

А.Р. Сукиасян
Экологическая безопасность малых рек для населения региона, их роль в формировании биоты во многом определяются химическим составом воды. При изменении интенсивности действия климатических и антропогенных факторов химический состав и, как следствие, качество воды могут существенно изменяться. В связи с этим проведение мониторинговых исследований состава воды этих источников представляется весьма актуальным. Изучены особенности миграции ряда тяжёлых металлов (ТМ) в триаде вода-почва-растение на примере однолетнего травянистого культурного растения – сахарной кукурузы, произрастающего на прибрежных территориях реки Шнох....

How ACOs Are Caring for People with Complex Needs

Kristen A. Peck, Benjamin Usadi, Alexander Mainor, Helen Newton & Ellen Meara
ABSTRACT Issue: With an incentive to provide high-quality care while controlling costs, accountable care organizations (ACOs) may focus on patients who require the most resources and are most at risk for encountering serious problems with their care. Understanding how ACOs approach care for complex patients requires examination of their organizational strategies, contracting details, and leadership structures. Goals: Describe the specific strategies employed by ACOs that have comprehensive care management programs and processes for complex patients....

GFP::PCN-1 does not reliably mark S phase in C. elegans adult germline progenitor zone cells

Tokiko Furuta & Swathi Arur
PCNA (proliferating cell nuclear antigen) is the DNA polymerase processivity factor that loads onto the chromatin during S phase of the cell-cycle (Brauchle et al. 2003). Thus, nuclear localization of PCNA (PCN-1 in C. elegans) is used as a marker for the S phase of the cell cycle (Brauchle et al. 2003). GFP::PCN-1 has been shown to label S phase in C. elegans embryo when driven through the germline and embryonic promoter pie-1 (Brauchle et...

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