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2019 Scorecard on State Health System Performance

David C. Radley, Sara R. Collins & Susan L. Hayes
Hawaii, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Washington, Connecticut, and Vermont rank at the top of the 2019 Scorecard on State Health System Performance, which assesses all 50 states and D.C. on 47 health care measures, covering access, quality, service use and costs, health outcomes, and income-based health care disparities.

How Are States Addressing Primary Care Quality in Medicaid Managed Care? A Closer Look at States’ Managed Care Quality Strategies

Sara Rosenbaum, J. Zoë Beckerman, Maria Velasquez, Alex Somodevilla, Elizabeth Gray, Rebecca Morris & Morgan Handley

The Characteristics of Physician Practices Joining the Early ACOs: Looking Back to Look Forward

Stephen Shortell, Patricia P. Ramsay, Laurence C. Baker, Michael F. Pesko & Lawrence P. Casalino

Should Medicare’s Mandatory Bundled-Payment Program for U.S. Hospitals Be Scaled Up?

Joshua M. Liao, Ezekiel J. Emanuel, Daniel E. Polsky, Qian Huang, Yash Shah, Jingsan Zhi, Zoe M. Lyon, Sarah E. Dykstra, Claire T. Dinh, Deborah S. Cousins & Amol S. Navathe

Will Evaluations of Medicaid 1115 Demonstrations That Restrict Eligibility Tell Policymakers What They Need to Know?

Sara Rosenbaum, Maria Velasquez, Rachel Gunsalus, Rebecca Morris & Alexander Somodevilla
ABSTRACT Issue: With thousands in Arkansas losing their Medicaid benefits under the state’s work-requirement demonstration, the importance of evaluating such experiments could not be clearer. In Stewart v. Azar, the court concluded that the purpose of Section 1115 demonstrations such as Arkansas’s is to promote Medicaid’s objective of insuring the poor; evaluations of these demonstrations, as required by law, inform policymakers whether this objective is being achieved. Goal: To examine the quality of evaluation designs...

Why Easier Access to Hearing Aids Is Not Enough

Amber Willink, Nicholas S. Reed & Frank R. Lin

Medicaid Work Requirements: Results from the First Year in Arkansas

Benjamin D. Sommers, Anna L. Goldman, Robert J. Blendon, E. John Orav & Arnold M. Epstein
Commonwealth Fund–supported researchers examined how insurance coverage and employment changed in the early aftermath of Arkansas’s work requirements for Medicaid beneficiaries. The authors report that the first six months of the requirements resulted in a loss of health care coverage and failed to increase employment rates.

What Is the Status of Women’s Health and Health Care in the U.S. Compared to Ten Other Countries?

Munira Z. Gunja, Roosa Tikkanen, Shanoor Seervai & Sara R. Collins
Women in the United States have long lagged behind their counterparts in other high-income countries in terms of access to health care and health status. This brief compares U.S. women’s health status, affordability of health plans, and ability to access and utilize care with women in 10 other high-income countries by using international data.

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