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A quantitative trait locus for nictation behavior on chromosome V

Jun Kim, Daehan Lee & Junho Lee
Lee et al., 2017 showed that CB4856 has a lower nictation ratio (the number of nictating dauers over the number of moving dauers on a micro-dirt chip) than N2, and that a genetic locus (nict-1) on chromosome IV mediates this phenotype difference. Although this paper had no evidence of any other genetic loci for nictation behavior, we have studied other quantitative trait loci (QTL) using different linkage-based mapping strategies. Here, we report another genetic locus...

The DISCOS Project

Andrea Orlati, Marco Bartolini, Simona Righini, Antonietta Fara, Carlo Migoni, Sergio Poppi, Marco Buttu & Giuseppe Carboni
DISCOS is a open source project by INAF - National Institute for Astrophysics, Italy. It is devoted to the production of the control software for Italian radio telescopes (Medicina, Noto and the Sardinia Radio Telescope). This document provides the manual for the telescopes users and the guidelines for the system developers..

Does geography matter in mortality? An analysis of potentially avoidable mortality by remoteness index in Canada

Rajendra Subedi, T. Lawson Greenberg & Shirin Roshanafshar
This study uses the new remoteness index (RI) classification, which assigns a value to each census subdivision (CSD) and measures the relative remoteness of Canadian communities on the basis of their size and their proximity to surrounding population centres, to distinguish rural and remote areas from urban areas in Canada. The Canadian Vital Statistics-Death Database (2011 to 2015), and the 2016 Census of Population are also used in this study to examine major causes of...

Storia critica de’ teatri antichi e moderni (2e éd.). Tome IV

Pietro Napoli Signorelli & Eric Thiébaud

Soil Gamasina from savanna and ReviTec site of Ngaoundéré (Adamawa, Cameroon): abundance and species diversity

Dieudonné Djackba Danra, Elias Nchiwan Nukenine & Hartmut Koehler
Soil Gamasina of Central African savanna are little known. In our study, Gamasina were assessed for a high Guinean savanna and for selected treatments of a ReviTec site for the rehabilitation of degraded soil, Ngaoundéré region (Adamawa, Cameroon). The experimental site was established in 2012. Four years later, in 2016, four sampling campaigns during the rainy season were undertaken (May, June, July, August). The investigated treatments were: (1) compost + mycorrhiza (cpmy), (2) compost +...

Influence des granulats légers sur le comportement à haute température des bétons de structure

Georges Roufael, Javad Eslami, Anne-Lise Beaucour, Dashnor Hoxha & Albert Noumouwe
Les incendies restent une menace majeure pour les structures en génie civil. Ils ont un grand impact humain, financier et environnemental. Il est donc primordial de comprendre le comportement des matériaux soumis à de hautes températures, afin d’assurer une conception et un dimensionnement plus sûrs des constructions. Ce travail de recherche s’intéresse à la tenue au feu des bétons répondant à des exigences environnementales (performances thermiques élevées – RT 2012), notamment les bétons de granulats...

Extending the CRISPR toolbox for C. elegans: Cpf1 as an alternative gene editing system for AT-rich sequences

Annabel Ebbing, Peng Shang, Niels Geijsen & Hendrik C. Korswagen
The CRISPR/Cas9 system has become a powerful tool for genome-editing in C. elegans. Sequence specificity of the system is determined by a guide RNA which targets the Cas9 endonuclease to the genomic region of interest. In addition, Cas9 needs to interact with a so-called protospacer-adjacent motif (PAM) next to the target sequence. In case of Cas9 from Streptococcus pyogenes (SpCas9), the most commonly used Cas9, this sequence is NGG. Because the C. elegans genome sequence...

Recent trends in prostate cancer in Canada

Allana G. LeBlanc, Alain Demers & Amanda Shaw
Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer in Canadian men. This study reports on trends in prostate cancer incidence, mortality, and stage at diagnosis in Canada from 1992 to 2015. It builds on previous Statistics Canada work by providing an up-to-date and in-depth analysis of trends in prostate cancer incidence, mortality and stage at diagnosis over time and by age group, including the impact of the updated (2014) Canadian prostate cancer screening guidelines....

Installation, configuration, deployment and run guide for the Credential Delegation Service. Administator's guide 1.0.

Sara Bertocco & Giuliano Taffoni
The Credential Delegation is a client and server implementation of the IVOA Credential Delegation Protocol. The Credential Delegation Protocol allows a client program to delegate a user's credentials to a service such that that service may make requests of other services in the name of that user. The service provides a RESTful interface. It requires an SQL Resource DataBase Management Service (RDBMS) as default persistence layer built-in and it provides a RESTful interface. This guide...

Paragone della poesia tragica d’Italia con quella di Francia

Pietro Calepio & Enrico Zucchi

Pourquoi les SDF meurent dans les rues ?

Stéphane Rullac
Comment expliquer l’existence de milliers de SDF dans les rues, dont la résidentialisation de l’espace public cause la mort de plusieurs centaines d’entre eux chaque année ? Pourquoi le corps social autorise une telle règle sociale aux conséquences dramatiques, malgré l’horreur qu’elle suscite ? Selon quelle norme nous acceptons tous cette modalité de fonctionnement social, qui se pérennise depuis 1992 ? C’est à la lumière de la lecture combinée de Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Michel Foucault et...

Resistance to flooding of different species of terrestrial oribatid mites (Acari, Oribatida)

Bardel, Lisa; Pfingstl, Tobias
Resistance to flooding was tested in six terrestrial oribatid mite species with different ecological needs. The silvicolous Galumna lanceata and Oppiella (Oppiella) marginedentata showed low average survival times of seven and 14 days, the moss-dwelling Zygoribatula exilis tolerated a month of submergence on average, the eurytopic Eueremaeus oblongus and Tectocepheus velatus sarekensis survived an average period of 52 and 80 days and the euryoecious Plathynothrus peltifer showed the highest tolerance with 130 days median lethal...

Editorial: A vision on preprints

E Gnaiger
A manuscript in preparation for publication on ‘Mitochondrial states and rates’ is the first preprint posted on MitoFit Preprint Archives (Gnaiger et al 2019). It actually triggered the initiation of a preprint server for mitochondrial physiology and bioenergetics. This editorial presents the story behind starting MitoFit Preprint Arch, explaining the rationale of integrating it with the Bioblast and MitoPedia websites, to develop a vision of science communication beyond traditional journal and preprint publication. This is...

New records of non-indigenous fishes (Perciformes and Tetraodontiformes) from the Canary Islands (north-eastern Atlantic)

Raül Triay-Portella, José G. Pajuelo, Pablo Manent, Fernando Espino, Raquel Ruiz-Díaz, José M. Lorenzo & José A. González
We report the collection of specimens of Paranthias furcifer (Serranidae), Abudefduf hoefleri (Pomacentridae), Acanthurus bahianus, A. chirurgus, A. coeruleus (Acanthuridae), and Cantherhines pullus (Monacanthidae) as first records for these tropical and subtropical species from the Canary Islands (north-eastern Atlantic). Most of these records coincide with the presence of oil platforms towards and within the Port of Las Palmas. Regarding the management of the arrival of warm-affinity fish species, it would be necessary to implement control...

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