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Storia critica de’ teatri antichi e moderni (2e éd.). Tome V

Pietro Napoli Signorelli & Eric Thiébaud

Distribution and diversity of earthworms (Lumbricidae) in Hesse (Central Germany): current knowledge

Jörg Römbke, Wolfgang H. O. Dorow & Stephan Jänsch
In 2016 the first Red List of German earthworms was compiled, listing 46 species. However, little is known about the biodiversity and distribution of Lumbricidae in the individual federal states of Germany. In some of them (e.g. Schleswig-Holstein) earthworm monitoring programs were performed (or are still running). In others no such soil-focused program has been performed so far. The aim of this contribution is to compile the available information on the distribution of earthworms (Lumbricidae)...

Who talks to whom about marine pest biosecurity? An analysis of the Australian marine pest network

Nyree Stenekes, Heleen Kruger, Ryan R. J. McAllister & Rob Garrard
Marine pests can cause significant negative social, ecological and economic impacts to infrastructure, marine habitats, water quality, marine industries and coastal amenity values. Maintaining an effective marine pest biosecurity system that minimises the risk of marine pests to Australia is a priority for the Australian Government. The Department of Agriculture commissioned ABARES to investigate the current state of Australia’s marine pest biosecurity stakeholder network by means of a social network analysis.

Development of a national tenure dataset for reporting the tenure of Australia's forests

Rohan Jacobsen, Martin Mutendeudzi, Claire Howell & Steve Read
Land tenure is the mechanism that declares the legal relationship between people and land, and tenure is a key attribute that has a major bearing on the management intent of forests. Tenure also underpins the identification of who has access to, and right of use over, forests and forest resources. This report outlines the process to assemble a national land tenure dataset for determining the tenure of Australia's forests for inclusion in Australia’s National Forest...

Kompleksowe urządzanie obszarów wiejskich jako szansa dla rozwoju wsi

Franciszek Woch, Jacek Pijanowski & Tadeusz Kuryłowicz

Spatial and temporal dynamics of coliform contamination within Yamoussoukro lake waters in Côte d’Ivoire: impact on the safety of surrounding vegetable cropping

Tchimonbié Messikely ANOMAN, Don-Rodrigue Rosin Bi VOKO & Adolphe ZEZE
There is a lack of information on the seasonal and spatial variations of bacterial pollution and the drivers of these variations within and around the Yamoussoukro lakes. In order to explain the dynamic of bacterial pollution of these lakes and assess the health risks associated with the contamination of surrounding vegetable crops, Escherichia coli and thermotolerant coliforms were used as indicators of pollution. Sampling was conducted from the lakes and surrounding vegetables such as carrots,...

On the presence of Trachinus pellegrini (Trachinidae) in the Canary and Cape Verde Islands (north-eastern Atlantic)

José A. González, José F. González-Jiménez, Raül Triay-Portella, Sebastián Jiménez, Gustavo González-Lorenzo & Manuel Biscoito
Trachinus pellegrini Cadenat, 1937 is recorded for the first time from the Canaries, which represents the northernmost limit of the species distribution. Morphological differences between adult and juvenile specimens are given. The presence of this species in the Cape Verde Islands is also confirmed.

Vers une modélisation avancée du contact pneu-chaussée en vue de l’amélioration du calcul de durée de vie

E.Y. Manyo, B. Picoux, P. Reynaud, F. Allou & C. Petit
L’apparition de nouveaux matériaux dans les structures de chaussée avec la diminution de l’épaisseur des couches de surface, de l’augmentation des chargements et de passage répété des poids lourds a entrainé de nouvelles pathologies de dégradation. Outre les problèmes d’orniérage, on trouve actuellement l’apparition de fissures descendantes (top down cracking) ainsi que la décohésion aux interfaces de la structure. Ces dernières ne permettent pas d’estimer convenablement les durées de vie de la chaussée, avec les...

EOR-1 mediates non-cell autonomous regulation of abts-1 gene expression in HSNs

Yoichi Shinkai & Motomichi Doi
In the present study, we investigated whether abts-1 expression in HSNs is dependent on neuronal activities through synaptic transmission. abts-1 is expressed in HSNs from the L4 larval stage onward (Shinkai et al. 2018). To measure abts-1 expression levels in HSNs, we used transgenic worms carrying vsIs138 [Pabts-1b::gfp, lin15(+)]. Quantitative fluorescent measurements were performed as previously described (Shinkai et al. 2018). Since presynaptic inputs are important for the GABA functional switch, we investigated the effect...

Direct N-body code designed for a cluster based on heterogeneous computational nodes

David Goz, Luca Tornatore, Sara Bertocco & Giuliano Taffoni
The ExaNeSt H2020 project is developing an exascale ready prototype based on hybrid hardware (CPUs+accelerators). Astrophysical codes are used to test and validate the exascale platform. At the same time, astrophysical applications must be re-engineered in order to exploit heterogeneous hardware. We present and test the parallel scheme of a state-of-the-art direct N -body code (called ExaHiGPUs) conceived to be run on hybrid architecture.

The Renewed Canadian Senate: Organizational Challenges and Relations with the Government

Emmett Macfarlane
Three years into the Senate’s renewal, how has its relationship with the government changed?

Storia critica de’ teatri antichi e moderni (2e éd.). Tome VI

Pietro Napoli Signorelli & Eric Thiébaud

me101 is a new allele of rad-51

Baptiste Roelens, Karl A Zawadzki & Anne M Villeneuve
The me101 allele was isolated in a genetic screen for mutants with an altered number of GFP::COSA-1 foci, which mark the sites of crossovers in C. elegans germ cells (ROSU et al. 2013). After multiple rounds of outcrossing, we confirmed that me101 mutants were defective in some aspects of meiotic prophase, as late pachytene me101 mutant meiocytes failed to form the six GFP::COSA-1 foci observed in wild-type late pachytene meiocytes (Fig 1.A). We also observed...

Influence du séchage en conditions ambiantes sur les mesures électriques de mortiers fibrés

François Duplan, Cédric Payan, Jean-Pierre Clerc & Yves Burtschell
La mesure de l’impédance électrique d’un matériau cimentaire peut permettre d’évaluer sa prise [KUS 2016], sa teneur en eau [CAR 1989], mais aussi son endommagement [PEL 2001] ou sa contrainte mécanique [CHE 1993][FU 1997] en présence de fibres conductrices. La relation entre impédance électrique et contrainte mécanique présente un potentiel intéressant, mais la sensibilité de l’impédance à l’humidité peut causer un manque de fiabilité des mesures. Cette étude a permis d’identifier des plages de fréquence...

Drought impacts on broadacre and dairy farms in South-Eastern Australia

Peter Martin & Vernon Topp

Aging effects on mitochondrial control factors in Pink1 knockout Drosophila melanogaster

Debora F Gonçalves, AA Courtes, DD Hartmann, PR Carvalho, DM Marques, ML Machado, AV Furtado, FA Soares & CL Dalla Corte
Parkinson disease (PD) is considered the second most common neurodegenerative disorder in the world and is related mainly with aging. PD is characterized by loss of dopaminergic neurons and formation of protein aggregates, such as α-synuclein [1], leading to motor dysfunction, and impairment of cognitive and memory functions [2]. The pathology and symptoms of PD are well described, although its mechanisms and causes remain unclear. One mechanism involved in PD is mitochondrial dysfunction [3]. Mutation...

Creating an Independent Commission for Federal Leaders’ Debates

Institute for Research on Public Policy
A report proposes recommendations for creating an independent commission to manage leaders’ debates in federal election campaigns.

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