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Monthly variation of leaf litter Collembola in the tropical rainforest of Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz, Mexico

José G. Palacios, Blanca E. Mejía, Rosamond Coates, Martha Madora & Gabriela Castaño
In order to evaluate leaf litter Collembola at the tropical rainforest of Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz, México, fifteen pitfall traps were activated monthly for about one week, in a new experimental area during 2015. A total of 4,291 specimens were captured in the 180 samples collected. Ten families were recorded, those better represented were Paronellidae (27 %), Neanuridae (20.5 %), Entomobryidae (16.9 %), Dicyrtomidae (15 %), and Isotomidae (11.6 %). Among the 32 genera reported, most abundant were Trogolaphysa (18 %), Ptenothrix...

The Cost of Employer Insurance Is a Growing Burden for Middle-Income Families

Sara R. Collins & David C. Radley
Recent national surveys show health care costs are a top concern in U.S. households.1 While the Affordable Care Act’s marketplaces receive a lot of media and political attention, the truth is that far more Americans get their coverage through employers. In 2017, more than half (56%) of people under age 65 — about 152 million people — had insurance through an employer, either their own or a family member’s.2 In contrast, only 9 percent had...

Long term monitoring of coral and fish assemblages (1983-2014) in Tiahura reefs, Moorea, French Polynesia

René Galzin, David Lecchini, Thierry Lison de Loma, Charlotte Moritz, Valeriano Parravicini & Gilles Siu
Coral reefs are one of the most diverse ecosystems on Earth and sustain millions of people worldwide. However, coral reefs are temporally dynamic and fragile systems subject to ever increasing disturbances of anthoropogenic and natural origins. Understanding the patterns and trajectories of changes through time is urgently needed to estimate the resilience of coral reefs. To ascertain these patterns, we depend on the availability of long-term datasets, which are seldom available. In this study, we...

Le Havre, la première ville architecturée en béton armé

Anne Pantet, Isabelle Valtier, Roxana Eleta-Defilippis, Morgane Chevé & Véronique Bonneau-Contremoulins
Après-guerre, le Ministère de la Reconstruction et de l’Urbanisme (MRU) confie la reconstruction de la Ville du Havre à Auguste Perret, architecte et entrepreneur expérimenté, qui s'entoure d'un groupe d'architectes, créant ainsi l'Atelier Perret en juillet 1945. Le secteur classé de la ville du Havre sur la liste du Patrimoine Mondial de l'UNESCO depuis 2005 correspond à la zone reconstruite. En se basant sur le vaste travail documentaire proposé dans le dossier UNESCO largement argumenté...

daf-2 modulates regeneration of mechanosensory neurons I

Zehra C Abay, Michelle Yu-Ying Wong & Brent Neumann
Caenorhabditis elegans (C. elegans) possess the ability to spontaneously regenerate injured axons via a highly efficient mechanism known as axonal fusion (Ghosh-Roy, et al., 2010; Neumann et al., 2011; Neumann et al., 2015; Abay et al., 2017). Following laser axotomy, regrowth from the proximal axon segment (still attached to the cell body) reconnects and fuses with its separated distal segment (Fig. 1A). We recently demonstrated that the level of axonal fusion increases with age (Abay...

Snapshot of Australian Water Markets

Tim Goesch, Manannan Donoghoe & Neal Hughes

Installation, configuration, deployment and run guide for the Access Control module. Administrator's guide 1.0

Sara Bertocco & Giuliano Taffoni
Access Control is a client and server authentication and authorization implementation for user and group management. It has LDAP as default persistence layer built-in and it provides a RESTful interface to authentication, authorization and user and group management. This technical report provides an administrators guide to install, configure and manage the service known as Group Management Service, based on software APIs open source released by CADC (Canadian Astronomy Data Center). The guide includes instructions on...

Tendances récentes liées au cancer de la prostate au Canada

Allana G. LeBlanc, Alain Demers & Amanda Shaw
Le cancer de la prostate est le type de cancer le plus courant chez les hommes au Canada. Cette étude expose les tendances relatives à l'incidence du cancer de la prostate, à la mortalité et au stade au moment du diagnostic au Canada de 1992 à 2015. L'étude repose sur les travaux précédents de Statistique Canada et fournit une analyse actuelle et approfondie des tendances relatives à l'incidence du cancer de la prostate, à la...

Resistance to flooding of different species of terrestrial oribatid mites (Acari, Oribatida)

Bardel, Lisa; Pfingstl, Tobias
Resistance to flooding was tested in six terrestrial oribatid mite species with different ecological needs. The silvicolous Galumna lanceata and Oppiella (Oppiella) marginedentata showed low average survival times of seven and 14 days, the moss-dwelling Zygoribatula exilis tolerated a month of submergence on average, the eurytopic Eueremaeus oblongus and Tectocepheus velatus sarekensis survived an average period of 52 and 80 days and the euryoecious Plathynothrus peltifer showed the highest tolerance with 130 days median lethal...

Caractérisation de l’expansion due à la réaction sulfatique interne à l’échelle de l’interphase pâte de ciment-granulat

M. Jebli, F. Jamin, C. Pelissou & M.S. El Youssoufi
La réaction sulfatique interne (RSI) est une réaction chimique à cinétique lente qui peut être responsable de la dégradation d'un matériau cimentaire, en développant un gonflement du matériau puis des fissurations diffuses dans la structure. L’objectif visé dans cette étude est la caractérisation expérimentale à l’échelle dite locale du béton atteint par la RSI. Les échantillons, dits composites, de dimensions 10x10x30mm3, sont constitués d’une pâte de ciment d’épaisseur 15mm mise en contact avec un granulat...

Expression pattern of endogenous PAR-4A & C after CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editing

Vincent Roy, Olivier Gagné, Karim Hamiche, Jean-Claude Labbé & Patrick Narbonne
PAR-4/LKB1 is maternally expressed and required for the asymmetrical distribution of early embryonic determinants and viability in C. elegans (Morton et al. 1992; Watts et al. 2000; Tenlen et al. 2008). It is also implicated in a variety of postembryonic processes, including germline stem cell quiescence (Narbonne and Roy 2006; Narbonne et al. 2017), neuronal growth and polarity (Kim et al. 2010; Teichmann and Shen 2011), cytoskeletal rearrangements (Narbonne et al. 2010; Chartier et al....

Range extension and re-description of Synagrops argyreus (Perciformes, Acropomatidae)

Artem M. Prokofiev & Werner Schwarzhans
Since its first description by Gilbert and Cramer (1897) (originally as Melanostoma argyreum), Synagrops argyreus was considered to be endemic to Hawaii. New data from the southern Indian Ocean in the Madagascar Channel and the Coral and Tasman Seas reveal a considerable wider geographical distribution of the species, adding to the growing number of pseudoceanic species with a wide distribution pattern in the Indo-Pacific.

Étude des bétons biosourcés à base de terre crue et de chanvre dans le cadre du projet ECO-TERRA

Arthur Hellouin de Menibus, Clément Basco, Matthias Degrave-Lemeurs, Thibaut Colinart, Philippe Glé, Erwan Hamard, Thibaut Lecompte, Hélène Lenormand, Marie Meunier & Théo Vinceslas
Le projet Eco-Terra vise à acquérir les connaissances scientifiques et techniques nécessaires pour développer des bétons de terre-chanvre, et plus largement les bétons de terre allégée par des agroressources, en filière locale (100 km). L’application est l’isolation thermique et/ou phonique des bâtiment. La démarche a pour objet de comprendre les liens entre la variabilité des constituants (granulats et terres) et les propriétés physiques des mélanges, pour valoriser des ressources locales provenant de différents territoires. ECO-TERRA...

Delta-9 Fatty Acid Desaturase Mutants Display Increased Body Size

James F.; Savage-Dunn Clark
C. elegans contain three Δ9 fatty acid desaturases (FADs), fat-5, fat-6, and fat-7, responsible for the initial desaturation step in the synthesis of complex polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). Production of PUFAs is vital for survival, as simultaneous loss-of-function in all three genes results in synthetic lethality (Brock et al. 2006). Animals containing mutations in any one of the three Δ9 FADs, fat-5, fat-6, and fat-7, display an increase in body length. fat-5 mutants display a...

Drought impacts on broadacre and dairy farms in South-Eastern Australia

Peter Martin & Vernon Topp

Performance of direct N-body code on ARM64 SoC

David Goz, Luca Tornatore, Sara Bertocco & Giuliano Taffoni
The ExaNeSt H2020 project will produce a prototype based on ARM64 CPUs and FPGA-based accelerators implementing a co-design approach where scientific applications requirements are driving the hardware design. We present strategies adopted in order to port our direct N-body code on an ARM SoC cluster, called INCAS, deployed at INAF-OATs. Each computational node is based on 64-bit ARMv8 Cortex-A72/Cortex-A53 core design, powered by the Mali-T864 GPU. We present the strategies to optimize the code and...

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